PARTY FEARS’ Rage About The Current State Of Rotten Affairs – Here’s New Cut ‘SUN KING II’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

14 December 2018


Who: “Party Fears was first formed in South Korea by Northern Irish native, Maggie Devlin. Moving to Berlin with former BaekMa bandmate, Eilis Frawley, the band continue to pursue their art-pop meets garage vision with jittery guitar riffs, party shout-outs, and unforgivingly disco drumbeats.”

Pick: SUN KING II – the second single from upcoming EP, entitled ‘Just Friends’

Score: First written and recorded in 2016 this blazing missile has been reworked with two years worth of Party Fears‘ anger, spit and gall behind it. ‘Sun King II’ is “a post-punk scream into the chaos of Brexit and the Trump administration”. The current state of rotten affairs is exactly what this raging ripper is all about. Eilis Frawley‘s agitated drums, singer Maggie Devlin‘s trenchant vocals that cut like a Swiss knife and the overall fired-up feelings of discontent and pain reflect the duo’s razor-sharp view on our troubled planet, led by
vile, narcissistic and populist leaders, perfectly well. Catch the sonic turmoil here…

SUN KING II out now and available via iTunes / PARTY FEARS: Facebook

(photo on top: Jinny Park Berlin)

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