Electronic Duo TRALALA Reflect On New AA-Single ‘WINDED’ And ‘WHAT’S THE POINT’

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6 July 2022

Artists: TRALALA
Who: Kaleidoscopic indie rock duo – Drew Price and Chris Trewin and two cats from San Francisco. Inspired by a x-section of influences from Bowie to Yorke. They got together during the first months of the pandemic.


A mid-tempo electronic groove mixing retro and present
synth textures. Brooding, hallucinatory and trippy.

Sounds musically and vocally like a Pet Shop Boys tune
in slo-mo overshadowed by despairing thoughts.


TRALALA: Facebook – Instagram

NO EXIT For Brighton’s Femmes Fatales HVIRESS

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5 July 2022

Band: HVIRESS (pronounced ‘Heiress’)

Who: The occult, musical love child of Hana Piranha and
Mishkin Fitzgerald. Fierce friends and writing partners since
touring together in 2013, where they found they had more
in common than just rock music.

New single: NO EXIT
Follow-up to earlier ace single Golden Apple and Arrival

Press info: “Sonically, No Exit is a slow, sinister build into an explosive, hook-driven
chorus, delivering sulphur-hot vocals from Hana and Mishkin. Expert production is
provided by Evan Rodaniche (Cage9). No Exit has been selected to appear alongside
other iconic artists on the compilation release
This Is Deathpop by GIVE/TAKE.”

TUTV: The obscure slow-progressing synth/guitar intro could easily be the obscure
intro theme of a film noir starring Hana Piranha and Mishkin Fitzgerald as Femmes
with spine-chilling voices that cause feelings of puzzlement and perturbation strengthened by the heavy metallica reverberations in the back. Spellbinding.

Reference? The theatrical Finnish turbo Nightwish,
in sound and vocals. Yes, petrifying stuff, it is.

Here’s the eye-catching video shot by Scott Chalmers

HVIRESS: Facebook – Instagram

Darkwave Pop – THE SEA AT MIDNIGHT With His Brand New Shadowy Single ‘TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN’ Out

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4 July 2022

Who: The musical dark wave project
of LA-resident Vince Grant.

Following his EP Oceans

Score: Vince Grant is no stranger to Turn Up The Volume. His dedication to darkwave is infectious as he shows again here with his new shadowy single. Sonically you still hear
Joy Division and The Cure echoes.

Too Close To The Sun is an addictive melody at heart locked in tenebrous eurhythmics. Think of lots of The Cure hits (Close To You / Friday I’m In Love / Lovecats and so many more). They were experts in writing uncomplicated pop tunes and made them sound instantly captivating. Grant also unites aural catchiness with shady musicality including a melancholic saxophone solo in this new composition. Top-quality.

Press play here.

Also streaming on Spotify.


Produced and mixed by
Chris King @moonpalaceproductions
Original art by Vega Isbell @vegaa_ar

Boston Alt Rockers DROPBEAR Strike With Herculian Debut Single ‘BYSTANDER’

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3 July 2022

Who: Heavy rock unit from Boston, MA

Debut single: BYSTANDER
From their upcoming debut EP

Tee Jay (drummer): “I think the direction in sound is definitely going the ’90s alternative and shoegaze route, but also eventually incorporating some more modern influences as well,” says dropbear drummer Tee Jay. “All of us have a diverse background as far as the type of music we play and what we listen to, so songwriting from here on out will most likely evolve. ‘Bystander’ was the first song written; it’s the first track on the album, and it encompasses everything we love about ’90s alt-rock — catchy spacey riffs, a bit of shoegaze, loud driving drums and a few little off-time sections and chuggy riffs.”

Turn Up The Volume: On this Herculian power stroke metal, shoegaze and classic guitar rock mania (think Eddie Van Halen and Neil Young‘s Crazy Horse) meet with forceful effect, while Rachel Bacon‘s vocals float above the giant raucousness. Bystander is a slow-burning torch, a powerhouse debut with mammoth riffs. Hefty score!

Stream/buy Bystander here
DROPBEAR: Facebook – Instagram

Debut EP Spiralized out 22 July

Glamorous Toronto Duo DILETTANTE Impress With Their ‘MONSTER’ Of A Song

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2 July 2022

Who: Glam pop Toronto duo, Natalie Panacci and Julia Wittmann,
who performed for 5 years as For Jane, a project inspired by their

Single/video: MONSTER
Closing track of their new, emo-avid self-titled album. Stream it below.

Julia Wittman: “You’re a monster and I don’t forgive you,” was the sentiment
I shared when I sat at a bar and cried to my friends about the end of my relationship.
The next day, our producer, Maks Milczarczyk, sent a voice memo with the lyrics to
“Monster,” and from there we turned my feelings into art.

Score: Another example of how a toxic relationship can lead to a sonic
break-out eruption. Monster is a terrifically drop-dead gorgeous pop pearl
propelled by an arousing wall-of-90s-synths-sound, a non-stop titanic beat
and crystal clear and energezing vocals à la Sharon Van Etten/Angel Olsen.
Sickly sticky and overwhelmingly infectious. A monster of a song.


Press play and get puzzled…

Full album streaming on Spotify


Montreal Indies THE EMBER GLOWS Grab You By The Throat With Epic Psych Gem ‘SILENT LOVE’

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30 June 2022

Photo by Bryan Gagnon

Who: Montreal-based post-punk 4-piece with a sound based on hooks, a pulsating rhythm section, textural guitars & baritone vocals. The band traces its roots to the moody side of 80’s new-wave, psych & British indie.
FFO: Echo and the Bunnymen, Simple Minds, Nick Cave, The Cult, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Verve, The Cure, The Mission, Interpol, War On Drugs.

New single: SILENT LOVE

Richard Bunze (guitarist): “After hearing the initial chord structure and vocal melody, I began playing a variation of my current guitar riff. I wanted it to sound wide and ethereal, with a driving gritty character and texture. I think we all added our own TEG stamp on this one!”

Score: This is what epic grandeur is all about. Silent Love grabs you by the throat for its full 302 seconds. A sturdy drum beat sets the pace from the get-go, sweeping Will Sergeant-like guitar radiance produces an instant psychedelic wildfire while an edgy bass riff rumbles on and on. And when the stupendous voice of Martin Saint scrapes the sky shivers roll down your spine. Magic in masterful motion. Grandiose gem.

Whenever you close your eyes
Whether near or far
I’ll help you
Make this wound become a scar
When you wake up in tears
And you feel that kind presence
We’ll sit here
By the candle in silence

Buy/stream this pearl here…

THE EMBER GLOWS: Facebook – Instagram

LOVE COMMAND O – Hit The Dance Floor With This Disco Duo And Their New Single ‘GUILTY (Release The Wolf)

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28 June 2022

Who: The musical collaboration between Husband and Wife duo Fox & Bex,
based between Dublin and Berlin. Inspired by a relentless passion for 1980’s
Italo Disco and New York Mutant Disco, the Duo have cherry-picked the best
of these styles, combining this into a psychoanalytic musical examination of
Married life, Toxic Masculinity, Jungian Psychology and the rebirth of Love.

New single: GUILTY (Release The Wolf)
From the upcoming debut LP ‘Integration’

Score: I love this and all of you out there who like to shake their booty will too. For synth/dance boosters like this the flashy glitter-colored dance floors of the good old discotheque times should come alive again. This is Saturday Night Fever fuel for each
day of the week. A-1 electro ecstasy that’ll awake all of your limbs and speed up the
pace of your bloodstream, all summer long.

Spectacular tune, spectacular clip.

This is the moment…


The Best Debut Single Of 2022 (So Far) – Northern-Irish Indie Quartet TRAMP With ‘FRANKENSTEIN’

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27 June 2022

Who: Indie power pop from
Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Debut single: FRANKENSTEIN

“As a story or metaphor, we are all ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ – made up of other people’s opinions and parts that don’t belong to us. That we were born perfect but people, in their
own conditioning, come along and can make us feel undesirable/inadequate/the monster.
But we can choose to be real instead.”

Score: Was Frankenstein a tramp? Whatever. this is without a shadow of a doubt
the best debut single I heard so far this year. A towering tune going low, high and
back. A sickly sticky pop tune wrapped in a big-boisterious-wall-of-sound.

And upfront, Sianna Lafferty‘s phenomenal voice gives you goosebumps when
she goes sky-high on the chorus. The ardency of Porridge Radio comes to mind.
In a normal world (does that exist?) Frankenstein should be a huge hit.
One word: AWESOME.

“I am not what you want me to be
Uncle Sam won’t even point at me
Even the eyes of the Virgin Mary wall
hanging won’t even stare at me.”


Buy the single via Bandcamp.

TRAMP: Facebook – Instagram

Thanks for the tip Geoff!

THE BANKROBBER Scores Again With New Single ‘BURY ME SOFTLY’

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25 June 2022

Who: Italian alt-pop band led by
brother ad sister Giacomo and
Maddalena Oberti

New single: BURN ME SOFTLY
Third new piece from their
forthcoming, sophomore album.

Score: This is a mesmeric slo-mo electro groove with Soft Cell synths here and there, a booming beat making your head move up and down while your feet tap to the rhythm. The dark lyrics and the haunting siblings vocals create a shadowy atmosphere. A curious and capricious cut. Another great single. Bring on the album!

Try this: lights out, headphones on, volume to the max.
It’ll feel like if your heart beats like hammer blows.

Press play here…

THE BANKROBBER: Instagram – Facebook

Eldritch Sledgehammer – Graveyard Goths VAZUM With New Sucker Punch ‘ANGEL’

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24 June 2022

Band: VAZUM (Detroit, Michigan)

Who: Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm. The project started in 2017.
They describe their sound as deathgaze, combining the raw energy
of deathrock with the depth of shoegaze. So far the duo released
four albums and a handful of singles and EPs.

New single: ANGEL

“Angel is a fast-paced punk / deathrock / shoegaze hybrid composed by Zach Pliska (vocals/guitar/drums) and Emily Sturm (vocals/bass) and recorded in their own Light
Echo Studios. Angel is the second release from VAZUM in 2022, following the Thief
double single from March. VAZUM is working on an album for release later this year.”

Turn Up The Volume: I need to say this first. Goths are no freaks nor poseurs or
anything that Goth-haters stigmatize them with. It’s about who they are, about what
their hearts and souls want to be, it’s a way of life just like Goth-haters have their
own way of life, being utter idiots, that is.

Am I a Goth expert? Not at all. But I have several Goth friends and, as I love Goth music,
I’m a regular visitor of the yearly massive W-FEST in Belgium where Goth-related artists perform. Yes, they’re humans just like you and me, with emotions, desires, aspirations
and with feelings of love/pain/joy/sadness/hope/dreams etc., just like you and me.

Having said that, let’s go the music, to Angel. A pitch-black NIN echoing sledgehammer steaming from the get-go with shocking pace and propelled by layers of schizophrenic guitar feedback. Pliska‘s wicked voice spooks all over it and gets company by Sturm‘s wailing on the infectious chorus, augmenting the G-factor.

Another eldritch sucker punch. Another graveyard party anthem.

Quick to point your finger
At anyone you don’t like
When opportunity strikes
In the end you’ll be ashamed
When all your lies and mistakes
Attach to your name

Angel, what’s your problem
You always know what’s right
Angel, it’s what you like

Buy/stream ‘Angel’ here…

Upcoming graveyard parties…

VAZUM: Facebook – Instagram