Psychobilly Lust – LOUIS AND THE SHAKES Lose Their Mind

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4 May 2021

Who: Brit-rock 4-piece led by Louis Antoniou
who formed this band after his solo journey.

Pick: LOSING MY MIND – brand new single

About: “It was written in lockdown, you can hear the angst and the fury from the band
but don’t let the title fool you. Lyrically it’s about chasing the girl and it’s an integral song
in the album in my eyes. It’s the first song on the record where the girl gets introduced,
and her entrance is like a whirlwind as this song smacks ya in the face with this gnarly
riff and sexy lyrics.”
says Antoniou .

Score: Stop doing what you’re doing, put your leather jacket on and get ready for
some blistering psychobilly hullabaloo. Hit and run drums, schizophrenic guitars, ultrasonic pace and Louis, the man in the middle, going out of his mind. This rattle
and roll ripper makes your head rotate for 150 sweaty seconds. Rockabilly with a
hysterical buzz. Somewhere between The Cramps and The Sonics. But wait, don’t
be mistaken, this red-hot-blooded motherrocker is all about a girl. THE girl.

Psych-o-billy lust!

Shake it up here, folks…


Manchester Team MEWN Impresses With Haunting Debut Single ‘I SEE IT NOW PT. 1’

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3 May 2021

(credit: Through The Eyes Of Ruby)

Band: MEWN (Manchester, UK)
Who: An alt group that ‘offers an antidote of sincerity against the indifference of
modern culture, set apart from their contemporaries by their emotional resonance
and a more heartfelt approach to their social and political critique.

Pick: I CAN SEE IT NOW PT. 1 – first single from their debut LP

About: “I think it’s the most straight forward, guitar driven song on the record and
also the heaviest. Lyrically it feels like a collage of thoughts brought about in times
of unease, frustration and anxiety. Catharsis and release are never far from these
feelings though and that’s definitely in there too. I think to bring seemingly opposing
sounds and feelings together is something we are interested in; the interplay of
darkness and light, joy and sadness and so on”
says frontman Daneil Bluer .

Score: Wow! Talking about an impressive debut. Just like that this Manchester band enters the scene with a haunting tour de force. Strip this spine-chilling stunner to the bone except for that vibraphone loop and you feel yourself in the middle of a psych-o-tic thriller movie (check the main theme of 1978 horror film Halloween). I know, scary.

Now back to the full orchestration that accentuates the mind-confusing experience even more as the tension grows in intensity towards the blood-curdling finale. The vocals keep everything in balance but the prominent sentiments are pretty threatening. Sounds like 2021. Fascinating debut! Wow!

Here’s why

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BRONSON ARM – Post-Punk Tandem Nails It With Sturdy Strike ‘CONSCIOUS CONFUSER’

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1 May 2021

Band: BRONSOM ARM (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
Who: 2 Pc Noisey Slacker Psychedelic Sludge Punks from the Midwest.
They’re also the newest act joining international indie label Off White
House Recordings


Score: Rollicking post-punk riffs with a metallic resonance, relentless
drum whangs, haunting vocals and an instantly mind-boggling impact
until the volcanic climax. Think of the urgent grimness of Steve Albini‘s
Shellac and the barbed wire brashness of The Jesus Lizard.

Don’t get confused when this banging belter blasts
out of your speakers, Bronsom Arm is for real.

Check it out here…


Liverpool Gang GEN AND THE DEGENERATES Is Here To Rock, To Roll And To Roar

30 April 2021


Who: A, rightly so, ambitious indie-rock gang from Liverpool.
They just signed with Marshall Records (the label arm of
the Marshall Amplification).

New singe: UNDERWEAR – their debut

About: “Our loud, proud statement of Intent. I wrote those lyrics for all those, like myself,
who are sick of letting others define their identity and their relationships. It’s a rallying cry to everyone who wants to be defined on their own terms. Our anthem for a generation of lovers, fighters and degenerates. I can’t wait to hear the words “I don’t care what’s in your underwear”
screamed back at me at shows, it’s going to be a liberating moment,” says vocalist Gen.

Score: No arty farty BS, no special fake effects, no compromises, no birds and the bees
for this up-and-coming Liverpool gang. Straight-up, flaming and riff-loaded sing-along rock and roll is their communication tool. Rad debut single Underwear is their way to say hello, loud and clear, to all music junks out there, desperate to be entertained with firework anthems they can relate to. Gen is their glam Ziggy vox in the middle (advice: don’t mess with her). Marshall Records is their new label. World domination is their goal (well, it should be). Anything you need for a wild party. Capice?

Press play and rock your ass off…

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Up And Coming Duo LIGHT BY THE SEA Debuts With Grand Pop Single ‘ELEANOR’

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29 April 2021


Who: The project is the lovechild of Eszter Anna Baumann
and Davy Knobel based in The Netherlands. Their music
consists of rock, avant-garde, and folk music elements with
a catchy pop vibe.

Influences: Dead Can Dance, U2, The Brian Jonestown Massacre,
Phil Collins, Clannad, Fleetwood Mac and The Dandy Warhols

Single: ELEANOR – debut single
About: “A ghost story of a forgotten woman telling her story in a forgotten sound.
Eleanor is the first single of Anna and Davy, and now they proudly present her to the
world. Their music captures a sacred process of inspiration and creativity, the true love
towards each other and towards music itself. They are ready to dive deep into their artistic realm to raise a pearl up to the surface: the metaphor of pure, unconditional love for music with untold stories of the ever lived icons.”

Score: This is grand pop splendor, greatly orchestrated and richly layered, with Eszter
Anna Baumann
‘s imposing vox elevating this remarkable piece to a majestic level. Think
of the powerful vocal range of Florence Welch and the adventuresome spirit of icon Kate Bush. Style, class and rapture. A victorious debut!

Press play right here…


New Single New Album – Join THE SUBWAYS And Their FIGHT Against Racism

28 April 2021

Band: THE SUBWAYS (Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK)
Who: Rockin’ lovers duo Billy Lunn & Charlotte Cooper
Active: Since 2000 / 5 albums (so far) / Latest: The Subways (2015)

New single: FIGHT – lead single from new, upcoming LP.
Single out on 7″ this Friday, order info here.

About: “Fight is a letter in two parts: a gesture of solidarity with the Black
community and communities of color, as they face their daily oppression
at the hands of systemic racism; and it’s a wake-up call to the white community
that such oppressions do in fact exist, and that we must acknowledge these
oppressions and fight alongside marginalized communities as allies,”

says Billy Lunn.

The Subways rage and blaze again. Firm, intense and rowdy, in solidarity with
our black brothers and sisters who still – it’s 2021 for Christ’s sake – suffer
from racism around the globe. Thanks to charlatan Trump white supremacists
left their caves in the US and police brutality against black people re-inflamed,
once again. Damn you, fools, we can only survive when we live together with
respect for one another. Let’s join  The Subways‘ loud and clear protest!

Fight against racism right here, right now…


(Photo Credit: Sarah Louise Bennett)

LA JUNGLE – The Mean KrautNoise Duo Machine Released Sonic Orgasm ‘LE JOUR DU COBRA’

27 April 2021

Who: Two electro-punk-sound explorers fro Belgium
Works: Check their Bandcamp account

New album: Fall Off The Apex – out 21st May

Lead-single: LA JOUR DU COBRA

Score: Here’s what you need for some steamy sonic sex. A bulldozer-feedback intro, repetitive synth-thrills, glowing guitars, freakish voices and a thunderous pace all rolled into one mad-as-a-hatter Kraut-noise escapade making your mind go dizzy, your heart beating faster and your potency going sky-high. Non-stop straight-through snake-tastic bedlam from start to finish. Fuck viagra, long live La Jungle!

Stream/buy your orgasm here…

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LA JUNGLE: Facebook

New album FALL OF THE APEX out 21st May via Black Basset Records

(live photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Birmingham Trio MUTES Space Out On New Single ‘SEVERE CLEAR’

26 April 2021

Who: Post-punk polymaths from Birmingham, UK

Pick: SEVERE CLEAR – second single from
new upcoming album (their third) called ‘Dreams of Being Cornered‘.
About: The new single is an unrelenting portrait of the dichotomy
between addiction and sobriety, the title alluding to the often too
painful clarity that recovery can bring.

Score: It feels like this jangly roller coaster swings from darkness to
daylight and back. From the heavily droning verses to the melodic
guitar-shiny chorus. Mixed emotions at play. This feverish post-punk
mind-boggler works, slowly but surely, towards a spaced-out finale
doing your head in. Bang-on powerstroke!

Turn it up here…

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New album DREAMS OF BEING CORNERED out 7 May – order info here and here

The Power Of Repetition – COMMON FLAWS Just Dropped Electro Earworm ‘MOSHI MOSHI’

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25 April 2021

New Giacomo Oberti project,
the singer/songwriter for some
Italian Bankrobbers.

New single: MOSHI MOSHI

Score: After debut single Happy House (a Siouxsie & The Banshees cover)
Common Flaws just dropped this new rad piece, proving once more that the
irresistible power of repetition has an instant impact on your body language.

Moshi Moshi – mostly instrumental, except for a hazy voice in the distance –
gets under your skin from the clap along intro and goes on like forever. Imagine
Aphex Twin going synth-pop for a change. Addictive earworm all the way.

Let the siren howl…


(photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Young Hungry Glasgow Rockers WEEKEND DEBT Unleash Brand New Single ‘NOBODY EVERYONE’

23 April 2021

Who: Glasgow alt-rock four-piece

Pick: NOBODY EVERYONE – brand new single

AboutIt’s a song that came from bottled-up emotions about a breakup. The
more I let these emotions get to me, the angrier and more upset I got, which probably
resulted in such a hard and heavy tune, something we hadn’t really delved into properly.
It’s definitely one of our favourite songs to play live.”
says guitarist Calvin Smith.

Score: Liverpool’s small label Disobedient Records keeps on signing young wolves
who want to break out, leave boredom behind them, try to make their dreams and
desires come true, and rock your and their own socks off. Enter: Weekend Dept. On the stereo: Nobody Everyone. Highly energetic and sharp-riffing indie rock at its youthful best. Smells like teen spirit. Big guitars, big drums/bass, big tune, and big post-breakup vocals. What do you need more to boost your bloodstream? Right.

Feel the heat…


Young Scottish wolves on fire…

(photo via Disobedient Records)