Back To The Future With New Single ‘OUT WITH THE OLD’ By MONOWHALES

23 January 2021

(Credit: Francesca Ludikar)

Toronto‘s firework trio MONOWHALES will lighten up
the world with their new album Daytona Bleach in March.

Ahead of it comes the new single – the third off the LP – called OUT WITH OLD.

“An anthem for the disenfranchised, centering on the loss of innocence and entitlement
which we’ve all experienced over the past year. This song is the feeling of being made to
choose where there’s no choice at all, but taking a vicious grip on hope in spite of everything going on in our lives.”

Out With The Old is an inspirational wake-up call to get together, rock together, have
fun together, and most of all to live together. It’s the perfect peaceful dance riot tune
to celebrate a new year, a new start, and a new future. Utterly charismatic Amazon
Sally Shaar leads the troops with flaming flair, vivacious verve, and bodacious bravado.
Hail hail Monowhales!

Time to get up, stand up and fight for your right to unify again…


New album DAYTONA BLEACH out March 5. Pre-order info here.

(photo on top revecived via band)

George Orwell Is Back – Discover Brand New Single ‘FALL OF THE BIG SCREEN’ By DEADLETTER

22 January 2021

(photo by Alessandro Raimondo)


Who: Hailing from Yorkshire, now South London rooted, this band channels
the droll fury of The Fall and the lopsided rhythm of Gang of Four into a strain
of vehement post-punk, exploring the darker side of existence through
a lens of narrative-driven levity.


Zac Lawrence (frontman): “We are being sold free choice at the click of a button
when in reality our options are shrinking as monopolistic corporations haunt every
item of consumption, as we are algorithmically given a narrow margin of preference
which blinds us to any true alternative. The Fall of the Big Screen is imminent, and
this is our cry of understanding.”

Score: Imagine George Orwell fronting The Fall back in Nineteen Eighty-Four
scaring the world with a grim, futuristic vision of humankind about to collapse
in 2021 due to a deadly virus. Would we have believed those post-punk visionaries?
I don’t think so. But here we are today, with Deadletter confirming the science-fiction
like predictions coming true with a somber psych drone that moves and grooves like
Big Brother on a destructive mission.

It’s 1984 all over again…

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Country & Western Waltz – THE UNDERGROUNG YOUTH With New Single ‘FOR YOU ARE THE ONE’

21 January 2021

(pic by Turn Up The Volume)

British psych-rockers THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH formed by ringleader
Craig Dyer have been around for a while. Between 2006 and today they
produced nine albums with last year’s Montage Images Of Lust & Fear
as one of their most arresting performances.

And the band already has another LP called THE FALLING
canned and hitting the streets on March 12.

Last December we got lead-single A Sorrowful Race, a moving and gripping
ballad and here comes another new one titled FOR YOU ARE THE ONE.

Dyer about the song: “I wanted this bouncing, drunken, upbeat track for the record,
something unlike anything I’d written before. The addition of the violin to the album
really enhanced each and every track, but for me this one stands out as the song most
affected by this change in sound.”

The band sounds like an electrical country & western combo playing a ballroom
waltz with a cracking violin-driven swagger. Gloriously surprising, but absolutely
great. I love it and I’m sure you will too.

Dance Here

Lead-single A Sorrowful Race


THE FALLING out 12 March via Fuzz Club Records

Crazy Guitar Gunpowder With RICH CHAMBERS And New Single ‘I’M SO TIRED’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

20 January 2021

Artist: Rich Chambers (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Who: Solo artist creating music that meets at the crossroads
of modern rock, retro rock, country, and the blues.

Pick: I’M SO TIRED – brand new single

Rich Chambers: “It was not intended to be political in nature, but after
the events in Washington, DC on January 6th, I realized just how fitting this
song is as social commentary. So, I decided to put together a video for
the song that depicts the unrest that so many of us are feeling.”

Score: If the late great guitar rock pioneer Eddie Cochran would still be
alive he might have sounded like this. Hammering drum hits, crazy guitars
going bonkers, fervent vocals and an overall tremendous catchiness. Get
your blue suede shoes out of the closet, put your leather jacket on, smear
your hair with Brylcreem, and jump up and down for a better future. We
need a better world in order to survive. NOW!

Great video too!

Turn up the heat, here…


Dream Away Melancholia – New Single ‘MISTAKES’ By Welsh Duo RUBBER VELVET

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

18 January 2021

Turn Up The Volume featured Welsh duo RUBBER VELVET several times before
and will keep on champion them in the future as long as they come up with
affecting dream-pop beauties. What they actually just did again with brand
new piece MISTAKES.

It’s a gripping and moony lullaby-like melody with ardent duo harmonies,
glimmering Kurt Vile guitars, frolic piano touches, and a close your eyes and
float away
chorus. Introspective, contemplative, and self-remedying. Greatly
composed too.

Sonic melancholia at its finest.

Tune in here…


(promo photo via FB Rubber Velvet)

Young London Wolves THE UTOPIATES Score With Debut Single ‘ONLY HUMAN’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

17 January 2021


Who: A London based indie group formed under the dark clouds of 2020.
They aim to bring the masses the kind of groovy but hard-hitting rock songs
not heard for a long time.

“We are the escape from an ever-divided world and we are the hope of a
brighter future. Join us on our journey, together we can achieve anything.”

Pick: ONLY HUMAN – debut single

Score: From the very start you get everything you need to jump out of your
lazy couch and perform your coolest moves, the ones you only make when
nobody is looking. Expect an irresistible, ongoing drum beat, ablaze guitars,
captivating vocals, and a huge bloodstream-boosting chorus. Premium debut!

Do you really want to know?
Your head is about to explode,
Under the weight of learning,
That you, that you’re only human

Let’s roll

You can also stream/buy the track here…


(promo photo via FB band)

Don’t Look Back In Anger – Hear And See Debut Track ‘BESIDE MYSELF’ By SISTER PSYCHOSIS

Daily electricity to load your batteries…


Who: UK-Canadian duo with songwriter and vocal
powerhouse Amanda May and guitarist wunderkind Chops.

A snapshot of halcyon times. The song forms the B-Side to a 7” single which sees
Into Your Memory’ – a song inspired by an encounter with Noel Gallagher – on the
flipside via Alan McGee‘s Creation23 label. It was actually McGee, unpredictable as
usual, who asked the pair to come up with a B-Side.

Score: Expect a sickly sticky pounding psych groove that rolls with flair and
panache, and has a shadowy vibe. Amanda May looks like a femme fatale and
sounds like a femme fatale. Think of utterly mesmeric divas Alison Mosshart
and PJ Harvey. Oh yes, coolness in sonic motion. Sensuous, sexy and sensitive.
I want more!

Listen/watch here…


You can order the ‘INTO YOUR MEMORY’ // ‘BESIDE MYSELF 7 inch right here.

(photos via Sonic PR UK)

Hardcore Nashville Bulldozer THIRDFACE Crushes All ‘VILLAINS!’ Hell Yeah!

14 January 2021


Who: Nashville hardcore turbo.

Pick: VILLAINS! – new single from the upcoming
album Do It With A Smile out in March.

Score: An ominous bass riff pushes this hammer blow until hell breaks loose
after 70 seconds with exorcizing loudmouth Kathryn Edwards screaming your
ears to pieces. Her lung capacity is beyond normal. I have no idea what she’s
yelling about, but it’s definitely not a love song. Given this bomb’s title, I’m glad
for being a good boy, not a villain. Rage against the machine!

Alert your whole village before you press play…


New LP DO IT WITH A SMILE out 5 March 2021 via Exploding In Sound Records

Good Vibrations – Fresh British Indie Rockers THE ROGUES GALLERY Drop Debut Single

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

12 January 2021

From St.Albans, UK here come fresh indie rockers THE ROGUES GALLERY
with their brand new, racy debut single BAD VIBRATIONS.

A no-nonsense-bluesy-guitar-driven steamroller for all the boys, the girls
and everyone in between. A bare-bones ripper spreading let-the-good-times
rattle vibes. Stomping way to hit the scene, guys! Go for it!

Here’s the fire.
Turn up the heat

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Daily electricity to load your batteries.

11 January 2021

STORM SEEKER are a German bunch of life-enjoying bohemians looking like modern-day pirates and sounding like mutinous rascals having the metal time of their rebellious life. Imagine Irish folk punks The Pogues playing bombastic Rammstein sledgehammers.

The idea that Shane McGowan fronts the legendary
Berlin Goth-metal rockers make me laugh out loud.

Back to Storm Seeker. Their new album Guns Don’t Cry
hits the streets on 29th January.

Ahead of it comes new rad single DEATHWATCH BEETLE PARTY. Time for a booze
filled fiesta inviting us all to go ultra bonkers. Something we can use in these freedom-limiting times. Get up, stand up, and fight for your right to party ’till you drop. Play 1962 movie Mutiny On The Bounty on a big screen, pretend your Marlon Brando, the King of pirates, and dance yourself drunk.

C’mon, here we go…


Third album GUNS DON’T CRY out 29th January via NoCut Entertainment

(Photos by Franz Schepers, received via Shameless Promotions PR)