Toronto Singer-Songwriter ZINNIA Sparkles On Her New Superb Single ‘BULLETS’…

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22 March 2019

Turn Up The Volume fell in love with ZINNIA, the Toronto-based art pop project of
Rachael Cardiello, on hearing her previous stirring musing LUPINS. Now on her new
single BULLETS she displays again her enraptured songwriting skills.

“Bullets was written four years ago on an old upright at my mom’s house in Montana. I’ve carried it with me since then and sifted it through many arrangements and band settings. Though written in response to specific events, it has been heartbreaking to see the song
remain relevant over these past years as the same struggles appear in the lives of those
close and far”
says Cardiello.

Bullets‘ is a powerful piece of dramatic pop magnificence with Cardiello‘s mesmerizing
vox along side overwhelming synth parts growing crescendo along the way and lifting
the song to arresting heights. So impressive, so exquisite and so awe-inspiring. Zinnia definitely deserves a place next to first-class singer/songwriters Sharon Van Etten and
St. Vincent. No doubt about that.

Capture the spine-tingling splendor right here…

ZINNIA: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter


Sound-Exploring Los Angeles Duo TANGIENTS Reinjects COCTEAU TWINS Banger ‘HAZEL’…

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18 March 2019

Los Angeles duo TANGIENTS is a “two-sided enigma, a dichotomy, a shadow and its’ reflection. Maybe they have something to prove. Maybe they can’t decide if they’re a modern day post-punk outfit or an early-80s-inspired shoegaze dreamscape weavers. Maybe it doesn’t matter, because it hits.”

Their brand new single is a cover of HAZEL, a stomping song by Scottish ethereal dream pop legends COCTEAU TWINS released as a B-side on their 1983 single ‘Peppermint Pig‘. The breathtaking performance of TANGIENTS inventive interpretation of this track is just astonishing. Massive tribal drums inject this reverberating banger with a gigantic beat from the get-go. When jigsaw guitars and singer Chelsea Ray‘s voodoo vox kick in Siouxsie and The Banshees pop up instantly in your aural imagination and when a sinistrous bass tries to take control in the final minute you’ll experience an imposing sonic finale. This is not a cover, it’s a ravishing recreation.

Inhale the energy right here…

TANGIENTS: Facebook – ‘Hazel’ on Apple Music

Noise Junks PINK ROOM Do Not Have A Clue What They Do – Here’s New Single ‘???’

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16 March 2019

Belgian noise junks PINK ROOM will catapult their debut album ZUM KOTZEN in your
face next week. But before doing so they want to damage your ears with one more single from that LP. ‘???‘ is 2 minutes and eighteen seconds of punk schizophrenia, messed-up havoc, sonic paranoia and hysterical racket. Probably inspired by the Tom Waits video for
I Don’t Wanna To Grow Up’ the threesome fabricated a cool, claustrophobic clip. Get out of your straight jacket, folks, and join the clattering party right here…

PINK ROOM: Facebook

ZUM KOTZEN – debut LP out 22nd March – all details and pre-order facilities here

Brooklyn’s RUSSIAN BATHS Going Paranoia On New ‘PARASITE’ Single…

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14 March 2019

Blustery tandem RUSSIAN BATHS from Brooklyn, New York shared their new kick-ass hammer called ‘PARASITE‘. This is what the band’s Luke Koz has to say about the track: “Have you ever had an insect burrow into your brain and force you to drown yourself? Cured
a headache with a hand grenade? This song is about these legitimate questions.”

Well, it seems like this is not your average love song, folks, rather the paranoid hangover
of a surreal and mind-damaging nightmare. And the sick result is bloody smashing! Like
a Sonic Youth eruption coupled with an exploding Nirvanesque chorus and injected with doomy male/female vocals. Play this damn loud, crush that insect in your brain and keep your hand grenade ready to erase your headache. Lots of deranged fun! Press the button right here…


Singer/Songwriter SARAH MARY CHADWICK Sends Shivers Down Your Spine…

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12 March 2019

Australian singer-songwriter SARAH MARY CHADWICK has accomplished something truly special. All the tracks off her new album, titled ‘THE QUEEN WHO STOLE THE SKY‘ – out in April – were recorded live, last Winter, when she played them on Melbourne Town Hall’s 147 year-old grand organ. Chadwick says that “the songs are mostly about rural isolation, death, and the fact that I’m always waiting for life and it never arrives – it only ever leaves”.

The artist dedicates the longplayer “to anyone who ever wanted a little bit more than
what life had to offer them
”. On hearing the title track you’ll experience that this lady
has something achieved out of the ordinary. Not only is the song, a goosebumps ballad, spine-tingling but the striking combination of her impassioned voice and the impactful sound of that monumental organ lifts the whole performance to a mystifying level that sends shivers down your spine.

Breathtaking. Feel it right here…

SARAH MARY CHADWICK: Facebook / Label: Rice Is Nice

Album THE QUEEN WHO STOLE THE SKY out 12th April – all info on Bandcamp

Texan Duo MEMORY KEEPERS With Vocoding Glam Stomper ‘FAINT INK’…

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11 March 2019

(pic by Beerland, Tx)


Who: A side project of Jared Boulanger and Amarah Ulghani from Austin, Texas band
The Sour Notes producing “guitar hooks cut through distorted samples and vocals, coasting on driving beats and bass synth lines. Audiophiliac homages to heroes past swirl alongside lighthearted wordplay and it’s darker undertones.”

Track: FAINT INK – new 7″ single

Score: This fervent computerized stomper will activate your bloodstream instantly.
Just think for a minute of six that German robot pop machine Kraftwerk was actually an electronic glam rock act, that’s how ‘Faint ink‘ rattles and rolls madly like an unstoppable bolide. Pushed by a fat dance bass synth and sizzling percussion while otherworldly vocals sound totally vocoded. Midway the tempo drops only to reload the trance batteries and to restart the pumping swagger of the beats accompanied now along the way by a frisky and poppy melody line. Energize all of your senses and most of your limbs right here…

MEMORY KEEPERS: Facebook – Instagram –  Twitter

Belgian Groovers FALLING MAN Keep You Sane And Kill Your Pain With ‘CANDY’…

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9 March 2019

After their arresting 2017 album Ghost Belgian groovers FALLING MAN return with
a 4-track EP, entitled CANDY. It’s the title track that keeps creeping around in Turn Up
The Volume
‘s restless mind. Its ominous groove, its threatening pace and its repetitive Krautrock beat promise you to keep you sane and kill your pain. I don’t think so! This foursome has a hidden agenda. They’re after your soul and they’ll do anything tasty as long as you surrender in the end. Don’t be afraid, check out why and how right here…

FALLING MAN: Facebook – Bandcamp

Taste/purchase the 4-track sweetness of CANDY on Bandcamp

(photo on top: Turn Up The Volume!)

Outspoken London Rockers THE RINGARDS Tackle Brexit With New Poignant Outburst ‘GLASGOW TELEVISION’…

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8 March 2019

Wow! With this brand new anti-Brexit slam London‘s hungry, turbulent and outspoken wolves THE RINGARDS fit perfectly well along current leading outlaw bands Idles, Shame, Fontaines D.C. and Fat White Family. Trust me, ‘GLASGOW TELEVISION‘ is one of the best tracks you’ ll hear this year. That good? Without a shadow of a doubt. After a smashing intro, this angry ripper grows and grooves into a pissed-off uppercut with a frenzied chorus and an ear-shattering climax. Two minutes and nineteen seconds of charged frustration about a once great country that seems to be on the verge of a historic downfall. Feel the sharp-edged anger right here…

THE RINGARDS: Facebook – Instagram –  Soundcloud

Dynamic Danish Rocker REBECCA LOU Cuts Like A Knife On New Hefty Single ‘NOT 4 U’…

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28 February 2019

(photo: Creativator)

After last year’s rowdy debut EP ‘Skeletons ‘ featuring Under The Moon, one of Turn
Up The Volume’s
knockout crackers of 2018 Danish rocker REBBECA LOU and her band return with the first single of their upcoming longplayer. NOT 4 U is a vehement banger propelled by a merciless drum/bass thunder and infused with nasty guitars going mad around the 2-minute mark. On top of all the stormy havoc comes Lou‘s threatening
voice, cutting like a knife and going fast forward towards a smashing finale. Big bang!
Explode right here…


Swiss Foursome ANNIE TAYLOR Eager To Get ‘UNDER YOUR SPELL’…

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23 February 2019


Who: Girl grunge meets psychedelic rock with a touch of cheesy dark pop. Imagine ANNIE TAYLOR as a rusty dog searching for his bone in the expanding universe. Pandora’s Box opened in end of 2016, when Gini (singer & guitarist) forced her flatmate to rehearse in the living room, until the neighbours came by to sing along or shut them up.”

Track: UNDER YOUR SPELL – brand new track from upcoming EP ‘Not Yours‘, out in April

Score: Annie Taylor‘s new cut feels like a twofold story. In the first half frontwoman
Gini, backed by her electrifying band, tells us joyfully that she’s under someone’s
spell but almost midway the tempo drops down, the mood gets darkish, the drums
start rattling and a feverish guitar solo kicks in as if the process of ‘I’m gonna make
you mine’
isn’t as innocent as it first appeared. Enigmatic electricity all around. Tune in…

ANNIE TAYLOR: Facebook – ‘Under Your Spell’ available on Bandcamp