Herculian Rock Force SUSTAIN Hit Hard On New Hammer Blow ‘THE JESTER’

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18 March 2023

Who: Four Belgian life-destroyers producing bitter hard-rock/grunge
music with venom while biting off the conformal style and structure
we’re stuck in.

New single: THE JESTER
It follows their 2020 debut EP Moral Hangover.

TUTV: These Herculian-hittin’ misfits operate in a loud space where you can
listen to 70s heavy rock legends like Uriah Heep and grunge titans Pearl Jam.
The Jester produce a similar intenseness and vital vehemence.

Expect a titanic wall of hefty guitar sound, including a neurotic solo, a psychotic
drum/bass tandem and a singer that screams his lungs out. Sustain is the ideal
hammer blow to crush your hangover with. So, what are you waiting for?

Press play and
unleash the beast.

Right here.
Right now.

SUSTAIN: Facebook – Instagram

Canadian Psych Rock Trio SOFTSWITCH Crank It Up On New Single ‘MEMORIAM’

New striking strokes

16 March 2023

Who: Alt indie trio
from Winnipeg, Canada

A piece from their upcoming second EP, out
on 5th May, following their debut Happiness .

“A nihilist agenda in tune with bleak ‘90s post-punk,”
says the band about the track.


TUTV: I have a big appetite for schizophrenic psych jams like this where layers of distorted sounding guitars reflect the confused state of mind of the artist and creep under your skin from the kick-off. The hazy spoken vocals are in tune with the ominous shadow hanging all over Memoriam. You’ll hear echoes of former noise icons Sonic Youth and Michael Gira‘s mindbending Swans. Yes, expect some freakish stuff.


Buy via Bandcamp.


Belgian Garage Rockers DESMOND DANDIES With Riff Monster ‘MAGICIAN’

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16 March 2023

(Press photo via VI.BE)

Who: Noisemakers from Limburg, Belgium

New single: MAGICIAN
A piece from their upcoming debut LP 57 Heaven that arrives
on Record Store Day, April 15, both on vinyl and digitally.

TUTV: Magician is about having a crush on someone and doing all that’s needed to score. Sonically, it’s a garage rock riff sledgehammer. A mean psych-groove monster doing your head in the way you like it. It goes wham bam bloody wham bam with its manic drum/bass force, its helter-skelter hooks and its hungry vocals. Bring on the album, motherrockers!

bang your head.

DESMOND DANDIES: Facebook – Instagram

North Carolina Team THE MYSTERY PLAN Seduce With Eastern Vibe ‘BIG BLISS’

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15 March 2023

(photo: Daniel Coston)

Who: Charlotte-based bliss-pop group fronted by prime voice Amy Herring
FFO: St. Etienne, Dead Can Dance, Basement Jaxx, Massive Attack, Sixpence None
The Richer, Thievery Corporation, Solar Fields, Groove Armada, Cinematic Orchestra

New single: BIG BLISS

A piece from their upcoming, 7th album, baptized
Haunted Organic Machines. Out 31 March.

Pre-order info here.

Artwork new album

TUTV: This collective spoiled my ears for the first time with their previous single What A Day. A breezy, trippy, and jumpy synth-scintillating earworm. And new cut Big Bliss does it again. It’s actually a totally different pulsation. One with an exotic, Eastern, and trancey vibe. I swear, when I heard the tune for the first time (before I saw the video), the image of a female, sensual, veiled Arabian dancer popped up on the screen in my mind. Big bliss is another winner and the accompanied clip visualizes this mysterious groove gracefully and bewitchingly. A bliss, indeed.


THE MYSTERY PLAN: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

Scottish Hungry Post-Punk Wolves GALLUS With New Slam Dunk ‘EYE TO EYE’

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14 March 2023

GALLUS is a rowdy post-punk 5-piece from Glasgow, Scotland. A hit team
formed in early 2017, and that released, so far, a series of smashing singles
with a new slam dunk just out (below).

I heard/saw the band for the first time last October in Antwerp,
A kickass gig that made me an instant fan.

Why? Because these hungry wolves went on a motherockin’ roll from
the very start to the bloody finish. No breaks, no breaks, no mistakes with
frontman John ranting like the best, backed by a red-hot-smoking turbo.

One of the peak moments of the set came with a horsepower uppercut named
EYE TO EYE, now blasting on my earphones as their new single. It’s a furious fucktastic jackhammer. Drum-manic, riff-crazy, bass-pumping and John‘s vox right in your face
as expected. Can’t wait to see them again next month in my hometown Ghent, Belgium.

Here we go.

Also st(r)eaming on Spotify.

GALLUS: Facebook – Instagram

(Live photos by Turn Up The Volume)

Scottisch Pysch Rock Dreamers HELICON With Romantic Instrumental ‘DISOBEY’

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13 March 2023

Photo by Sophie Barrott

Who: Psych rock outfit
from Glasgow, Scotland

New album: GOD INTENTIONS – 3rd LP
Out: 28 April 2023
Pre-order info: here

The amazing album artwork is by San Francisco-based collage artist Nina Theda Black

New single: DISOBEY
It follows the first single Flume.

John-Paul Hughes (guitarist/vocalist): “It’s a reflective song, full of hope and yearning.
Filled with shifting moods in the harmony, chords, rhythms, melody and Rhona MacFarlane’s beautiful strings arrangement. We often write instrumentals as a way of allowing you to form your own interpretation of the music. So, it’s over to you.”

TUTV: Disobey is a psychedelic guitar-sparkling instrumental that triggers your phantasy.
It feels like a relaxing mind-massage. Its sitar fragments add a 60s touch and its dreamy vibe is what romantics embrace. The temperature goes up now and then but overall
you’re floating on cloud nine. The track wouldn’t be out of place on a Brian Jonestown Massacre or Underground Youth album.


HELICON: Facebook – Instagram

Riff-Rotating Pyschobilly Rockers ANSWERMAN Have A ‘BLACK HEART’

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11 March 2023


Who: Firm rock quartet from Boston.

New single: BLACK HEART

It’s a reflection of how we’re all feeling, trapped in ongoing patterns of depression and anxiety. It’s also the lead single and aural appetizer to the group’s debut album Black Light Poster, out on April 21.

Photo: Pat Piasecki

TUTV: No whistles and bells for these four sharp-edged hombres out of Boston. After a short, jangly intro it’s all riff-rotating cylinders and all garage rock burners on. Psychobilly hooks and surf licks swirl side by side with manic magnetism. Black Heart is a roaring steamroller with a buzzing bluster, an electric-energetic flow, and snappy vocals. As the cliché goes, it’s only rock ‘n’ roll but they and I like it any day of the week. So should you.

Press play.
Turn it up.

The road gets so lonely, got nothing to say
Will the sun shine? Well I hope and I pray
Oh yeah!

Buy ‘Black Heart’
here via Bandcamp.

ANSWERMAN: Facebook – Instagram

EYESORE & THE JINX Smash Landlords To The Wall With New Riff-Crazy Stroke ‘AN IDEAS MAN’

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10 March 2023

(Photo by Gary Lambert)

Who: Fidgety Liverpool trio that return
with their first new single since they were
locked in their (rented) homes.

New single: AN IDEAS MAN
The 7” version will be out on 7 March. Info here.

“Inspired by the post-pandemic explosion of #propertytok, ‘An Ideas Man’ is about the cult
of landlordism and a parasitic ideology which has become pervasive in its wake. It’s about exploitation masquerading as philanthropy and the pursuit of a passive income which has become celebrated rather than shamed. In short, it’s about how much I fucking hate landlords.”

TUTV: Riff-crazy. Irresistible. Funky-groovy. Foot stompin’. Amazeballs. Topnotch.
This is one of these uppers that makes your day on the spot. A bit of Yard Act‘s
rappin’, a bit of Parquet Courts‘ jingle jangle, a bit of The Fall‘s fire. Sounds bloody
damn stellar, right? You betcha. Don’t miss these hungry post-lockdown wolves.
And don’t forget to kick your landlord’s ass.

Play. Listen. Go mental. Buy.

Also st(r)eaming on Spotify.

EYESORE & THE JINX: Facebook – Instagram

Turbo ENTER SHIKARI Will Give The Whole World A Kiss And A ‘BLOODSHOT’ Now

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British celebrated electro-punk-heavy-post-hardcore team ENTER SHIKARI
share their 7th longplayer, named A KISS FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, with
the world on April 21. Pre-order info here.

Here’s the brand new single off the LP. BLOODSHOT.

Rou Reynolds: ““Bloodshot is about how hard it is to find truth, and how easy it is to stop thinking for yourself and simply repeat your ‘team’s’ mantras. Every day, I seem to be asking myself, ‘Is this article biased?’, ‘Is this claim true?’, ‘Should I be more furious about this issue?
Or less furious?’, ‘Am I being manipulated? Provoked? Radicalised by my own ‘tribe’?’

Bloodshot is a helter-skelter outburst with
maddening techno flashes reminiscent of
techno punks The Prodigy.

Press play.
Play loud.

ENTER SHIKARI: Facebook – Instagram – All Albums 

Brooklyn Based Psych Trio MOONWALKS With Jangly Jam ‘HEAVY TEARS’

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8 March 2023

Photo by Julia Khoroshilov

Band: MOONWALKS (Detroit via Brooklyn)
Who: Psychedelic outfit gearing up
for their new LP.


The band’s third studio album. A departure from the band’s
DIY psych-rock roots to a more mature and polished sound.
Out May 26 via Fuzz Club.

Moonwalks: “’Western Mystery Tradition’ was conceived in the winter of 2019 amidst a polar vortex in Detroit. At the time and in between touring, we lived together in a house on the west side that lacked a working stove and had no power in half of the building. The band – trapped indoors due to temperatures in the negatives and massive amounts of snow – drew inspiration from our isolated state amidst a bleak Michigan winter.”

First single: HEAVY TEARS

TUTV: The jangly psychedelia of The Velvet Underground‘s early days pops up
in my mind, but also the haunting groovin’ of Texan’s rockers The Black Angels
and the magnetic sonority of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. I guess you get the
sonic picture with that info. Bring on the album.

Press play.

MOONWALKS: Facebook – Instagram