DEUX FURIEUSES Shared Spine-Tingling Reverie ‘ISOLATION DAYS’ – All Proceeds Go To NHS!

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6 April 2020

DEUX FURIESES‘ frontwoman Ros Cairney shared a brand new, marvelous song
called ISOLATION DAYS. It was recorded on her mobile phone as a rough demo
during these lockdown days in London. Not a crushing post-punk sledgehammer
this time, no, this gripping humdinger is a spine-chilling reverie reflecting the
hallucinate times we all experience right now.

Despite the fact that this committed indie duo has no revenues whatsoever from
gigs or merchandise they donate all proceeds from this mixed emotions beauty to
UK’s National Health Secure. Top!

Buy the track here and
help NHS. Only 1 pound…

Great photo artwork by drummer Vas Antoniadou


Dream Pop Duo MASHMELLOW Shine On New Single ‘SHARE IT’…

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4 April 2020


Who: “Mashmellow came into conception in 2019, drawing from t he members of ‘Hospital’ and the unique vocals of Masha Shurygina. The Moscow based band has a distinct sound that is instantly recognisable for its 90s dream indie and indie pop sound. Recently Mashmellow has played at the epicentre of the music scene in Moscow, 16 Tonns.”

Track: SHARE IT– brand new single

Score: This is dream pop at its starry-eyed best. ‘Share It‘ is an uplifting, sticky love gem with Masha Shurygina‘s spellbinding voice giving you a glowing injection while glimmering guitar fragments bring icons The Cure to mind. Refreshing tunes like these shine a light in these dark days. The accompanying cip is a tremendously eye-catching piece of work.

Watch/listen here…

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Post Punks CHUPA CABRA Tackle Sex Algorithms On New Razor-Sharp Single ‘RUSSIAN MODELS’…

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2 April 2020

Following last year’s fierce blast Violent Urges, Deeside’s sucker-punch-piss-yourself-polystyrene agitators CHUBA CABRA just unleashed new single RUSSIAN MODELS.

“Russian models is a fuzz-hymn to The Algorithm. O Algorithm! You keep the world happy
and complacent, for your love means I will not have to suffer anything I do not wish to see,
like adverts for crackers, or images of Ricky Gervais or crackers “
explains the band.

Don’t expect lullabies about the birds and the bees from these politically and socially outspoken punks. This time they condemn forcefully the vicious Big Brother approach of the ‘anti’-social media turning George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘1984’ into a scary reality. The band’s metallic punk drones and spit and sneer vocals emphasize their disgust for the paralyzing algorithms that impact our sexual appetite. Their razor-sharp sonic raid is loud and clear. Amoral and money greedy crooks are in control now and they’re after your mind unless Chupa Cabra gets there first and tells you the real degenerating story about
the Russian models.

Let them in right here…

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English models…

WARDROBE Drops Rocking Banger ‘GOLDILOCKS’

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1 April 2020

If you like colorful, catching pop tunes you should definitely check out the two excellent albums Belgian band WARDROBE released, led by singer/songwriter and arresting voice Johan Verckist, so far. Debut longplayer Crawling  from 2018 and last year’s beauty Giving Up A Ghost. Records showing this group’s high quality songwriting.

And here’s new swinging single ‘GOLDILOCKS’. The title is “inspired by the so-called Goldilocks principle. This indicates that, after a certain time, structures will always
emerge in chaos and this is unexpectedly made even more topical by Corona.”

It’s a solid gold rocker that detonates from the get-go and never looks back. This
glowing powerstroke makes your feet tap and your head rotate and when the cracking guitar solo kicks in it’s time to jump around like a kangaroo. So stay home, stay safe and shake sideways.

Here’s the amazing, psychedelic clip…

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London Rockers THE RINGARDS Nail It Again Big Time With ‘TIT WILLOW’…

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31 March 2020

Turn Up The Volume championed London band THE RINGARDS several times before and will do that again. Why? Because these inventive rockers impress with every new release. So far all their songs are first-class gems, every single track is different in approach and
in sound. Also, they’re politically and socially outspoken. On previous pieces they tackled Brexit (Glasgow Television) and Los Angeles, the city of angels (Holiday Bitch) Check all their crackers on Soundcloud.

And here’s brand new cut called ‘TIT WILLOW’. A staggering stunner with a glam rock resonance, fueled by a banging ongoing beat, tingling guitars, reflective vocals and
a catchy as hell chorus. One of the most riveting stuff I heard so far this year. No, I’m
not exaggerating at all! It’s about time the world discovers this terrifically gifted band.

Cage was it the age?
With this in mind we say good morrow
to our waking souls,
Which watch not one another out of fear;
For love, all love of other sights controls,
And makes one little room an everywhere.
With No guest in the nest, watch us undress

Tune in…

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Fervent Danish Rockers DEERBORN Move With Stirring Single ‘CAN’T FIND MY WAY HOME’…

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29 March 2020

(photo: Katinka Bjerregaard)

It’s been four years since ardent Danish rockers DEERBORN released their highly praised debut album Crash And Burn. But in this unforgettable 2020 year the band return with a follow-up longplayer.

After sharing stormy lead single Where Demons Hide last month the caring quintet just dropped a brand new vivid piece. CAN’T FIND MY WAY HOME positions Deerborn‘s self-proclaimed genre definition ‘dark Americana‘ in a calm and thoughtful expression.

This heart-touching, amplified ballad causes goosebumps. This longing cry out makes
you silent while frontman Lasse Nørby‘s vox takes your breath away and will stir many
lost souls in these dramatic times. This meditation’s burning intenseness and confusing uncertainty fit the dark days we all experience right now. Its desperate sentiment feels painfully familiar at this very moment but mankind’s will to survive is cast-iron. I hope
you all find your way home and be safe.

Tune in right here…

Check also the brilliant lead single ‘Where Demons Hide’

DEERBORN: Facebook

THE MYSTERY PLAN Massages You With New Vibrant Single ‘BALLAD OF JC QUINN’ From New Album

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28 March 2020


Who: Dream pop quintet from Charlotte, North Carolina formed in 2010 producing moody folk, post punk, sometimes electronic, sometimes cellos. Sort of sorry and glad together.

Track: BALLAD OF JC QUINN – new single from their upcoming fifth album Zsa Zsa
out next week, 3 April –  J.C. Quinn was an actor from NYC with many films and television credits, including ‘Barfly’, ‘the Abyss’, ‘Visionquest’ and countless others. The band’s main man Jason Herring was a friend of Quinn: “JC and I struck up a nice friendship. He was a fan of ours and would come to shows and stand right up front so we could see him. A very lovely man indeed. Sadly, JC died in Mexico while shooting a film a few years ago. I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to him, and we have finally done so with this song.”

Score: This graceful humdinger takes you instantly to fantasyland where you can lose yourself and ignore reality for a while. Exotic sounding bongos, warm organ touches, glimmering guitars, playful string fragments and moony vocals massage your mind
gently and the overall romantic orchestration is a soothing caress for your ears and
will make your eyes twinkle. Sit down, lit the candles and relish.

Here’s the vibe…


New album ZSA ZSA out 3 April via Ten Millimeter Omega Recordings.. More details here.

Welsh Artist MOGAN Drops Spooky Chill Out Single ‘WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?’

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27 March 2020

Artist: MOGAN

Who: “A Cardiff based musician, tackles subjects like politics, divorce, sexual identity and finding a sense of comfort in one’s own weirdness. Closely linked with the DIY punk and Queer Punk communities, they like to explore the underground music scenes within their surrounding areas.”

Track: WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? – Mogan said: “The song really sets up the whole theory of being on the sidelines of chaos. When everything you’re witnessing is so messed up that you’d rather gouge your own eyes out with a compass than see what happens next.”

Score: This spooky chill-out electro trip rings like a fitting soundtrack for today’s global impasse due to that devastating virus. The spooky, ghostly tone and blood-curdling vox feel like a true to life reflection of a scary science-fiction situation turning real with the vital question ‘What happens next?’. Mogan‘s perception of our screwed-up planet is terribly actual. The Times They Are a-Changin’. No doubt about that.

Press play here…

MOGAN: Facebook

5-track EP ‘GUTTER‘ out 24th April

Vivid Welsh Rockers CLWB FUZZ Score Big Time With Stupendous Single ‘NO HEAVEN’…

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26 March 2020


Who: Cardiff’s post-punk/grunge four-piece Clwb Fuzz’s fearless commitment
in creating an intoxicating wall of sound has already bestowed on them an
impressive live reputation.

Track: NO HEAVEN – new single – first release for Libertino

Score: This is a swirling roller coaster going forth and back in intensity. An electrical,
mind-blowing sockdolager with a striking swagger and arresting drive boosting your bloodstream. The arousing vocals, firing tempo swings and rollicking guitars, with a
sizzling solo near the end, will blow you away. Blistering steamroller! Ardent flare-up!

CLWB FUZZ:Facebook

Hammering Brighton Brothers SONS Get Angry On Brand New Raging Blast ‘SWEAT’…

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25 March 2020

Band: SONS

Who: Brigthon brothers Lee and Nick Meldrum burst onto the scene in 2016. They produce explosive vocal melodies and buzzsaw riffs that could wake the dead and
catchy hooks you’ll love.

Song: SWEAT“The meaning behind ‘Sweat’ is it’s a song about falling for someone you
knew was a player and the inner turmoil you have with yourself over the time together and afterwards”

Score: My Oh My! Bloody hell yeah! This is a powerhouse belter, a boiling steamroller,
a deafening crackerjack. Ongoing volcanic drums, howling guitars and rip-roaring vocals
do your head in and crash your speakers. This cooking duo kick out the jams with badass intensity and merciless energy. This is what happens when anger and rage take over. Thrashing stroke! Blustery uppercut! Turn it up!

Play loud to keep that nasty coronavirus out of your safe home…

SONS: Facebook