Filthy Birthday Party Groove – London’s NOTHINGHEADS Psyched Up On New Single ‘DOOM TOURIST’

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27 July 2021

(striking artwork!)

Who: Scuzzy London 4 piece

New single: DOOM TOURIST
An ode for future mudlarkers. From the group’s
new EP ‘Machine in the Monkey, out in September.

Turn Up The Volume: Wham-bloody-bam drum intro, scorching guitars,
filthy groove, psych-o-tic vocals, all in just 50 seconds. Spooky stuff, right?
Sounds like Nick Cave and his freakish gang The Birthday Party are back
with a filthy slo-mo blues-injected blast. If you like creepy post-punk doom
and gloom from a smelly basement you’ll love this to death. Scary right?
You betcha.

Release the bats…


Back to your basement, guys…

(photo: from the band’s FB)

Psychedelic Trip With SEADOG – Discover New Single ‘OLD JOE’

26 July 2021

Who: Brighton-based project of musician/songwriter Mark Benton
and Tom Chadd
along with their eclectic troupe of performers. They
create dream-pop songs combining a variety of influences into a
myriad sound of lullabies with anthemic electric and acoustic textures.

New single: OLD JOE
Recorded at the Bella Union studios

Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins legend & Bella Union artist) about the fresh
piece: “With a cool motorik rhythm and atmospheric lead vocals floating above fuzzy
folk guitars and vintage sounding synths, “Old Joe” is a delight. It’s like being on a train
ride through time as the song looks back wistfully at a life gone by, contemplating all
that went before, the happy and the sad. A particularly touching song from what
already feels like Seadog’s most accomplished work to date.”

Turn Up The Volume
says: Old Joe moves and grooves from the kick-off. Its
ongoing Krautrock-like hypnotizing spell, its energizing synth mesmerism, its
repetitive beat, its echoing vocals, all contribute to the psychedelic impact of this
exciting trip. Once you’ve joined the ride, you won’t get off. Clear-cut crackerjack!

Feel the vibrant vibe here…

SEADOG: Facebook

French Shoegazers BRYAN’S MAGIC TEARS Play With ‘SAD TOYS’

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25 July 2021

Who: Shoegazers from France

The band’s third album, out on
15th October via Bad Born Records

“The intensity of the ten songs that compose the album was enough to make
the rest of the world disappear… This repertoire will outlive them, songs we can
already imagine in the mouths and on the fingers of the future generations that
will rediscover this marvelous album. Because “Vacuum Sealed” will be that. One
of the guitar classics of the early 20s. And there’s nothing we can do about it. Their
talent is too great. Period.”

Lead-single: SAD TOYS

Imagine 24-hour party people Happy Mondays fronted by Primal Scream voice
Bobby Gillepsie
, with Banshees‘ guitarist Steven Severin producing his chainsaw
sound and an overall The Jesus And Mary Chain vibe. Get it? Close your eyes,
relax and let your mind go its own way. It’s magic psychedelia time.

Right here, right now…


Californian Team BITE ME BAMBI Start Ska Beach Parties With Ecstatic GO GO’S Cover

22 July 2021

Band: BITE ME BAMBI (what a name!)
Who: Ska/Pop/Punk team from Orange County, CA. They bring
sounds reminiscent of British 2 Tone and 3rd wave ska into the
21st century. With energetic songs and masterful musicianship,
BMB gets the crowd on their feet and dancing.

Cover of L.A. legends The Go-Go’s.

“We wanted a fun summer song and have always wanted to do a Go Go’s song.
We had initially planned to do the song during Covid, but it got lost in the shuffle
of other tunes. Terry Hall from ska legends The Specials co-wrote the song with
Jane Wiedlan so we thought it would be a cool one to make into a Ska song. As
it turned out, we ended up recording it pretty close to the 40 year anniversary of
the release date of the original, and the induction of the Go Go’s to the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame.

Turn Up The Volume:
Leave your ghost town and come to Orange County
where Bite Me Bambi throw Ska parties at the beach with shake-and-bake
crackers like this swinging cover of Go Go‘s ecstatic 1981 knockout. BMB
have the beauty and the beat. Time to get up, stand up and fight for your
right to dance without falling over your feet.

Right here, right now

The original version…


Buy the single here.

(group photo via Earshot Media)


Daily electricity to load your batteries…

20 July 2021

Who: Blaze and rage punks out of Manchester

New single: WHEN THE WHIP GOES CRACK – their fifth

A song about “the disappointment, disenfranchisement and self-loathing that
comes about through having grown up to perceive yourself as a failure. A song
about the fear of all your demons, both internal and external coming crashing
in on you. That, ferocious fear.”

Turn Up The Volume says: This spine-chilling, self-flagellation outcry sizzles
like a vicious serpent. Prepare yourself for a demons-inflicted nervous breakdown,
for a jagged jam that makes the hair in your neck stand up. Slowly but surely the
intensity goes up and the insanity kicks in. Infuriating powers take over until the
out-of-breath end. Goodness gracious!

I don’t know what happened with the band’s out-of-his-mind singer Ben Corry after
he and the band recorded this bone-breaking sledgehammer, but I guess his vocal
cords exploded and by doctor’s orders he needs to be silent until the next single.

Press play and get impressed…

Also on Spotify


Go Completely Nuts To Hot Canadian Engine CALLING ALL CAPTAINS

19 July 2021

Want to start the week with a big bang? Canadian loud-louder-loudest
noise engine CALLING ALL CAPTAINS will do the job the way it must
be done, with their new smoking cannonball UNDONE. A red-hot-boiling
jackhammer about “the person in your life that makes everything about them
and takes no responsibility for their own actions.”

To hell with ‘me, myself and I’ maniacs.

Ignore them and blow your poor speakers to pieces with these deafening
screamagers who fight for their right to be the crazy Beastie Boys of high-
powered party ruckus. Hallelujah!

Alert your neighbors before you press play…


Titanic Transcendence – Dutch Turbo THE DAMNED FEW Wonder ‘WHY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

17 July 2021

(photo by @maron stills)

Who: Hit team from The Netherlands playing pure rock’n’roll
with a twist of garage rock, blues and psychedelics from the 60’s
and 70’s, but on steroids.
FFO: Rival Sons, Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless,
Dorothy and Black Sabbath

New single: WHY
From upcoming EP Black Blooded Woman

Turn Up The Volume: If the late great blues heroine Janis Joplin
would front famous Dutch metal band Within Temptation it would
sound really similar to this hefty haymaker. Titanic, bombastic and

Towering guitars, towering tune, and terrifically towering vocals.
My oh my. Metallic blues agony in howling motion. A wall-breaking
belter! Giant score!

Press play and go ballistic…


Me, Myself And I Spirit – Shake Your Hips Along With JOHN ORPHEUS

15 July 2021

Artist: JOHN ORPHEUS (Trinidad and Tobago)
Who: Alter boy for Antonio Michael Downing, musician and writer.

New single: IG
From his upcoming album Saga Boy, out July 30th.

Orpheus: “It’s a love letter about feeling your authentic self and being
radically you. It’s time to begin again with no excuses and no shortcuts.
Don’t let anyone tell you how to live! The title is a call out to the attention-
seeking game of social media, but the song itself is about giving yourself
all the love you deserve without asking permission.”

Turn Up The Volume: This effervescent pick-me-up tune has an instant
impact on your body movements. IG is sickly sticky, affectingly addictive
and crazily catchy. Imagine the pink sunglasses spirit of De La Soul on ‘Me,
myself and I’
, some Freak Le Chic guitar snippets in the back, rolling rap
rhapsody upfront, and a fight for your right to party mindset.

Get the picture? Now shake your hips and sway
to the beat. Black party music matters.

Dive in the pool here…

Also on Spotify

JOHN ORPHEUS: InstagramWebsite

Frenetic Sucker Punch – L.A. Rockers CUFFED UP Turn Up The Speed On ‘CANARIES’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

14 July 2021

(photo by Noah Kentis)

Who: L.A. based post-punk rockers
making noise since 2019.

New single: CANARIES

About the song: “Canaries'” is about going down a path that you
know is wrong, yet you keep going because some form of shame is
driving you. Sometimes, we become numb to the burdens we carry.
“Carrying the weight of stones/with pins to his bones” reflects that
and the need to be vulnerable with yourself and not accept fate as is.”

Turn Up The Volume: After a canary whistles let’s roll, this haunting
kamikaze ripsnorter explodes into a non-stop whirlwind pushed by
siren-like guitars. At times, it feels as if this speedy bolide is about to
crash. The female/male vocalists spit their lines as if they are shooed by
something or somebody. I swear you’ll be out of breath after four red-hot
blooded minutes. A frenetic sucker punch! Oh, by the way, that canary
has the final say.

Speed it up right here…

CUFFED UP: Facebook

CANARIES is available here

Led Zeppelin Fronted By Cherrie Curry – Sharp Miami Rockers BRUVVY Nail It With ‘NOT FOR SALE’

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13 July 2021

(Photo credit: Carla Nicolella (@carlanicoo)

Who: Rebellious fronted
rebel band from Miami, Florida

New single: NOT FOR SALE
Second taster from their upcoming
debut EP Little Heat

Liz Varum (vocalist) about the new one: “I came to a boiling point when
my boss at the time told me how unlikely it was that I was going to make it
in the music industry and that I should always have a backup. Being that it
was my millionth time hearing this, I got overwhelmed and decided to write
a song dedicated to all the people who have underestimated me in the past.”

Turn Up The Volume: Imagine hard rock heroes Led Zeppelin fronted
by loudmouth Cherrie Curry of 70s punk sensation The Runaways. That’s
exactly how Miami turbo Bruvvy nails it with this new sassy stunner. Dirty
Jimmy Page-like blues-rock-riffage, and sneering screaming by spitfire Varum.
Her mind is not for sale. Got it? You’d better.

Start the fury here…

BRUVVY: Facebook

Debut EP LITTLE HEAT out next month