British Heated Rockers JOHNNY KILLS Unleash New Adrenalin Fueled Single ‘HELP ME OUT’…

New sonic impulses

10 October 2019


Who: Who: Three guys called Kills producing “garage indie, garden punk, acoustic
shoegaze, noise pop, hut rock and fuzzy glam surf with three lead guitars”

Track: HELP ME OUT – newest single – “It’s about getting to a stage where you have some big life questions what career do I want? Where do I want to live? What do I really care about? Answers are all a resounding ‘I don’t have a scooby, mate’. It’s about having a blank slate in front of you and it just freaking you out, and hoping someone else will sort it
all out for you.”

Score: This is a massive blazing guitar oiled ripsnorter that will pump up your activated body’s temperature to a cooking level. The band’s scream for help is boisterous and clear,
hot-blooded and hearty. Their sonic adrenalin bounces all over the place. Help them out by spreading their confusing message right here…


Brighton’s ANIMAL HOUSE Twists And Shakes On New Blustering Single ‘MODERN ROMANCE’…

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11 October 2019

After their tremendously bouncy September single Legs Out For Summer Brighton‘s swirling collective ANIMAL HOUSE already return with another new piece from their upcoming debut album ‘Premium Mediocre’, out 15th November.

Frontman Will McConchie says about new one ‘MODERN ROMANCE’: “Why does everyone on tinder go to Machu Picchu? You can now pay a guide to accompany you up the famous mountain to take photos of you whilst you hike the mountain. Wedding photographers in Los Angeles are now getting more bookings for dating profiles than weddings. It’s all pretty weird, so is this song.”

Modern Romance is a sickly sticky snorter that will blow you away. It twists and shakes like a high-speed train on the run. Totally overwhelming, uncontrollably zippy and entirely breathtaking. There’s no way you can ignore this terrific whirlwind. Press play and go bananas…


Brighton’s LAZYBONES Dropped New Blustery Smack ‘TRASH TALK’…

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10 October 2019


Who: Thunderous Brighton-based alt-rock trio formed in 2017

Track: TRASH TALK – newest single – vocalist Candi Underwood reveals that the song is “about that moment when you know you’re about to say something you’ll regret, when you’re right on the edge and you just can’t stop it”

Score: Hell bloody hell yeah! Here comes some unstoppable blustery ferocity that will pump up your bloodstream’s flow from the explosive start straight to the shaking finale. This is impetuous turbulence that races and pushes and rants without looking back. Tenacious trashy stuff indeed that will activate every single nerve in your heated body.

Tune in and trash your mouth right here…

LAZYBONES: Facebook – Website

LAZYBONES: Facebook – Website

London’s Raging Tandem TOKYO TABOO Goes Bonkers On New Red-Hot-Blooded Stroke ‘WHISKEY’…

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8 October 2019

Turn Up The Volume featured omnipotent and combative London tandem TOKYO TABOO several times before. Their HUGE and THUNDEROUS hard rockin’ all-powerful vitality and puissance is simply irresistible.

The in many ways notable duo unleashed a new sledgehammer called ‘WHISKEY‘. Remarkable frontwoman Dolly Daggerz revealed the story behind this new thrashing corker: “I wanted to describe how I’d become dependent on alcohol to feel ok. I got so used to drinking whiskey straight out of the bottle before jumping on stage. I thought being wasted was the only way I could perform as a riotous female. Turns out I never needed alcohol at all and that craziness lives in me!”

Whiskey‘ burns like a giant torch and sounds like a giant stunner that attacks your speakers relentlessly and feeds your hungry ears the way you actually love it. This enormous slam dunk proves once again that Tokyo Taboo‘s thumping potency is the perfect trigger to activate your adrenalin’s production. Wham bloody bam! Experience the brutal force
right here…


(photo: FB Tokyo Taboo)

New-Zealand Based Songstress LEXYTRON Sees ‘COUPLES’ Everywhere…

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6 October 2018


Who: “Half Greek, half Persian and half English – as she described herself age 5 – the Manchester-born Lexy found her identity in music early on as a pianist and violinist.”
She’s now based in Auckland, New-Zealand

Track: COUPLES – “Sometimes being alone is liberating but sometimes it downright sucks. ‘Couples’ whisks you from the confines of your bedroom to emotional breaking point on a cross-cultural sonic highway” says Lexytron about her newest single, officially out 25th October

Score: Although this infectious daisy of a tune is about the awful feeling of being alone while you’re seeing couples everywhere around you, the upbeatness of the song actually will make you forget about your solitude. Its funky Latin rhythm and its frisky, playful and exulting chorus will even put a big smile on your face. And the hilarious, accompanying video clip will also help you to get cheerful. In the end ‘Couples‘ works as an effective medicine against loneliness. Mission accomplished!

Catch the buoyant vibe here…

LEXYTRON: Facebook

COUPLES available via Bandcamp

Chicago’s THE LOCALS Enrapture With Emotional Track From Their Brand New LP – Here’s ‘TIME BOMB SOUNDS’…

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30 September 2019


Who: An exciting indie trio from Chicago producing bright,
guitar-laiden, ultra catchy, alt-pop for ten years now

Track: TIME BOMB SOUNDS – top track from their brand
new album Minutes, Seconds, Degrees

Score: Despite the mixed emotions content of ‘Time Bomb Sounds‘ this emotional corker resonates gloriously rapturous and exultantly epic. It’s actually a massive sing-along anthem that will pump up your blood pressure and once you reached the big chorus
you’ll be in a state of pure delirium. Think Throwing Muses and Belly at full force. Yes,
that good, that galvanizing, that attractive.

Capture the bang-up fervor tight here…

THE LOCALS: Facebook – Website

New album MINUTES, SECONDS, DEGREES out now – stream/purchase it here 

CROSS WIRES Share New Blazing Track From Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘HOW TO DETOX SMOKERS LUNGS’…

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28 September 2019

Back in December 2017 British post punks CROSS WIRES released a selection of their first thrilling recordings on a mini-album, titled Living In A Radio City, but soon they’ll unleash their proper debut longplayer ‘A Life Extinct’, out this Autumn.

Early August the group launched the furious lead-single. A two-faceted killer stroke called Paradise Club 1953 and here’s new cut number two. The weirdly named ‘HOW TO DETOX SMOKERS LUNGS’ has the band’s signature tone too. That nervous, fanatical and burning dynamic that cuts like a brand new Swiss knife. Yep, here’s another cutting corker that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Here comes the biting fever…


Great artwork of new album A LIFE EXTINCT / Paradise Club 1953 also on Spotify

(ps: Turn Up The Volume gave up smoking – 2 packs a day –
5 years ago / I wonder how my lungs look like…)

Indie Folk Rock Trio WHIPPOORWILL Seduces With Resplendent Single ‘COLD SOUND’ From Upcoming Debut LP…

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27 September 2019


Who: A folk rock trio out of Fort Collins, Colorado.
The band has shared the stage with Big Thief, Shovels and Rope, Mipso, Horse Feathers and Aaron Lee Tasjan. With palpable chemistry, dynamic live shows, and a long-game approach to their creative work, Whippoorwill has become one of the region’s most-hyped bands on the brink

Pick: COLD SOUND – single from their upcoming debut LP ‘The Nature of Storms‘,
out 15th November

Score: Here’s a blissful combination of ravishing vocals, crackling guitars, absorbing melodiousness and harmonious resplendence that will spoil your ears from the very
start to the sudden finish. A magnetizing humdinger that sticks directly and puts a big smile on your face. Pretty glowing for a cold sound. Enjoy the radiant vibe right here…

WHIPPOORWILL: Facebook – Website

Singer/Songwriter ILA Sends Shivers Down Your Spine With Heart-Rending Cut From Her New EP- Here’s ‘NUDE’…

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25 September 2019

Last year ago I saw this quite talented Belgian singer-songwriter Ilayda Cicek aka ILA performing for the first time. It was an acoustic set. Just a guitar and a significant voice. Later on, she decided to add electricity to her heartfelt songs. She’s surrounded now
by a drummer and a guitarist with herself on electric guitar too. The turn around is overwhelming. So much more intensity, so much more passion and fire, also so much more confidence after playing a series of notable gigs.

Last Sunday I saw her performing once again. It felt like Jeff Buckley‘s ghost was in the house. Ila‘s bluesy musings and passionate reveries resonated as vulnerable, fragile and soul-stirring as Buckley‘s troubled introspections and disturbing contemplations once did. Ila‘s tense vocal timbre and highly sensitive discharge were at times similarly breathtaking as what we heard from that late great songwriter before. Quite an achievement!

After her 2018 self-titled 4-track live EP she will release her first studio record on 18th October. A new EP, titled Montagne. Ahead of it, here’s a first poignant cut called NUDE that summarizes everything what I experienced last Sunday. Discover the authentic beauty right here…

Now you’re here I definitely want to share this following live footage of HOME,
one of her most gripping songs so you’ll get an idea of her impressive live presence…

ILA: Facebook

Dance Junks FERAL FIVE Will Play Around With Your ‘EGO’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

23 September 2019

London‘s dance tandem FERAL FIVE has nailed it again with their new thumping banger called ‘EGO‘. A physically irresistible knockout that tackles monstrous egos, and we have seen some big political ones lately, haven’t we? ‘Ego’ is a middle finger for all ‘me, myself
and I
‘ narcissists, and a blistering blessing for all those who want to swing and shake themselves into a coma.

If your body doesn’t react in any way to this vibrating European disco cracker, spiced with some German lyrics midway, you’ll definitely need a doctor to check your blood pressure
and/or your ears’ functionality.

Press the button, turn it up and dance yourself dizzy …

FERAL FIVE: Facebook