We Are Family – KOPPER AND KASH Enchant With Romantic Lullaby ‘THE BEST I CAN’

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3 December 2022

Who: A family trio composed of Jeff Pennycoff and his two daughters Mia and Ava. Based out of the River Valleys in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, a family that was crushed by a tragedy. Matthew, their son and brother passed away in a traffic accident. Devastated, Ava, following in her father’s footsteps, began writing music and putting her feelings to paper. The family is still hurting from the tragic events, yet needs somehow to find some good in such an unimaginable situation. They made the decision to return to Nashville and record new music.

New single: THE BEST I CAN

TUTV: You don’t see/hear this every day. A father and his two daughters making music together. Yes, Kopper and Kash are family, and they seduce your ready-for-Xmas ears with this romantic lullaby. Daughters Mia and Ava are blessed with angelic voices that color this country-folk-like musing melancholically. Think Big Thief, Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen. Truly lovely. This family does more than just the best they can

The music video takes us on a journey with an elaborate storyline. Kopper and Kash establish the beginning of their story, as the teen’s shop for prom dresses with their father. The family argues over the dresses as Kopper and Kash sing about their complex emotions.

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Slash And Trash Garage Punk With THE DIRT And Their New Rad Double A-Side Single

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2 December 2022

Who: Jack and Sachiko based near Manchester who create psychedelic punk fused tracks, not fearing to straddle or uncompromisingly merge genres as they seamlessly bend the rules. They combine guitar loops, effects and distortion with percussion and the spoken Lyric.

The first single release from the band’s forthcoming
album “Agitator”, due for release in early 2023.

TUTV: Yes! I fucking love this, I fucking love The Dirt. Although I never heard of them before. But when you come up with slices of slash-and-trash garage punk rock where the criminally underrated Washington underground duo Royal Trux were so brilliantly good at, you have my hungry ears’ attention. This double A-side has it all. A hypnotic Krautrock-like riff repetition, psychotic spit and sneer vocals and head-twisting dynamics. My kinda stuff. And you’re the next to love The Dirt!

Stream/buy here…

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For Those About To Rock MARGARITA WITCH CULT Salute You – Hear Their New Sledgehammer ‘SACRIFICE’ Here

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1 December 2022

Who: Birmingham-bred, heavy-rock power-trio

FFO: Sleep, Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard

New single: SACRIFICE
The first taste of their debut LP

Info: “The punishing, head-tripping, 4-minute epic was recorded live. It’s a truly
harrowing listen, crushingly heavy and mercilessly catchy. As the band gears up for
a busy 2023- including playing the incredible Desertfest UK in May, ‘Sacrifice’ provides
just a small glimpse into what will undoubtedly be one of ’23’s best metal releases.”

TUTV: This is a manicial mid-tempo sledgehammer that triggers you to bang
your head against a concrete wall. Deafening Black Sabbath drones invite you
to go berserk as if your country won the World Cup Football in Qatar.

Sacrifice is earsplitting loud, thunderous and full-mouthed.
Holy metal smoke! Warn your neighbours before you press play.

For all those about to rock Margarita Witch Cult salute you.


Also st(r)eaming on Spotifiy

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Canadian Electro-Pop Duo DOWN WITH SPACE With New Sickly Sticky Tune ‘NOSTALGIA KNOWS BEST’

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29 November 2022

Who: Montreal-based indie pop band comprised of
vocalist/guitarist Rob Helsten and drummer Steve Dumas.


TUTV: Electro pop pushed by a foot-tapping drum beat and
rotating synths with a warm glow, by passion and intensity in
sound and vocality. You can whistle along, hum along or sing
along. A sickly sticky
tune knows best. Score!


I was looking for a new way nowhere
but I see how I was turning and turning around
I was thinking it was old-school glory
that’s too easy for a heart that’s never found
Take a step back, get to know it
then forget it cause it changes and changes again

I Won’t ever deny
Feeling in my heart we got it right

Not the same when you can’t go your own way
feeling cornered and stuck all the way on the ground
Not so bad that you can’t turn it around
find a change when you’re lost and then you’re found

I Won’t ever deny
Feeling in my heart we got it right

It’s the way we got here slowly
It’s the way we got here slowly
It’s the way we got here slowly yeah

All the same we know we’re nowhere
All the same we know we’re nowhere
All the same we know we’re nowhere now

I said I know now
But I never knew how
And all I can do is pretend


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Wonderful Voice, Wonderful Song, Wonderful Clip – Discover Songstress FERNA And Her New Sensitive Single ‘NEW CITY’

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28 November 2022

28 November 2022

Artist: ferna
Who: American singer/songwriter
born Hannah McPhillimy

New single: NEW CITY

“In 2017 Hannah McPhillimy, aka ferna, moved to Michigan, USA for two years. This relocation inspired the sounds and sentiment for “New City”, the third release from her debut album, Understudy. Exuberant synths, homemade drum kits (literally, made from a suitcase) and dispassionate vocals, this track visits both the euphoria of beginning again and the pain of having a reason to leave in the first place.”

The single’s cover artwork

TUTV: ferna‘s timbre is both smooth and detached. Doubt, confusion, and insecurity
are the keywords here, embedded in a moving mid-tempo melody that gets your aural attention from the first spin on and seduces slowly but surely your appetite for ear-pleasing sensitiveness. Wonderful voice, wonderful pop reverie, wonderful clip.

The accompanying video is conceived and directed by artist and filmmaker Alice Eugenie,
is a short film depicting relocation in another way: moving home. It shows the transplant of Eliza Frew, a Greta Gerwig-esque twenty-something, back to her depressing hometown. Over the course of the video, she comes to reframe it as a humble paradise.

ferna: Facebook – Instagram

British Alt Rock Trio VERRA CRUZ Affect With Melancholic Power Ballad ‘THE WORLD IS CRASHING IN’

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27 November 2022

Photo credit: : Jerry Kirkman

Who: British alt-rock infused musical project of trio Marc James (guitar/lap steel/vocals), Henry Cross (bass) & Jimmy Cooke (drums). Known for their hard-hitting anthems and signature lap steel guitar, of which they stumbled upon in a small boutique guitar shop in Memphis, TN, the three-piece band have been creating mighty, raucous tracks, laced with spiritual and personal themes. The band admits, “We’re not afraid to sing out about injustice in the world.”


It’s a gripping ode to love, loss and simply raw emotion.

Marc James (guitar/vocalist): “The World Is Crashing In” was written during the painful season of Henry’s divorce. It was tough going for all of us to watch 2 people we loved dearly, separate. For me it brought up painful memories from my own childhood. The second verse was written from a time in my own childhood. Our family home had been flooded due to a burst pipe, it wrecked so much stuff including my mum’s wedding dress that she had kept. It seemed like a dark and apt metaphor for the impending carnage of what was to come.”

TUTV: The magic thing about this wonderfully melancholic power ballad is the sonic balance at play. No over-the-top orchestrations, no sugary melodrama, no macho guitar solos. This gem’s profound sentiments are expressed with tenderness and heart-and-soul tristesse. The guitars don’t screech, they weep gently. James’ vocals are not inordinate, but sincere, emotive, and for real. The World Is Crashing In is a moony sepia-colored symphony.

An affecting pearl.

VERRA CRUZ: Facebook – Instagram

English Duo NOT HAPPY Have Their New Single ‘UNFOLD’ Out

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26 November 2022

Artists: NOT HAPPY
Who: Alt-pop duo, Carmen Hatton & Matthew Northcott,
from Norwich UK formed in the midst of lockdown.

New single: UNFOLD

“The song explores monotony, boredom, and rejections as the core inspiration
for its feel and lyrical content while still staying true to its pop sensibilities.”

TUTV: Unfold could be easily a reverie from 90s British dreamers The Sundays.
Carmen Hatton
‘s vox resonates somehow similar to The Sundays‘ heartfelt vocalist
Harriet Wheeler‘s vulnerable voice and the overall sonority of Not Happy echoes the
popular romantics too. The sense is both starry-eyed and somber, spirited and
gloom-ridden. Post-lockdown blues.

Check out Unfold below

NOT HAPPY: Instagram

English Mean Noise Machine FUZZ LIGHTYEAR Share Doomsday Single/Video ‘DENSE WORSHIP’

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25 November 2022

Who: 4 robust-noise indies originating in the bedrooms and
dingy Hyde Park basements that have spawned many of Leeds’
greatest bands over the years,


This self-produced single see’s vocalist Ben Parry unleash a roar of captivating anguish, questioning mental health and wading through the complexities of trauma – each thought passionately conveyed with trademark yelling vocal expression. The quartet continue to transcend away from their natural grunge state, further exploring the sounds they’re capable of conjuring together.

The video, animated and directed by Dan Woodward “tows the line between disturbing, and captivating” says singer Ben Parry. Influenced by Scalping‘s use of on-stage CGI visuals, the quartet were inspired and working with Dan allowed them to truly capture their vision.

TUTV: Expect a freakish razor blade explosion. A creepy trash and slash whirlwind.
A red-hot-blooded fireball in sound and vision. A bursting brainbreaker. A howling
haymaker to start and end all parties with on Doomsday. Hell bloody hell yeah!

Get out of your straightjacket
and listen/watch here and now.

FUZZ LIGHTYEAR: Facebook – Instagram

Electro Pop Duo FERAL FIVE Believe That Togetherness Is The Cure – Listen To Their New Piece ‘GOLDEN RULE’

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24 November 2022

(Photo credit: Keira Anee)

Who: Electro-punk dance music duo – Kat and Drew Five – from London
with bite, fusing snarling guitars, sparkling synths, and ferocious beats.

Fresh piece from their long-awaited debut album, named
The New Truth Is Gold out on 10 February 2023 through
Reckless Yes.

FF: “‘The golden rule is people come together. This is a shimmering
anthem of renewal, and a clarion call for people to come together.”

The duo use AI (Artificial Intelligence) vocals is an innovative tack taken on this
single and across the album. Working with AI technologists Birds on Mars from
Berlin their krach.ai tool was trained on Kat’s voice, giving the Ferals an otherworldly
‘AI Kat’, acting alternately as instigator and truth-teller.

TUTV: Golden Rule is a desirous pick-me-up pop tune. Airy, breezy, instantly catching and an invitation to get together in these troublous times. Kat Five‘s vocals float all over this romantic reflection and glossy synths sparkle throughout. The most notable component, to my ears, of this new piece, is the distinctive Cure-like guitar sonority. Feverish, shadowy and arresting. Pretty cool. Bring on the album FF.

Also streaming on Spotify

FERAL FIVE: Facebook – Instagram

English Indies CROSS WIRES Share Post-Break-Up Single ‘MOURNING’ From Their Upcoming 2nd Album

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23 November 2022

Who: fervid post-punk 4-piece
from Romford, UK.

The first piece of the band’s
upcoming second longplayer.

TUTV: Great news for all Cross Wires fans, including myself, out there.
Their 2nd album is finished/recorded and ready to leave its vault early
next year through Culture Wars Records. It follows the band’s album
A Life Extinct
. One of the most poignant debut records of 2019.

But first the lead single. Mourning is not a happy story. It’s a post-break-up cry out,
a cathartic shout out. Sixties psychedelic-sounding wah-wah guitar fuzz, alternated
with cutting six-string fervor stoke up the energy of this crackerjack all the way, along
with a steadfast drum/bass tandem, and back up frontman Jonathan Chapman‘s
harrowing confession of lovesickness. Familiar emotions for many of us, nevertheless
always heartbreaking.

It seems like forever since you moved out of this place and
left me alone the flat we shared for 2 months, 3 weeks and
six days. I still love you, I hate to admit it to myself. I’ve only
just been able to say that out loud.

The last cup you drank from I never washed up. Is that pathetic?
There’s a book on the coffee table that you never finished.

It was almost 6 weeks before I could even venture outside.
I forgot to eat and the days they seemed to run in to each other.
You see I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I spent yesterday in mourning.

The last cup you drank from I never washed up. Is that pathetic?
There’s a book on the coffee table that you never finished.”

CROSS WIRES: Facebook – Instagram