‘deep tan’ trio tackles male macho misbehaviour on funky single ‘beginners’ krav maga’

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20 January 2022

(photo press – steve – fb deep tan)

band: deep tan
who: three outspoken ladies from London

new single: beginners’ krav maga

“beginners’ krav maga’ is a response to the idea that womxn should take
self defense classes in order to feel safe on the street at night,” the trio explain.
“womxn shouldn’t have to. yet it seems like every day there’s a new sarah everard,
sabina nessa or aisling murphy. educate your sons, brothers, guy friends. male
violence against womxn is an epidemic and it needs to stop, so we made a pop
song to talk about it.”

turn up the volume: get out of the away you disgusting male macho’s, here
comes deep tan. they knock firmly, they rock sharply. they’re funky the way
Gang Of Four were funky, they’re jangly the way feminist new wave misfits
Delta 5 were jangly. mind your own business, all you sexist pigs out there.
make assholes gentlemanly again.

tutv’s find of the week.
here’s why…

deep tan: facebookmore deep tan on spotify

Young Wolves From Leeds – EADES Look For A Way Out On ‘DELUSION SPREE’ From Upcoming Debut LP

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19 January 2022

(photo: Sam Joyce – FB Eades)

Who: Garagewave outliers
from Leeds, UK


The title track from the band’s debut album, out digitally on
4th March and physically on 6th May via Heist Or Hit.

About the song: “Thematically it summed up the disillusionment and confusion we
all felt in our early twenties, trying to build a life for ourselves whilst the world around us
seemed to be falling apart. Two years on I think we all feel quite differently towards the world and we’ve learnt to be a lot more positive as our hard work over the last couple years has started to pay off. Although at the time I think it’s safe to say we were all feeling pretty lost.”

Turn Up The Volume: In the past few years, another Britwave of young rousing wolves
has emerged and looks to turn into a sonic tsunami. Black Midi, Black Country New Road, Black Honey, Fontaines D.C. (I know they’re Irish), Yard Act, and several more prove that guitar rock is alive and kicking again. Now you can add Leeds’ hungry squad Eades. With
6-track EP Abstract Education EP – released last Spring – they made it loud and clear they’re not a one-trick pony.

And with new barded wire ripper Delusion Spree, they confirm that promise. Echoing Parquet Courts‘ jingle-jangle joy and the electrical turbulence of shame, combined with their appetite for sing-along choruses Eades look to the future, hopefully a safer and
a freer one.

Stream/buy the single here…

EADES: Facebook – Instagram

Debut album DELUSION SPREE available digitally March 4 and physically May 6 – Order info here

A SHORT WALK TO PLUTO (Crazy Name) With Their New Hard Rock Hammer… ‘PANTHOM LOVER’

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16 January 2022

(Photo, by Bevan Wearring)

Who: Firm rockers from Toronto


“It’s our heaviest and sexiest song. Akin to a lover that is only existent
for one-night stand. The next morning, they’re just a phantom.”

The striking artwork depicts a large hand controlling an astronaut like
a puppet, playing into sexually suggestive connotations with the grayscale
appearance complementing the metalness of the sound…

Turn Up The Volume: This hefty Canadian 4-piece flew back to the 70s
with their spaceship, discovered the booming hard rock scene, fell in love
with it and returned back to the present with this towering tune that hammers
like a Deep Purple cracker with The Distillers‘ queen Brody Dalle on vocals.

Holy smoke (on the water)! Let your hair hang
down and start some headbanging fun.

Right here, right now…


With Supersonic Speed In Space – ELEPHANT STONE Share New Single ‘LA FUSÉE DU CHAGRIN’

New striking strokes

13 January 2022

(Photo Credit: Bowen Stead)

Who: Montreal based psych-pop outfit led by
singer-songwriter and sitar star Rishi Dhir.

Active: The band formed in 2008 and made 6 studio
albums so far with Hollow as the most recent one,
released in 2020.

Out: 18 February – more info here.

“The EP follows the band’s previous album Hollow, and continues the themes
of destruction and survival from a personal aspect, as M. Lonely comes to realize
life in an imperfect world might not be so bad. Sung entirely in French, a first
for the English-speaking band, the EP is dubbed a love letter to the band’s
French-speaking fans around the world.”


Dhir: “The song is about M. Lonely boarding a rocketship to the moon… so I felt that
the music should be high intensity, while also ebbing and flowing with the journey. I am
sci-fi obsessed, so, as in the past with ‘Andromeda’, I included a snippet of audio from
NASA for the intro and the middle section – maybe you can decipher the morse code?”

Turn Up The Volume: After a 5-4-3-2-1 countdown this rocket blasts into space with supersonic speed. No looking back, full steam ahead, pushed by a banging drum/bass beat and crazed guitars. Somewhere in the middle, it’s time to reload the batteries and start all over again fueled by swirling synths et les dernier mots de M. Lonely.

Psychedelia at its mind-dazzling best.
Un coup de poing formidable!

Join M. Lonely into space, right here…


Remix Your 2022 With KAT FIVE And MISLED CONVOY

Daily electricity to load your batteries

11 January 2022

(Photo by Lara Bowen)

Who: An electronic dub wizard and
half of dance pair Feral Five (London)

About a year ago this technotronic duo released
collaborative single Apply The Pressure.

Turn Up The Volume said back then: “Apply The Pressure resonates like the missing link between two vibrating hallucinations, Massive Attack‘s Teardrop and Leftfield‘s Original. Spacey, outlandish and far-out. Like a new theme song for science-fiction classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Michael Hodgson AKA Misled Convoy creates a flying saucer vibe and Kat Five‘s futuristic thoughts and prophetic words of change reinforce the puzzling and obscure experience.”

Following the pressure of many requests to remix the original, the pair applied to
the like-minded artists’ calls and here’s the result. “A variety of genres including a vibey breakbeat and dance remix from a Berlin-based remixer South London HiFi, and also
a great drum and bass remix from a female artist from New Zealand called Unsub (@lilyunsub).”
says Kat.

For all those who are still dancing to celebrate the start of
a, hopefully, ‘clubs open’ 2022, here’s new fervent fuel to
keep your 24-hour parties going.

Anything you need to chill out, to freak out, to jungle out,
to space out and to cool out is just one click away, dance junks…

KAT FIVE: Instagram

Detroit’s Deathgaze Duo VAZUM Shows Us The Way On New Single ‘GALLOWS’

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10 January 2022

Band: VAZUM (Detroit, Michigan)

Who: Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm. The project started in 2017.
They describe their sound as deathgaze, combining the raw energy
of deathrock with the depth of shoegaze. So far the duo released
four albums and a handful of singles and EPs.

New single:: GALLOWS

Gallows progresses like a death march, on its way to the graveyard,
with a somber and macabre reverberation. Its repetitive and raucous
slo-mo dynamics evoke images of confusion, agitation and transitoriness.

Cure-esque guitars, the bass’s threatening vigor and Sturm‘s wailing
voice augment the overall impression of dark times ahead in 2022.

The pandemic future doesn’t look rosy, as we know it, but “there
is a place darker and sweeter / than anything you’ve ever known”

Vazum will guide us to that place, the forest…..

If you want to move your body in mysterious ways
check Gallows’ Lost Forest mix right here…

VAZUM: Facebook

London Rockers FEZ Unleash Schizophrenic Electricity On New Single ‘BLACK DOGS’

Daily fuel to load your batteries

8 January 2022

Band: FEZ
Who: London-based band exploring
vintage psychedelia, expansive blues
jams and scopious jazz.

New single: BLACK DOGS

The band says: “Lyrically Black Dogs is a criticism of the ease of access to antidepressant medication in the UK. Friends of ours who sought support from their GP for mental health difficulties were prescribed antidepressants without accompanying social or psychological support. Some said that the medication improved their mood slightly, others felt calmer in social situations, but the actual thoughts, behaviours or social circumstances that kept the problem going remained unchanged. We’re incredibly lucky to have access to mental health support, but unfortunately, underfunded services and long waiting lists can make it too easy
to apply short-term solutions
to complex problems.”

Turn Up The Volume says: Every song about mental health troubles has my attention,
as I had bipolar issues for years myself. Mental health problems are still not widely accepted as a severe psychological condition that crushes people’s minds. It’s invisible
for outsiders which makes it hard to understand for them what is really going while many of those who suffer try to hide their disorder by buying anonymously medication rather than seeking help. I know, I did it too.

That said FEZ embedded their point of view on the matter in a high-speed juggernaut going schizophrenic from the get-go. 60s psychedelia echoes fly around and when the insane chorus kicks in, your head starts spinning uncontrollably and almost explodes when storming guitar solos turn up the heated hullabaloo. Oh my oh my, hallelujah!

Press play and listen to A and B-side…

On Spotify

FEZ: Facebook

Dream Pop Elegance With Belgian Duo GRAMMONTH

Daily electricity to load your batteries

7 January 2022

Who: Belgian duo – Stijn Mergan and Sam Enthoven – both fans
of big names such as Wilco, Fleetwood Mac, Ryan Adams, Oasis,
The Beatles, Neil Young, John Frusciante
among others.

New single: HOW TO BREATHE
Only their second release.

Turn Up The Volume: The smooth pop elegance of Kevin Parker
(Tame Impala), the mellow vocality of Adam Granduciel (The War Drugs)
and his twinkling guitar play to end this sweet little pearl. Sonic dreaming
at its finest with a tantalizing tune that gets under your skin, slowly but
surely. Majestic.

You can breathe here…

On Spotify


Funky London Bohemians WARMDUSCHER Share New Pumping Hot Spot Single ‘FATSO’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

6 January 2022

Who: Steamy post-punk-funk
gang coming out of London

New album: AT THE HOT SPOT – their 4th full lenght
Out: 1 April 2022 – more info here

Bella Union (new label):“Written over a period of over a year in lockdown, At the Hotspot, produced by Joe Goddard and Al Doyle of Hot Chip, takes the raucous energy Warmduscher solidified on their critically acclaimed 2019 release Tainted Lunch, and injects it with a slightly more polished, ‘80s funk sound, kind of like stumbling home to your squatted loft after a drunken night at the local disco. It’s crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside, and might
be the most immediately enjoyable music Warmduscher have ever graced us with.

New single: FATSO
The second cut of the upcoming LP

Clams Baker (frontman): “It’s a song dedicated to taking the time to slow down
and sniff the roses, turn off the computer and take in the sunshine, and embrace
the battle of a sleepless day at the office from a night of beautiful carnage that
you’ll always dream about.”

Turn Up The Volume:Following in the soundsteps of legendary mega-funk-groover
Sly Stone
with a 21st Century post-punk coolness and a pumped-up synthtastic puissance this London combo activates all of your muscles, your bloodstream and your appetite for behaving like a midnight rambler. This mid-tempo disco jam helps you to keep in shape at your hot spot at home, until the nightclubs reopen. It’s a Warmduscher affair, folks.

Time to sashay and sway your hips.

Right here, right now…


TORONTO TABLA ENSEMBLE Swing And Shake With Rhythm-tastic Song ‘ENCORE 21’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

3 January 2022


Who: A non-profit charitable organization founded by
Artistic Director and tabla master, Ritesh Das. The TTE’s
mission is share the depth and excitement of Indian
classical music, culture and history.

Founded in 1991, The Toronto Tabla Ensemble is a performance
company, music school and Canadian institution that promotes
the traditional practice of North Indian Tabla.

New single: ENCORE 21

Second taster from new, upcoming album
‘For the Love of Tabla’ coming in March 2022.

The song features “high velocity tabla and other percussion, along with rapid fire recitation
of tabla bols (language) by TTE founder and composer Ritesh Das, ‘Encore 21’ has the power
to propel anyone into a joyous state of reverie. However, playing this composition requires
a sobering amount of skill and practice.”

Das: “I originally wrote this piece for the Youth Ensemble. A fast-paced and high energy composition to keep their chops up as we slowly emerge from the pandemic and prepare
for in person shows again.”

Anything can happen here at Turn Up The Volume. The first Pick Of The Day of the new year was a hardcore explosion by Pittsburgh force Eternal Sleep and today I make some space for Indian music. Why? Because any genre of music that actives my aural senses is great music to me. It’s that simple.

Swing and shake, folks,
2022 has arrived…