This Day And Age Rage – ‘SKALLYWAG’ By Junk Punks THE HELL BEINGS

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21 October 2020

Junk punks THE HELL BEINGS, probably the loudest band of the classic
Mods vs Teddy Boys clash city Brighton are back with a new hammer blow
titled SKALLYWAG..

A brutal beast, a clamorous in-your-face punch. No meditations about the birds
and the bees for this DIY trio. Only rage about this day and age. And like all genuine
punk bands do, they limit their loudmouthed swipes to the length of an average
Ramones blitzkrieg bop. Why doing a Pink Floyd marathon if you can be loud and
clear in 135 sweaty seconds? Hell yeah!

Skallywag skallywag
Virulent skallywag
This day and age
Youtube the rage
Maybe you seen just big enough
Size of bus
Fool and his love

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20 October 2020

Fascinating duo THE CHRONICLES OF MANIMAL AND SAMARA featuring Andrea Papi (music composition, keyboard, electric bass, guitar) and Daphne Ang (lyricist and vocals) does not stop to impress. Turn Up The Volume already named them “the most intriguing find of the year” after previous singles Deus Ex Machina and Psychopath’s Monologue. And their new spacey piece confirms that nomination.

MATA HARI – meaning sun in Malay language – is a slowdown trip-hop trip with a relaxing repercussion on your worried 2020 thoughts, an ambient soundscape for the midnight hours. British 90s dance act Leftfield came instantly to my mind, especially that tipsy track
on their debut LP called Original with the sensual ex-Curve‘s singer Toni Halliday.

TCOMAS continue their otherworldly wanderings combining fascinating poetry with
equally fascinating vibrations. Imaginative, adventurous and ghostly. Don’t miss them…


(Promo image via artist)

Ps: just like many of you out there I also thought
when seeing the title of this track that it was about
that legendary dancer and double-secret spy called
Mata Hari

I Like The Smell Of Rock In The Morning – Here’s PIG With Glam Single ‘ROCK ‘N ROLL REFUGEE’

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19 October 2020

(artwork single)

Raymond Watts aka PIG has enjoyed a varied career since starting out as a pioneer member of the mid-1980’s industrial rock scene. He toured with big names such as
NIN and Einstürzende Neubauten. He wrote for music for several fashion and film
artists, exhibitions and so much more artistic collaborations.

Pig announced the release of a new LP called
Pain is God following his 2018 album Risen.

The fresh longplayer will see the day of light on 20th November. “Fourteen tracks
of swine and swagger, it is an exegesis of excess – glitches and guitars, allure and libido,
danceable decadence – and the weaponised word of the Lord of Lard, here to save your
skin from the wages of sin.”
More info here.

Here’s lead-single ROCK ‘N ROLL REFUGEE. A dark glam wave banger with a
titanic chorus to wake up the neighborhood. A glitter haymaker fueled by layers
of intimidating guitars and Pig’s voice resonating like Sisters Of Mercy‘s figurehead
Andrew Eldritch. Imagine Elvis Presley going industrial and shaking his hips in hell
to entertain that guy called Satan. King-sized stroke indeed!

“I love the smell of rock ‘n’ roll.”

Here’s the flashing video clip...

You also can stream/buy the single on Bandcamp.

Album PAIN OF GOD out 20 November

(Images/artwork via RedSandpR agency)

Britpop From Australia – New Single ‘REVOLUTION SON’ By SHIVA AND THE HAZARDS

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18 October 2020


Who: Psych rockers from Melbourne.

Pick: REVOLUTION SON – new single from their upcoming debut LP

Score: With the first spin, I swear I thought that I heard a previously
unreleased track by one of my favorite bands ever, Manchester legends
Oasis. When I checked the press info I found out that this Britpop stomper
comes from down under.

The swagger, the vibe, the beat, the Noel Gallagher guitar solo, it’s what made
the 90s so exciting and vivacious. Supersonic sing-along anthems made of stone
and bittersweet epic symphonies. It was cool to be a rock ‘n’ roll star again.
D’ You Know What I Mean? I’m sure you do.

Roll with it…


Crank-It-Up Thrills – Here’s Brand New Single ‘ON AND ON’ By Vancouver Rockers LOOSE FANG

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15 October 2020


Who: Vancouver quartet who like it loud and are
not shy about the pop taste they just can’t shake.

What: A Loose Fang? It’s chill, but it’s got teeth.

Pick: ON AND ON – new single with key message: ‘while people can be fallible,
we don’t have to repeat the mistakes of the past if we stick to our beliefs. If we’re
too laissez faire, that just might happen.”

Video: The song’s clip was edited from full colour home videos of a family holidaying
in San Diego, filmed in the 1940s. It plays up a kind of Wonder Years-esque juxtaposition of image and music that seems nostalgic in a very warm way, while being at odds with all hell breaking loose overseas during that period.

Score: I’m sure you’ll agree that screwed-up times were and still are a fertile resource of inspiration for dazzling rock rippers. Just like this roaring roller going forth and back with a flaming ‘on and on’ chorus speeding up your pulse instantly. This messed-up world needs a change desperately and Loose Fang is determined to help a sonic hand with some crank-it-up thrills. Get up and make the right moves for a better get-together future, folks.

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LOOSE FANG: Facebook 

(photo on top: press promo via Loose Fang)

Move Over BONO Here’s N.O.A.H With Their Blissful Debut Single ‘SHINE’

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13 October 2020

Band: N.O.A.H

Who: Indie trio formed in January 2020 in Dublin, Ireland after the band decided
to reform a previous musical endeavor. The band has taken inspiration in its naming,
from the biblical story of ‘Noah and the Ark’, which is centralised around the theme of
new beginnings. This idea is fundamental to the band’s vision and core values.

Pick: SHINE – the debut single
“The tale of a journey, one which we must all have to make at one point or another in
our lifetime. Sometimes we do not know where we are going, but ultimately, deep down,
we know something greater and more powerful is guiding our way. In a similar vein, the
band is prepared to go the distance and fulfill their hopes and dreams.”

Score: Talking about entering the music scene by the great golden gate! Shine has
that powerful grandeur, that euphonic richness, and that monumental magnitude
of U2’s stadium rock sound, their world-famous countrymen. No, I’m not high and I’m
not drunk. This is a 24-Carat gold debut. A fabulous jim-dandy. If this is a taster of what this fresh starting trio is capable of then Bono should step aside and give the torch to this new generation.

Unos, dos, tres, catorce
Turn it up loud, captain

Also on Spotify

N.O.A.H: Facebook

(photo on top via PR-agency of NOAH)

Scream Yell And Shriek Along With CRUX To Anti-Charlatan Belter ‘SLAVING AWAY’

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12 October 2020

Band: CRUX

Who: A four-piece alternative rock band based in Newcastle. Massive riffs,
classical piano, slap bass, and political rhetoric all come together in Crux’s sound.

Pick: SLAVING AWAY – new single which critiques the band’s “obsession with spending
the majority of our lives ‘slaving away’ just to make our bosses richer and to make ends meet, especially now when wages are stagnating and prices are rising, and how it is viewed as the honourable thing to ‘graft’.”

Score: Open your windows and doors and turn up the decibels so everybody in your
street can hear this massive ‘to hell with the rich‘ belter. Capitalist pigs still rule the world, corporate scoundrels still abuse the workers and corrupt politicians still have hidden agendas. So if you’re not one of those charlatans, get up, stand up and fight for your
right to scream, yell and shriek in their greedy faces. Hell bloody hell yeah!

Slaving Away
Paving the way
For the next generation
To do the same rotation
Cos I’m slaving away
Slaving Away

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CRUX: Facebook

A Stairway To Heaven With Soul-Stirring Stroke ‘TODAY’ By British Rockers REGENT

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10 October 2020

After bittersweet symphony Time To Loose The Blues and steamy stomper Dirty Little Sinner British rock squad REGENT hit the bullseye again with soul-stirring stroke TODAY. A new piece from their upcoming debut LP Just A Revolution, out in Spring next year.

“I wanted to sit and write a song about heartache and the pain of losing someone. Whether it be a lover, mother, father, sister or a brother…. We all go through low times in our life, and in the middle of a pandemic, I wanted to create an anthemic track that everyone in pain can relate to” says frontman Ben Rooke.

Today is a solid gold staggering ballad made to be played in huge arenas with the crowd waving with candles all the way. The passionate blues at play here reminded me instantly of Led Zeppelin‘s timeless titanic score ‘Stairway To Heaven‘. Electrifying emotions going forth and back, going quiet and loud, going from intense to breathtaking and back.

Think of that goosebumps feel you get when you hear/see something that has an immediate jaw-dropping effect on you. Yes, that’s what happens here. Massive tune, massive vocals, massive sentiments.

Feel your heart beating here…

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REGENT: Facebook

Single artwork credit: Stephen Lynn

Kicking Against The Pricks – Here’s New Single ‘TRUTH IS A THING OF THE PAST’ By APEMAN SPACEMAN

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8 October 2020

London’s feverish post-punks APEMAN SPACEMAN, named after a Brian Cox TV show
“It’s about the ape and man in all of us, constantly scrapping for attention” are back with new hot-blooded ripper TRUTH IS A THING OF THE PAST.

Frontman Johnny Cooke says: “We are in danger of losing our democracies to international gangs of sociopathic schoolboys playing games with the lives of billions, and the very fabric of society is being undermined by a tidal wave of bullshit. We must fight for the truth.”

From the get-go, you can almost psychically feel the rage and blaze of the Truth Is A Thing Of The Past‘s mindset. A fight against the evil forces who dominate our screwed-up world. A fight against narcissistic politicians and future charlatans. Sonically it’s an intimidating belter. Menacing guitars, alarming vocals, fuming guitars, and an overall super-heated groove. As Nick Cave once said we need a lot of kicking against the pricks.

“We don’t give in to them” is the key message.

Here come are demons

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Biting Spoken-Word Rant – Here’s Razor-Sharp Uppercut ‘EVERY SALE IS THE SAME’ By DEAD CHERRY

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7 October 2020


Who: Punchy indie rockers from Manchester, producing a heady
combination of spoken word witticism and 4/4 motorik punk.

Pick: EVERY SALE IS THE SAME – first single from upcoming debut EP called ‘C.R.E.E.P.’

Story: “The track describes in its essence the work hard, play hard mentality. The adrenaline and alcohol fuelled rise to the very top of the career ladder and looming threat of the icarus
effect, plummeting right down back in to the depths of whatever hole you’ve found yourself in.”

Score: This fulminating, verbal tsunami grabs you by the throat from the thumping
intro all the way to the infuriated finale with a vocal scream along chorus in between. Expect a kick-ass spit and sneer uppercut pushed by a rollicking guitar/bass/drum trio
on the run. Imagine Sleaford Mods on acid having another clash with Bristol punks Idles.

Explosive fun, folks!

Watch your back, all you corrupt salesmen ’cause
Dead Cherry is coming to kick your corporate ass.

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(images: FB Death Cherry)