Chaos, Strife And Discord – Here’s Debut Single’ TULSA’ By Passion-Rock Trio ERIIS

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8 August 2020

ERIIS is the new, collaborative musical project of three Belgium based passion-rock amazones, Laura Lee Schultz, Naomi Sijmons and Mirabelle Van De Put. Their mantra is Chaos, Strife And Discord, their sound is as monumental as the cathedral of Notre-Dame
de Paris
(before the fire) and their debut single is nothing less than awesome.

TULSA is a stunning piece of passion-rock about the Tulsa Race Riots that occurred in 1921. A most gripping story told from the perspective of a resident who shelters a black family during the massacre. “They were cold and desolate, I saw them bathe in blood, bathe
in blood blisters. Nowhere to go I gave them bread and sheets to rest. Praying on their beds.”

Woke up to news of fire
Greenwood families burning to the ground
He said to play it cool
Although the planes are gone
They need someone to hang onto

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sonically TULSA resonates like a boiling volcano that can explode any second. You actually can feel physically the pain, anger, frustration, and outrage every time the song’s intensity peaks, making scream buoy Courtney Love sound like a choir girl.

The alternating, emotional voices and melodious harmonies are touching, the clamorous outbursts are both titanic and heartbreaking. Chaos, strife and discord, indeed. This blistering turbo challenges the burning heatwave we experience these days.

Find out why here…

ERIIS: Facebook

Band members: Naomi Sijmons, Mirabelle Van de Put and Laura Lee Schultz
Recorded by Michael Neyt (Oathbreaker)
Mastered by Stuart Killop (Vancity Recorders (Brutus)
Artwork by Mirabelle Van de Put

Humanitarian Wake-Up Call – Australian Artist BENEDICT About This Troubled World’s ‘WARZONE’

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7 August 2020


Who: Australian indie-pop singer-songwriter. A wunderkind like no other. With a
penchant for lyrics and melody that feel like they enter through the bloodstream
and permeate the soul, her music transcends.

Pick: WARZONE – new single.

Story: A song “about many different relationships we have over time. Relationships with partners, friendships, family, government, religion. Learning the paradigms of these things
and how they can change very quickly from positive to negative. Trusting and loving when you only receive narcissism and gaslighting in return. Some relationships are warzones that can break us down mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Score: What a voice! What a sound! What a tune! ‘Warzone’ is a galvanizing disco sucker-punch with a poignant sentiment and an ominous vibe. Think bad girls Donna Summer and Grace Jones joining forces for a wake-up call version of ‘La Vie En Rose’. Oh yeah, we need to act before this troubled world is wracked. No time to lose! Humanity is the key. Get up, stand up and fight for our right to survive. Right here, right now…

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Move Over All You Killjoys Here’s MADAME SO With New Single ‘YOU SAY’

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5 August 2020

Paris-born, London-based singer/songwriter MADAME SO (great name) is blessed with
a sky-scraping soul voice to blow every doomsayer away. Which she actually does on her new ablaze single ‘YOU SAY‘.

‘It’s a song about stonewalling negativity and seeing the bright side of things in life. It is aimed at all the killjoys, naysayers, narcissists as well as all the ambitious, optimists, and resilient.” says the artist.

You Say is a spunky standout. A middle finger to all hostile killjoys out there. Kicking off with a powered guitar riff, soon followed by Madamme So‘s vox hitting the roof with the titanic You Say chorus. You psychically feel her conviction, confidence, and determination to shut up all scaremongers trying to destroy hope, love, and lust for life. One thing’s for sure, don’t mess with MADAME SO or she’ll sing and stare you down. Towering voice, towering tune, towering swagger. Bingo!

Here we go…

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Original Pirate Material – YARD ACT Electrifies Your Mind With ‘FIXER UPPER’

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4 August 2020


Who: Indie four-piece Formed in 2019 in Leeds. Featuring friends Ryan Needham (Bass) and James Smith (Vocals), George Townend on drums, and Sammy Robinson on guitars.

Pick: FIXER UPPER follows a cocksure fictional character, ‘Graeme’, planning some
home renovations. Yard Act co-instigator Smith explains: “Graeme was inspired by
an amalgamation of people who lived on my street growing up. I think everyone knows a
‘Graeme’, maybe a neighbour or an uncle… sorry if he’s your dad. Not a bad man at heart,
he just sincerely believes he’s from a country and generation that achieved the apex of everything so therefore can’t ever be wrong about anything.”

Score: Prepare for a mind-messing crackerjack that’ll do your head in the way you like it. This funky as bloody hell banger sounds as if Mike Skinner and Sleaford Mods joined forces to experiment with intoxicating guitar riffs to turn up the decibels on for once. Fixer Upper is an electrifying post-punk rap slam with a repetitive bass-tastic groove having an instant bang-up impact on your body movements. Stupendous boombox stuff, stupendous shake-and-quake vibrations, stupendous street story. Original pirate turbulence, indeed.

Here comes Graeme

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Booming Isolation Beats – Electro Artist ELA MINUS Invites You To Jump Around To ‘MEGAPUNK’..

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3 August 2020

ELA MINUS is the artistic moniker of Colombia-born Bogotá-raised musician Gabriela Jimeno who lives in Brooklyn, NY. As a teenager, she was the drummer of a hardcore
band in her native country Colombia.

When moving to the States she got inspired to start a musical career by creating majestic synth-pop, both starry-eyed and vibing, atmospheric, and highly energetic. She traveled around the world to spread her electro-tastic get-up-and-go effervescence. If you never heard of Minus then her 2017 EP Adapt. is a fitting start to get acquainted.

With her new single megapunk the electronic prima donna makes you jump in euphoria around your living room. The ongoing hypnotic vibrations shoot adrenalin-rushes to your rotating head. Time to get up, stand up, and fight for your right to hop yourself gaga with your bubble companions. These booming beats are the perfect cure to get rid of your isolation blues, the perfect therapy to empty your worried mind, and to pogo with your jump stick.

Now play that funky music…

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The Aura Of A Future Star -Discover Enigmatic Artist CIRCE And Her New Single ‘TEN GIRLS’

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1 August 2020

(photo: Rachel Povey)

CIRCE is an up and coming London based artist. Her sound is deeply cinematic, inspired by the likes of Bjork, Grimes, FKA Twigs, and the Stranger Things/David Lynch soundtracks. This is matched by her aesthetic – part off-kilter Catholic imagery, part Tim Walker photography.

New stunning single TEN GIRLS is inspired by the dystopian world created by Canadian author Margaret Atwood and her 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale. Her music is written as though soundtracking a film detailing the apocalyptic situation womxn find themselves in in the #MeToo and #TimesUp era. The key message is defiance, and rejection of the status quo.

Ten Girls is pretty spectacular. Enigmatic, spell-binding and mind-expanding. A sky-high wall-of-huge-synth-reverberation looms at the end of Circe‘s sonic horizon and approaches you with an overwhelming force while her ghostly voice adds an impending tone. She has the aura of a future star. Fact!

Towering sound, towering vox, towering sentiments. Discover her glow here…

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Brighton’s Frisky Indie Rockers BLACK HONEY Score With Summer Anthem For 24-Hour-Beach-Party-People

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30 July 2020

After their highly praised self-titled debut album Brighton’s ambitious indie rockers
BLACK HONEY – formed in 2014 – led by natural cool born frontwoman Izzy B. Phillips return with sickly sticky jingle ‘BEACHES‘. Again this most thrilling and multifaceted
combo mixes pop and rock into a 3-minute glittering melting pot.

New ripper BEACHES is “a cheeky twisted collage of all things weird, set to a playground
clapping song. It’s all eye rolls, punk gigs & girls in polka dot bikinis. A nonsense filled retro world I wanna disappear into at times like these.”
says charismatic frontwomen Izzy B. Phillips

BEACHES is a solid gold holiday anthem. Frisky fun for 24-hour-beach-party-people.
Surf pop rapture for this strange summer will never forget due to that pain-in-the-ass virus.

Clap along, swing and shake along while keeping distance and go gaga…

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Charisma in action…

For Those About To Rock THE VENDETTAS Salute You With Blaring Juggernaut Single ‘FACE TO FACE’

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28 July 2020

Prepare yourself for blistering havoc by Melbourne‘s roasting rockers THE VENDETTAS
who master their obstreperous craft – for ten years now – to every beer-soaked wall and sticky floor their city has to offer. They produce a sound influenced by all the greats of the genre; Stone Temple Pilots, Black Crowes and The Rolling Stones to name a few.

Their new single FACE TO FACE is a high-voltage knockout. It all starts with electrical foreplay before exploding into a wall-of-ferocious juggernaut. Harum-scarum dynamite that makes your hair in your neck stand up and triggers your appetite for mindless headbanging. Siren-like guitars, ruthless drums, and inflamed vocals will make your neighbors alarm the police.

For those about to rock The Vendettas salute you. If this monstrous
riff beast doesn’t excite you, you need to see your shrink… pronto!

Turn up the decibels here…


The Superhumans Are Out There – Here’s New Single ‘THE UNIVERSE’ By DEATH VALLEY GIRLS

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25 July 2020

After spell-binding album Darkness Rains, their third album released two years
Los Angeles garage rock devils DEATH VALLEY GIRLS return from their graves
to record new longplayer UNDER THE SPELL OF JOY.

The band’s wonderful prima donna Bonnie Bloomgarden revealed details
about the new LP, besides the fact that it was inspired Ethiopian funk, in a
statement: “‘Under the Spell of Joy’ is a space-gospel record. We believe we served
as channels for what we think are guides. As we learn what the songs are about we
realize they are meant to be sang like chants, hymns, or spells. Most of the songs
were recorded with 12 voices, including a kids choir! We are learning that words with
intention and energy hold so much power, especially when said or sang with a group.”

Lead-single THE UNIVERSE “is a song to sing, a space to be, a time to think, remember,
and truly feel that not only are we all connected, but we are also being guided.”

The grandly organ orchestrated and sax-stirring sound tells me that this far-out reflection is about the Death Valley Girls own universe. A still uncovered place in rock space where nothing is what it looks like or resonates like, where the band secretly prepares future actions for their ultimate goal: world domination. Yes, THEY are the vampire loving superhumans who actually guide us, the unsuspecting eartborns. Trust me, their next sonic move will disclose more about their master plan.

For now, try to unravel this ominous chant…

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New album UNDER THE SPELL OF JOY out October 2 – more info here

About Their Generation – Here’s Up And Coming Indie Team PRIESTGATE With Delirious Anthem ‘NOW’

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24 July 2020

PRIESTGATE is an up and coming five-headed indie team from East Yorkshire, UK.
After a stellar year of experimentation, abstraction, and performing to ever more enlivened crowds, they are ready to conquer your world with ‘NOW’. The band’s
“ode to understanding life the way it really stands.”

Now is a delirious lust for life anthem that triggers your adrenalin’s rush instantly.
Its overwhelming swagger and hopeful perspectives makes you want to scream out
loud and jump around your bedroom like a madman. This is why exhilarating music is so bloody important. It’s spicy food for the soul, sonic dope for the mind and much-needed vitamins for the body. We need glorious chants like these to reinvigorate our state of mind in these-science-fiction like times. Don’t look back in anger! Enjoy now, act now, live now!

Open your windows and doors
and invite your neighbours
to sing along…

Now that I See
I see what you can be
To see what no one sees