Los Angeles’ Cemetery Pop Act ‘OF THE DARK I DARE’ Hits Intensely With Their Debut Single ‘WAR’…

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23 May 2019


Who: An intriguingly named Los Angeles band producing a “unique brand of cemetery pop that unites Rickey Lumpkin II’s dark keyboard landscapes with the brave melodies and soaring vocals of Tracy Lorin. The volatile mixture is tethered solidly in place by the unwavering rhythms of drummer, Matt Lucich. The music has become an act of self-discovery and transformation, equal parts mad science and deep human longing, coaxing audiences to discover what has been waiting for them silently, seductively: The gravitational pull of their own souls.”

Track: WAR – brand new debut single officially out on 21st June

Score: War‘ is a huge tower of song centered around a monumental wall-of-synth-sound pop melody sending shivers down your spine from the mettlesome intro to the moody finale. Its overall poignant power and fiery fervor, both dark and poppy, is quite impressive with frontwoman Tracy Lorin‘s vox, reminding me of the glowing sensuality of Garbage‘s iconic singer Shirley Manson right in the middle. Arresting achievement! Perplexing performance. Experience it here…


Scottish Art Pop Act THE VEGAN LEATHER Goes Anxious On New Booming Single ‘FRENCH EXIT’…

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22 May 2019


Who: “A Scottish Pop four-piece creating complex pop music for your soul, mind, hips and feet. Over the past three years the band have established themselves as one of the leading lights of Scotland’s music scene – not just for their dancefloor-ready pop smarts, but a succession of live performances showcasing just how effortlessly they can pull it

Track: ‘FRENCH EXIT’ – brand new single “heralding the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the group, the song is a bold return which explores their enthralling fusion of Parisian art-pop and dance-rock in typically thrilling and eccentric fashion.”

Score: Here’s a booming belter with a bombarding beat that will impact the flow of your bloodstream instantly. And as its feverish tenseness gets edgy and more high-strung along its battering path you’ll lose control of your body language. ‘French Exit‘ is about social anxiety and you can really feel the desperate scariness in every beat and in every vocal duel of the band’s singers Gianluca Bernacchi and Marie Collins intensifying the overall paranoid feel of this astonishing uppercut. Absorb the neurotic tension right here…

THE VEGAN LEATHER: Facebook – Instagram

FRENCH EXIT – single out 24th May via Midnight Pink / Believe Digital

Swiss Garage Knives THE JACKETS Drop Brand New Kamikaze Single ‘LOSERS LULLABY’…

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21 May 2019


Who: A crazed Swiss trio that since their 2015 debut LP Shadows Of Sound brought
their infectious groove and fuzz-laden riffs to festivals, bars, and halls across Europe
and North America. Legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper called them the real deal

Track: LOSERS LULLABY – the newest single from their upcoming
second full length ‘Queen Of The Pill

This is a firing garage jackhammer that comes at you with the force of a torrid tornado. Fuzzy kamikaze turbulence that will raise your body temperature to dangerous heights. Nasty rawk and bloody roll pushed by a relentlessly smacking beat and fueled by deranged guitar madness while frontwo-man Jack Torera‘s razzmatazz rant roars all over it. Add a delirious chorus and what you finally get is a bad-ass banger. Be ready, here’s the fury. Yeah yeah yeah yeah…

THE JACKETS: Bio –Facebook

QUEEN OF THE PILL – new album out 14th June via Voodoo Rhythm Records

Experience Sound Junkie SKYJELLY’s Thunderous Jam About Our Messed-Up ‘TERRA NOSTRA’….

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20 May 2019

Next Friday one-electrical-Boston-man band SKYJELLY returns with a 6-track Cassette (music also available digitally). You can already stream two cuts of which TERRA NOSTRA is the one that makes your hair stand up in the back of your neck. It sounds like the last desperate convulsion of our troubled planet. Disturbed, discombobulated and diabolic like a thunderous runaway train on its way to crash into a thousand pieces. It’s the end of our messed-up Terra as we know it and Skyjelly composed its destructive Black Sabbath doom jam. Let’s enjoy the perplexing pandemonium before humankind inflates itself in the end…

SKYJELLY: Facebook

Cassette WE PULL THE STARS OVER OUR HEADS LIKE COVERS – out 24 May – Info here

Dublin’s SILVERBACKS Rattle Roaringly On New High-Speed Stroke ‘PINK TIDE’…

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17 May 2019

When Turn Up The Volume! heard SILVERBACKS for the very first time, last November,
with their thundering riff stormer ‘Just In The Band’ he screamed from the top of his
roof that the meanwhile successfully exploding FONTAINES D.C. gang wasn’t the only
Irish group to keep your eyes and ears on. And now with new smoking single PINK TIDE this also Dublin based squad confirms why we should all follow their future sonic moves.

Silverbacks‘ songwriter Daniel O’Kelly talked about the new cut in a press statement: “The song is about trendy and stylish revolutions that lack substance and never fully materialise. Musically, we had been messing around with the outro guitar riff for a few weeks which we initially attached to another demo, poorly named ‘Mark E. Smith Eats His Purple Crayon (note TUTV: c’mon this should have been the most hilarious song title of the year!) In
the end we realised that the riff deserved better, and we started writing what eventually
became Pink Tide.”

Pink Tide is an unstoppable walloping stroke that develops dashingly from the motorik bass/drums intro on and keeps on rattling until your head spins itself entirely dizzy. Midway the cutting parlando vocals almost explode and then makes way for an insanely guitar driven volcanic finale. This band nailed it big time! Again! Give us more! ASAP!

Experience the hair-raising electricity right here…


Irish artillery

Fiery English Trio CRUSHED BEAKS Goes Ballistic On New Single ‘HONESTY BOX’…

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16 May 2019

Rip-roaring London trio CRUSHED BEAKS are making hefty guitar-fueled pop punk havoc for some time now. Their debut album Scatter came out in 2015, the band hit the streets to play it for the people and kept doing what they always loved, in between: watching horror movies.

Now four years later new album THE OTHER ROOM is planned to baffle your noise-greedy ears this summer. Ahead of it here’s lead single HONESTY BOX. A terrifically quick-fire and turbulent rocket that thunders resistlessly as if it will crash any damn second. An explosive Molotov cocktail sounding like the ultimate punk slam Blur would have written if guitarist Graham Coxon was in charge. Anyway, time to test your speakers, turn up the heat and go ballistic right here…


THE OTHER ROOM – new album out 9th August – all info here

Dark Electro Pop Duo LUCKY AND LOVE Drops New Single ‘DANGEROUS RUN AWAY’ From Upcoming LP…

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15 May 2019


Who: Duo out of Los Angeles producing “a brand of dark-electro pop that is in a league
of its own. Consisting of band members Loren Luck and April Love, the pair have successfully incorporated synth-heavy bass with polyphonic harmonies which in result propels the music into a dreamy state.”

Track: DANGEROUS RUN AWAY – new cut from upcoming, second, longplayer ‘Transitions’

Score: This L.A. tandem’s love for the early, dark new wavish electro-pop years of the 80s is crystal clear on this new single. The sultry synths, the beating percussion, the mystifying vocals and the overall cinematic sonority turn ‘Dangerous Run Away‘ into a bewitching black and white meditation with both contemporary and nostalgic touches and will rotate on your inner stereo system for a while without asking. Get into the mood right here…

LUCKY AND LOVE: Facebook – Website

TRANSITIONS – new album out 7th June – more info here

Norway’s Pop Punks THE NEEDS Go Supersonic On Their Hefty Debut Single ‘SUMMERBORE’…

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14 May 2019


Who: Formed by Kvelertak’s guitarist Maciek Ofstad and two-time Norwegian Grammy winner Bendik Brænne, the power pop collective takes influence from Teenage Fanclub
and The Replacements

Track: SUMMERBORE – first single from upcoming debut LP

Score: ‘Summerbore‘ is a Weezeresque knockdown pop punk bolide going supersonically fast from the sizzling start to the darting finish. Vehement guitars keep the overheated engine going while the drum/bass beat kicks ass all the way long. Get up and fight for your right to go bananas eight here, right now…

THE NEEDS: Facebook / Label: JA. Records

Swedish Outfit GREAT HARE Shares New Amplified Pop Gem ‘CARRY ON’…

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13 May 2019


Who: “A band formed back in 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden with four musicians having
a past of different musical projects, some quite successful others long forgotten. Due to repeated encounters with wild bunnies outside the studio, the band was named ‘Great
Hare’ after a Native American trickster god. A cramped loft was turned into a simple
rehearsal and recording studio and ‘Great Hare started to play…”

Track: CARRY ON – new single

Score: This brand new single is another notable example of this band’s skilled craft for writing amplified pop songs that keep on echoing in your head after a couple of listens. Jingle jangle guitars, a solid drum/bass beat and impassioned, thoughtful vocals about
our daily life’s reality all come harmoniously together at one point creating a dynamic, warm-hearted and ardent resonance. The electrifying pop swagger of ‘Carry On‘ will
trigger your aural sensors all the way. Absorb the energetic feel right here…

GREAT HARE: Facebook – Bandcamp

Guitar Pop Duo THE DRIVES Have A Hopeful Answer To Soundtrack Your Question ‘AM I WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR?’…

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11 May 2019


Who: A pair of committed musicians “who came together in early 2017 and accelerated
into our musical consciousness with an infectious blend of indie rock and electro-pop.


Score: This is a highly uplifting slice of exciting guitar pop although mixed emotions
are at play. But this L.A. pair translates the sensitive and profound doubts to sparkling melodiousness that expresses hopeful expectations in the end. If you’re experiencing
the same mixed love emotions right now give this heartening earworm a string of spins,
it will make you feel better. Yes, that’s what great touching songs do, they make you feel better.

Tune in right here ..

THE DRIVES: Facebook