BEASTIE BOYS Released Big Time 4th Scream & Shout ‘ILL COMMUNICATION’ Album 25 Years Ago …

31 May 2019

Far-out hip-rap-hop rock legends BEASTIE BOYS released their fourth ace full length scream & shout ILL COMMUNICATION today 25 years ago, on 31 May 1994. An artistic
and commercial success hitting the top spot of the US Albums Chart.

Rolling Stone wrote: “Ill Communication continues the formula established on ‘Check’ — home-grown jams powered by live instruments; speedy hardcore rants; and insane rhyme
styles buried under the warm hiss of vintage analog studio equipment. ‘Ill’ maintains the Beasties’ consistency of style, but underneath its goofy, dope-smokin’ antics lies — gasp! —
an artistic maturity that reveals how the Boys have grown since they began as pimply New
York punks making anarchic noise.’

Three of Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite fight for your right to party highlights…




Album in full…

BEASTIE BOYS: Facebook – All Albums

OUT TODAY! New Jamtastic Third LP ‘Maps And Territory’ By Psych Groover JUJU…

Just released!

31 May 2019

Artist: JUJU
Who: Italian multi-dimensional psych explorer and
hypnotizing groove Gioele Valenti
Sound: An enthralling 40-min expedition of trance-like vibrations, ecstatic vibe-o-rama trips, sonic expansions and ongoing hypnotizing experiences. Frontierless euphony inspired by a relentless search for universal happiness via tantalizing jams that uplifts troubled hearts, revitalizes confused souls and tranquilizes disoriented minds. Top LP!

Stream/buy here…

JUJU: Facebook

NOEL GALLAGHER Drops New Moody Track – Here’s ‘RATTLING ROSE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

31 May 2019

A few weeks ago NOEL GALLAGHER and his HIGH FLYING BIRDS shared Black Star Dancing a surprisingly dancey track from his new upcoming longplayer. And here’s already another fresh score called RATTLING ROSE is a moodier affair. Both reflective
and tender with a romantic touch. Hear it here…


(Photo on top: FB Noel Gallagher)

THE RINGARDS Share Love/Hate Song About A Town Called L.A. – Here’s ‘HOLIDAY BITCH’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

30 May 2019

London‘s plain-speaking/singing/rocking trio THE RINGARDS nail it again with a toxic
mixed emotions track called HOLIDAY BITCH. A caustic cracker with a funky vibe and
some punchy and cynical spoken word sequences describing a love/hate relationship
with the city of Los Angeles where one of the band members spend a great part of his youth. Another great jam from this promising threesome sounding as if was produced
by the now heavily scoring South London misfits Fat White Family. Tune in right here…


BEAK> Surprises With Sedating Track From New EP – Here’s ‘WE CAN GO’…

Brand new sonic impulses

30 May 2019

Bristol‘s Krautrock trio BEAK> shared first cut, titled Life Goes On, a vintage prog rock groover from their upcoming 4-song EP, last month. Here’s the 2nd track. WE CAN GO sounds unusually quite, sedating and, yes even melancholic. Definitely not your average Beak> modus but anyhow really worthwhile to discover. Tune in here…


BEAK>: Facebook

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Eleven Knockout Tracks Of MAY 2019…

This past month’s best…

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Eleven Knockout Tracks on repeat this past month!
A hot cocktail of rip-roaring rippers and cracking cuts.
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout May Team!

1. ‘My Way’ by THE DARTS (L.A/Phoenix, US)
The only crazed way, is The Darts way. This corker is on these fiery garage bats’ 2nd album.

1. ‘Gacked On Anger’ by AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS (Melbourne, Australia)
Ignore the fake news. Rock and roll is not dead!! These sweaty Aussies are the living proof.

3. ‘The Witching Hour’ by SAINT-AGNES (London, UK)
Blues rock voodoo that nails you to the cross. So will debut LP ‘Welcome To Silvertown’.

4. ‘Meat Week’ by BROKEN BABY (L.A. CA, US)
Loud and crystal clear tirade bottled in a motorik bass/drum beat pushed groove. Yeah!

5. ‘Calm Down Aka I Should Not Be Alone’ by EZRA FURMAN (Evanston, IL, US)
A totally not-calm corker, full of peppy vivacity and fervent emotion from upcoming LP.

6. ‘Even Tough’ by HOLY MAGICK (Brighton, UK)
A magnetic trance-like groove that sticks from the get-go. Discover their debut LP here.

7. ‘Shake It‘ by FERAL FIVE (East London, UK)
Tremendous racy electro killer with an instant impact on your hips, feet and mind…

8. ‘The Joker’
by THE STONE BIRDS (Portsmouth, UK)
From a slow-burning torch to a droning steamroller with attitude and swagger. Score!

9. ‘Lonesome Prairie’ by SOUVENIR DRIVER (Portland, OR, US)
Glorious amplified pop pearl from their new stellar album A Dangerous Crossing.

10. ‘Little Romance’ by ECHOTAPE (South England)
Ecstatic tonality, effervescent flow, bang-up vocals, and an exuberant chorus. Top!

11. ‘Hesitate’ by SOCIAL STATION (Washington D.C., US)
Warm synths, infectious percussion, pulsating bass, and dreamy vocals. Melancholic gem!

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‘Love Is The Key’ By THE CHARLATANS (2001) / Happy B. To TIM BURGESS…

Knockouts from the past

30 May 2019

Today TIM BURGESS, the flamboyant frontman of West Midlands‘ popsmiths
THE CHARLATANS turns 52. Happy birthday. To celebrate here’s LOVE IS THE KEY,
one of those underrated Charlatans songs that should have been a global hit. It was
part of their blissful 2001 album Wonderland. Capture the falsetto vibe right here…