DINOSAUR JR. Released 2nd Album ‘YOU’RE LIVING ALL OVER ME’ 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

13 December 1972

Album: YOU’RE LIVING ALL OVER ME – their fifth LP
Released: 14 December 1987 – 30 years ago
Stereogum said: “The second Dinosaur Jr. record is the apex of the first iteration of
the Mascis-Barlow union, with Barlow playing an exaggerated second banana role, often shrieking discordantly over Mascis’s laconic delivery on such classic tracks as the opener
‘Little Fury Things.’ Barlow’s anarchic utterances are at once exhilarating and disquieting.
When his full-on ‘Plastic Ono Band’ guttural freak-out occurs over the last verse of ‘In A Jar’,
it is difficult to know exactly what to feel. It is both disjunction and deliverance. This great collection of songs is as compelling as it is challenging. It notably contains Barlow’s Sebadoh precursor, the psychedelic music-concrète adventure ‘Poledo’, which provides a welcome
respite to Mascis’s bilious songs of suffering. A brilliant album by a young band finding
their way toward genius.”

My score: still their BEST achievement to my ears…
Three Top Tracks: Just Like Heaven / Little Furry Things / Sludgefest

* JUST LIKE HEAVENone word: classic

* LITTLE FURY THINGS deranged electricity

* SLUDGEFESThigh-voltage fuzz fest

Album in full…

DINOSAUR JR. : Website – Facebook – Discography

Don’t worry, be happy…

10 Major-League Albums Turning 30 in 2018!…

Ten big ones celebrating their
30th birthday next year!

1/ ‘If I Should Fall From Grace With God’ by THE POGUES
NME wrote: “The Pogues have given us a thing of beauty, the
bleakest of masterpieces which will find few equals in 1988”

Released: 18 January 1988 – their 3rd album
Listen here

2/ ‘It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back’ by PUBLIC ENEMY
Melody Maker: “It wasn’t just a new sound,
a discovery. It was like being struck by a meteor.”

Released: 18 June 1988 – 2nd longplayer
Listen here

All Music wrote: “Nick Cave and company took their striking musical
fusions to deeper and higher levels all around, with fantastic consequences.”

Released: 19 September 1988 – 5th LP
Listen here

4/ ‘Green’ by R.E.M.
Rolling Stone wrote: “R.E.M. may be dangerously close to becoming
a conventional rock & roll band, but Green proves it’s a damn good one.”

Released: 7 November 1988 – their sixth longplayer
Listen here

5/ ‘Bug’ by DINOSAUR JR.
All Music: “The majority of the LP is firmly situated in the sprawling, noisy metallic fusion of hard rock & avant noise, but also demonstrates that Mascis has talent for winding folk-rock.”
Released: 31 October 1988 – their 3rd album
Listen here

6/ ‘Daydream Nation’ by SONIC YOUTH
Rolling Stone: “The definitive American guitar band
of the Eighties at the height of its powers and prescience”

Released: 18 October 1988 – fifth LP
Listen here

7/ ‘Life’s Too Good’ by THE SUGARCUBES
All Music: “With strong songs built around Björk’s piercing,
striking voice, this record lived up to all the advance hype.”

Released: April 1988 – debut album
Listen here

8/ ‘Bummed’ by HAPPY MONDAYS
Q : “This LP continues the band’s warped version of Northern Soul rhythms, with stabbing guitars and Hammond organs, wayward sequencers, a dislocated rhythm section & a surly sardonic vocalist “
Released: November 1988 – 2nd LP
Listen here

9/ ‘Irish Heartbeat’ by VAN MORRISON and THE CHIEFTAINS
Melody Maker: “A bloody considerable marvel
having awakened Van Morrison’s roisterous spirit”

Released: 20 June 1988 – Van The Man’s 18th album
Listen here

10/ ‘Fisherman’s Blues’ by THE WATERBOYS
All Music: “Although the arena-rock influences have been toned down, Scott’s vision is no less sweeping or romantic, making even the simplest songs on “Fisherman’s Blues” feel like epics.”
Released: 17 October 1988 – 4th longplayer
Listen here

End-Of-The-Year Lists! Here Are The 2017 Winners…

Another year almost over! Time for the music press to pick the best albums and/or tracks
of the past year – Here are their end-of-the-year-lists! Here are the triumphant winners…

Best Album: ‘Melodrama’ by LORDE
Best Track:  ‘Green Light’ by LORDE
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Best Album: ‘Songs Of Experience’ by U2
Best track:  ‘Sign Of The Times’ by HARRY STYLES
Lists in Full: 50 Best Albums / 50 Best Songs

Best Album (general): ‘Damn’ by KENDRICK LAMAR
Best Album (indie rock):  ‘A Deeper Understanding’ by THE WAR ON DRUGS
Best song: ‘Bodak Yellow’ by CARDI B
Lists in Full: Best Albums (general) / Best Indie Rock Albums / 100 Best Songs

Best Album: ‘Melodrama’ by LORDE
Best Song:  ‘Hard Times’ by PARAMORE
Lists in Full:  50 Best Albums / 80 Best Songs

Q (UK)

Best Album:  ‘Damn’ by KENDRICK LAMAR
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Best Album: ‘Peasant’ by RICHARD DAWSON
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Best Album: ‘Pure Comedy’ by FATHER JOHN MISTY
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Best track:  ‘Green Light’ by LORDE
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Best Album: Yesterday’s Gone’ by LOYLE CARNER
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JOHNNY MARR And Actress MAXINE PEAKE Join For A Remarkable Collaboration – Here’s ‘THE PRIEST’…

12 December 2017

Photo: PR

Guitar legend JOHNNY MARR and British award-winning actor MAXINE PEAKE joined forces for a notable collaboration. A truly touching song, called THE PRIEST, about the experiences of a homeless person in Edinburgh who started writing a diary for The Big Issue, an UK award-winning magazine offering employment opportunities to people
in poverty. You can read fragments of it here. Peake‘s spoken word vocals all over an instrumental soundscape by the ex-Smith is just gripping. The accompanying short
film was shot in Manchester and features young English actress Molly Windsor in the
lead role…

Johnny Marr said in a press statement: “I wanted to do something different and I thought of asking Maxine to collaborate having been a fan of her work. We started a creative process that clicked and culminated in ‘The Priest’, a song and short film inspired by a facet of modern life
as we see it and feel it.”
The duo had an interview about the project with The Guardian.

THE BIG ISSUE: Website – Facebook

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 50…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven solid strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven towering tracks to feed body & soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Double Denim’ by BAD MANNEQUINS (Glasgow, Scotland)
The wicked Scottish models are back with a rambunctious ripper that will reload your sonic batteries with an overdose of energy. A bustling uppercut to go completely nuts to.

BAD MANNEQUINS: Facebook – Twitter – ‘Double Denim’ on iTunes

2/ ‘Hardly Strangers’ by PSYCHIC MARKERS (London UK)
A Kraut rock fueled psych rollercoaster turning slowly into a staggering jam on its way to
a firework finale. Imposing title track from new album, out 23 February via Bella Union.

PSYCHIC MARKERS: Facebook – Bandcamp

3/ ‘I Found You’ by MICHAEL JABLONKA (London, England)
After playing in multiple bands this six string virtuoso goes solo and impresses with
a stupendous rocker – his 2nd single – remarkable for its powerful sound, electrifying
impact and passionate vocals. Expect some more dynamic bravado in the near future.

MICHAEL JABLONKA: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

4/ ‘My Heart Is Beating’ by SISTERS ON WIRE (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Euphoric guitar rapture fueled with delectable harmonies, ravishing orchestration and a
beatific chorus. Bright tunefulness to make you feel warm in these dark days. Top score!

SISTERS ON WIRE: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter

5/ ‘Kill All The Trolls’ by BRUNO (Melbourne, Australia)
Bruno comes from Venus with a mission to kill all trolls on the Net while you will go berserk to this irresistible electro banger on the dance floor. “I’m a woman. Fuck. I’m not naive.” ACE!

BRUNO: Website – Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Amaranth’ by MUDDY CHANTER (Brisbane, Australia)
Start tapping your foot and swing your head as here’s a moody, amplified mid-tempo earworm that sticks from start to finish. On new EP ‘Swoop‘ – check here on Bandcamp.

MUDDY CHANTER: Facebook – Bandcamp – Spotify

7/ ‘Something Real’ by LOCALS (Stockholm, Sweden)
A vivacious power pop ballad full of intense vehemence and begging desire, invigorated with a monumental sound. Great cut from their brand new 5-track EP here on Spotify.

LOCALS: Facebook – Instagram – Website

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s… TROPICAL ZOMBIE With New Glowing Single ‘NINTEY-PERCENT’…

Weekly firework to kick Blue Mondays in the face…

11 December 2017

Out of Sydney, Australia here’s TROPICAL ZOMBIE. A wicked 6-piece squad with their brand new funky single NINTEY-PERCENT. Irresistibly groovy, electrically charged, pretty kooky and catchy as bloody hell! Anything you need to forget this Blue Monday instantly. Press the button and move your lazy ass. Here’s the sweltering belter…


Discover What Richly Arranged Pop Humdingers Are All About – Here’s SLOW DAKOTA With His New EP ‘RUMSPRINGA’…

Weekly fuel to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


There’s some many great music out there – on the internet, to me the greatest invention
in human history – if you just take time to find it.  Soundcloud and Bandcamp are today for me what the gold old radio was last century. Surf on those audioplatforms for about three hours a week and you will definitely find something you’ll embrace with your ears. My most appealing discovery this past week is a truly magnificent 5-track EP by one-man band PJ Sauerteig aka SLOW DAKOTA out of Fort Wayne, Indiana (US). RUMSPRINGA counts five multi-layered, multi-instrumental pop symphonies that draw your sonic attention from the very first beat on. Five richly arranged and tremendously orchestrated compositions you’ll want to hear over and over again as they will get under your skin before you even realized it. From the catchy, yet moody styled opener ‘Abram Indiana‘ (with sensual tinted male/female vocals à la Baxter Dury and Leonard Cohen) to the melancholic, mid-tempo spoken word groove of ‘Jebediah Iowa‘ and three other remarkable beauties in between.

Enjoy the quality pop songwriting right here…

PJ Sauerteig: keyboards, programming, dulcimer, piano, vocals
Shanna Polley, Lila Livingston, Jaq King : female vocals
Sahil Ansari, Paul Otto Sauerteig : guitar

SLOW DAKOTA: Website – Facebook

SNAPPED ANKLES – Sonic Trees Produced AGROcultural PUNKtronica In Belgium And It Sounded SUPERnatural…

SNAPPED ANKELS – Charlatan, Ghent (Belgium) – 7 December 2017

“Masters, there is three carters, three shepherds, three neat-herds, three swine-herds, that have made themselves all men of hair, they call themselves ‘Snapped Ankles’, and they have a dance which the wenches say is a gallimaufry of gambols…”

William Shakespeare‘s view on Snapped Ankles

If you had asked me before this spectacular gig what an ecology band would sound like
I guess I would have said: atmospheric, cinematic and green colored. That’s not what London‘s trees collective SNAPPED ANKLES breathes like. Together these four nature-loving humans turn into a mind-expanding psychedelia generator when they hit the
stage, producing kraut-rock inspired spacey grooves that grow slowly into trancey jams that stimulate non-stop your surprised senses in an ecstatic way. Tribal drum/bass/dance
beats push the excitatory pace while trippy electronica vibrations uplift the psychotropic euphoria. Echoing vocals and foggy smoke screens take us all to a totally different galaxy.
Awesome, woozy and elevating. They’re dressed like trees, their microphone stands are decorated with twigs, an herbal smell is in the air and on debut album COME PLAY TREES “they hold a mirror up to us, they are messengers: ‘nature will find a way to reclaim what is rightfully hers’, they’re here to plant the seed, they’re here to have a good time, but never at the expense of their natural habitat.” This live footage will give you an uplifting idea of what this supernatural phenomenon is about…

After this spiritual experience, I hurried immediately to the merch stand to get their far-out debut longplayer COME PLAY THE TREES. This will absolutely enlighten my Xmas days…

You can have it too. Here via Bandcamp

SNAPPED ANKLES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Singing tree spreading the message

Mind-elevating groove machine…

Extramundane experience…

I saw the light yesterday

(photos: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)