Turbulent Party Time With Spectacular And Chaotic Cabinet Of Curiosities… SHHT

SHHT – Nest, Ghent (Belgium) – 29 November 2017

They formed exactly one year ago. They only released two smashing good singles so far. They’re definitely one of the best live bands I saw this year (and I saw many, about 150). They’re quite special, they’re deranged, they go bananas on stage, they look and sound
like a chaotic cabinet of curiosities. Imagine Iggy Pop fronting Faith No More messing up Queen‘s monster hit ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (THESE MADMEN ACTUALLY DID THAT! THEY TRASHED IT TREMENDOUSLY!). They produce a series of striking noise drones as genial freak Frank Zappa would do if he was jamming with Rage Against The Machine . Gloriously clamorous, crazily tumultuous and BLOODY BRILLIANT! The inflammable chaos included surprising acts such as circus artists, a street poet, a masked guest singer, several weirdos with black sunglasses wandering and lying around, someone distributing pins of MAO
(the legendary communist leader of China and yes, the band wrote a funky song about the controversial man), while inflatable dolls hang on top of the podium, all alone. I probably missed some wacko stuff here and there as so many things happened almost non-stop. Never heard of this far-out Belgian gang? Well, let’s start with a short but ‘loud and clear’ live introduction. Here’s SHHT playing at, yes folks, a fashion show…

Pretty wicked, isn’t? Perfect! We need outsiders like this who don’t care about what a band should or shouldn’t do. No boring formats, no corporate nonsense, no old-fashioned rock and roll bullshit. This turbulent collective is here to PARTY HARD! They’re here to entertain us in a most ecstatic way. They gonna be HUGE next year. They will pump up your LIFE

Can’t get enough, here’s their brand new escapade. The one about MAO

As Dr.John once drunkenly sung… such a night

Can I have this dance, lady?…

You ain’t seen nothing yet…


Jump, man, jump…

No comment…

SHHT: Facebook – Instagram

See you later, ma(o)te…

(all pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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