Caring Noise Trio DOWN THE LEES Spreads Warmth And Passion On Stage In Belgium

DOWN THE LEES – BarBroos, Ghent, Belgium – 2 November 2019

DOWN THE LEES is a both, hot-tempered and sensitive Belgium based heavy rock trio,
led by impressive Canadian vox and guitarist Laura Lee Schultz. The band just released their excellent debut album, called ‘BURY THE SUN‘ recorded by Chicago‘s legendary
noise expert Steve Albini. A spine-tingling record that expresses the band’s concern
about our world’s future, about our world’s climate drama, about our world’s survival.

Last Saturday I saw the band playing for the first time, in my hometown Ghent (Belgium), and the overall sentiment was quite overwhelming. The performance’s keyword was pretty loud and clear: P-A-S-S-I-O-N! Warm passion, caring passion, committed passion. On stage, the songs got injected with even more tension than on the album, which in itself was a huge tour de force. Laura Lee Schultz‘s vox lifted the whole experience to another level, eye-to-eye, face-to-face. Backed by tremendous drummer Jonathan Frederix and vigourous bassist Kwinten Gluehorse DOWN THE LEES use their noise structures as a powerful tool to give the songs a fitting and reinforced backbone that connects directly with their soul-stirring messages. Wow! Top gig! Top achievement!

Picture this

Caring passion

Powerful intensity


Stream debut LP ‘BURY THE SUN‘ here…

Album available on Bandcamp  / The LP’s track-by-track guide right here


DOWN THE LEES: Facebook / All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!

LAGÜNA – Belgian Post Punk Steamroller Hits Big Time At PSYCH OVER 9000 Festival…

LAGÜNA – Charlatan, Ghent, Belgium – 10 May 2018

LAGÜNA is an up and strongly coming post-punk force who scored, recently, 2nd place
at Belgium‘s most renowned talent competition. A couple of months ago I checked them out for the first time to see if the hype was for real. Impressions: I saw a young promising group with solid musicians, an intriguing sound and some well-crafted songs BUT when closing my eyes I heard EDITORS anno 2015 . You know, those gloomy British rockers who’s 2005 debut LP ‘The Back Room‘ is still a haunting classic in my book, BUT (here we
go again) who became more and more a money-grabbing parody of themselves afterward, album after album.

That said, yesterday as part of the PSYCH OVER 9000 FESTIVAL in my hometown Ghent, Belgium I witnessed LAGÜNA again. Actually by accident, as another group on another stage cut their set midway due to technical problems. My, oh my! Holy cow! Was this the same band I wasn’t really excited about when I saw them for the first time. Obviously not! The Antwerp squad nailed it big time last night. Much nastier, filthier, sharper and punkier than last March with frontman Elsermans‘ impressive vox cutting like a Swiss knife, drummer Bravo pushing the pace like a hammering madman and guitarist Mauro Bentein doing what he does best: going completely bananas now and then. What a flaming performance that was! Like a sonic steamroller on a swirling mission. Yes, there are still Editors echoes, BUT this cracking Belgian 5-piece rocks harder, rolls heavier and roars fiercer than those mega-stars who lost their soul and energy over the years. Hail hail LAGÜNA! The future is yours! Here’s an idea of their live dynamics…

Click here to stream for, not yet released tracks

Picture this from yesterday’s gig

Mental guitarist

These boots are made for walking

Hell yeah


In trance, in the back

The drummer has left the building

LAGÜNA: Facebook

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It’s Friday I’m In Love With Red-Hot Rock ‘N Roll Bolide From Wales… TRAMPOLENE

TRAMPOLENE – De Kleine Kunst, Ghent, Belgium – Friday, 9 February 218

Ladies en gents, all the way from Wales please welcome TRAMPOLENE
A flamboyant bolide sounding like a new romantic Libertines generation, like a hungry
wolf with an unstoppable appetite for ROCK AND ROLL. A 3-headed turbo with a big human heart and an honest soul. A bang-up band with dreams so rich, producing
glowing crackers like this red-hot injection…

Frontman Jack Jones is the eye-catching dynamo who knows all the thrilling tricks to get the spectators involved, who visits almost every corner of the place, who constantly interacts with the euphoric crowd (singing along, word by word, from start to finish) while raising the excitement to a steamy hot sauna level. This is what party music, made by people for the people, is all about. A turbulent melting pot of rockin’ ecstasy with a high dose of all
for one
atmosphere and many alcohol kisses. This is raw power, this is poetry in motion, this is it! And when Jack ask if today is Friday everybody knows that their firework punk version of that massive The Cure hit will follow. Talking about a smashing, sweaty night
out! In return I will finally forgive the Welsh football team for beating us, Belgians, back
in 2016 in the quarter-final of Euro 2016.

Picture this

Catch if you can

Bass love from Wales

and in the corner, the drummer

A threesome

A room with a view

The light shone on Jack all night long

One more very important thing. Last October the band released their debut album SWANSEA TO HORNSEY with a front cover photo of the band’s leader Jack Jones and
his sister as little kids having a laugh while Jack‘s already posing as a rock and roll star. Many record stores refused to sell the album because of the so-called ‘offensive‘ picture. The almighty Facebook imposed the band to delete the LP’s cover picture on their FB-account and even threatened to shut down the account completely. Here is what
Turn Up The Volume’s thinks on the subject. One: if you find this totally innocent and
funny image offensive than you, yourself is the problem, not the image itself. Two: the photo is part of a musical project about youth, about life, about being human and all related emotions, not about what the offended people think it is. Three: why is it that soldiers of terroristic killers army IS are still chatting with each other via Facebook, why
is it that the porn industry still uses Facebook (and actually the whole of the internet) to
sell their highly degrading ‘gear’. Four: why is it that fascist orientated politicians may offend the people, every single day… etc. Conclusion: it’s a sad case of hypocrite perception and a violation of the right of freedom of speech…

Hilarious, not offensive


TRAMPOLENE: Website – Facebook – Twitter


(All concert pics by JL / Turn Up The Volume!)

Italian Trio SECRET SIGHT Produced Warm Waves On A Cold Belgian Night…

SECRET SIGHT – Kinky Star, Ghent (Belgium) – 20 January 2018

Right, let’s go straight to the heart of this band and their vibratory performance yesterday in my hometown Ghent. Italian three-piece SECRET SIGHT love the sun, but they like to be in the shade when it’s too hot. They adore life, but they’re conscious of the dark side of it. So what do you do to translate these emotions into music. You fuse the gloomy post-punk panache of early Joy Division, the dancey vibe of New Order, you add poetic Interpol guitar lines and the low vocal tone of its frontman Paul Banks. Capice? Here’s a glimmering idea of what I try to stutter here…

And the band has the matching personnel to take their twilight vibrations onto the stage with crystal clear guitar plays (Cristiano Poli), bouncing bass drones (Lucio Cristino) and hyperkinetic drum kicks (Enrico Bartolini). Together they produced woolgathering waves
to keep us al warm on a cold Belgian night. Grazia! Becoming a three-piece after their debut LP Day.NIght.Life the band regrouped, reloaded and scored excellent second album SHARED LONELINESS last September. Great title, great artwork, great escapades. Taste it here…

Images from the live experience

Poetic guitar lines

Hooky bass bounces

Hyperkinetic drum punches

(All concert pics: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

Thrill Addicts PETER KERNEL Hit Ghent With Lots Of Brand New Mind-Boggling Jams…


PETER KERNEL – Nest, Ghent, Belgium – 17 January 2018

PETER KERNEL is Swiss/Canadian psych-rock duo formed by musical/private partners Aris Bassetti (guitar) and Barbara Lehnhoff (bass) backed by an Italian big bang drummer. Lazy critics claim the pair sounds like that former sonic unit featuring Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. Actually I don’t give a flying fuck about those critics. They’re too busy thinking about what they want to write instead of enjoying what they hear. I guess any artist is influenced by somebody or something. Whatever, when a musician moves me, excites me and makes my hair stand up in the back of my neck I don’t wonder one bit who he/she is inspired by.
I just want my troubled mind, soul and ears to be satisfied. And PETER KERNEL did that over and over again, last night, in about 80 remarkable minutes. An ace set of, mostly, new mind-boggling trips. Like this one. Fresh single THERE’S NOTHING LIKE YOU (thank you)…

No fooling/talking around between songs like they did two years ago in Brussels (due
to the venue’s curfew and/or their focus on playing several new escapades). So what the enthusiastic fan-crowd got was one long stupendous mind-gratifying phantasy caused by amazeballs jams. Dizziness high fever from the very start to finish fueled by glimmering guitar waves, sensual bass lines and powerful drum punches, still pounding in all corners of my head while writing this. I join the many spectators who begged after the gig ‘we want the new album’. To ease the wait I’m gonna spin 2015 longplayer ‘Thrill Addict‘ once again…

PETER KERNEL links: Facebook –  Twitter – Tumblr

Some images from the trance session yesterday>…



Hit Hit Hit

Supernatural powers…

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LIVE IN BELGIUM – Here’s London’s Witch Pop Sensation PUMAROSA Dancing Straight To The Stars In The Sky…

PUMAROSA – Nest, Ghent – 16 January 2018

From London here’s pop sensation … PUMAROSA
Led by future star performer and voodoo vox Isabel
who’ moving in mysterious Kate Bush ways, who’s making
me drunk with her spellbinding pirouettes and who’s singing
with Florence ‘s passion and soulfulness while the funky high
tech band behind her grooves & jams like it’s 1999 all over again
This five-piece is on its way to the stars in the sky, to pop heaven
and will be HUGE at the end of the year, here’s one of yesterday’s
highlights to show why I’m so euphoric, here’s PRIESTESS

Picture this

Star in the making…

In a galaxy of their own

Funky dreamer…

Sensual witch in trance during the encores


Don’t stop dancing, here’s their
elevating debut album THE WITCH

PUMAROSA: Website – Facebook – Twitter

“Thank you, Ghent…”

(all concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

Turbulent Party Time With Spectacular And Chaotic Cabinet Of Curiosities… SHHT

SHHT – Nest, Ghent (Belgium) – 29 November 2017

They formed exactly one year ago. They only released two smashing good singles so far. They’re definitely one of the best live bands I saw this year (and I saw many, about 150). They’re quite special, they’re deranged, they go bananas on stage, they look and sound
like a chaotic cabinet of curiosities. Imagine Iggy Pop fronting Faith No More messing up Queen‘s monster hit ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ (THESE MADMEN ACTUALLY DID THAT! THEY TRASHED IT TREMENDOUSLY!). They produce a series of striking noise drones as genial freak Frank Zappa would do if he was jamming with Rage Against The Machine . Gloriously clamorous, crazily tumultuous and BLOODY BRILLIANT! The inflammable chaos included surprising acts such as circus artists, a street poet, a masked guest singer, several weirdos with black sunglasses wandering and lying around, someone distributing pins of MAO
(the legendary communist leader of China and yes, the band wrote a funky song about the controversial man), while inflatable dolls hang on top of the podium, all alone. I probably missed some wacko stuff here and there as so many things happened almost non-stop. Never heard of this far-out Belgian gang? Well, let’s start with a short but ‘loud and clear’ live introduction. Here’s SHHT playing at, yes folks, a fashion show…

Pretty wicked, isn’t? Perfect! We need outsiders like this who don’t care about what a band should or shouldn’t do. No boring formats, no corporate nonsense, no old-fashioned rock and roll bullshit. This turbulent collective is here to PARTY HARD! They’re here to entertain us in a most ecstatic way. They gonna be HUGE next year. They will pump up your LIFE

Can’t get enough, here’s their brand new escapade. The one about MAO

As Dr.John once drunkenly sung… such a night

Can I have this dance, lady?…

You ain’t seen nothing yet…


Jump, man, jump…

No comment…

SHHT: Facebook – Instagram

See you later, ma(o)te…

(all pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

THE COATHANGERS – High Voltage Punk Party Delirium In Belgium…

THE COATHANGERS – Trefpunt, Ghent, Belgium – 24 May 2017

My hometown Ghent (Belgium) is a paradise for national and international alternative music. Yearly you can attend countless small festivals giving a podium to all genres of enthralling non-mainstream music. Fabtastic! Yesterday another new event was organized for the very first time. PSYCH OVER 9000 (9000 : postal code of Ghent) presented ten – you already guessed it – psychedelia fueled bands from different continents. It was a really hot (temperature) night with several hot (performances) acts! And the hottest of them all… THE COATHANGERS. A flaming and experienced garage punk rock turbo out of Atlanta, Georgia. After five albums and a million gigs they know perfectly how to start and end a delirious party. You bet! 1-2-3-4! Yes, at times I had hallucinations about the Ramones.
The fervent ladies turned red-hot from the first nasty riff on and never looked back,
except when they swapped instruments in the steamy finale. This is what memorable shows are all about. Sultry, fervid and non-stop energy! When you play this clip at max volume you’ll get an idea of what I try to stutter here…




PJ Harvey…

Meet and greet…

Happy Birthday, Crook Kid…

And here’s their brand new EP…

THE COATHANGERS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

(concert pics: Turn Up The Volume!)

Thirsty party indeed…

THE SHIVAS – Sweaty Garage Rock Ecstasy In Belgium…

THE SHIVAS – Café Afsnis, Ghent, Belgium – 24 May 2017

My hometown Ghent (Belgium) is a paradise for national and international alternative music. Yearly you can attend countless small festivals giving a podium to all genres of enthralling non-mainstream music. Fabtastic! Yesterday another new event was organized for the very first time. PSYCH OVER 9000 (9000 : postal code of Ghent) presented ten – you already guessed it – psychedelia fueled bands from different continents. It was a really hot (temperature) night with several hot (performances) acts! One of them: the stellar trio THE SHIVAS from Oregon, Portland. After seeing/hearing them going berserk I’m quite sure they are the gloriously noisy grandchildren from garage rock legends THE SONICS . Wow! Their live set was steamy, swinging and smoking from the very first kick. This footage will give you an idea about their intensity and glowing fever…

Don’t’ miss this heated three-piece when they invade your neighbourhood. They are on a holy mission to turn you on. Trust me, they can and they will, they showed it yesterday …

THE SHIVAS: Facebook – Twitter – Bandcamp



And fans ofDeath Valley Girls

(pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

COSMONAUTS Build Wall-Of-Mind-Bending-Psych-Sound in Belgium…


COSMONAUTS – Café Charlatan – Ghent, Belgium – 19 February 2017


Californian quartet COSMONAUTS released their fourth album last summer, titled A-OK! One of the best 2016 long-players in my book. More versatile than their previous work. From amplified pop punk to swirling psychedelia. A soundtrack for different moods. What the hell! Let the music do the talking…

Last Sunday they played my hometown Ghent (Belgium) in a packed club, as part of their European tour. Live the band create a wall-of-mind-bending-psych-sound. A nasty, yet melodic melting pot of noise à la The Jesus and Mary Chain used to fabricate in the 90s. Even gripping, intimate ballad ‘Party At Sunday’ from the new album got a mountain-of-decibels treatment. But, unfortunately, most of the time the specific color and spirit of each of the songs got lost in the band’s battle with the cracking PA. This time louder
didn’t mean better.



COSMONAUTS: Facebook – Twitter