Caring Noise Trio DOWN THE LEES Spreads Warmth And Passion On Stage In Belgium

DOWN THE LEES – BarBroos, Ghent, Belgium – 2 November 2019

DOWN THE LEES is a both, hot-tempered and sensitive Belgium based heavy rock trio,
led by impressive Canadian vox and guitarist Laura Lee Schultz. The band just released their excellent debut album, called ‘BURY THE SUN‘ recorded by Chicago‘s legendary
noise expert Steve Albini. A spine-tingling record that expresses the band’s concern
about our world’s future, about our world’s climate drama, about our world’s survival.

Last Saturday I saw the band playing for the first time, in my hometown Ghent (Belgium), and the overall sentiment was quite overwhelming. The performance’s keyword was pretty loud and clear: P-A-S-S-I-O-N! Warm passion, caring passion, committed passion. On stage, the songs got injected with even more tension than on the album, which in itself was a huge tour de force. Laura Lee Schultz‘s vox lifted the whole experience to another level, eye-to-eye, face-to-face. Backed by tremendous drummer Jonathan Frederix and vigourous bassist Kwinten Gluehorse DOWN THE LEES use their noise structures as a powerful tool to give the songs a fitting and reinforced backbone that connects directly with their soul-stirring messages. Wow! Top gig! Top achievement!

Picture this

Caring passion

Powerful intensity


Stream debut LP ‘BURY THE SUN‘ here…

Album available on Bandcamp  / The LP’s track-by-track guide right here


DOWN THE LEES: Facebook / All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!

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