ROCKIN’ IN THE FREE WORLD – Five Ballbreaking Live Killers Against Paranoia..

To fight paranoia in these lockdown times you don’t need to inject yourself with disinfectant. I have some far better medication. Turn up the volume, and pretend
that corona is a tasty beer, not a nasty virus. Go bananas to these 5 steamy live killers. Scream, jump, pump your fists, play air guitar, and keep on rockin’ in the free world…

– Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by NIRVANA –

– ‘Hysteria’ by MUSE –

– ‘Mr. Brightside’ by THE KILLERS featuring JOHNNY MARR

– ‘Fight For Your Right’ by BEASTIE BOYS –

– Keep On Rockin’ in The Free World by NEIL YOUNG –

Hell Yeah…

(VANT – photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Rockin’ In The Free World – 10 Epic Rock Barnstormers To Go Apeshit To At Home…

Memorable Live Moments…

To be honest, I’m turning slowly but surely paranoid. Being a gig addict I miss my live
dope. I miss the ecstasy and euphoria of dynamizing concerts and the drinks with mates
of course. I miss it all badly. Time for action! Time to feel my adrenalin go bonkers again! Time for some head-banging hullabaloo! Join the mad fun, folks.

Here come ten thunderous barnstormers, ten ass-kicking juggernauts, ten hair-raising stompers, ten titanic cannonballs, ten gigantic uppercuts. Nobody can stop us now. Bring on the six-packs and lets ROCK!…

– ‘Highway To Hell’ by AC/DC

– ‘Paranoid’ by OZZY OSBOURNE –

– ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ by RAMONES

– ‘Rockin’ In the Free World’ by NEIL YOUNG

– ‘Caroline’ by STATUS QUO –

– ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’ by OASIS –

– ‘Rock And Roll’ by LED ZEPPELIN –

– ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’ by QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE

– ‘Best Of You’ by FOO FIGHTERS –


Again and again, please…

Ten Epic Live Performances I Never Ever Get Tired Of…

Hands up if you like these ten stunning tracks as much as I do. Ten standout performances that send shivers down my spine, ten goosebumps crackers I can listen to any moment of the day, ten stunners I heard for about 1 million times, and will countless times again in the future.

Here’s why…

1. Dead & Gone’ by TOY (UK)
Smashing psychedelia with a mind-blowing finale…

2. ‘I Am Mark E Smith by FAT WHITE FAMILY (UK)
One of the best live bands of the past 10 years…

3. ‘Chlorine’ by THE DISTRICTS (Philadelphia, PA)
Overwhelming passion, towering intensity…

4. ‘Despair’ by YEAH YEAH YEAHS (US)
Gorgeous pop queen Karen O at her very best…

5. ‘Baby I Call Hell’ by DEAP VALLY (California, US)
Kick-ass blues rock frenzy by two utterly cool ladies…

6. ‘Common People‘ by PULP (UK)
Jarvis Cocker‘s orgiastic performance leads to spectacular euphoria…

7. ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony by THE VERVE (UK)
Fist-pumping anthem…

8. ‘Laid’ by James (UK)
No festivals this year, but this is my ecstatic alternative…

9. ‘Fried My Little Brains’ by THE KILLS (UK/US)
I’m in love with Alison Mosshart, she does my brains in…

10. ‘Rocks’ by PRIMAL SCREAM (Scotland)
The steamy ripper The Rolling Stones never wrote…

‘VICTORIA’ By Legends THE KINKS – Switzerland 1979

Memorable live moments…

16 April 2020

Legends THE KINKS released a double live album called ‘ONE FOR THE ROAD’ back in 1980. One of the scream along highlights was VICTORIA. A classic that appeared on their 1969 LP Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire). The recording of the live track was done in Switzerland on 11 November 1979.

Let’s roll, Ray…

THE KINKS: Facebook

You can stream ‘ONE FOR THE ROAD
right here…

GARY NUMAN With Ravishing Rendition Of His Great Classic ‘ARE FRIENDS ELECTRIC?’ In London 2018

Striking live moments…

New wave/electro icon GARY NUMAN recorded his most famous stunner and mega
hit ‘ARE “FRIENDS” ELECTRIC?‘ with his band TUBEWAY ARMY back in 1979 for the Replicas  LP. Every time I hear this overwhelming classic I feel shivers down my spine,
yes, still after all these years. And live you get an extra adrenalin injection like here with
this ravishing rendition in London in 2018 (part of his Savage tour) with an ecstatic
crowd in a state of euphoria.

Sing/scream along right here…

The concert is immortalized in a live album
called Savage Live At Brixton Academy.
Stream it here…


GARY NUMAN: Facebook

Turn Up The Volume saw Gary Numan too, on that 2018 tour (in Belgium).Here, in a duet with his wonderful daughter (pic by TUTV!)

Belgian Zum Kotzen Noiseniks PINK ROOM – Ghent 2019

Memorable live moments…

PINK ROOM is a derailed noise rock turbo led by red-hot-blooded motherrocker Bart Cocquyt. How do they actually sound, I hear you ask? Paranoid. Sickening. Ear-piercing. Horror-ific. Wrecked. Zonked. Verrückt. Deranged. Flipped. Uproarious. Disorderly. Mad. Vomiting. Hellish. Diabolic. Loudmouthed. Psychotic. Messed-up. Demonic. Apocalyptic.

Here’s this Belgian trio with two outbursts, LOVE and WASTED, from their debut LP …

One year ago they released their
maniacal blitzkrieg debut album
ZUM KOTZEN. Stream/buy the sonic
havoc right here…

PINK ROOM: Facebook

Canadian Kamizake Engine METZ – Live In Paris 2017

Remarkable live moments

4 April 2020

Who: Metz (Ottawa, Canada)

Songs: Mr.Plague  from Strange Peace album (2017)
and Eraser from their compilation LP Automat (2019)

Where & When: La Trabendo, Paris, 2017

Note: One of my favorite live bands ever. Kamikaze tumult that makes your speakers tremble, your hair stand up and your ears buzzing. Every time I saw this red-hot-blooded trio their deafening havoc messed up my hungry mind the way I like it. Terrifically raw, in your face and massively LOUD! Noise rock at its kick-ass best. Check them out right here…

Latest longplayer.
Compilation LP ‘AUTOMART

METZ: Facebook

(concert pics by photo by Turn Up The Volume! – Brussels 2015)

Stay Home Stay Safe Spare Your Feet – Here’s The FAT WHITE FAMILY Gang At Glastonbury UK In 2019

Memorable live moments…

Watch London based bohemians FAT WHITE FAMILY, one of the best bands of the
21st century – FACT! – playing Feet, the standout lead single from their standout, third album SERFS UP! at Glastonbury Festival in 2019.

Here we go…

Stream SERFS UP! here…

Some pics (by Turn Up The Family) from their superb
show at Belgian’s Dour festival, also last year …

“I’m Mark E. Smith”

Best ringleader on this troubled planet

Believe in something better


Sensual Dance Extravaganza – Go Totally Bonkers With Swirling Duo VIVE LA FÊTE

Memorable live moments…

VIVE LA FÊTE, one of the best dance acts ever, hit the scene back in 1997. Danny Mommens (guitar, vocals) and Els Pynoo (vocals) made an instant impression with
their tremendously ecstatic electro extravaganza. Even the fashion world was enthralled with icon Karl Lagerfeld as one of their most famous fans. He invited the duo to play
at his shows in New York City and Paris. The band toured several times all over Europe
and performed also in Brazil and Mexico.

Here’s some sensual dance euphoria with Maquillage,
a striking disco banger their from 2003 album ‘Nuit Blanche’

Check out their latest longplayer

VIVE LA FÊTE: Facebook – Website – Discography

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)