JOHN ROTTEN LYDON – Happy 60 – Pros & Cons Of An Angry Energy Man…


Born on 31 January 1956 in London
Most fascinating & entertaining punk
that ever walked this planet…
What did the boogie man actually for me?
Here are some good & some bad things…


He was the young, vitriolic brain of the Sex Pistols
writing spot on zeitgeist lyrics no other punk ever matched.
His onstage persona was charismatic and gloriously defiant.
Besides the hunchback part he still exploits that personage.
He smelled money far too soon with his Rotten character
therefore he still IS that money-making Rotten character.
Only older, with another name and still moaning 24/7
about the same old things…


As a young brat he despised fat rich bastards and
bloody spoiled rock and roll stars…
He became an L.A. based fat rich bastard and
a bloody spoiled rock and roll star himself.
He never ever comprised regarding his music and
made (first) three stunning LP’s with P.I.L.
Followed by too much mediocre P.I.L. albums.


He was co-author of the best punk rock album ever.
He split with The Pistols before I could see
the wankers play (I was a teenage kid) in Belgium.
The three reunion gigs I saw were a good comic
night out. No more, no less. Fat rich bastards.


Here are five of my favorite, outstanding momentums of the man’s musical escapades.

1/ ‘God Save The Queen’
The straight in your corrupt-political-face lyrics are still frighteningly relevant…
Album: ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ (1978)


2/ ‘Public Image’
Stunning start of his second life (brilliant bass intro by Jah Wobble)…
Album: ‘First Issue’ (1978) – A fuck you to the Sex Pistols & the world…


3/ ‘Death Disco’
Striking. Written for his mother.
Album: Metal Box’ (1979) – Best ever P.I.L. achievement.
Innovative & experimental. Magnus opus.


4/ ‘Banging the Door’
Creepy. Piercing. Bang bang…
Album: ‘The Flowers Of Romance’ (1981) – Another sonic revelation.

5/ ‘Double Trouble’
His first real ‘bollocks’ lyrics, but his nastiest groove in years…
Album: ‘What The World Needs Now…’ (2015) – Smoking comeback.


JOHN LYDON: Website – Facebook – Twitter


Happy 60, John(ny.) May the road rise with you…


RYAN ADAMS ! Tortured Soul Begs Jesus…

TrackNightVersie2 - kopie

Tortured soul
Blues man, country man…
Turning his heartbreaks in
melodic & comforting sadness…
Jesus (don’t touch my baby)
The sound of silence…

In California
Forever summer and hot
Into the ocean
You’re smiling a lot
On sandy beaches
And the blankets are hot
You’re in my arms
And I kiss your heart
Jesus, don’t touch my baby
Jesus, don’t touch my baby
Jesus, don’t touch my baby
She’s all that I got

Reflections coming
In through the sheets
You love your baby
And someone sweet
Out on the highway
We ride tonight
Jesus don’t know you
He was just saying “Hi”
Don’t touch my baby
Jesus, don’t touch my baby

From his 2002 ‘Demolition” album…


RYAN ADAMS: Discography – Website – Facebook – Twitter


SEVEN IN THE MIX! 2016 – Weekend 30/31 January…


Seven tracks to put your teeth in this weekend.
Best played very loud with all the windows open!

1/ ‘Patience’ by GHOSTPLAY
Slow moving psych expedition turns into a spectacular firework finale – awesome trip!…
EP: ’33’ – on Bandcamp / Home: Sacramento, California
GHOSTPLAY: Facebook – Twitter

2/ ‘Song For Maria And Lucas’ by EUGENE QUELL
Hammering drums & merciless grunge drones will keep you up all weekend long – titan!…
Cassette: 4-track ‘I Will Work The land’ – on Bandcamp / Home: London, UK
EUGENE QUELL: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Fall Away’ by THE ISABELLS
Enough ramshackle riffs extravaganza to fuel your engine for the next few days…
Home: Falmouth, UK
THE ISABELLS: Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter

4/ ‘Worship’ by HIDDEN HINDS
Sizzling dream pop electricity from Italy – don’t even try to resist this sparkling stroke…
EP: self-titled 4-track – on iTunes / Home: Brescia, Italy
HIDDEN HIND: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Sometimes (One Night)’ by THE GOLDEN PEPPERS
Pure Californian pop brightness with heavenly harmonies reminding me of Prefab Sprout
Home: Los Angeles, California
THE GOLDEN PEPPERS: Facebook – Twitter

6/ ‘Loner’ by DENIM SNAKES
Take a very deep breath before screaming along this energizing slam of dynamite…
Home: Barry, South Wales, UK
DENIM SNAKES: Facebook – Twitter

7/ ‘Northern Skyline’ by PLANET
Fully charged pop euphoria – sounds like Phil Spector got his hands on it…
Home: Sydney, Australia
PLANET: Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…

SLEATER-KINNEY ! ‘I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone’ – Live TV Performance…

TrackOFday-800 - kopie

Time flies. It’s almost a year since the Olympia (Washington) feminist saviors of American rock & roll SLEATER-KINNEY made a rousing comeback with album NO CITIES TO LOVE.


And we can’t get enough. Yesterday they performed two songs for Texan music show Austin City Limits to be broadcast this Saturday (Jan 30th.). And we can’t wait. So get
your leather jacket and absorb I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE…

SLEATER-KINNEY: Website – Facebook – Twitter


Happy Birthday To… ROBERT WYATT


Robert Wyatt

Genuine all-around artist
Never ever compromising
Nor with Soft Machine
Nor with his solo creations
A builder of sound and songs
Born as Robert Ellidge in
Bristol (UK) – 28 Jan 1945
Happy B. and have
beautiful peace…

I’d been walking for hours
Needed a rest
Take a good look around
No where to rest
There’s a shop
Selling gentlemen’s suits
Further along
An estate agent or two
And a takeaway sign
Over a dusty door
Shiny photos of food
Slightly micro-waved
It’s a Methodist hall
No smoking
No dogs
It looks pretty grim
In the Methodist hall
Despite a poster which says
That it’s there for us all
And it’s a beautiful day
For walking away
Beautiful day

ROBERT WYATT: Website – Biography – Discography

Robert Wyatt drums soft machine
Soft Machine days behind the drums…

TrackNightVersie2 - kopie

BLOC PARTY ! Stream New Album ‘HYMNS’ here…



BLOC PARTY release their first album HYMNS with the new line up tomorrow (29th January). You can stream the overall introspective sounding new LP here on YouTube…

‘The Love Within’
‘Only He Can Heal Me’
‘So Real’
‘The Good News’
‘Different Drugs’
‘Into The Earth’
‘My True Name’
‘Living Lux’

BLOC PARTY: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Wet hymns…

THE MACCABEES – Adrenalized Pop Symphonies In Starry Brussels…



Musicians at heart with a captivating soul
No burlesque Noel Gallagher quotes for them
No fabricated scandals to gain some attention
They’re about music – about mesmerizing beauty…


Grandiose pop symphonies injected with adrenaline
Irresistible orchestrations and vivid harmonies
Overwhelming sonic jams with magnetic effect…


And heavenly piano lines from the sixth (female) Maccabee…


After four albums their set is a huge ‘greatest hits’ one
We loved them endlessly and they loved us back genuinely


Capture the euphoric spirit with this mark to prove it…

THE MACCABEES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Here’s the full set reproduced on Spotify
An avalanche of dazzling sparks…

And the stars colored the venue magically…

IAN DURY And THE BLOCKHEAD – Number One In UK On 27 January 1979…


Legendary Cockney rock & poet roller IAN DURY (12 May 1942 – 27 March 2000) and his BLOCKHEADS scored their biggest hit with HIT ME WITH YOUR RHYTHM STICK, written by Dury and his musical band leader Chaz Jankel.


The brilliant cracker took the top spot on the UK singles chart on 27 January 1979 (selling more than 1 million copies in the end) – 37 years ago today. It was already released on 23 November 1978 but the bloody Village People and their massive Y.M.C.A. hit, kept it from going to number one for a couple of weeks. Now let’s roll the classic video, move our hips and scream the chorus out loud…

In the deserts of Sudan and the gardens of Japan
From Milan to Yucatan, ev’ry woman, ev’ry man

Hit me your rhythm stick, hit me, hit me
Je t’adore, ich liebe dich, hit me, hit me, hit me
Hit me with your rhythm stick
Hit me slowly, hit me quick
Hit me, hit me, hit me

In the wilds of Borneo and the vineyards of Bordeaux
Eskimo, Arapaho, move their body to and fro

Hit me with your rhythm stick, hit me, hit me
Das ist gut, c’est fantastique, hit me, hit me, hit me
Hit me with your rhythm stick
It’s nice to be a lunatic
Hit me, hit me, hit me

Hit me, hit me, hit

In the dock of Tiger Bay, on the road to Mandalay
From Bombay to Santa Fй, o’er the hills and far away

Hit me with your rhythm stick, hit me, hit me
C’est si bon, mm? Ist es nicht? Hit me, hit me, hit me
Hit me with your rhythm stick
Two fat persons, click, click, click
Hit me, hit me, hit me
Hit me, hit me, hit me – hit me, hit me….


IAN DURY: Biography – Discography

EQUAL IDIOTS – From Belgium… Smashing Garage Noise Booms!


EQUAL IDIOTS – Cafe Video, GHENT (Belgium) – 25 January 2016


I’m pretty convinced that these two banging Belgian punks were locked up – when they were only six – with a plastic toy guitar and some pots & pans, by their freaky and noise obsessed fathers in a filthy basement with smoking album BOOM by rousing garage rock legends THE SONICS (note: this sixties masterpiece turns 50 – ! – this year) on a broken, secondhand stereo, until they could play all roaring crackers of that historic LP from
start to finish and back.


Thank you, dear wacko fathers, for bringing up your sons the way it should be. Back in
the real world the grown-up little boys now display disorderly, with tons of guts, what
they have been brainwashed with. And they did it with smashing verve in my hometown, last Monday. Singer/guitarist Thibault jumps up and down like a young, horny dog with his tongue out of his mouth while torturing his guitar strings to produce some barbed wired riffs. And he howls like eh… an idiot. Those basement years will haunt him mercilessly for the rest of his life.

One idiot…

Drummer Pieter seems to have recovered better from his troubled childhood than his unhinged buddy although he’s hammering like a Muppet animal who eats amphetamines for breakfast. Bloody hard, loud and fast. Perfect! With only a handful songs/slams written so far they extend their set with a couple of covers. The droning way they mess up 70s pastiche punk hit ‘Ca Plane Pour Moi’ ( by Plastic Bertrand) is just mental. And Thibault wailing some Roy Orbison lines from Pretty Woman between two explosions proves that his mother also owned a record. What’s the future for these brats? Who knows, who cares ?! They’re young NOW, their party is NOW, their boom is NOW. And WE want it NOW!

One animal…

(all pics by Turn Up The Volume!)



UNKLE featuring RICHARD ASHCROFT – A Long Doomed Journey…


James Lavelle and Tim Goldsworthy


Northern voice and Verve troubadour


A long doomed journey…

God knows you’re lonely souls
God knows you’re lonely souls
God knows you’re lonely souls
Yeah, yeah

I believe there’s a time and a place
To let your mind drift and get out of this place
I believe there’s a day and a place
That we will go to, and I know you want to share.

There’s no secret to living (There’s no secret to living)
Just keep on walking
There’s no secret to dying (There’s no secret to dying)
Just keep on flying.

I’m gonna die in a place that don’t know my name
I’m gonna die in a space that don’t hold my fame.
God knows you’re lonely souls
God knows you’re lonely souls.

I believe there’s a time when the cord of life
Should be cut, my friends (Cut the cord, my friend)
I believe there’s a time when the cord can be cut
And this vision ends (Let this vision end).

But I’m gonna die in a place that don’t know my name
And I’m gonna cry in a space that don’t hold my fame.

Walking in the cold
Just keep on flying
There’ll be a searchlight
On the mountain high

God knows you’re lonely souls
God knows you’re lonely souls
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

From ‘Psyence Fiction’ album – 1998…