THE MACCABEES – Adrenalized Pop Symphonies In Starry Brussels…



Musicians at heart with a captivating soul
No burlesque Noel Gallagher quotes for them
No fabricated scandals to gain some attention
They’re about music – about mesmerizing beauty…


Grandiose pop symphonies injected with adrenaline
Irresistible orchestrations and vivid harmonies
Overwhelming sonic jams with magnetic effect…


And heavenly piano lines from the sixth (female) Maccabee…


After four albums their set is a huge ‘greatest hits’ one
We loved them endlessly and they loved us back genuinely


Capture the euphoric spirit with this mark to prove it…

THE MACCABEES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Here’s the full set reproduced on Spotify
An avalanche of dazzling sparks…

And the stars colored the venue magically…

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