HURTS Share Impressive Black & White Video For Comeback Single’ VOICES’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

31 May 2020

Pop duo HURST Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson – released their dark, yet upbeat
and vibrant comeback single VOICES a couple of weeks ago, their first music since 2017 album Desire. The Manchester tandem just shared an impressive clip for the new track.

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‘DON’T BELIEVE THE TRUTH’ – Sixth OASIS Longplayer Released 15 Years Ago…

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31 May 2020

Band: Oasis
Album: Don’t Believe The Truth 
Released: 30 May 2005 – 15 years ago

The Guardian wrote: “Little is the same as it was back then, for all parties concerned, but this is where Oasis start to mend some broken promises. It feels like a lifetime since a new album from the Gallaghers justified the hype and rhetoric spun on its behalf, but this is so good, it makes you want to pour not one but two glasses of Jack-Daniels over your head.”

Key words: One of their best longplayers, Mucky Velvet Underground Fingers, mad for it Liam, supersonic rockers and a couple of anthemic ballads, Sally’s sister Lyla, Kaïn and Abel, just get back together for one mega tour brudders and fight again afterward.

Key tracks: Mucky Fingers / Lyla / The Importance Of Being Idle / Keep The Dream Alive /
Let There Be Love

– LYLA –


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Funky And Tremendously Catching – Songstress NUALA Shines On New Funky Single ‘SPLIT DOWN THE MIDDLE’

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31 May 2020

Brand new single ‘‘SPLIT DOWN THE MIDDLE‘ by London based songstress NUALA is pretty special. A sparkling earworm that triggers your dance instinct instantly. It all starts with a careless feel-good whistle putting a gratifying smile on your face. From there on it’s party time.

The effervescent mix of funk, reggae, R&B, rap and a tremendously catching chorus raises your adrenalin production. You just can’t resist to sway your hips in a sensual way to the heartening beat. Oh, and that live in the moment whistle popping up regularly invites
you to go out and stroll with a relaxing mood in the street. A welcome relief in these bizarre lockdown days.

Shake your booty here…

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LIAM GALLAGHER – MTV Unplugged Album Out In June – Here’s ‘SAD SONG’…

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31 May 2020

I had no clue that the unplugged MTV concerts are still happening. Back in the 90s,
many artists stripped their songs to the bone on MTV with Nirvana‘s performance
as the most famous one, immortalized into a brilliant record.

Rock hero LIAM GALLAGHER will join the long list. On 17th June the acoustic result
of his MTV concert will be issued. One of the tracks is the fervid ballad SAD SONG
which appeared on OASIS‘s debut LP as a bonus on the vinyl version, back in 1994.

Come on Liam…


10 Molotov Cocktails – COLD MEAT With Furious Debut LP ‘HOT AND FLUSTERED’

30 May 2020

Who: Four furious punks from Perth, Australia led
by stormy spit and sneer frontwoman Ashley Ramsey
Smashing debut LP via Helta Sketla Records
Released: 20 March 2020
Pitchfork says: “The Perth punks are more interested in recording immediate, energetic punk rock than becoming experimentalists, and they’ve certainly nailed the former. Cold Meat have much more than shock value on their mind. Cold Meat’s sense of humor is what saves them from the trappings of self-serious street punk, but it’s Ramsey’s outrage that keeps their blood pumping.”

Keywords: trash and slash punk, red-hot-blooded knockouts, Ashley scream Ramsey, razor-sharp uppercuts, kamikaze pace, razor blade racket, Bikini Kill on speed, stunners,
abso-bloody-lutely garage dynamite,  bang-on bangers, ace jackhammers. mental heat!

Key tracks: all 10 Molotov cocktails

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