Funky And Tremendously Catching – Songstress NUALA Shines On New Funky Single ‘SPLIT DOWN THE MIDDLE’

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31 May 2020

Brand new single ‘‘SPLIT DOWN THE MIDDLE‘ by London based songstress NUALA is pretty special. A sparkling earworm that triggers your dance instinct instantly. It all starts with a careless feel-good whistle putting a gratifying smile on your face. From there on it’s party time.

The effervescent mix of funk, reggae, R&B, rap and a tremendously catching chorus raises your adrenalin production. You just can’t resist to sway your hips in a sensual way to the heartening beat. Oh, and that live in the moment whistle popping up regularly invites
you to go out and stroll with a relaxing mood in the street. A welcome relief in these bizarre lockdown days.

Shake your booty here…

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