Happy 65 To ANGUS YOUNG – The Schoolboy Hero Of Hard Rock Legends AC/DC…

31 March 2020

Today 65 years ago, on 31 March 1955, ANGUS McKINNON YOUNG was born in Glasgow, Scotland. In 1963 he moved with his family to Australia. After playing in
a couple of small bands, he formed, with his brother AC/DC in 1973 and he became
world-famous for his schoolboy-uniform outfit – which he still wears at gigs – and his
own version of Chuck Berry’s duck walk while playing firework riffs. To celebrate the
hard rock hero’s birthday I picked three AC/DC classics, live versions of course.

Here we go, bang your head…




AC/DC: Facebook

Psych Pop Act ONE TRACK MINDS Shares New Single From Upcoming Album – ‘SHE’S LIKE LUCIFER’…

New sonic impulses

31 March 2020

ONE TRACK MINDS is a band founded in Trondheim during the freezing winter of
2015. The band melds modern noise structures and classic pop melodies, posed
in front of a backdrop of dark, bitter-sweet psychedelic ambiance and seething guitars. Thick soundscapes and walls of sound drowning in consciousness-altering marathons creates an interesting mix of mind and body engagement. The band released their
debut album A Price To Be Paid 2016 and will the follow-up longplayer pretty soon.

They just shared the second single from their upcoming LP. ‘SHE’S LIKE LUCIFER’
is a bittersweet psychedelic pop daydream about falling in love with a bewitching
femme fatale girl. It’s an amorous ballad that easily could be on The Jesus And Mary
classic debut album Psychocandy. Its wistful and desirous tone has a familiar
and universal feel many of us experienced one time. Here’s the romantic vibe…

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While you’re here check lead-single
S.U.G.A.R., a blistering glam rocker…


Kick-Ass Debut Album By Australian Punks THE CHATS Out Now! Here’s ‘HIGH RISK BEHAVIOUR’…

Old and new albums to make your day

31 March 2020

THE CHATS are a kick-ass no brakes punk band out of Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Three young wolves with an unstoppable appetite for adrenalin injected blitzkrieg slams. They toured with stone rock icons Queens Of the Stone Age and living legend Iggy Pop. Their red-hot-blooded debut album ‘HIGH RISK BEHAVIOUR’ is out now. A powerhouse longplayer filled with kamikaze outbursts you can pogo to until you drop, like in the good old days. Imagine Richard hell on speed going nuts. Nasty riffs, vicious licks, razor hooks, and raging Jello Biafra vocals.

NME wrote: “The rough’n’ready trio call their ramshackle sound ‘shed rock’, and often sound like they’re about to blow the roof clean off… debut album ‘High Risk Behaviour’ is stuffed with the chaotic energy that the band has always held dear. From gruff opener ‘Stinker’, which sounds like the Sex Pistols sped the hell up, through to the infectious smirk of ‘The Clap’ – all gang vocals and hand claps – and the ‘Dookie’-esque ‘Do What I Want’, The Chats celebrate having a good time, whatever your surroundings.” Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Stream/purchase album here…





THE CHATS: Facebook – NME interview 

Sensual Dance Extravaganza – Go Totally Bonkers With Swirling Duo VIVE LA FÊTE

Memorable live moments…

VIVE LA FÊTE, one of the best dance acts ever, hit the scene back in 1997. Danny Mommens (guitar, vocals) and Els Pynoo (vocals) made an instant impression with
their tremendously ecstatic electro extravaganza. Even the fashion world was enthralled with icon Karl Lagerfeld as one of their most famous fans. He invited the duo to play
at his shows in New York City and Paris. The band toured several times all over Europe
and performed also in Brazil and Mexico.

Here’s some sensual dance euphoria with Maquillage,
a striking disco banger their from 2003 album ‘Nuit Blanche’

Check out their latest longplayer

VIVE LA FÊTE: Facebook – Website – Discography

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

London Rockers THE RINGARDS Nail It Again Big Time With ‘TIT WILLOW’…

Daily electricity to load your batteries


31 March 2020

Turn Up The Volume championed London band THE RINGARDS several times before and will do that again. Why? Because these inventive rockers impress with every new release. So far all their songs are first-class gems, every single track is different in approach and
in sound. Also, they’re politically and socially outspoken. On previous pieces they tackled Brexit (Glasgow Television) and Los Angeles, the city of angels (Holiday Bitch) Check all their crackers on Soundcloud.

And here’s brand new cut called ‘TIT WILLOW’. A staggering stunner with a glam rock resonance, fueled by a banging ongoing beat, tingling guitars, reflective vocals and
a catchy as hell chorus. One of the most riveting stuff I heard so far this year. No, I’m
not exaggerating at all! It’s about time the world discovers this terrifically gifted band.

Cage was it the age?
With this in mind we say good morrow
to our waking souls,
Which watch not one another out of fear;
For love, all love of other sights controls,
And makes one little room an everywhere.
With No guest in the nest, watch us undress

Tune in…

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‘TIME OF THE SEASON’ By Imperishable Rockers THE ZOMBIES – 1968

31 March 2020

Band: The Zombies (St.Albans, UK)
Active: 1962–1967 / 1969 /
1990–1991 / 1997 / 2004–present
Single: Time Of The Season 
Written by Rod Argent
B-side: I’ll Call Your Mine in the UK
and Friends Of Mine  in the US
Released: March 1968 – 51 years ago
Score: No 1 in the US and Canada
Album: Odessey And Oracle

Here’s the original clip

THE ZOMBIES are still going strong. They are now working on a new LP, their first since their 2015 Billboard-charting album Still Got That Hunger. Never content to only look back, keyboardist Rod Argent noted that several songs have already been recorded in
his new studio, which was designed by the same person responsible for the acoustic design of all Abbey Road studios.

Led by founding members, vocalist Colin Blunstone and keyboardist Rod Argent, The Zombies’ 21st-Century line-up features Steve Rodford on drums, guitarist Tom Toomey, and the newest member, Søren Koch, on bass. Original bassist Jim Rodford passed away
in 2018.

Last year they shared a video of a live version,
their timeless classic, recorded in Los Angeles…



Old and new albums to make your day

30 March 2020

‘The Libertines’ by THE LIBERTINES
Released: 30 August 2004 – the band’s 2nd longplayer

Their finest and most coherent album to Turn Up the Volume‘s ears. Brothers in arms Doherty/Barat left their drugs and booze quarrels behind them and proved here, more than ever, that they were genuinely capable of writing great, remarkable, lasting songs.

Three Top Tracks




ALBUM in full…

THE LIBERTINES: Facebook – Discography