Groovin’ And Movin’ – New Longplayer ‘JUDAS’ by IMMIGRANT UNION

30 June 2020

Who: Australian-American band with the songwriting duo of Brent DeBoer
of The Dandy Warhols and Bob Harrow, Immigrant Union is a local band with
international rock royalty heritage.
Album: JUDAS – the band’s third longplayer
Released: 19 June 2020
Info: “The album was attacked from a completely different angle than Immigrant Union’s
first two records, allowing the band to have virtually no time constraints whatsoever when recording… Sonically, the band kinda wanted the album to sound like Len’s Steal My Sunshine… As well the release of their first LP in five years, 2020 will also see Immigrant Union release a short film, ‘The Battle of Bella’, shot in Joshua Tree, CA.”

Keywords: The Byrds, immigrant lives matter, Bruce Springsteen,
talking shit, The Beatles, groovin’ Americana and movin’ Aussiecana,
Key tracks: Ahmed / New Win / Not To Smart / Soldier Field / Awake
Singles: Ahmed / Soldier Field



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Mind-Cracking And Spooky – Here’s ERRORR With Debut Single ‘SMASH HIT’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


30 June 2020

ERRORR is the solo project of the Swedish Berlin-based musician Leonard Kaage.
He is the guitarist of awesome post-punk band The Underground Youth and
also played with Anton Newcombe‘s psych gang The Brian Jonestown Massacre
and Canadian femme fatale Tess Parks.

Error‘s first single, entitled SMASH HIT is an electrically guitar powered chainsaw-like stunner. Both mind-cracking and spooky with Leonard Kaage ‘s reverberating voice
wailing like a troubled soul wandering lonely in the dark. Think Thurston Moore on
one of his hellish crusades. Pretty psychedelic, pretty haunting, pretty infectious.
I am already waiting for some more of this brain-breaking stuff.

Tune in here…

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ERRORR: Facebook

(Photo: Olga Kratzioti B.)

Poetry In Motion – SUN KIL MOON With New Daydream ‘LEMON BALM’

New sonic impulses…

30 June 2020

SUN KIL MOON‘s maestro MARK KOZELEK announced new album ‘Welcome
To Sparks, Nevada
‘ a few weeks ago, accompanied by first single The Johnny
Cash Trail
, a heavyhearted 11-minute meditation.

Here’s another new piece. LEMON BALM, featuring guest vocals by Petra Haden.
It’s a silent piano beauty with Kozelek‘s characteristic mellow voice telling one of his introspective stories.

Enjoy the poetry in motion…

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29 June 2020

Last May JACK WHITE, the hardest working bluesman on this planet, and THE RACONTEURS released a 7-track live EP titled ‘LIVE AT THE ELECTRIC LADY
in New York City and a documentary film featuring the recording of the EP and
an interview with the band.

One of the tracks is a hectic cover of 1977 punk classic BLANK GENERATION
by the infamous NYC outlaw RICHARD HELL (once a member of Tom Verlaine‘s
Television) and his band THE VOIDOIDS with a special guest appearance of
original guitarist Ivan Julian.

The Raconteurs‘ version is a scorching wall-of-sound explosion.
Not bad, not bad at all. Here’s Jack White going meshuga…

Original version…


Glowing Survival Spirit – Here’s New Splendid Single ‘THE FIGHTER’ By New York City’s RICH GIRLS

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


29 June 2020

After one of the best albums of 2018 with Black City and Better, Turn Up The Volume‘s single of the year in 2019 New York City trio RICH GIRLS fronted by one Luisa Black,
one of the most arresting voices I heard in years.

New single THE FIGHTER is about “getting older, being a lifer, not giving up.“. This survival spirited song has that characteristic Rich Girls resonance and electrifying guitar swagger, both glowing and gloomy, but also with a touch of tristesse. For some reason, not that I need one to express what I feel when hearing this gem, it has that shadowy David Lynch vibe again. Mysterious and darksome. Another splendid achievement on its way to score high on my end-of-the-year-list.

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RICH GIRLS: Facebook

Vocals + guitar + music: Luisa Black
Guitar: Jonny Naismith
Drums: Gavin Haag

Jingle Jangle Strokes – Discover Debut Longplayer ‘I’LL BE FINE’ By Minneapolis Songsmith ANDY COOK

29 June 2020

Who: “A former hockey player from the Midwest, Cook found new worlds opening up to him as he toured his first records across the country. It was a stop in New York, folded into a tiny Brooklyn bedroom, that helped to crystallize his voice into something he was finally ready to share.”
Album: I’LL BE FINE – debut LP
Sound: “Recorded live to tape at Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, I’ll Be Fine bristles with a closeness not heard in Cook’s earlier work. He is able to anchor a tighter sound with firmer, bolder foundations.”
Released: 12 June 2020
Andy Cook: “These songs are for everyone who’s trying to take our voice from inside
and bring it out. It’s scary, but we’ve got to say what we want if we’re going to be heard.”

Keywords: the swagger of The Strokes, the moody vibe of The War On
, the jingle jangle resonance of Interpol and a spark of Gang Of Four
Key Tracks: Get In Line / Fade Away / If Walls Could Talk





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ANDY COOK: Website

Photography and album art: Natasha Bohorquez