Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

15 October 2018


Album: ELECTRIC LADYLAND – third and final (double) longplayer

Released: 16 October 1968 – 50 years ago

ALL MUSIC wrote: “Jimi Hendrix’s third and final album with the original Experience found
him taking his funk and psychedelic sounds to the absolute limit. The result was not only one
of the best rock albums of the era, but also Hendrix’s original musical vision at its absolute apex. When revisionist rock critics refer to him as the maker of a generation’s mightiest dope music, this is the album they’re referring to

Full review here – Score: 5/5

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Eric Clapton was GOD, Jimi Hendrix was the DEVIL.

STANDOUT TRACKS : Voodoo Child (Slight Return) / Voodoo Chile / Along The Watchtower

* VOODOO CHILD (Slight Return)totally demonic

* VOODOO CHILEmindboggling jam extravaganza

* Great info video on Voodoo Child / Voodoo Chile

* ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWERthe electrifying Bob Dylan cover

Double Album in full…

JIMI HENDRIX: Website – Facebook – Discography

Back cover

London’s Punk Trio GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS Spits And Sneers On New Fiery Single ‘FAN THE FLAMES’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 October 2018


Who: “Formed in late 2016, Girls In Synthesis have quickly forged a fearsome reputation
as one of the most exciting and volatile live acts in London.In equal parts frantic, considered, ear-splitting and melodic, the group take their cues from the early DIY punk and post-punk pioneers.”

Pick: FAN THE FLAMES – title track from their upcoming E.P.

Score: Punk is not dead. Punk is alive and hitting. Living proof is London’s Girls In Synthesis.
Their new hot-blooded slam ‘Fan The Flames‘ is a nasty uppercut pushed by the drummer’s kick-ass battering, the bassist’s pumping cadence and the guitar’s head-splitting electricity. Add the frontman’s spit and sneer vocals and a stirred up scream-along chorus to test the flexibility of your vocal chords to and what you get is a rowdy firecracker to wake up your entire neighbourhood with. Ignite the frenzy right here…


FAN THE FLAMES E.P. out 10 November – All info and order facilities here

All You Need For A Body-Trembling Sauna Gig Is Belgian Electro Trash Tandem… ONMENS

ONMENS – Cafe Aap, Ghent, Belgium – 14 October 2018

Here are the 5 ingredients you need
for a body-trembling sauna gig…

One: a small place for max 60 people.
Two: a fun-level of alcohol intoxication
Three: a mind-exploding noise band
Four: with a manic street preacher
Five: a red-hot trash earthquake

Something like this

Yesterday’s body-trembling sauna gig in pictures

One: a small place

Two: a fun-level of alcohol intoxication…

Three: a mind-exploding noise band

Four: a manic street preacher

Five: a red-hot trash earthquake…

Stream/purchase newest ONMENS
album DOOPVONT right here…

ONMENS: Facebook

photos by Turn Up The Volume


Remarkable albums from the past…

‘The Futureheads’ by THE FUTUREHEADS
Released: 12 July 2004 – The British band first LP

ALL MUSIC review: “On their self-titled full-length debut, The Futureheads turn
the promise of their early EPs and singles into an almost relentlessly playful, lively,
and smart album of zippy post-punk-pop. Even though shades of XTC, the Jam, and
Gang of Four (whose Andy Gill produced the album) jump out at almost every turn
on Futureheads, the band’s chiming, precise vocal harmonies — which sound more
British Invasion than new wave — give their sound a distinctive kick.”

Full review here – Score: 4/5

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: With the speedy guitars, the agitated pace, clever harmonies and amazingly catchy tunes it felt like The Futureheads reinvented punk.

TOP TRACKS: Robot / A to B / Decent Days And Nights /
Meantime / ALMS / Stupid And Shallow

ALBUM in full…

THE FUTUREHEADS: Website – Facebook – All Albumsµ

Probably the most harmonious punk band ever

(photo: FB The Futureheads)

Experience The Arresting Vox Of JOHNNY GATES – Here’s ‘BROOKLYN NIGHTS’…

Gripping moments for the laziest day of the week…

14 October 2018

Already falling for music as an adolescent Los Angeles based singer/songwriter JOHNNY GATES started his first band at high school and toured the US multiple times afterward. Now he’s here for the first time as a solo artist with debut single ‘BROOKLYN NIGHTS‘.
A nostalgic reflection on Gates‘ romantic nights in Brooklyn with a lover once upon a time. What a towering vocal performance this is, balancing between the zealous intensity of good old Bob Seger and the profound passion of Ryan Adams. Majestic and powerful!
Catch the heart-warming energy right here…

JOHNNY GATES: Website – Facebook


13 October 2018

Edinburgh born artist GARETH SAGER‘s CV is quite impressive: multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, classical music composer, a founding member of funky post-punk
junks The Pop Group, jazzy avant-garde combo Rip Rig + Panic, Bristol rockers Head
and countless collaborations here, there and everywhere. After releasing his gracious classical piano LP 88 Tuned Dreams last year Sager is back with a totally different beast. Assisted by his gang THE HUNGRY GHOSTS he just dropped new album JUICY RIVERS.

It’s party time for all the outcasts, all the misfits and all the bohemians out there. Imagine the genial Mothers Of Invention fronted by the eccentric Captain Beafheart instead of the equally eccentric icon Frank Zappa. That’s my overall exciting feeling after a couple of ‘Juicy Rivers‘ spins. You get all the sonic pandemonium your greedy ears and your fucked up mind need. From elevating glam weirdness (Disco Sofa) to bluesy funkness (Pete Le Beat), from demonic rock (Bar Stool Warrior Chant) to deranged post-punk grimness (Pitbull Watusi) and lots of far-out stuff in between. Throw your straitjacket through the window and shake your lazy hips on repeat right now, right here…

Available here and here

The hungriest ghost..

Only 16 And VAEDA BLACK Impresses With Darksome Ballad ‘SUICIDE LOVE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 October 2018


Who: 16-year old singer/songwriter from New York, who is in her senior year of HS.
She’s blessed with a great voice and some fabulous artistic and musical talent.

Track: SUICIDE LOVE – second single

Score: You can easily tell that this teenage artist – only sweet 16 – has a bright future ahead of her after hearing her second single following her splendid Face Down debut.
On darksome ballad SUICIDE LOVE she demonstrates the high-potential of her genuine songwriting skills again and she will give you goosebumps with her heart & soul touching vox. Listen closely and you’ll experience early Kate Bush echoes and the piano play is just beautiful. If I didn’t know better I should say that it’s Sir Paul McCartney who handles the ebony and ivory instrument right here producing that classical tone the legend developed throughout his years with that historic Liverpool combo. But it’s Black‘s – although herself
a piano woman – musical band director, James Sajeva, who played a historic grand piano at NYC’s Spin Recording Studio for this recording. Time to have a listen and find out why Vaeda Black is special and why this song is special. Capture the delicate and affective sentiments right here…

VAEDA BLACK: Website – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

THE Y AXES Get Caught In The Moment On Stimulating Single ‘EMPTY SPACE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

12 October 2018


Who: A hip San francisco quartet claiming “we are not the future of pop music,
we are pop music from the future

Pick: EMPTY SPACE – new single from upcoming album ‘No Waves‘. Frontwoman Alexi Rose Belchere says that: “the story of the song is a struggle with internal voids and Empty Spaces. The narrative of the song is constantly flirting with the idea of getting caught up in the moment — something like a summer romance — to escape these internal struggles, but self-doubt and overthinking always catches up and sucks you in.”

Score: Despite the reflective doubts and concerns about living in the moment ‘Empty Space‘ equally celebrates the enjoyment of emotional intensity of letting things just happen now and then. Well, that’s how I personally experience the song’s stimulating spirit. I’m sure you’ll be hipped up too by its propelling drive and buoyant flow. It’s a buzzing crackerjack that gets under your skin from the very start, reminding me of Blondie‘s early get-up-and-go adrenalin before they became a disco band. Press the
button and remember what Bob Dylan once sang “Don’t think twice, it’s all right‘…

THE Y AXES: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

EMPTY SPACE now available via Bandcamp and iTunes