Texans COATTAILS With Amplified Lullaby ‘CLOCKS & KNIFES’ From New EP…

Sensitive moments for the laziest day of the week…

28 October 2018

COATTAILS formed back in early 2013 in Austin, Texas. The quartet released its self-titled debut LP two years ago and is about to launch a follow-up EP, entitled ‘Imaginary Friends’ on 9 November. Here’s one of the tracks. CLOCKS & KNIVES is a sepia colored lullaby centered around that nostalgic kind of warmhearted melodies that were played on jukeboxes in cozy bars back in the sixties. Frolicsome piano play, emotive tunefulness
and reflective vocals. It’s the electrically charged chorus and a captivating guitar solo somewhere in the middle that reminds us that it’s actually 2018 rather than 1966. This
is tender music with a healing force, therefore timeless. Catch the touching elegance
right here…

COATTAILS: Facebook Website

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