JINDALEE – Electro Pop Sensuosity With New Single ‘SLEEPWALK REVERIE’…

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

14 July 2019

Versatile Toronto based singer-songwriter JINDALEE is about to launch her new, fourth, album called VELA next month. Lead single SLEEPWALK REVERIEis about being endlessly curious with the natural world. It is a song about delving into the beauty of an experience” says Lee. It’s a soothing, soulful and sensuous beauty with Lee‘s almost whispering voice feeling like an aural massage. Electronic pop at its tempting best.

Capture the fetching tunefulness right here…

JINDALEE: Facebook – Bandcamp

HEAVY HEART Enthralls With New Moony Single ‘CRY ICE’

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

7 July 2019

British pop daydreamers HEAVY HEART are back with a new moony single. ‘CRY ICE‘ is a touching love song about mixed emotions build around a gripping melody that makes you drift away into la-la land while romantic guitars and starry-eyed vocals turn this little gem into a tender and sensitive sparkler. Capture the soothing vibe here…


Belgian Pop Musers THE LVE Stimulate Being Yourself With New Soothing Single ‘LETTERS’…

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

23 June 2019


Last October Belgian pop musers THE LVE released their marvelous, heart-touching album Heartbreak Hi . Before starting a new musical chapter the band just launched the final single off the LP. LETTERS is a delightful humdinger about being yourself and most of all staying who you are. Expect highly charming male/female duet vocals, atmospheric guitar pop magnificence and an overall sedating sentiment. Capture the vibe here…

THE LVE: Facebook

Singer/Songwriter USI ES Releases New Mystifying Four-Track EP ‘MUTINY’…

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

9 June 2019

Belgian singer-songwriter Esther Weemaes aka Usi ES: Facebook just released her new 4-track EP called MUTINY. A notable piece of work with four mystifying songs (including a PJ Harvey cover). Overall the combination of its atmospheric and dreamlike musicality that feels both haunting and fairy-tale like at the same time and Usi ES tempting and appealing voice turns this EP into a compelling experience that will make you slip into a sedative state of mind.

A tranquilizing fable with an enchanting and idyllic tonality.
Inspired by one of the stories by the late worldwide famous
Welsh writer Roald Dahl

This beauty ripples like fresh water in a small river in the woods
with vocal duet sequences adding a whimsical sentiment.

A personal and intimate musing.
Sensuous and affecting.

An alluring rendition of PJ Harvey‘s
spine-chilling ‘Is This Desire? reverie.

Usi ES: Facebook

Here’s the clip for opening track ‘Billy Weaver‘…

Vancouver Band PONYTAILS Dropped New Melancholic Single ‘TOO LONG’…

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week…

2 June 2019


Who: Harmonious five-piece band from Vancouver BC formed in 2016. After two EPs
the group is working now on their debut LP of which they shared debut single Just

New Track: TOO LONG – A song inspired “by the experience of passing someone by
on the street that you once shared a life with. I feel like it’s close to something we’ve all
experienced, so it felt good to write about.”

Score: The chill out tonality of ‘Too Long’ turns your senses into a melancholic slow
motion mode, into a reposing state of mind. Glimmering guitars, pensive vocals and soothing harmonies create a nostalgic feel good atmosphere. Imagine Kurt Vile and Mac DeMarco joining forces for a laid-back session. The outcome would be as moody as you can experience here. Tune in below …

PONYTAILS: Website – Facebook

Afro Futurist Collective SPAZA Enchants With Debut Single ‘ICE SQUINCHIES | WAITING FOR YOU’…

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week…

26 May 2019

(photo by Rethabile Ts’Eiso-Phakisi)


Who: An ensemble “with no permanent personnel, with each lineup assembled for the express purpose of recording improvised or work shopped material. For this, the initial salvo, SPAZA was put together from a group of musicians with individual and collective links to Johannesburg’s jazz, afro funk and experimental electro scenes.”

Track: ‘ICE SQUINCHIES | WAITING FOR YOU’ – lead single from upcoming debut LP

Score: Open your ears and alert your senses, ladies and gents, because here’s something truly exciting. There are so many things going on that you’ll need a couple of spins to hear, feel and see the whole spellbinding picture. After a short meditative intro with singer and trombonist Siya Makuzeni‘s multi-layered vocals upfront, a bass-driven groove kicks in and from that moment on multiple instruments join and start a trance-like jam that will puzzle your perception. It’s a mystifying, enchanting and intoxicating wave all the way. Experience the wondrous trip right here…

Label: Mushroom Hour Half Hour

Self-titled album out 21st June – all info right here


Relaxing vibes for the laziest day of the week…

5 May 2019

Manchester’s post-punk band THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH led by mastermind CRAIG DYER released their notable ninth LP MONTAGE IMAGES OF LUST & FEAR last March. One of the most intense songs on the new longplayer is TOO INNOCENT TO BE TRUE.
An impassioned ballad, a slow burning torch, a fervent love reverie. Absorb the profound emotion here…

album in full…


Singer/Songwriter MATT WATTS Seduces With New Delightful Single ‘RACHEL’…

Relaxing vibes for the laziest day of the week…

28 April 2019

American singer/songwriter MATT WATS based in Brussels, Belgium is blessed with a remarkable voice and knows the art to use it for seducing reveries and tender musings. His new album is planned for next year, but in the meantime, Watts will spoil us with two stand alone singles. Here’s the first, called RACHEL. A sweet little diamond, a sepia-colored beauty that will warm your heart and soul.

It’s “a previously unreleased track from the sessions with Nathalie Delcroix and Bjorn Eriksson for the album ‘How Different It Was When You Where There‘. The inspiration of its blend of Western style and Synth evokes something perhaps reminiscent of early Haruomi Hosono or something Lou Reed, combined with the Dickens-esque lyrical scenario of a dead Aunt appearing to the writer in a dream and showing him around a select few American cities” explains Watts.

Sit down, relax and enjoy…

MATT WATTS: Facebook

Poetry in motion

Folk Pop Duo MRS. GREENBIRD Touches You With Title Track Of New Album ‘DARK WATERS’…

Relaxing vibes for the laziest day of the week…

31 March 2019

After two chart-topping albums & receiving two Echoes (German Grammys) and years
of being on the road with sold out concerts, German folk pop duo MRS. GREENBIRD needed to reconsider their standpoint: “What is really important in music and in life?
The pair decided to focus on good old handmade music with heart & soul. Back to
the roots, if you like.

The direct, intimate and honest new album ‘DARK WATERS‘ will be out on 12th April. Ahead of it here’s the title track off the LP. A delicate beauty that makes you silent so
you can truly experience the depth of its essence. Capture the profound sentiments here…

MRS. GREENBIRD: Facebook – Website