THE VERVE Released Masterstroke ‘THE DRUGS DON’T WORK’ 20 Years Ago As A Single…

Golden oldies to soundtrack the summer of 2017…


Track: THE DRUGS DON’T WORK – 2nd single from blockbuster ‘Urban Hymns’

Released: 1 September 1997 – 20 years ago

Note: with this masterstroke frontman Richard Ashcroft tackled the hardship of watching his father dying of cancer when he was only 11 years old. The drugs given to his father were no longer working…


Masterpiece LP released 29 September 1997…

Spectacular coincidence – see you in the front row, Mr. Ashcroft…

Anniversary Albums – R.E.M. Released An Awesome Sonic ‘DOCUMENT’ 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

Band: R.E.M. (Athens, Georgia, US)

Album: DOCUMENT – their fifth LP & last for I.R.S. Records

Released: 1 September 1987 – 30 years ago

Rolling Stone wrote: “It is no accident that R.E.M.’s finest album to date opens with
the anthemic reveille “Finest Worksong,” a muscular funky-metal wake-up call that is
an unmistakable declaration of intent. ‘Document’, the fifth in a great series of singular
state-of-our-union addresses by America’s most successful fringe band, positively ripples
with the confidence, courage and good, swift kick of a rock & roll band at the top of its
form. This is the sound of R.E.M. on the move, the roar of a band that prides itself on
the measure of achievement and the element of surprise. The end of rock & roll as R.E.M.
knows it is a long way off…”

My documentation: this is a raw, multi-layered diamond – R.E.M. at its sharpest,
plainly outspoken and pretty effervescent – high-quality songwriting…

Three Top Tracks: Finest Worksong / It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) / The One I Love

* FINEST WORKSONGoutstanding electricity

* IT’S THE END OF THE WORLDhighly relevant again since idiot Trump was elected

* THE ONE I LOVEa melancholic gem

Full album…

R.E.M. Website – Facebook – Discography

THE NEW FAITH With An Epic Pop Symphony – Here’s ‘FRITTER AWAY’…

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

30 August 2017


Who: hailing from Brighton this band is fronted by Will Charlton. A singer blessed
with a great baritone croon and a six-piece orchestra behind him

Track: FRITTER AWAY – their second single

Score: to be honest, I never heard of this collective until today, but I can tell you that the sonic acquaintance really feels great. Join me to listen for the umpteenth time to their new track that has all the right ingredients to be a solid gold hit. It’s an epic pop symphony. A melancholic diamond, richly arranged, superbly composed and dramatized with a heavy-hearted chorus. A towering tearjerker! Frontman Will Charlton‘s vox is quite special. Truly grand actually, sounding like a mix of Nick Cave, Richard Hawley and Matt Berninger‘s voices. Yes, that good! Come closer, have faith and experience this gloomy beauty…

THE NEW FAITH: Facebook – Twitter

More New Faith on 6 October…


Going back in sonic history…


Album: DARKLANDS – their second LP

Released: 31 August 1987 – 30 years ago

All Music wrote: “The basic formula at the heart of the band (inspired plagiarism of
melodies and lyrics alike, plenty of reverb, etc.) stayed pretty much the same, even if
the mixes were cleaned up. ‘Darklands’ is no ‘Psychocandy’ in the end – nothing the
band released later ever was – but it’s still a good listen…”

Note: drum machines were used in place of drummer Bobby Gillespie
who became Primal Scream‘s charismatic frontman…

My score: although it was impossible to even equal their debut LP the bros
produced here some cool, amplified Beach Boys vibrations with twilight colors…

Three Top Tracks: Happy When It Rains / April Skies / About You

HAPPY WHEN IT RAINSsuperb single with a high degree of addictive poppiness

APRIL SKIESanother superb earworm single

ABOUT YOU moony balladry à la the Reid bros

Full album (original = 1-10)…

THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN: Website – Facebook – Discography

Today’s Yesterday Track – Legends THE POGUES Went Only Where ‘STREAMS OF WHISKEY’ Were Flowing…

Golden oldies to soundtrack the summer of 2017…



Album: RED ROSES FOR ME – debut LP released in October 1984

Note: Last year, finally, the band launched their own brand of whiskey, named…
‘The Pogues Irish Whiskey‘. You can read a review – of the whiskey – here

THE POGUES: Website – Facebook – Discography

The album…

The whiskey…

THE BY GODS With Another Divine Hammer – Here’s SILVER LINE…

Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

29 August 2017


Who: three wannabes: Tye Hammonds and husband and wife duo, Natalie and George Pauley

Location: Nashville, Tennessee, US

Sound:they try to drill through your skull to plant their hook-laden songs in your grey matter. Squalls of feedback interrupting repetitive chords signaling the return to a chorus, it’s what we’ve come to recognize as the formula; a recipe for loud/quiet/loud...”

Track: SILVER LINE – cut from upcoming new album MOVE ON…

Score: we already featured this exciting trio a couple of weeks ago with another explosive cracker, called ‘Wait Up’, from their forthcoming longplayer on our Seven In The Mix!. And now ‘Silver Line‘ confirms the band’s huge potential with a ‘here were are‘ exclamation mark! What we hear and feel is an amplified, melodic and distorted sound mix of The Afghan Whigs‘ passion and the grungy catchiness of Foo Fighters. Final result: spirited and robust intensity empowered with big guitars you want to hear over and over again. Ace score!…

THE BY GODS: Website – Facebook –  Twitter –  Bandcamp

New album MOVE ON – out 20 October – all info here



Who: formed in Toronto in 1985 by Margo Timmins (vocalist), Michael Timmins (songwriter, guitarist), Peter Timmins (drummer) & Alan Anton (bassist) – group is still active

Cover track: SWEET JANE – on their second album The Trinity Session (1988)

Original by: THE VELVET UNDERGROUND – written by Lou Reed – on VU’s LP ‘Loaded’…

COWBOY JUNKIES: Website – Albums
THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: Website – Discography

Cowboy Junkies – early days…

‘Sweet Jane’ on VU’s fourth LP ‘Loaded’- 1970

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Crackers For Week 35…

A brand new SEVEN IN THE MIX for a brand new week!
Seven splendid strokes I played on repeat these past days
Seven charged tracks to feed body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Here’s the stuff!

1/ ‘Shivers’ by STATIC IN VERONA (Chicago, US)
Although Rob Merz, the one-man electro pop orchestra called Static In Verona, is from Chicago, he combines the best moments of Britpop and Madchester brilliantly. Swirling vibes for the dance floor. New album is out 8 September. Stream here on Soundcloud.

STATIC IN VERONA: Facebook – Website – Twitter

2/ ‘Don’t Panic’ by SPIRIT VALLEY (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Inflammable psychedelia banger that will make your head spin 360°, feed your famished ears and infiltrate your greedy, deranged mind. On brand new, steamy album Negatives.

SPIRIT VALLEY: Facebook – Bandcamp – Label: Fuzz Club

3/ ‘Sir Yes Sir’
by GUIDE DOG (Bridgend, Wales)
Raging grunge slam to test your speakers’ volume, your head’s flexibility and your vocal intensity. From fresh, roaring debut album ‘Lovely Domestic Bliss’ – here on Bandcamp.

GUIDE DOG: Facebook –  Twitter

4/ ‘Fake News Blues’ by FOGGY CITY ORPHAN (Glasgow, Scotland)
A highly speedy and gloriously tumultuous whirlwind. Genuine electrical eruption about fake news. Contagious score to play on repeat, again and again, faster and faster! NOW!..

FOGGY CITY ORPHAN: Facebook – Twitter

5/ ‘Ibogaine’ by CROWD OF CHAIRS (Ghent, Belgium)
One of the rowdiest Belgian noise turbo’s. Maniacally loud and smoking electricity. Perfect!

CROWD OF CHAIRS: Facebook – Short bio

6/ ‘Santa Cruz’ by THE VAUGHNS (Springfield, NJ, US)
Trippy, flamboyant and sparkling journey fueled with amazing vocals. Impressive score!…

THE VAUGHNS: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter

7/ ‘Veil’ by PUBLIC PSYCHE (Ghent, Belgium)
Dark, mysterious psych waves that will penetrate your bloodstream slowly but surely and you’ll love it! Fresh album ‘No New Violence‘ out 30 September via Hypertension Records.

PUBLIC PSYCHE: Facebook – Twitter

See/hear you, next week, music junkies…