29 February 2020

THE NATIONAL‘s frontman MATT BERNINGER covered the tremendously moving song ‘HOLES‘ by one of my longtime favorite bands MERCURY REV. He did it for 7 inches for PLANNED PARENTHOOD joining other big-name acts such as Foo Fighters, St Vincent and Bon Iver who also contributed to the cause. Matt Berninger’s version is intimate, tender and just magical. A touching pearl that touches heart and soul.

Capture the magnificence here…

And here the heavenly original by Mercury Rev


British Four-Piece PENNY BETTS Enraptures With Their Magnetic Single ‘LIGHTS!’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…


Who: “This British foursome “offers up a uniquely smooth blend of indie-pop and sixties-style songwriting. A four-piece who knows precisely who they are and how they want to sound, Penny Betts are inspired by bands stretching as far back as Cream and Pink Floyd as much as modern influences like The Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala.”

Track: LIGHTS! – new single – “the story of a dreamer observing ordinary life. It was written late at night all in one go, with lyrics and music arriving simultaneously. The groove of the song only came once we played it all together, changing it from a straight indie rock type track to something more authentic.

Score: You’ll be hooked pretty quick on this one. A magnetic groove with a reggae feel reminding me of ‘Guns Of Brixton’ by The Clash. A vibey, sticky and electrifying chorus injects this amazeballs stroke with a triggy swagger while crepitating guitars add a rousing dynamism. Thrilling tune! Sassy stuff!

Get excited right here…

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PETTY BETS: Facebook 

‘Fait Accompli’ By CURVE (1992)

29 February 2020

Band: Curve – with the wonderful singer Toni Halliday
and multi-instrumentalist Dean Garcia
Single: Fait Accompli 
B-sides: Arms Out and  Sigh 
Released: 24 February 1992 – 28  years ago
Album: Doppelgänger  – the band’s debut LP
Score: The single reached #22 in the UK – it was
one of the first singles in the UK to reach the Top 40
without a release on 7″ vinyl

Here’s the original clip…

CURVE: Facebook – Biography

Passionate Voice RUFUS WAINWRIGHT Returns With Single From New Album – ‘DAMSEL IN DISTRESS’…

New sonic impulses

American-Canadian singer/songwriter RUFUS WAINWRIGHT returns with a fresh album
eight years since his proper previous one Out Of The Game. The new longplayer called UNFOLLOW THE RULES is out 24th April.

First single Damsel in Distress’ is an elegant, charming and alluring
ode to the legendary folk singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell .

The song is accompanied by a fully hand-drawn
clip by the artist himself and Josh Shaffner

Listen/watch here…


New album UNFOLLOW THE RULES out 24th April. More info here.

Raging Post Punk Quartet THE REVERSE Drops Cutting Single From New LP – Here’s ‘CRUSH MY CHEST WITH YOUR HATE’…

28 February 2020

(Photo-credit: Gaelle Monin)


Who: Political outspoken North London guitar band who previously released
3 EPs and issued in 2013 their excellent debut album,  ‘Kind Words For Cruel Times’

Track: CRUSH MY CHEST WITH YOUR HATE – lead single of their second, upcoming longplayer – “a furious reverb drenched and darkly caustic song lamenting a culture of hate and envy that has led to the dehumanisation of refugees, and the disturbing rise of the far-right.”

Score: Crush My Chest With Your Hate’ is about all dangerous fog states in our society
and tackles all reprehensible haters who still don’t understand that living together and respecting each other is the only way to survive. Sonically this angry ripper is a boiling post-punk outburst with an ominous resonance, an outraged chorus and poignant guitar lines. We need bands like these who care about the damaging viruses such as racism, inequality, injustice, sexism and extreme right-wing trash raising their ugly heads again today.

Feel the anger here…


New album WHICH WAY OUT to be released on 24 April. Info and pre-order facilities here.

KAT FIVE Surprises With Fascinating Debut Solo Single – Here’s ‘BUTTERFLY WINGS’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

28 February 2020

KATE FIVE is the female member and sensual voice of London’s raving
electronic two-piece Feral Five who cause ecstasy on the dance floor.
Today she unveiled her first solo release called BUTTERFLY WINGS.

A hankering song of hope in dark times. It was inspired by Racines In Morocco,
a non-governmental organization that promotes culture and advocates freedom
of expression in Morocco. Their belief and slogan is #LaCultureEstLaSolution.
The Moroccan authorities did several efforts in the past to disband this much
needed movement. This experimental tune’s message is that even the tiniest
actions can create change.

It’s truly a special, surprising and encouraging piece with both a darksome and sanguine touch reflecting the uncertainty of the troubled times we live in. A slow-moving, poetic meditation with Kat Five‘s absorbing voice drifting all over the hypnotic electronic effects. And you can actually hear the flapping wings of a butterfly. Fascinating solo debut!…

La culture est la solution
You can’t break with evolution
Turn the clock back
On the revolution
La culture est la solution

Butterfly wings
Don’t break me
Butterfly wings
Don’t make me

KATE FIVE: Facebook – Twitter

You can stream and/or buy the single here. 

(promo photos via Kat Five)



Best killer tracks of the month…

Eleven superb tracks that energized my sonic
bloodstream this month. From roaring to moody,
from shaky to gloomy. Here is the sonic dope…

1. ‘Hot Slick’ by PINS
Without a shadow of a doubt one of the most exciting bangers of the year! Utterly cool!

2. ‘Scavengers’ by MECHANIMAL (Greece)
A high-powered industrial, darkwave drone that will blow you of your socks…

3.’Conveyor’ by LICE (Bristol, UK)
Ominous and thunderous jackhammer. Armageddon is just around the corner…

4. ‘See What I See‘ by SINKA (Watford, England)
A powerhouse smack and ear-splitting outburst that will trash your speakers…

5. ‘Paranoiacs’ by CHEMTRAILS (Manchester, UK)
A flaming ripper that encourages you to get up in the morning and kick some macho ass…

6. ‘Dreams Like Drugs’ by LIONS OF DISSENT: LIONS OF DISSENT  (Wolverhampton, UK)
Transcendent psychedelia at its dazzling best. Sonic dope to get eight miles high to…

7. ‘Hopeless Romantic’ by OH BROTHER (UK)
Flamboyant razzmatazz! Cracking stuff! Rocking dynamism…

8. ‘Talking About You Man’ by PLASTIC SUN (UK)
This cutting indie power-pop stroke is a biting rejection of appalling toxic masculinity…

9. ‘Babanod‘ by HMS MORRIS (Wales)
An endearing art-pop pearl and mesmeric electro beauty. A spine-tingling experience…

10. ‘Your Days’ by LES FLÂNEURS feat. HANNA TURI
Colourful, sparkling, romantically orchestrated musing that puts a big smile on your face…

11. ‘Holiday’ by ATTAWALPA (London based, UK)
A sensual, soothing slo-mo groove with a glam touch reflecting the desire to drift away…

All together on Spotify


See/hear you next month…

VAN MORRISON Released Classic LP ‘MOONDANCE’ 50 Years Ago…

Old and new albums to make your day

28 February 2020

This month 50 years ago Irish singer/songwriter VAN MORRISON released his classic album MOONDANCE. A brilliant LP mixing rock, soul and jazz in a most affecting way. Gripping ballads such as ‘And It Stoned Me’, ‘Crazy Love’, ‘Into The Mystic’ and ‘Brand New
are amongst the most touching love songs he ever wrote. And spirited upbeat
pearls ‘Caravan’, ‘These Dreams Of You’ and ‘Glad Things’ emphasize the monumental
and incomparable soul voice of The Belfast Cowboy. Just a stunning record by one of
the greatest singer/songwriters of all time. Sheer splendor, pure magic!

Rolling Stone wrote: “Van’s new album might send one back to the bright enthusiasm of “Brown-Eyed Girl” and the magic blues of Them Again; Van now sings with a magnetically
full electric band, complete with piano, organ, vibes, and intricately controlled saxophones
and flute. The band’s performance has a stately brilliance; and if it recaptures some of the feeling of the earlier music, the past is serving as a rite of passage toward the celebrations of Moondance.”
. Full review here.

Hard to pick only three highlights. Anyway, I chose this trio of blissful beauties…



(An awe-inspiring live version at The Band’s farewell concert – 1978)

Album in full…

VAN MORRISON: Facebook – All Albums