THE STROKES Drop Zippy Track From New Album – Here’s ‘BAD DECISIONS’…

New sonic impulses

18 February 2020

THE STROKES recently announced the release of a new album, titled
THE NEW ABNORMAL – out 10 April – their first longplayer since their
2013 LP Comedown Machine.

After revealing extensive power ballad lead single ‘AT THE DOOR’ the band
dropped another cut called ‘BAD DECISIONS’. An upbeat stunner with great
guitars and again fervent Julian Casablancas vocals. Yep, the New York City
stars still rock in their own distinctive way.

Here’s the surprising retro clip…


New album ‘THE NEW ABNORMAL‘ out 10 April. Pre-order facilities here.

GREG DULLI Shares New Compelling Piece From Upcoming Solo Album – Here’s ‘A GHOST’…

New sonic impulses

18 February 2020

GREG DULLI, frontman for years of The Afghan Whigs and Twilight Singers will release his debut solo album RANDOM DESIRE on 21st February. All songs were written after the death of Afghan Whigs guitarist Dave Rosser.

Last December Dulli released the kick-ass lead single Pantomima and a couple of weeks ago a second cut, the moody, gripping IT FALLS APART went online. And here is a third compelling piece. ‘A GHOST‘ is another candlelight reflection, romantically arranged and orchestrated with bells, subtle flamenco castanets, a gypsy string section, and a touching steel guitar. These three splendid pearls predict that an amazing LP is coming our way.

Here’s the audio clip for ‘A Ghost’

Also on Spotify…

GREG DULLI: Facebook – European Tour dates

RANDOM DESIRE – out 21 February – listen and or pre-order here.

Birmingham Rockers THE NEW RIGHTEOUS MOOD Debut With Hefty Jams…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

18 February 2020


Who: Fresh indie rock quartet from Moseley, Birmingham. UK


Score: These fresh indie rockers debut with two hefty slams. Two jangly guitar strokes. Two bang-up firecrackers. ‘Trail Of Shade‘ is a melodious, grungy rocker with layers of guitar electricity and ‘Supermarket Birthday Cake‘ has a comparable passionate vocal eagerness and a charged resonance making me think of Pavement ‘s crepitating vigor.
Yes, this rowdy noiseniks’ debut tracks are solid rippers predicting a rousing future.

Here we go…



You can stream the songs also on Spotify / THE NEW RIGHTEOUS MOOD: Facebook

Trip-Hop Legend TRICKY Returns With Caliginous Track ‘LONELY DANCER’ From New Upcoming EP…

New sonic impulses

18 February 2020

Bristol’s wayward trip-hop legend TRICKY, once a member of Massive Attack, started his solo career back in 1995 with his innovative and riveting debut LP Maxinquaye. Twenty-two years later, in 2017, he released his 13th opaque and obscure album Uuniform.

On 6 March he returns with a new 3-track EP called 20,20. Ahead of it he just dropped new track ‘LONELY DANCER‘ featuring Marta and Berlin-based vocalist Anika. It’s a somber, atmospheric and chilling downtempo contemplation.

Capture the moody vibe here…

Also on Spotify

TRICKY: Facebook

Here’s ANNA CALVI And A Magical Reinterpretation Of ‘EDEN’ With CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG …

New sonic impulses

18 February 2020

A couple of weeks ago, compelling singer/songwriter ANNA CALVI announced a new project, titled HUNTED with reinterpretations of songs from her 2018 album Hunter.

She already shared the new version of Don’t Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy with the
wonderful Courtney Barnett. And here’s another one. EDEN features the heavenly voice of Charlotte Gainsbourg. Both singers whisper sensually and magically throughout this entranced ballad, accompanied by a lyrical guitar.

Anna Calvi about Charlotte Gainsbourg: “Charlotte Gainsbourg has taught me so much as a singer, in how the most quiet of utterances can be the most dramatic and powerful of all. When I was writing ‘Eden’ I had Charlotte’s voice in my head, there’s a secrecy and quiet power to this song that always made me think of her. It’s a dream come true to have collaborated with her.”

Here’s the audio clip…

Also on Spotify

ANNA CALVI: Facebook


18 February 2020


Band: Talking Heads
Single: Take Me To River
Released:  June 1978
AlbumMore Songs About Buildings and Food – the band’s second LP
Note: The song was written in 1974 by soul singer by Al Green and guitarist
Mabon “Teenie” Hodges and performed by Green.
Score: The single reached #55 in the US and charted in several other countries

Studio version…

Live version…

Al Green original…

TALKING HEADS: Facebook / AL GREEN: Facebook

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE, THERE’S FIRE! Choice Cuts From Central Oklahoma’s Rock Underground Vol. 1…

18 February 2020

The only thing I knew so far about Oklahoma, as a vivid NBA basketball fan, is that the state’s capital is the home of one of my favorite teams called Oklahoma City Thunder
but with this steamy collection, titled WHERE THERE’S SMOKE, THERE’S FIRE! Choice
Cuts From Central Oklahoma’s Rock Underground Vol. 1
, I learned that there’s also
a LOUD underground scene. This is only Vol.1, so there’s more raucous havoc to come.

And what have we here? A cacophonous mix of punk explosions, deranged psychedelia, prog-rock vitality, garage electricity, chainsaw tumult, wicked Hi-Fi dog food, turbulent Dresden bombers, instructions for modern living, demonic seeds, art of war hardcore,
piss psychobilly, black marbles on crooked vinyl & extraterrestrial trash. Can you dig it?

For your own safety
alert your neighbors
before you press play…

For only 5 bucks you can download (via Bandcamp) the digital album. Much cheaper
than a shrink! All proceeds will go to further online distribution and possible CD release.

Psych-Pop Act ELEPHANT STONE Released A New Gloomy Concept Album – Discover ‘HOLLOW’ Here Track By Track…

17 February 2020

Last Friday, on Valentine’s Day, Canadian psych-pop outfit ELEPHANT STONE – formed in 2008 – launched their sixth album, titled HOLLOW. An intriguing and fascinating concept lonplayer with an overall spellbinding and spiritual resonance despite the gloomy context of the LP, making me think of George Orwell‘s brilliant dystopian novel 1984 but npw with the social media as Big Brother. Mastermind, singer/songwriter, and renowned sitarist Rishi Dhir, worked, in between creating his own work, with legend Beck and cult bands such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre and he started recently new projects the Acid House Ragas and the wonderful MIEN, with members of The Horrors and The Black Angels.

About the new Elephant Stone record Dhir said: “I’m sure I’m not alone in this sentiment. If social media has taught us anything, it’s that there are a lot of unhappy people out there who are trying to find a way out. They are looking for meaning and something to believe in… or nothing to believe in. We all want the same thing but are trying to achieve it in different ways. With this in mind, we wrote and recorded this new album. I set forth writing a song-suite telling of a world of unhappy souls who have lost connection with each other.” He also revealed that he was inspired by The Who’s rock opera ‘Tommy’, Pretty Things’ fourth album ‘S.F. Sorrow’ and the second side of The Beatles’ classic ‘Abbey Road’ LP.

As a devoted Elephant Stone myself, having seen the band playing live several times,
it’s a great pleasure to have Rishi Dhir guiding us through Hollow track by track…

The songs

Here’s Rishi‘s track by track breakdown

1. Hollow World
“This was the trickiest song for the album as I knew it was to be the opener and I wanted to make sure it pulled the listener in. And it’s the beginning of the whole Hollow concept. I rewrote the track a few times before arriving on this version. I think having my 9-year old daughter sing on this really helped elevate the song.”

2. Darker Time, Darker Space
“I had a Pete Townshend-ish guitar riff lying around and messed around with some
weird vocals sounds with a Neu!-ish back beat. This is where things really start
going bad on earth…”

3. The Court and Jury
“This began with a sitar riff and was initially just an intro for Land of Dead. I decided to make it it’s own thing telling of the court system who decides who will leave for New Earth.”

4. Land of Dead
“Building on the same musical scale used in Court and Jury (bhairavi scale in G) I wrote
this riff on sitar as well. I injected with some Pretty Things/Sabbath stoner rock:) New earth is also dead.”

5. Keep the Light Alive

“The last of humanity arrives on new earth to find it devoid of life. The children ask the parents for guidance and support. I brought in my daughter and a couple of her friends
to sing. I love this song!”

6. We Cry for Harmonia
“The adults begin worshipping Harmonia (spaceship) as their god and saviour. They
lack skills for living in such a harsh climate. Musically, this song was an extension of
the choruses of Keep the Light Alive… I like the folky/Dylan-esque verses which then
go into an Everly Brothers-ish part and then into outer space.”

7. Harmonia
“This is the comedown/epilogue of side A. The last of humanity turn against their new god
Musically, amazing tabla performance by long time collaborator Shawn Mativetsky and my lovely wife Kirsty on backing vocals. I really like the middle 8 on these tunes.”

8. I See You
“This is one of the older songs writing for the album. Very proud of the middle 8 on
this one too… got this gothy vibe to it…”

9. The Clampdown

“Wrote this track on piano. Interesting fact: My piano was tune to 443hz rather than the standard 440hz. So, I had tuned all my other instruments to 443… was tedious but very rewarding in the end! Love Robbie’s guitar tones on this one.”

10. Fox on the Run
“Another older track from the album… the final version is built on a solo demo/jam I did
in my old studio in 2017. I couldn’t see how I’d be able to improve upon the demo, so just kept as is and layered tracks on top. A definite highlight of the album for me.”

11. House on Fire
My family had a fire at our house in late 2017 and then I went on tour supporting
the Dream Syndicate two days later. It was really hard on my wife and kids… this song
is pretty much me saying I’m sorry and that should’ve stayed home to help them.

12. A Way Home
An extension of the last song…. me returning home after leaving my family to fend for themselves… also ties in well with the album concept.

Thank you, Rishi for guiding us trough ‘HOLLOW’.
May the road rise with Elephant Stone!

Listen and/or buy HOLLOW right here.

ELEPHANT STONE: Facebook – Instagram