KAT FIVE Surprises With Fascinating Debut Solo Single – Here’s ‘BUTTERFLY WINGS’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

28 February 2020

KATE FIVE is the female member and sensual voice of London’s raving
electronic two-piece Feral Five who cause ecstasy on the dance floor.
Today she unveiled her first solo release called BUTTERFLY WINGS.

A hankering song of hope in dark times. It was inspired by Racines In Morocco,
a non-governmental organization that promotes culture and advocates freedom
of expression in Morocco. Their belief and slogan is #LaCultureEstLaSolution.
The Moroccan authorities did several efforts in the past to disband this much
needed movement. This experimental tune’s message is that even the tiniest
actions can create change.

It’s truly a special, surprising and encouraging piece with both a darksome and sanguine touch reflecting the uncertainty of the troubled times we live in. A slow-moving, poetic meditation with Kat Five‘s absorbing voice drifting all over the hypnotic electronic effects. And you can actually hear the flapping wings of a butterfly. Fascinating solo debut!…

La culture est la solution
You can’t break with evolution
Turn the clock back
On the revolution
La culture est la solution

Butterfly wings
Don’t break me
Butterfly wings
Don’t make me

KATE FIVE: Facebook – Twitter

You can stream and/or buy the single here. 

(promo photos via Kat Five)


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