Wall-Of-Industrial-Symphony – BLACK NEEDLE NOISE With ‘She Talks To Angels’ Feat. ANJELA PICCARD

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11 July 2020

Last month iconic producer JOHN FRYER a.k.a BLACK NEEDLE NOISE and industrial
hero PIG (Raymond Watts of KMFDM) joined forces for a battering collaboration,
entitled Seed Of Evil. An impressive high-tech darkwave hammer.

And he’s already back. This time teaming up with imposing voice ANJELA PICCARD
for a majestic cover of SHE TALKS TO ANGLES, a 1990 power ballad by legendary American rockers The Black Crowes led by impassioned voice Chris Robinson.

“Always been a big fan of the Black Crowes and it always feels good to pay homage to bands you like. We wanted to give it a totally different and cinematic feel to the song in our version. Anjela’s vocals are very heartfelt in her interpretation and delivery of the lyrics and being inspired by the cities of New Orleans and LA, the City of Angels,” says Fryer.

She Talks To Angels is the first taster of a new Black Needle Noise album called These
Mortal Covers
. The grand performance of this magical song is no less than awesome.
A huge wall-of-industrial-sound-symphony. Absolutely brilliant. As overwhelming as the Niagara Falls, as giant as the Titanic and as mysterious as the Archangel. No, I’m not on drugs, I just translate what I feel while the adrenalin storms thought my body. The king-sized vox of Anjela Piccard makes the sonic rhapsody complete while the sky-high chorus sends shivers down your spine. Big tune, big sound, big vox. Breathtaking!

Find out why here…

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Storm Before The Calm – THROWING MUSES Reveal Third Track ‘BO DIDDLEY BRIDGE’ From New LP

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10 July 2020

KRISTIN HERSH is one of those rare artists who don’t lose their high-quality songwriting strength and eager ambition to create new arresting music, even after a long succesful career. With THROWING MUSES (Hersh, David Narcizo, and Bernard Georges) she’ll share 10th LP, entitled SUN RACKET with the world on 4th September.

“All it asked of us was to commingle two completely disparate sonic vocabularies: one heavy noise, the other delicate music box. Turns out we didn’t have to do much. Sun Racket knew what it was doing and pushed us aside, which is always best. After thirty years of playing together, we trust each other implicitly but we trust the music more” says Hersh about the new record.

So far we got two songs. Firm stomper Dark Blue
and shadowy reverie Milk At McDonald’s.

And here is number three. BO DIDDLEY BRIDGE is a twofold song starting with a heavy groove and turning blue halfway with an almost whispering Hersch. Storm before the calm. Pretty special!

“My little boy, Bo, used to fish off Bo Diddley Bridge down the street before it collapsed, around the time our life collapsed. But we lived; we swam in a life sunshine somehow. And both bridges – the Bo Diddley one and the life one – were rebuilt around us.”

Listen/watch here…

If you missed the first two
pieces you can catch them here…




Find the pre-order facilities for SUN RACKET here

Don’t Mess With Hard Hitting Runaways L.A. MACHINA – Hell’s Bloody Bang Bells!

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8 July 2020

L.A. MACHINA is a full female garage turbo featuring two utterly cool ex-members of
The Darts
vocalist/guitarist Michelle Balderrama and drummer Rikki Styxx and on bass
and lead vocals Suzi Moon from Turbulent Hearts. Three hungry ladies have a license
to rock like hell.

We’re kinda like Josie & the Pussycats, but with LSD and way more distortion.”

Their debut 7″ is boiling in the pipeline waiting to be unleashed pretty soon. It features
the hot-blazing trio’s first hit single TEENAGE HEAD and their upcoming brand new blow GO!. No B-side for this double A-side tandem, folks.

Let’s concentrate for starters on Teenage Head. A nasty crackerjack exploding with fierce force from the get-go. A high-powered red-blooded-riff explosion that attacks your poor speakers. Combine scorching guitars, a merciless drum beat, and spicy vocals and what you get is a well-oiled rollicking Machina. What you gonna do? Jump like a kangaroo on dope all over the place.

1-2-3-4, let’s roll…

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Pre-order the single here.
L.A. MACHINA: Facebook

Welcome back Michelle

Welcome back Rikki…

(concert photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

Metal Middle Finger To All American Hypocrites – JELLO BIAFRA Back With New Slam ‘TALIBAN USA’

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7 July 2020

Ex-Dead Kennedys maestro JELLO BIAFRA and his band THE GUANTANAMO SCHOOL
is back after seven years. Now that the USA is about to explode we waited for Biafra to come out and raise his middle finger. Which he does now, attacking the hypocrisy of the conservative anti-abortion movement, and all who condemn the pro-choice movement that defends the legal access to induced abortion services. A middle
finger to his country’s violent history, its constitutional right to carry a gun and the countless mass-shootings.

TALIBAN USA is a red-hot-blooded metal crackerjack with Biafra doing what he does best, spitting and sneering to ventilate his deep-rooted anger. It’s a raging in your face blast, full steam ahead. America is sick, America is divided, America is led by an ultra narcissistic megalomaniac. Time for action!

‘Taliban USA’ is the first track from the upcoming new album TEA PARTY REVENGE PORN this fall via Biafra’s label  Alternative Tentacles Records.

Press play and scream along at the top of your lungs…


(photo on top: Facebook Jello Biafra)

Fragile Pearl – HILARY WOODS Shines On Black Sabbath Song ‘N.I.B.’

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6 July 2020

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of both the self-titled BLACK SABBATH album
and PARANOID, Sacred Bones Records is proud to present ‘What Is This That
Stands Before Me?
‘, a compilation of Sabbath covers recorded by artists from
across our roster, with The Soft Moon, Thou, Zola Jesus, Uniform and Moon Duo
among others.

One of the most imposing performances is by Irish
songstress HILARY WOODS. Her version of N.I.B.
strips the original down to the bone.

A fragile pearl. A silent beauty.

Some people say my love cannot be true
Please believe me, my love, and I’ll show you
I will give you those things you thought unreal
The sun, the moon, the stars all bear my seal

Enjoy here…

Album in full…

50 years ago…



Kooky Post Punk Galvanism – Here’s MIRROR GLAZE With New Stroke ‘COTTON CANDY HEARTS’…

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5 July 2020

From Hamburg Germany please welcome MIRROR GLAZE. They also like to call themselves “Garage Surfers from Hippie Beach“. A short description for their groovy, bloomy, surfy, rock ‘n’ roll lo-fi, reverb sound. They offer a rock ‘n’ roll flashback, in
perfect synergy. Like Bob Dylan and Patti Smith had a child in the early 60s, which is adopted from “Dead Moon“ in the late 70s. Sounds pretty cool, isn’t it?

The four-piece dropped ‘COTTON CANDY HEARTS‘, the second cut from their debut EP
At the Sugar Factory. A kooky flare-up with mental guitars, mental chords, and mental post-punk screams. It’s a weirdly groovy uppercut hitting you between the eyes while sounding like 70s New York’s new wavers Television after a 24-hour drink marathon.
Yes, I know, this is wicked galvanism screwing your messed-up head. Hallelujah!

The accompanying video drag us across the extinct Reeperbahn – made world-famous by The Beatles – contains explicit language, use of alcoholic beverage, and black magic rituals that some viewers might find upsetting…

While you’re here check also UNDERCOVER LOVER, the first piece of the EP…


Inflammable Passion – Here’s OCEANOGRAPHY With ‘RAINBOW RECORDS’

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3 July 2020

Who: The musical moniker of a singer/songwriter
called Kelly, living somewhere in sunny California
Pick: RAINBOW RECORDS  – a highlight from his 2019 album ‘Collier Canyon’ – a song about remembering the mixtapes and record stores of his suburban youth: “I pull out
your old Maxell tapes and play some radio songs… I remember you in ’84 knocking it around
to Purple Rain in the record store”.

Score: A glorious guitar pop humdinger getting your aural attention from the kick-off with a repetitive riff sticking as first-class glue. Inflammable passion, scintillating ardency, and vehement fervor. Big tune, big sentiments and a big voice reminding me of Greg Dulli‘s imposing vocals at times. Trust me, a solid gold sonic doozy still playing in your head
long after you had a few spins.

If you’re still in love with those good old music cassettes you’ll certainly dig this video clip…

While you’re here, discover the amazing
album COLLIER CANYON in full here…


Top Psych Pop Debut – LONUS With ‘HEADSPACE’

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3 July 2020


Who: Psych Pop duo from Belgium. Their songs are emphasized by inner discoveries,
with melancholy and honesty being the most strikingly characteristics.

Pick: HEADSPACE – five-star debut single

Keywords: Top psych-pop moodiness, Tame Impala, relaxing melodiousness,
high-quality orchestration, slow rush vocals, head introspection, The War On Drugs,
starry-eyed summer tune of hoping to find something bright while having drinks

Whistle along here…

LONUS: Facebook

DEVO Is Dead Long Live HOME COUNTIES – Here’s New Trash And Slash Single ‘DAD BOD’…

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2 July 2020

After their notable debut single Redevelopment British up and coming post punk
team HOME COUNTIES confirm their huge potential with new score DAD BOD.

Songwriter and vocalist Will Harrison told about the fresh cut: “Dad Bod explores modern middle-class masculinity, with a particular focus upon the ‘progressive’ metropolitan man. The song initially takes a light-hearted standpoint listing the aesthetic traits and status symbols of modern men before moving on to address a darker side which is hidden behind the comfortability and respectfulness of a ‘Dad Bod’.”

Devo is dead, long live Home Counties, although for a few seconds you’ll hear the Gang Of Four‘s Damaged Goods intro riff. From there on its manic funk electricity bringing those innovative 70s ‘Are We Not Men?’ wackos to mind. Mind you, it’s not a copy/paste thing. These Bristol gunslingers’ buzz saw guitars cut and carve to the bone. Splintered rhythms and kooky vocals will have a strange effect on your body’s movements. Two minutes of
chopped turbulence. Two minutes of I want more of this slash and trash buzz. Definitely!

Bring it on…

Home Counties will release their debut EP on 4th September via Alcopop! Records featuring the aforementioned debut single Redevelopment


FONTAINES D.C. Share Another Grand Piece From New Upcoming Album – Here’s ‘TELEVISED MIND’…

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1 July 2020

(photo: Turn Up The Volume!)

FONTAINES D.C., one the most exciting bands of the moment are on their way to follow their five-star 2019 debut LP Dogrel with another supreme longplayer. A HERO’S DEATH will see the day of light on 31 July. So far they gave us two startling cuts with the thundery title track and moody meditation I Don’t Belong.

And the third track is another remarkable ripper. TELEVISED MIND is a rollicking Krautrock-like jam getting under your skin slowly but surely while frontman Grian
‘s parlando vocals rattle on and on and on. Bull’s eye, again!

Let’s roll…

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Other two tracks




New album A HERO’S DEATH out 31 July – pre-order facilities via Partisan Records