New Single ‘YLMD’ By Multi-Instrumentalist HUSSY Is A Flaming Standout…

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7 December 2019

(photo: Poppy Marriott)

Artist: HUSSY

Who: South London based HUSSY (real name: Sophie Nicole Ellison) is
a multi-instrumentalist who makes music that’s both juxtaposingly lullful
and playful yet as raw and direct as the name of her pseudonym.

Track: YLMD – new single – Hussy said about this new one: “I could almost say at this
stage it has become a love letter to self-empowerment and things going wrong. You can
guess once you hear the lyrics, YLMD stands for You Let Me Down. I wrote it a few years
ago and feels like it’s almost taken on a new meaning for me now than when I wrote it. Originally it was the frustration over seeing loved one’s self-destruction. Ultimately though,
it’s a journey of reflection and self-empowerment.”

Score: This is a highly vibrant and flaming rocker with Hussy reflecting on somebody
who let her down as she keeps on repeating in the dynamic chorus. The wall-of-sound orchestration of this infectious stomper is just astounding. It feeds the track with tons of energy, vitality and ardor. ‘YLMD’ will not let you down, it will activate all of your senses.

HUSSY: Facebook

Southampton’s Noise Engine DALI Thunders On Their New Rowdy Single ‘YOU’RE NOT THE ONE’…

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6 December 2019

Band: DALI

Who: A fresh noise engine from Southampton
named after iconic artist Salvador Dali

Track: YOU’RE NOT THE ONE – new single

Score: From the razor-sharp intro riff on this earsplitting thunderclap turns into a hell of an overwhelming ride. This uppercut obviously reflects the band’s anger and frustration over what’s happening right now politically and socially in the UK. The blazing chorus says a lot about the emotions at play here: “Its been left to us / Look at how we rust / In this broken system, we’re supposed to trust?” Sounds like a crystal clear and thunderous alarm call to me! Catch the flaming firepower right here…

DALI: Facebook

British Post Punk Project MARY AND THE RAM Will Scare You With Their Newest Single ‘ECLIPSE’…

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5 December 2019


Who: The studio project of The Trembling Hellish Infernal Nightmare
‘s Kiran Tanna and The Parasitic TwinsDom Smith

Track: ECLIPSE – newest single

Score: This sounds like Armageddon can happen any day now, like Nine Inch Nails under the evil spell of The Birthday Party. After a chilling piano intro with a chaotic fuss in the background ‘Eclipse‘ explodes furiously and continues with a hammering psych groove with petrifying vocals all over it. This is demonic shit! This is ominous clamour! This is
pitch-black turmoil! This is diabolically cool!

Tune in and shiver…



Melbourne’s Psych Outfit BADGERS Hits Bullseye With Their Jangly Debut Single ‘MAKE IT RAIN’…

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4 December 2019


Who: A Melbourne based quartet “formed and bonded over a mutual love of ‘60s pop and partying – along with an appreciation for ‘70s wallpaper – BADGERS pretzel twist spare barebones rock and hazy paisegaze pop back in on themselves, emerging with a piercing, spiraling rock’n’roll that swings like a playset in a hurricane.”

Score: Talking about a smashing debut! ‘Make It Rain’ is a rousing jingle jangle guitar ripper. You’ll hear electrical echoes from the psychedelic era of the sixties and an early Stonesque-vibe. Anyway, this addictive stunner, with multi-layered vocals, will activate
all of your limbs from the get-go. Banging swagger! Smoking groove! Top cut!

Feel the steamy drift right here…

BADGERS: Facebook

Belgian Post Punk Force LUSTROUS Drops New Blasting Single ‘GOOD GRIEF’…

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4 December 2019

(photo by Lore Steveninck)


Who: Post punk outfit out of my hometown Ghent, Belgium.
Last year they released their cracking debut EP ‘Spiral Art’

Track: GOOD GRIEF – new single

Score: My oh my! What a hell of a furious blast! Obviously an outburst of regret, low self-esteem, and identity crisis. “Wanna saw myself in half / Get rid of the past, the little boy I am / Six feet deep, dead and gone, rotting away” spits singer Laurens. That doesn’t sound like a song about the birds and the bees. I think we are here in the middle of a much-needed sonic catharsis to get rid of some nasty demons while the droning drums and the frenetic guitars resonate as if doom and gloom evil is waiting just around the corner. Amen!

Feel the frenzied anger here…


Manchester’s Trio WOMAN YOU STOLE Rattles And Roars On New Infectious Single… ‘SHAKE!’

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2 December 2019

(Trust a Fox Photography)


Who: Outspoken and sharp-cutting DIY garage rock trio from Manchester

Track: ‘SHAKE!’ – the band’s third single – lyrically the song is “challenging the preconceived ideas of gender stereotyping in modern society, particularly whereby we are often assigned characteristics determined and limited by our gender.”

Score: This is a sickly sticky stunner that will make your whole body tremble and vibrate.
A stupendous garage crackerjack executed like rattling and roaring rock ‘n’ roll should be executed. Boisterous, tumultuous, and loud and clear! Also, the verses seem to serve as foreplay to the orgasmic explosion of the rambunctious ‘SHAKE!’ chorus that you’ll scream along on the top of your lungs after a couple of spins. WHAM BLOODY WHAM BAM!

Catch the commotion right here…


Italian Psych Post Punks KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND Release New Blustering Single… ‘ELIZABETH’

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30 November 2019

(Pic: Turn Up The Volume!)

Italian psych post-punk duo KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND from Venice, Italy is already prodcing dark waves since 2011. So far they released two full albums and a string of singles and EPs. And as I could experience myself last year, on stage they’re a hair-raising force.

The buzzing pair just released their brand new single ‘ELIZABETH‘. It sounds like a blustering killer shock where menacing industrial and hammering electronic dynamics meet and clash in harmony. Add Antonio Angeli‘s manic Krautrock percussion and Matteo Scarpa‘s demonic ‘Why Are You Here?‘ vocals and what you get is a merciless knockout. It
all starts with thunderous tension being built up, but midway the pace slows down mysteriously, and a sonic chainsaw-like intermezzo sounding horrifically serves as the ominous harbinger for an earthquake finale that may blow up your speakers. Expect a hellish and volcanic eruption! Absofuckinglutely!

Tune in and shiver right here…


You can purchase the single digitally or a copy of the limited edition 7″ red vinyl here

Australian Power Pop Outfit HIGH TROPICS Enthralls With Fiery Single ‘CHANGES’

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29 November 2019

THE HIGH TROPICS is an Australian indie band centered around singer/songwriter
Josh Stewart. After ardent single ‘Feel The Same’ earlier this year the band now shared new piece ‘CHANGES‘. A fiery, highly passionate mid-tempo humdinger with Stewart‘s towering vocals lifting the song to a fervent level that causes goosebumps. Top cut!

Feel the zealous fervor here…



British Rip-Roaring Rockers PRYSM Electrify With New Rowdy Smack ‘TURN IT UP’

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27 November 2019

Last August North Of England steamrollers called PRYSM released one of the most thundery crackers of the year with the multi-layered, tumultuous stunner ‘Destiny’.
But they still have some inflammable fuel left in the tank before 2019 expires.

The band just dropped fresh crushing cut ‘TURN IT UP’. It starts with a throbbing drums/bass beat, but soon razor-sharp vocals and a wall-of-howling-guitars kick in.
From there on it’s full force ahead like an uncontrollable tsunami of high-voltage electricity, like a sonic whirlwind, like an illegal decibels abuse. Oh yes, indeed,
rock ‘n’ roll can make you lose control!

Tune in and turn up the heat…

PRYSM: Facebook

Welsh Noiseniks CHUPA CABRA Return With Brutal Uppercut ‘VIOLENT URGES’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 November 2019

After splitting an LP with their label mates No Friendz last year, Welsh vociferous
punk trio CHUPA CABRA is back with a new brutal uppercut called ‘VIOLENT URGES‘.
A bloody aggressive stroke it is. Merciless in your face rumpus with kamikaze guitars, savage drums/bass thrashing and clamorous vocals on the verge of collapsing. Nasty whopper! Pugnacious blow-up! Hallelujah!

Press play and go nuts…

CHUPA CABRA: Facebook / Label: Trashmouth Records

(photo: Bandcamp page CHUPA CABRA)