Brit Rockers STEPFORD WIVES With Their New Riff-Roaring Badass Single ‘SO PARANOID’

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27 September 2022

Who: A no-frills, four-piece alternative/post-punk garage outfit
from Saddleworth, England. They don’t do guitar solos, fancy clothes
or ephemeral bull. They constantly strive to create thought-provoking,
passionate, at times subversive lyrics and melody played with an
aggressive sense of purpose.

New single: SO PARANOID

Turn Up The Volume: No whistles and bells for these wives who look
like husbands. Making you go berserk with bad-ass brawny garage commotion
is what they’re about. Their riff-roaring swagger spurs with buzzing bluster like
a modern-day punked-up reincarnation of 60s jangle junks The Sonics. They
claim not to play guitar solos, except here I guess. I’m pretty sure they invited
Jimmy Page for a dirty blues solo to close this wallop.

Go paranoid below…

STEPFORD WIVES: Instagram – Facebook

The band before their sex reassignment surgery

Young Gunslingers THE ILLICITS Impress With Super Duper Stomper ‘FEEL IT’

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26 September 2022

Photo credit: JTM

Who: 4-piece from Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. They produce
a ‘terrace punkʼ sound that brings the post-industrial imagery of
northern towns to the fore along with the will to keep moving

New single: FEEL IT

“Feel It combines an unmistakable bluesy riff with the progressive northern
rock n roll sound which The Illicits have become known for. The song pays
homage to their home whilst pushing towards a new hopeful horizon.”

Turn Up The Volume: The unmistakable resonance of that glorious riff
of David Bowie‘s glam stomper Jean Genie inflames this new crackerjack
corker of young gunslingers The Illicits from start to finish.

On top of it, cocksure vocals, schizophrenic guitar flashes and
a super-duper feel it chorus ensure that you add this to your
best-tracks-of-2022 list. Say no more.

Turn it up

Also st(r)eaming on

THE ILLICITS: You Tube – Facebook – Instagram

Psych-Rock Turbo THE ENDORPHINS Rock In Space With Brand New Missile ‘VOYAGER OF A DAYDREAM’

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25 September 2022

Who: Psych-punk rockers from Boson

First shared piece from their upcoming
the second longplayer, landing in November.

TUTV: Nobody told me that Minnesota‘s buzz and fuzz legends Hüsker Dü
are back with a new name and with a new line-up of Boston psychedelic
noisemakers who rock themselves into space with this brand new jagged

Voyager Of A Dream is a multi-guitar-layered missile stoked up by four
full-on cylinders. Whipped-up stuff for pandemonium-addicted ears.

Turn up the flaming fever…


Indie Britrockers YELLOW BELLIES Score Hole-In-One With New Ripper ‘FRANKIE’

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24 September 2022

Who: You’re girlfriend’s new
favourite indies from Brighton

New single: FRANKIE
An ode to that needy, self-deprecating urge to sacrifice your own well-being just to get someone’s attention, Frankie oozes with fuzz-filled, belting melodies that you just can’t help but sing along to.

“We’ve all been in a relationship where either you or your partner over dramatically play the role of self-sabotaging heretic, heralding oneself as a martyr for love. And in this track she goes by ‘Frankie’. So the songs really about that side of oneself that you hate to admit you either still have, or have experienced in the past”.

TUTV: Sharper and more barbed than Weezer. Actually the overall characteristic
indie-sound difference between sharp-cutting Brits and radio-friendly Americans.
rattles and rumbles. Piercing guitars, funky cadence, agitated vocals, and
a titan chorus. Listen to you girlfriend and find out why this is her fav band.


Also st(r)eaming on Spotify


Post-Summer Musing For Vulnerable Souls – CMON CMON With New Single ‘SAY WHAT IT MEANS’

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22 September 2022

Who: Indie rock trio from Belgium, signed by renowned manager
Stephen Budd (Gang Of Four, Heaven 17, The Magic Numbers)

It will feature on their debut EP, planned for
release on 14th October.

Jorrit Hermans (vocals, guitar) explains: “This song was fueled by my experiences with dishonest people who disguise their true intentions. I developed the lyrics to support people when they’re at their most vulnerable and delicate state of mind. Yet, this can be very powerful as well. So here’s a plea to look at strength and vulnerability as two sides of the same thing.
We hope it can help people to speak up and speak out to actually say what they mean. It’s everyone’s right to do so Just say what it means. Not what it seems.”

TUTV: The jangly guitars and the glossy resonance of R.E.M. and Teenage Fanclub are obvious, but my ears also detect the slacker rock mood of Dinosaur Jr. It’s an ideal post-summer musing for grey Autumn days for confused and vulnerable souls. Melancholic music can have a healing force. Cmon Cmon know how to create that salubrious feeling.

The accompanying vide clip shows a group of teenagers chasing another teenage girl. She’s being hunted and bullied and has to escape the glances, preoccupations and judgements of others. This creates a strong tension because a very grown-up theme is played by a group of kids who should be representing honesty and authenticity. These kids start to yell brutally and run towards the protagonist. They chase her down in a scary event that ends in darkness on a deserted country road. The story shows how we sometimes deal with other cultures, ideas, feelings and opinions. Who can escape the herd? How can we find the strength and the confidence to act our spirits? This is what we wish for everyone. Especially kids growing up with social media, unintentional attention and everything that can go wrong with being misunderstood. Just say what it means. Not what it seems.


CMON CMON: Facebook

BLACK MARKET KARMA Display Their Love For 60s Psychedelia With ‘IN MY CHILD MIND (From A to E)

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21 September 2022

(photo by Dan Briston)

Who: Psych rock unit hailing from London and now
residing on the South coast of England, the brainchild
of frontman Stanley Belton.

New single: IN MY CHILD MIND (From A To E)

Second taster, following lead track Dead Trajectory, from their upcoming
10th longplayer, named Aped Flair and Hijacked Ideas, out on 29 September.
Pre-order info here..

Album artwork

Belton about the album:“The album’s title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the idea
that nothing is truly original. Influence is an infinite web connecting all art and I think
that’s a beautiful thing that should be embraced. I often see people getting too hung
up on the pursuit of some kind of idea of total originality that doesn’t exist. It’s all in
the blend.”

TUTV: With an ongoing familiar jangly riff Black Market Karma display their love
for iconic NYC darlings The Velvet Underground. It carries this new cut throughout
its ongoing psychedelic progression and rotates in your head faster than you can
say Run Run Run. Also the echoing vocals have a 60s timbre. On the other hand
In My Child Mind wouldn’t be out of place on a Brian Jonestown Maasacre album.

Check out the vibe…

BLACK MARKET KARMA: Facebook – Instagram

Prolific Songstress JEEN Shared The First Single ‘CHEMICAL EMOTION’ Of Her New Upcoming Album

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20 September 2022

Artist: JEEN
Who: All-round Canadian singer/songwriter who has written for many recording
artists such as ‘Great Big Sea’, ‘Serena Ryder’, ‘Res’, ‘Hawksley Workman’, ‘Brendan Canning’, ‘FUWA FUWA’, Martin ‘Doc’ McKinney and more. She was a member of ‘Cookie Duster‘ with ‘Brendan Canning‘ of ‘Broken Social Scene‘.

Albums: Gift Shop (2018), Jeen (2020), Dog Bite (2021) and a new
one is coming up. Wow! 6 longplayers in 6 years (hello, Radiohead?)

It’s the lead-off track of new album Tracer,
out October 21st.

Jeen: “It’s about letting yourself drift in the flow of everything and hanging on as hard as you can to what makes the shitty parts more tolerable…I was thinking of that Hunter S. Thompson quote, “buy the ticket, take the ride.” It was written in April 2021, which was a rough part of last year for me. I needed to write something that reminded me to tread lightly, to forget about the heaviness of everything.

After only one spin, my ears told me that Chemical Emotion is an utterly mesmerizing doozy. Jeen‘s emotive voice bewitches right away, the mid-tempo cadence emphasizes
the meditative reflection perfectly, the compelling chorus brings Alanis Morissette to mind, and overall the orchestral sonority and the layered harmonies lead to a thrilling triumph.

And I know it sounds trite, but you made impossible possible sometimes

JEEN: Facebook – Instagram

Berlin Artist KAT KOAN And Her Band THE LOST SOULS Cover KYLIE MINOGUE For Charity

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18 September 2022

Who: The musical project of Kat Koan.
A versatile Berlin-based artist.

​Two weeks ago Welsh record label GOD IS IN THE TV released
Come Into My World: A Collection Of KYLIE MINOGUE Covers

in aid of MacMillian Cancer Support.

The 33-track album contains original Kylie covers. An eclectic range of her classics, from pure electronica, to indie, pop, psych, garage punk, folk, industrial goth, and disco by a range of independent artists from throughout the UK and Europe, there’s something for every taste on this album.

Koan picked Slow. The sensual electro-pop groove that opened her 2003 album.

The cover has a fairly different dynamic. More rock than pop with its psychedelic
guitars, its firm rhythm section and Koan‘s arousing vocals. It’s rare that a cover
is better than the original. But it happens here. Top. And the accompanying video
is top too.


Kylie’s original.

You can buy the compilation via Bandcamp and
support the MacMillian Cancer Charity Organisation.

KOAN KOAT: Facebook – Instagram

British Misfits DEATHRETRO With New Haunting Single ‘DARK HOSS’

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16 September 2022

Who: Alt indie 4-piece founded by three friends from the villages of Cumbria (UK). They forged a sound alive with the drama of the sprawling hillsides that surrounded them and the local party scene they grew up in. Now based in Manchester and accompanied by their producer/drummer. The band released its self-titled debut late last year, followed by
EP Pistols.

New single: DARK HOSSS

“Dark Hoss” started life as a Cure-inspired track, but took a turn in the studio and
shifted towards warped Depeche Mode-meets-Nine Inch Nails territory

Turn Up The Volume: Dark Hoss is a cutting post-Goth-wave stomper to start and end obscure underground parties with. The nervous guitars sound haunting, the shadowy vocals sound haunting and so do the whamming rhythm section. You really don’t need more to dim the lights and pretend that you are in an ill-lit disco and have a glorious nightmare.

Press play…

DEATHRETRO: Instagram – Facebook

Perfect Match In Noise Hell – METZ Teamed Up With JOE TALBOT (Idles) For New Riff-Roaring Ripper ‘COME ON DOWN’

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14 September 2022

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume – Brussels, 2019)

Next month, Toronto noise generator METZ start a tour (dates below)
to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their smashing self-titled debut LP
(released 9 October 2012).

Their merciless all motors hurly-burly with inexhaustive frontman
Alex Edkins at the wheels made me and my ears an instant fan.

Along the tour announcement, the trio shared two tracks, of which one is
pretty special. COME ON DOWN features their longtime friend Joe Talbot.

Alex Edkins (frontman) about working with Idles’ sharp-teethed voice Joe Talbot:
“‘Come On Down’ was originally recorded during the Atlas Vending sessions but never fully finished. During the pandemic I really gravitated towards the idea of collaboration as a way
to fill the void left by the loss of live music. I reached out to friends from far and wide in
order to get that feeling of community that gigs provide. Joe Talbot is a longtime friend who METZ has shared the stage with many, many times, and this song was a very natural and
fun way to catch up with him and do something positive with our time off the road.

(photo by Turn Up The Volume, Belgium 2019)

Joe Talbot: “METZ have been a band we’ve looked up to since they came into our lives
and made things better. I will never forget the first time I saw them or any of the other
times. Allowing me to sing with them is a gift and I hope you like it. I love it and I love
them. Long live METZ.”

Talbot has, like Edkins four lungs and you know that his band Idles
also produces hair-raising hullabaloo. Perfect match in noise hell.

Alert your neighbors
before you press play.

The 2nd speedball Heaven’s Gate is a previously, only
officially available on a radio station in the video game
Cyberpunk 2077

Open the gate below.

METZ: Bio – Discography – Instagram – Spotify