Get High With FEATURETTE On A ‘COCAINE’ Love Rush

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8 February 2023

Who: Synth-pop duo from Toronto, Canada with
two albums so far, Crave and Dream Riot.

New single: COCAINE

Lexie Jay (vocalist): “This song was born from leaning into the chaos, when it comes to obsessive behaviour. It’s absolutely relentless and provides no relief. I’m painting love-obsession as if it were a drug, and it’s my drug of choice. ‘Cocaine’ is meant to capture that new, all consuming, check-your-phone-every-three-seconds kind of love, toxic and manic as it may be; full of butterflies and nausea.Obsession has been a topic I’ve been stuck on since the pandemic started. Too much time to think coupled with a racing mind has been a recipe for disaster, so I started writing some of my thoughts down and trying to capture what that might sound like. It’s a genre-bending little jackrabbit of a track, it scratches that itch in my brain that I’ve been dying to explore.”

TUTV: Cocaine is the perfect tantalizing tune for all possesed lovers among
us who are under the spell of idolization. This bouncy hip-pop earworm doubles
your adrenalin production and fastens your bloodstream. With its Fever Ray echoes,
its blistering beats and bass booms and Jay’s sensual vocality you can feed your
lovesick state of mind.

Right here.

FEATURETTE: Facebook – Instagram – Website

SCATTERED ASHES – Shimmering Dark-Post-Punk-Wave Dubliners Share New Video For Juggernaut ‘FERAL’

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7 February 2023

Who: Dark-post-punk-wave team from Dublin, Ireland
that matches aggressive sonic textures with a strict sense of
space, created by urgent guitar stylings and prophetic vocals.

Single: FERAL

TUTV: If Feral came up on my headphones without any prior info I would have
sworn that the NYC darlings Interpol returned with a back-to-their-electrical-roots chainsaw juggernaut. The careless days before expensive producers were send by their record label into the studio to clean up their sound to seduce the masses. I hope these ambitious Dublin wolves just keep on following their sharp-cutting punk instinct and keep on trusting their own ears in the future and will stun us with more of their genuine trance-inducing turbulence as displayed here on Feral.

Robert Dalton (vocalist) about the new video: “We wanted to do something slightly
left field with the video and have always strived to infuse art at a greater length within our work. The image we chose for Ian Grouse (the artist) to paint resonated deeply with this theme of degradation: Clodagh O’Leary’s piece speaks of temptation and desecrated beauty. Having the video capture Ian in the process of painting this image highlighted the symbiotic nature between art and music.”


SCATTERED ASHES: Facebook – Instagram

S O R O R – Brussels’ Indies Are Back With New Funky Footstomper ‘COPY OF YOU’

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6 February 2023

Band: S O R O R

Who: Avid Brussels 4-piece, featuring 2 female vocalists, claiming
to produce “indie bathroom rock and atmospheric confessions”. A band
with a great sense of humor and some intriguing musical directions

New single: COPY OF YOU
From their new upcoming album.
Details to follow.

© Olivier Donnet

TUTV: This funky mid-tempo footstomper sticks right away with
its poignant vocals, its gloriously trippy guitar riff, and its bursting
chorus. You can really feel this stunner’s growing annoyance, sneaking
anxiously towards a rowdy climax. A solid slam dunk.

And the accompanying video is utterly cool.
Black and white, dark shades, and a let’s
rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Sexy!

Get your copy here.

S O R O R: Facebook – Instagram

CHUM – London’s Pych Enigma Score With Their Head-Krautrock-Spinning Debut Single

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4 February 2023

(photo by Suzi Corker)

Band: CHUM
Who: A 4-piece enigma from London. They have already gained an underground reputation for bringing a live show which floats somewhere between séance, pantomime and bad trip. They have a passion for humour, theatrics and the ethereal all the while set to a backdrop of crushing bass heavy sonics, maniacal kraut-tinged drumming and toe-tapping pop-esque melodics, interspersed with a dry somewhat disturbed vocal delivery.

From upcoming debut LP Metaphysical, due out in April.

Artwork: Suzi Corker

TUTV: Blimey! What a brainbreaker, what a mindtwister, what a debut.
From the get-go repetitive Krautrock dynamics do your head without asking
permission first. It just happens in an eye-ear blink. It feels like this jagged
jackhammer plays on repeat, over and over again, within its own swirling
structure. Its trance-inducing beats create a hypnotic and puzzling razzmatazz
you can’t and you won’t escape from. Bingo! Touchdown! I want more.

Press play and get magnetized.

CHUM: Facebook – Bandcamp

THE MAN WHO – Canadian Indie Trio Lose Their Minds On Their Brand New Bass Driven Footstomper

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3 February 2023

Who: Indie rockers from Toronto, Canada.
They took their name from a quote by American
essayist/abolitionist/poet Ralph Waldo Emerson :
“The world makes way for the man who knows where he’s going.”

New single: LOSE MY MIND

“Nothing’s better than hanging out with some friends and letting the night take you
on a ride. The inspiration for our energizing song “Lose My Mind” was wanting to let
loose and have a great time. The verses touch on the hangover brain fog, the next
day’s souvenir. But a little hair of the dog never hurt anyone.”

TUTV: Expect a stupendous bass-driven foot-stomper full of burning passion and
zippy zeal. A bit like Eels when he’s on a roll. Beat-heavy and boogielicious all the way.
Have it on repeat and lose your mind, for a while. Why not, it feels liberating.

Press play.

Also streaming on Spotify

THE MAN WHO: Facebook – Instagram

Canadian Electro Eccentrics AUS!FUNKT Pump Up The Jam Again With New EP

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2 February 2023

Band: AUS!Funkt
Who: Misfits from Toronto, embracing the process
the elements of electronica, dub, disco, garage rock & blues
while maintaining grittiness, simplicity and repetitiveness.

Motto: “The notes omitted are more
important than the ones played.


“3 new tracks dug up from the early days of the pandemic and
the deep recesses of our consciousness. As we exfoliate our brains
we welcome in new glitches to the body, mind, and system. Change
is inevitable, but the outcome is not. From industrial funk to
death-disco-jazz, it’s all there “

TUTV: These modern-looking Devo eccentrics dressed for a
masked Residents party impressed my greedy ears last year
with their ACE album Turn To Rust. A jamboree record for
24-hour party people.

This electro-turbo act funks and punks, rambles and rumbles, and
moves and grooves with the immense impact of a techno-punk engine.
This new 3-track PSYCHOSOMATIC TWITCH is a crystal dance clear proof
of what I just said.

Make some room, press play,
and pump up the jam.

AUS!Funkt: Facebook – Instagram

CAT JANICE Advices To ‘CHILL THE FCK OUT’ And She Knows Why

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1 February 2023

Who: Singer-songwriter born and raised in Washington by a vastly musical family, she took to violin and piano at an early age. What followed was 18 years of classical training, with valuable time spent as part of orchestral productions, jazz bands and theatre shows. She won the 2019 WAMMY (Washington Area Music Award) for Best Rock Artist and her 2020 single Pricey featured in the hit Netflix show Selling Sunset.


“Though Cat’s energy and passion seem unparalleled, her life has not been without difficulties. The creative is fearlessly transparent about her recent battle with cancer, her songs delving into both the struggles and successes of that journey. Her music and social media posts alike have taken the open road, connecting on an unrivaled level thanks to absolute sincerity and soul.”

1/10 songs Turn Up The Volume gets in his Inbox is about how the world is fucked up.
And it is, as we know it, in a lot of ways (racism, sexism, war, intolerance, inequality, corrupt politicians, etc.). But to face all those problems, I guess we need to fill our own mental tank now and then – a lot, actually – to be strong to resist adversity while having
as much lust for life as possible.

That’s Janice‘s message with her new ecstatic R&B earworm.
She battled cancer and won. And she’s confident to keep on
chilling the fuck out.

Let’s join her, let’s shake our booty and embrace
life and our fellow men. Good things can happen.

CAT JANICE: Facebook – Instagram

Post-Punk At Its Disturbed Best – Here’s Belgian Outfit RONKER With Their Intense Cry-Out ‘SHAME’

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29 January 2023

Who: Poignant 4-piece
from Belgium.

Pick: SHAME Their newest single.
Part of an upcoming EP, out in April.

TUTV: The distress of English outfit The Murder Capital and the anger
of American hardcore bulldozer Fucked Up. Oh yes, intense, indeed.

Shame is a sharp-cutting razor blade. A severe cry-out that you expect to erupt
any second. The vocalist’s pipes sound creepy and desperate. Flipped-out guitars,
a manic drum/bass tandem, and an ominous sonic progression grab you by the
throat from the first spin on. Post-punk at its disturbed best.

Impressive piece.
Impressive video.

RONKER: Facebook

THESE THRILLING LIES… Welsh Eccentrics Jamming Their Tails Off

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28 January 2023

Who: Eccentric post-punks
from Swansea, Wales

New single: NO FOOD

“This song is self-explanatory in the sense that the simple lyrics are an immediate
and passionate response to the continuing normalisation of food banks in our country.
It seems that something culturally and politically has gone terribly wrong for this to be considered acceptable. The gulf between the haves and have-nots is forever widening
and most of the haves seem to be increasing their contempt for everyone else.”

TUTV: These Welshmen are not your average safe-sounding rock band.
They’re DIY eccentrics jamming their tails off on No Food. A crashing and
slashing cry-out growing in anxiety and fretfulness along its chaotic course.

Imagine John Bonham‘s ghost on drums, assisted by a wayward bassist,
a sultry 60s Hammond organ, psycho guitars, schizo synths and a demonic
vocalist, mixing prog-rock and garage punk into a messed-up rumpus to
scare corrupt politicians with. Sounds wicked, right? You bloody betcha.

Are they mad? Yes, they definitely
are. For the right reasons that is.

Join the trashy revolution.


SUGARBUNNY – Vocal Passion And Sonic Melodrama On Debut Single ‘SUN’

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27 January 2023

Who: Fresh Belgian outfit, fronted by grand vox and songwriter
Hannah Vandenussche
(from magical electro act Rumours) and backed
by seasoned musicians, bassist/co-songwriter Mirko Banovic (damn I
miss Arno), drummer Joris Casier (Stake) and Jasper Morel (Black Box

Debut single: SUN

TUTV: What an arousing debut. Sun shines through its vocal passion
and sonic fervency. Hannah Vandenbussche‘s supreme vocality brings the
energy-charged resonance of Florence Welch to mind, while her surrounding
musicians build a towering wall-of-melodramatic as big as the Cathedral
of their hometown. As I said, what an arousing debut!

You, you can have it all if you want
You can even pull the heartstrings
You can take me anywhere
To the sun where we can be
You can put my mind at ease
Until the city wakes me up
Will you take me as I am

Listen and watch femme fatale Sugarbunny in the twilight middle.

SUGARBUNNY: Facebook – Instagram