THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING In An Emotional Whirlpool On Brand New Single ‘SHIFTING SANDS’…

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26 March 2019


Who: Power pop collective out of St.Albans, Hertfordshire, England
centred around singer/songwriter Jonny Bennett

Track: SHIFTING SANDS – brand new single

Score: ‘Shifting Sands‘ is a mixed emotions song about good times, bad times and embracing impermanence. It sounds and feels like a restless whirlpool of clashing sentiments and excitements. Both euphoric and confusing. Both rhapsodic and bewildering. A swirling sonic carousel going fast forward without a moment of
repose as if the protagonist tries to get in control again. This is a multi-layered,
jittery pop discharge that will leave you behind out of breath. Here’s why…

Legend PETER PERRETT Returns With New Obsessive Lover Fixation Single ‘I WANT YOUR DREAMS’…

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25 March 2019

After his triumphant return in 2017 with excellent solo LP ‘How The West Was Won’ the London Only Ones legend PETER PERETT returns with the lead single of his new upcoming LP. ‘I WANT YOUR DREAMS‘ is, without a shadow of a doubt one, of the most arousing songs Perrett wrote in years. It sounds and feels like an obsessive love song starting with a short smooth intro but turning real fast into a compulsive eruption of fanatic fixation for a lover emphasized by an arresting drum beat, glimmering guitars, sensual female backing vocals and Perrett, backed by impetuous electricity, heading hauntingly towards a sudden climax. Wow! A buzzing knockout! Listen/watch right here…


New album HUMANWORLD out 7th June – all info here

Toronto Singer-Songwriter ZINNIA Sparkles On Her New Superb Single ‘BULLETS’…

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22 March 2019

Turn Up The Volume fell in love with ZINNIA, the Toronto-based art pop project of
Rachael Cardiello, on hearing her previous stirring musing LUPINS. Now on her new
single BULLETS she displays again her enraptured songwriting skills.

“Bullets was written four years ago on an old upright at my mom’s house in Montana. I’ve carried it with me since then and sifted it through many arrangements and band settings. Though written in response to specific events, it has been heartbreaking to see the song
remain relevant over these past years as the same struggles appear in the lives of those
close and far”
says Cardiello.

Bullets‘ is a powerful piece of dramatic pop magnificence with Cardiello‘s mesmerizing
vox along side overwhelming synth parts growing crescendo along the way and lifting
the song to arresting heights. So impressive, so exquisite and so awe-inspiring. Zinnia definitely deserves a place next to first-class singer/songwriters Sharon Van Etten and
St. Vincent. No doubt about that.

Capture the spine-tingling splendor right here…

ZINNIA: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter


Swedish Indie Quartet BEVERLY KILLS Predict Doomsday On New Single ‘REVELLERS’…

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20 March 2019


Who: Indie quartet creating an impressive name for themselves
as one of Gothenburg’s up and coming bands to watch

Track: REVELLERS – brand new single

Score: Although ‘Revellers‘ sounds upbeat and elevating with its sped-up new wavish guitars reminding of early The Cure, its playful synths sequence and its infectious vocal melodiousness this is definitely not a love song. Its theme is pitch-black: “about a potential world where we’ve killed off everything and everyone just to satisfy our need to see death and chaos until there’s nothing left to kill but ourselves”. If you look at humankind’s insane and preposterous past and present wars, past and present conflicts, past and present hate
for each other one wonders actually if Doomsday isn’t just around the corner. Time for
one more dance, right here…

We crave death,
And car crashes,
It’s in our blood.

Spill their guts,
Let it flow,
Until there is…

Nothing left,
To kill but ourselves,
The arc of flesh collapses in,
On itself.

There is nothing left,
To kill but ourselves,
The arc of flesh collapses in.

The full circles,
Thrives on sorrow,
So cathartic.

But you can’t wait,
For the flourishing,
Of panic and alarms.

Nothing left,
To kill but ourselves.
The arc of flesh collapses in,
On itself.

There is nothing left,
To kill but ourselves,
The arc of flesh collapses in.

REVELLERS available on Apple Music and Bandcamp

Toronto’s Foursome THE FAME Kicks Ass on New Single ‘CHERRY LIPSTICK’…

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19 March 2019

After their euphoric debut single Wide Awake Toronto rockers THE FAME present their second corker, titled CHERRY LIPSTICK. Imagine Weezer turning into an inflammable glam rock act. Expect tons of hooky riffs, a battering drums/bass tandem, electrical guitar solo’s, a massive chorus and a hot lipstick topic. Big bang! Fat slam! Kick ass stuff! Here we go…

THE FAME: Facebook – Instagram – Website

You can also stream CHERRY LIPSTICK on Spotify

Sound-Exploring Los Angeles Duo TANGIENTS Reinjects COCTEAU TWINS Banger ‘HAZEL’…

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18 March 2019

Los Angeles duo TANGIENTS is a “two-sided enigma, a dichotomy, a shadow and its’ reflection. Maybe they have something to prove. Maybe they can’t decide if they’re a modern day post-punk outfit or an early-80s-inspired shoegaze dreamscape weavers. Maybe it doesn’t matter, because it hits.”

Their brand new single is a cover of HAZEL, a stomping song by Scottish ethereal dream pop legends COCTEAU TWINS released as a B-side on their 1983 single ‘Peppermint Pig‘. The breathtaking performance of TANGIENTS inventive interpretation of this track is just astonishing. Massive tribal drums inject this reverberating banger with a gigantic beat from the get-go. When jigsaw guitars and singer Chelsea Ray‘s voodoo vox kick in Siouxsie and The Banshees pop up instantly in your aural imagination and when a sinistrous bass tries to take control in the final minute you’ll experience an imposing sonic finale. This is not a cover, it’s a ravishing recreation.

Inhale the energy right here…

TANGIENTS: Facebook – ‘Hazel’ on Apple Music

Noise Junks PINK ROOM Do Not Have A Clue What They Do – Here’s New Single ‘???’

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16 March 2019

Belgian noise junks PINK ROOM will catapult their debut album ZUM KOTZEN in your
face next week. But before doing so they want to damage your ears with one more single from that LP. ‘???‘ is 2 minutes and eighteen seconds of punk schizophrenia, messed-up havoc, sonic paranoia and hysterical racket. Probably inspired by the Tom Waits video for
I Don’t Wanna To Grow Up’ the threesome fabricated a cool, claustrophobic clip. Get out of your straight jacket, folks, and join the clattering party right here…

PINK ROOM: Facebook

ZUM KOTZEN – debut LP out 22nd March – all details and pre-order facilities here

Garage Punk Misfits MOGO Twist And Shout About Their Cool ‘BOYFRIEND’…

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15 March 2019

Band: MOGO

Who: Four Belgian oddballs making a lot of noisy stuff to go bananas to and who write
daft songs about former President Richard Nixon and the late actor Patrick Swayze.

Track: BOYFRIEND – lead single from upcoming EP

Score: While looking and acting like nutcases – just being themselves I suppose – this
thunderous 4-piece engine rocks like an out-of-control meteor on its way to destroy the future Mexican Wall. I don’t have a clue who their cool boyfriend is, but I guess he’s one of their mental kind who knows that punk rock was actually invented to put a gigantic grin on your face. And that’s what these blazing motherrockers do tremendously well. They roar, they roll, they rattle and they make you smile! Hallelujah! Release the bats…

MOGO: Facebook

Brooklyn’s RUSSIAN BATHS Going Paranoia On New ‘PARASITE’ Single…

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14 March 2019

Blustery tandem RUSSIAN BATHS from Brooklyn, New York shared their new kick-ass hammer called ‘PARASITE‘. This is what the band’s Luke Koz has to say about the track: “Have you ever had an insect burrow into your brain and force you to drown yourself? Cured
a headache with a hand grenade? This song is about these legitimate questions.”

Well, it seems like this is not your average love song, folks, rather the paranoid hangover
of a surreal and mind-damaging nightmare. And the sick result is bloody smashing! Like
a Sonic Youth eruption coupled with an exploding Nirvanesque chorus and injected with doomy male/female vocals. Play this damn loud, crush that insect in your brain and keep your hand grenade ready to erase your headache. Lots of deranged fun! Press the button right here…


Canadian YES WE MYSTIC Sounds Like A Full Orchestra On New Track ‘YOUNG EVIL’…

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13 March 2019

(photo: bnbstudioswpg)

Canadian art pop collective YES WE MYSTIC releases their second full-length TEN SEATED FIGURES on 19th April via DevilDuck Records . Ahead of it the band just shared second single ‘YOUNG EVIL‘. A stunning musical tour de force with a highly dramatic tone, an astonishing drive and a multi-layered orchestration. This is a bedazzling pop symphony
with an overwhelming impact. Catch the euphonious grandeur right here…

YES WE MYSTIC: Facebook – Website