Mystifying Pop-Noir Sexiness – Hear Spine-Chilling Single ‘YOUNG HELL’ By GLAARE

28 February 2021

Band: GLAARE (California, US)
Who: Brandon (Ancestors, Buried at Sea, Black Mare, Soft Kill) and Rachael, an experienced vocalist and Rex (Black Math Horseman, Animato) and Marisa (Wax Idols, Bizou) on guitar, bass, synth, percussion, and backing vocals respectively.

Single: YOUNG HELL – lead-single from
upcoming second LP ‘Your Hellbound Heart‘,
out April 30 via Weyrd Son Records.

Score: This feels like a spine-chilling exploration of the dark side
of the human psyche. A slowly moving and fascinating pop-noir
groove with The Cure-like guitars, an enigmatic flow and Rachael‘s
voice scarily similar to the gripping vocality of impressive singer-
songwriter Angel Olsen.

Racheal sounds, looks, moves, stares, and stirs like a femme
fatale who knows what hell is like. Don’t mess with her.

Here’s why

GLAARE: Facebook

YOUR HELLBOUND HEART – out 30 April via Weyrd Son Records

IN SEARCH OF… Stone Rockers FU MANCHU – Third LP Released 25 Years Ago

28 February 2021

Who: American stoner rock heroes, formed in
Southern California in 1985, and still going strong.

Released: 27 February 1996 – 25 years ago

AllMusic/Eduardo Rivadavia: “Fu Manchu was one of the most enduring
and influential bands of the ’90s stoner metal movement (along with Kyuss,
Monster Magnet, and Sleep), but it wasn’t until their third full-length release,
‘In Search Of…’, that the Southern California stoners finally obtained ‘major’
label support by signing with Mammoth Records… Not that this had any effect
on singer Scott Hill’s indistinctive vocals, or the band’s fuzzy dirge of post-Black
Sabbath riffery with psychedelic overtones.”
Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: I’m sure that Queens Of The Stone Age
ringleader Josh Homme knows all Fu Manchu albums by heart.

Singles: Asphalt Risin / Mising Link



Full album…

FU MANCHU: Facebook

German Darkwave Dreamers CROWS ON WIRES Released Mystique Debut Single ‘C’

28 February 2021

Who: New dreamy-dark-wave project from Dresden, Germany. Crows on Wires
prefer candlelight, enabling listeners to dive into their spiritual world and to follow
their imaginary trip through light and darkness, through fears and longings.

Single: C – debut single

Score: This is music for twilight hours, for shadowy moments, for spiritual
introspection. It’s the sound of silence you can actually hear in your mind.
Uncanny, somber, and swarthy. Mixed emotions about an ending relationship
reflected in the lyrics and the vulnerable vocals. Absorbing debut.

Dim the lights and listen here…


STEREOLAB – New 25-Track Retrospective – Une Longue Expérience Remarquable

28 February 2021

Who: An English-French avant-pop band formed in London in 1990.
Active: 1992-2009, 2019–present

Works: 10 studio LPs between 1992 and 2010 and 8 compilations.

New compilation: ‘ELECTRICALLY POSSESSED (Switched On Volume 4)
Content: Discover the origin of every track right here.
Order info: website Stereolab

Turn Up The Volume says: Pretty remarkable how a band could be so productive on a high-quality level. Jazz, wayward pop, prog-psych sketches and ambient trips go hand in hand, like most of the pieces were produced by music-challenging wizard Frank Zappa. Never a dull moment, sounding not passé at all. A transfixing experience all the way.

Stream/buy full album here…


Schizophrenic Blitzkrieg Rock – Go Insane To EMPTY HEAD And Their Ace Debut Single ‘HUNTED FROM BELOW’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

27 February 2021

(an empty head?)

Who: New high-powered noisemakers from Liege, Belgium

Pick: HUNTED FROM BELOW – first single from upcoming debut EP, out in April.

Score: Lock The Stooges, MC5 and Queens Of The Stone Age up in a studio with a booze
bar and (il)legal substances of their choice, and they’ll come out, some time later, with
a schizophrenic blitzkrieg sledgehammer like this. Hunted From Below is sonic madness, mind-crushing paranoia and muscled tumult all rolled into one bad motherrocker of an electro-shock wallop. You can smell the scent of scorching punk frenzy. Nasty, filthy and vicious! Totally insane!


EMPTY HEAD: Facebook

It’s OK To Bleed With Manchester Cult HEAVY SALAD… An Interview

27 February 2021

If you’re going to Manchester be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. If you’re going
to Manchester you’re gonna meet some gentle people there. All across the UK nation such
a strange psych vibration, people in motion. They are a whole cult generation with a new
casual explanation.

They are called HEAVY SALAD.

A trio formed in 2018 in one of the most fertile rock cities in the world, that works in the space between perceived reality and the abyss of your mind. Bonding over a joint interest in psych-horror films, they loved the idea of being in a band like a psychedelic cult, albeit a cult with no rules. Sounds pretty cool, right? Absolutely, as the now 7-piece gang knocked heavily on the door last year with CULT CASUAL. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best debut LPs of 2020. So, you really need to learn more about this Lucy in the Sky with diamonds collective.

But, as usual, before we start chatting, a piece of music…

Hello Manchester,
Hello Heavy Salad

Is there a story behind the band’s name and how
many members are actually part of the team?

“Heavy Salad was just a phrase that Lee liked and thought he’d just made up,
then we found out it’s a – lesser known – Scouse saying that means ‘something
stressful or demanding
’ which seemed to be a nice juxtaposition to the sound
of the band.

Heavy Salad was started by Rob Glennie, Allan Hutchison and Lee Mann and slowly
grew into a seven-piece (when we’re all free) with The Priestesses: Ally Boo, Esther
and Lucy Hope and Oscar on rhythm guitar /backing vocals. The whole
group contributed to the album too.”

Why is it that tons of great bands – then and now – come out of Manchester?

“Maybe because it’s cheap to rehearse! Anywhere it’s cheap to rehearse has good bands.”

Which track would you play to introduce yourself to people who never heard of you?

“Probably the first song on the album, it’s called ‘Death’ and it touches on lots of what we’re musically all about. All the songs are something of a red herring though because we like to explore different styles of writing, we love albums like The Beatles’ White Album that take the listener on a sonic tour.”


Debut album CULT CASUAL is a triumph to my ears!
What’s the title about?

“The title of the LP was an off cuff remark by Allan on WhatsApp that stuck. I guess it means we like to think of ourselves as a cult but we don’t expect you to drink the poisoned Kool Aid to transcend, you are free to transcend at your own free will! It was originally going to be called ‘Sun Warm’.”

Great artwork too. Who designed it and what does it all mean?

“A long-time friend of the band Ed Syder is responsible for the artwork. The images
touch on themes of the album and illustrate our esoteric/occult interests.”

Single ‘IT’S OK TO BLEED’ sounds like a 60s psych hippie song to my ears. Agree?

“Yeah we would agree with that sentiment, we are all big hippies at heart and that song is about just letting go and living in the moment, accepting that it’s ok to just be yourself. Just let the feeling flow…..”

What about the message on your FB-page: ‘Stay tuned… back soon’?

“We just wanted everyone to know we’ve not given up because of the pandemic! Quite the opposite actually as the band have been working on something of an opus for the second LP and we’re going to be working with a longtime hero but we’re staying super tight-lipped for now…”

A lot of musicians came up with covers of other artists’ songs during these
bizarre times. Which one would you pick to give it a HEAVY SALAD touch?

“Da zeuhl wortz mekanik by Magma.”

Suppose you were asked to rewrite the British National Anthem,
what would be the outcome in sound and vision?

“It would just be a one-note, hypnotic mantra that forces the listener to think and to mediate. It would make the listener take a minute to weigh up a situation and come
to a caring and respectful decision that benefits everyone and not just themselves.
That’s what we need from a new National Anthem.”

City or United?

“Defo not City, have you seen the state of Pep’s trousers?! Allan and Rob are United.
Lee is Liverpool FC! Just don’t mention Football innit!”

Oasis or The Stone Roses or Happy Mondays?

“Happy Mondays all day long.”

How’s life in real Brexit time now?

“Who knows!? We haven’t had the opportunity to experience what it’s going to be like, on paper it looks disastrous! We remain optimistic because you just have to don’t you? None of the band support Brexit.”

What movie would you pick to screen behind
you on stage while playing the album?

“The Panos Cosmatos classic MANDY.”

THE THING the world should know about HEAVY SALAD?

“We rehearse in a Flying Saucer. ”
(note TUTV: damn, I knew it)

Thanks very much for the interview.
May the road rise with HEAVY SALAD!

Buy/stream CULT CASUAL here…


The gang in full, with the wonderful flower power Priestesses

KING GIZZARD & THE WIZARD LIZARD – New Tree Saving Album ‘L.W.’ Out Now!

27 February 2021

Who: 24/7 prog-psych-rockers from down under

Album: L.W.
Released: 26 February 2021

Info: “This download of L.W. comes with tree (that’s right tree). $1 from every download will be donated to Greenfleet, who plant native biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand. That way habitat will be created for the local wildlife species… Protected for 100 years, the trees will grow into a thriving and resilient forest restoring the native ecosystem in the area and increasing the overall biodiversity and resilience.”

Stereogum writes: “L.W. focuses on the jammier side of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. As always, the band is bringing big, drooling guitar riffs and tricky push-pull rhythms. The songs on L.W. are on then gentler, more playful side of the King Gizzard oeuvre, but they’ve still got teeth.”

Singles: Pleura / O.N.E.


– O.N.E. –

Stream/buy full album…