Schizophrenic Blitzkrieg Rock – Go Insane To EMPTY HEAD And Their Ace Debut Single ‘HUNTED FROM BELOW’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

27 February 2021

(an empty head?)

Who: New high-powered noisemakers from Liege, Belgium

Pick: HUNTED FROM BELOW – first single from upcoming debut EP, out in April.

Score: Lock The Stooges, MC5 and Queens Of The Stone Age up in a studio with a booze
bar and (il)legal substances of their choice, and they’ll come out, some time later, with
a schizophrenic blitzkrieg sledgehammer like this. Hunted From Below is sonic madness, mind-crushing paranoia and muscled tumult all rolled into one bad motherrocker of an electro-shock wallop. You can smell the scent of scorching punk frenzy. Nasty, filthy and vicious! Totally insane!


EMPTY HEAD: Facebook

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