Turn Up The Volume’s 20 BEST TRACKS – OCTOBER 2023

Best of the best of October 2023



1. ‘Sometimes, I Swear’ by THE VACCINES (UK)

(Press photo)

The celebrated British indie rockers prepare for the launch
of their 6th LP, titled ‘Pick-Up Full Of Pink Carnations’, with this
new stonker, bringing the sonic euphoria of The Killers to mind.


2. ‘The Dancer’ by IDLES (Bristol, UK)

Press photo

The Bristol punks announced the release of
their 5th LP. They named it Tangk and is slated
for release on 16 February 2024.

First appetizer Dancer features backing vocals from
LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and Nancy Whang.

From now on you can dance to Idles.


3. ‘In Slow-Motion’ by EX-HYENA (Boston, MA)

This synth-pop duo is warming up for their third full length ‘A Kiss of the Mind’

Lead single ‘In Slow Motion’ is dark-synth-wave pizazz at its haunting best.
Booming beats rotate on and on towards a full orchestral plangency while
shadowy vocals add even more sinister vibes.



4. ‘Mouth Yellow’ by PHUTURE MEMORIEZ (New York, US)

These masked synth-punk freaks from Vancouver (CA)
produce lots of mayhem on their new album Play Cobra.
One of the 5 best albums of the month on TUTV’s list.

Mouth Yellow is one of the crazy corkers.
Fasten your seatbelt, folks. It’s a rough ride.


5. ‘TK421’ by LENNY KRAVITZ (US)

The veteran superstar born Leonard Albert Kravitz in New York City 59 years
ago has his new longplayer – a double one – dubbed ‘Blue Electric Light’ out
on 15 March 2024.

On the video for the first taster ‘TK421’ Kravitz
drops his towel and shakes a lot of body parts.

Rock your ass off, Lenny.


6. ‘Downtown Operation’ by DUBINSKI (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Four brothers who’ve literally been through everything together – from childhood
through adolescence, success and grief – using music as the gel to hold them in place.

This first cut from their forthcoming 2nd album is a pure not-so-happy
pop pearl about the doom and gloom era we’re living in.

Its whirling groove, its ebullient beat, its glistering synth flashes, its vivacious
harmonies and last but not least its tremendously infectious chorus combine
for a top-notch earworm. Think Everything Everything and/or Hot Chip turning
up the heat.



7. ‘lie’ by MILLIE MILNER & THE DEADNAMES (Manchester, UK)

Photo Credit: Izzy Clayton

Beginning as a solo project and growing into a band, Millie Milner & The Deadnames
of Manchester, UK was forged with a stronger mission at the heart to be the queer representation that the band’s members struggled to find in their own teenage years.

Lie was inspired by a breakup of Milner‘s and co-penned by a friend. It tells of
a need to take ownership of their life and their choices and the newfound element
of fun and recklessness they found themselves surrounded by as a newly single

It’s indie at its vivid best. Sparkling guitars going berserk now and then, firm
drum hits, crystal clear vocals/harmonies, evocative lyrics, and a steamy chorus.

Clap your hands.


8. ‘Plastic Punks’ by AUTOGRAMM (Seattle, Chicago and Vancouver)

Photo by Dave Paterson

This Vancouver pop-punks have, so far, 2 albums
on their résumé and #3 waiting in the pipeline.

But first this old-school punk chant.
It’s fun, it’s witty, it’s pogo time.



9. ‘Dream Job’ by YARD ACT (Leeds, UK)

These British indies shot to the top like a comet
last year with their ace debut LP The Overload.

Dream Job is a chirpy harbinger for album number two,
baptized ‘Where’s My Utopia’ shows up on 1 March 2024.

Tune in.


10. ‘Dead Moon Rising‘ by CACTUS FLOWERS (Houston, Texas)

This psych-rock act is fronted by Jessica A.M., whose mother photographed bands for
the legendary Rolling Stone music weekly during the magazine’s counter-culture heyday.

Their new sultry mid-tempo garage blues-rock corker is fuelled by echoing, rollicking
riffs, steady drum hits and bewitching Jessica A.M. vocals. Dead Moon Rising resonates
like glorious legends The Cramps with a mean machine vibe, rock-and-psycho-billy
swagger and footstompin’ dynamics. From bad moon rising to dead moon rising.

Check in.


11. ‘Run Run Run’ by THE LIBERTINES (London, UK)

The Libs met in the studio once again for a new LP.
It’s been 8 years since the release of their 3rd album
Anthems For Doomed Youth, which was their first
in 11 years back then.

Their new one ‘All Quit On The Easter Esplanade
and comes our way on 8 March 2024.

Run Run Run is a sickly sticky runner.
A vintage Libertines anthem.

Let’s roll.


12. ‘Violence’ by EMPTY HEAD (Belgium)

Two years after the release of their charged self-titled debut EP Empty Head are
back with a brand new follow-up EP named Tales Of A Modern Man. A 5-track
one anchored by the overarching theme of the Modern Man and bristling with
a wiry tension.

Opener Violence sets the tone with its hammering beats, its inflammable
guitar galvanism and frontman Simon Galloy‘s sky-scraping vocals.



13. ‘Gift Wrap’ by GAS KÜNST (UK)

Garage punk misfits from Cheshire, UK produced 2 EPs so far them out here.

And on this new speedball they go fast forward, with sharp-teethed
gusto, with high-voltage garage dash and biting vocals. All burners on.



14. ‘Sowieso F***ed’ by USE KNIFE Belgium/Iraq)

This Belgian/Iraqi launched their excellent debut
full length The Shedding Of Skin, last year.

Their new piece is “a cynical “c’est-la-vie” anthem, set to a heavy 95 BPM beat and a disarray
of fucked up samples & sounds, about ten little wanderers who wander kilometers from home trying to belong. But home is where the heart is. And the House will never share its wealth.”

The release was initiated before the brutal reality of the genocide happening in Gaza.
Now, the cynical message must make way for solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

Expect a both haunting and hypnotic trip, with ominous slo-mo beats pounding
relentlessly with eerie chants all over it. Dark clouds in the air, calm before the storm, subdued electronic anger. It’s an alarming beast of a track.

Fuck all war-greedy political leaders.



Press photo

Carter and Co release their fifth LP Dark Rainbow on 26 January 2024.

First single Man Of The Hour is a gorgeous surprise. Sonically and vocally
we get the softer side of the post-hardcore punk and tattoo artist. A super
duper ballad.

Sing it loud.


16. ‘Birthday Cake’ by TEEN IDLE (

Photo by Samantha Abdelbarry

Abdelbarry: “The song reflects on having a friend who is acting in immature
ways you’ve outgrown, but knowing they still need your support and friendship.”

It features on her new notable album Nonfiction.

Birthday Cake is slow-progressing musing that appeals instantly with its
rudimentary PJ Harvey-esque guitar play and Abdelbarry‘s affectional voice.
The song has both a romantic and wistful sonority that captivates and moves.
And halfway melancholic synths accentuate the overall ruminate timbre in
an endearing way.



17. ‘Can’t Break You’ by CALEB ORR (Alabama, US)

Caleb Orr is a young skilled country-pop-rock singer-songwriter who grew up in Helena, Alabama. He found his passion for music at a young age. He and his two older siblings were raised on music legends like Alan Jackson, Van Halen, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.

Great voice, great musicality, and great guitar play, echoing classic country
melancholia, and proving that the genre is simply timeless. As we all know, music can
have a healing, comforting and cathartic power and it also works here as Orr wants
to shake off bad habits of the past and want to focus on the future as a compelling

Rad debut.


18. ‘My Girls My Girls’ by THE KILLS (US/UK)

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume – Amsterdam, 2016)

Blues-rock tandem Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart are finally
back in town. Their 6th, marvelous LP God Games came out
last week.

One of my fav tracks is this sweet little gem.


19. ‘Dusty Road’ by THE LAST HURRAH (!!) (Norway)

This is the brainchild of seasoned Norwegian singer-songwriter Hans Petter Gundersen

Dusty Road is a smooth mid-tempo country musing with a bluesy feel and both
a melancholic and yearning sensitivity. Warm voice, captivating melody, vintage
pedal steel guitar charm. All the matching ingredients for a warm sepia-colored

Nostalgic Americana the Norwegian way.

It features on his brand new full lenght Modern Nostalgia.


20. ‘Landlord’ by ALREADY DEAD (Boston, MA)

Photo Credit: Brian Ferrazzani

Dan Cummings fronts Boston’s rowdy trio Already Dead

No wall-of-Already-Dead-dynamite electricity this time. Cummings
picked up his acoustic guitar and wrote this bone-chilling cry-out
about living on the edge of drowning or surviving.

Imagine British leftist/political activist and terrific veteran songsmith Billy Bragg
raising his voice or equally politically driven folk legend Woody Guthrie killing fascists
again with his wooden guitar. Landlord‘s profound emotions go from hope to despair
and back, and Cummings‘ anxious vocals send shivers down your spine.


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TURN UP THE VOLUME’s JUKEBOX 2023 – 10 New Tracks Added Every Week

In order to not miss a beat Turn Up The Volume scans the musical
horizon daily (doing it for years now, actually) to stay in touch with
all new things sonically great and shares the results on a weekly

Check the 10 new rad cuts just
added to this rad 2023 playlist.



Press photo

Frank Carter and his Rattlesnakes are warming up for their new album,
their fifth, baptized Dark Rainbow (out January 2024) with this stunning

Man Of The Hour is a gorgeous surprise. Sonically and vocally, we meet
the softer side of post-hardcore punk and tattoo artist Carter with this
pure power ballad. Superb. Sing it loud.


2. ‘Heart In The Hole’ by THE MURDER CAPITAL (UK)

(Photo by TUTV – Pukkelpop fest Belgium 2022)

Following their 2nd, masterly album Gigi’s Recovery which
came out last January The Murder Capital just dropped this
brand new single.

A melodramatic piece that confirms the Irishmen’s huge arresting potential again,
and again we get an absorbing vocal performance by frontman James McGovern.

Press play.


3. ‘Illuminated’ by SIZ (France)

Crédit: eddiefzone

These French noisemakers unleashed their 2d LP, titled Blind
two days ago. An overall smoking-hot top album. Stream it here

For stupendous mid-tempo towering single Illuminated – think Ty Segall
turning up the decibels – they have this zombie-themed video out now.
Halloween is just around the corner.

Get scared.


4. ‘Violence’ by EMPTY HEAD (Belgium)

Two years after the release of their charged self-titled debut EP Empty Head are back with
a brand new follow-up EP named Tales Of A Modern Man. A 5-track one anchored by the overarching theme of the Modern Man and bristling with a wiry tension.

Opener Violence sets the tone with its hammering beats, its inflammable guitar
galavanism and frontman Simon Galloy‘s sky-scraping vocals.

Top stroke.


5. ‘Peace’ by AUTOMAN (London, UK)

Photo by Lily Doidge

These 4 young gunslingers release their debut EP,
titled ‘Vegetables’, on October 20.

But first this Peace taster.

Freddie Brown (songwriter): “‘Peace’ channels that feeling of when your brain is so loud
that you can’t sleep; in the middle of the night, your thoughts are at their worst, and that acute sense of paranoia can quickly spiral out of control. I wrote it in the middle of the night, thinking I was copying Morning Bell by Radiohead. I got hooked on this two chord sequence, addicted to the way they don’t quite solve each other – just the right amount of uncomfortable.”

Peace funks and punks forth and back driven by a foot-stompin’
groove and creeps under your skin without asking permission.

Check in.


6. ‘A Tsar Is Torn’ by LOOKING GLASS WAR (Boston, MA)

This Boston team just launched their new, cracking 4-track EP,
named Where Neon Meets The Rain. Stream it here

Feverish highlight ‘A Tsar Is Torn’, is about the type of leaders who rise
to power in our present day. It’s acerbic and nervous edge, vocally and
sonically, holds your attention throughout. High-voltage stuff.

Fuck Trump.


7. ‘From This Distance’ by GUEST DIRECTORS (Seattle, WA)

These impassioned Seattle rockers released their notable psychedelia infused
debut album Interference Patterns only a week ago. Stream it here.

One of the clear-cut highlights is opener From The Distance.
Multi-guitar-layered shoegaze nirvana.



8. ‘Hold Me Tight’ by WALL OF FIRE (Brussels, Belgium)

This ambitious Brussels trio dropped their noteworthy multi-faceted
debut album, called Defying Heights, last month. Stream it here.

The album’s fervid single Hold Me Tight is an amplified,
soulful and bluesy cry-out driven by profound emotions.



9. ‘Embarrassing’ by BRITTA RACI (Los Angeles)

Photo by Jarius Fabian

Songtress Raci about the song: “I really just want ‘embarrassing’ to come across as
a raw-emotion break up song—nobody talks about how embarrassing it is to have to
tell your friend group that your significant other and you broke up.

Crystal clear voice.
Mixed emotions.
Effervescent tunefulness.

Tune in.


10. ‘Sweet Sounds Of Heaven’ by THE ROLLING STONES (UK)

Sweet Sounds Of Heaven is the 2nd single from their new upcoming LP, is an instant classic mixing the Stones‘ characteristic way of writing impassioned blues-rock ballads and mixing it with sky-scraping gospel delirium (think ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’).

Next to Mick Jagger‘s astonishing vocal effort comes
Lady Gaga with a wonderstruck vocal tour de force.

Listen up.


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TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 5 Best EPs Of 2021 (So Far)

The 5 best of 2021 (so far) according to Turn Up The Volume’s ears…

Who: The two charismatic rock queens Lindsey
and Julie Edwards from the city of angels,
Los Angeles.

Released: 18 June 2021

Turn Up The Volume: After the equal top-notch Digital Dream EP
Deap Vally shine again on this follow-up, with some help from their
friends. Put the two 4-track EPs together (I did) and you get nothing
less than the amazing amazons’ best album (so far)! A gloriously
varied and high-quality pop/rock/blues accomplishment. Please
come back to Belgium (asap)!

Stream/buy here…

DEAP VALLY: Facebook

Band: ULTRA SUNN (Belgium)
Who: Cold/darkwave duo – Sam Huge
and Gaelle Souflet – from Brussels

Released: 5 March 2021

Turn Up The Volume: Combine D.A.F.‘s industrial vibes,
Sisters Of Mercy‘s gloom and doom hallucinations and Depeche
‘s pop-noir thrills and you have the soundtrack for midnight
summer parties.

Listen/buy here…

ULTRA SUNN: Facebook

Who: Up and coming hit team from Liege, Belgium. They cultivate the contrasts
and hold both the visceral intensity of Seattle’s grunge and the bewitching fever
of California’s desert rock. The resulting blatant firepower is then used by singer
Simon Galloy as a support for his dark and intimate lyrics, which evoke topics such
as dreams and delusion, introspection, and the anxiety of the passage of time.

Released: 15 May 2021

Turn Up The Volume: From supersonic prog-punk-rock to towering primal screams
and psychedelic ax riffage, from mind-crushing paranoia and muscled turbulence to
swing moods emotions. Your ears will not feel the same again after listening to this full-headed whirlwind.

Check/buy EP here…

EMPTY HEAD: Facebook

Who: Dallas-based musician and visual artist.
Known as one of the shiny dark innovators behind
acclaimed avant-garde pop band Midnight Opera.

Released: 26th February 2021

Marxen says “In many ways, it was a crucial first step in my own grieving
process and self-discovery as a songwriter. Being so rooted in showmanship,
I hadn’t explored such vulnerability in my work before. when I began to shift
my efforts inward, I found that my truth very much needed to be expressed.
The song serves as a reminder to hold space for myself.”

Turn Up The Volume: You actually can feel Nicole Marxen‘s pain of losing
her mother as titanic industrial synth wallops petrify your perplexed mind.
She wants to ease the gloom and doom impact of her dramatic loss so her
wounded heart and restless soul can breathe free again. Chelsea Wolfe is
around the corner, listening in the shadow.

Stream/buy here…


Who: Musician/modern art painter and video maker,
based in London creating an unusual combination of
the playful and the dystopian.

Released: 23 February 2021

Score: 4 love songs for those who want to explore the dark side of their
inner self by watching David Lynch movies. I’m sure Hannya White is one
of them. The way she infiltrates your worried thoughts with electro-scapes
boggles your psyche. It’s a puzzling experience. Expect the unexpected.

Chaotic music for chaotic people in chaotic times.

Listen/buy here…


Prog-Stoner-Rock-Frenzy With EMPTY HEAD And Their 4-Track Debut EP

1 June 2021

Who: Up and coming hit team from Liege, Belgium. They cultivate the contrasts
and hold both the visceral intensity of Seattle’s grunge and the bewitching fever
of California’s desert rock. The resulting blatant firepower is then used by singer
Simon Galloy as a support for his dark and intimate lyrics, which evoke topics such
as dreams and delusion, introspection, and the anxiety of the passage of time.

EP: Self-titled 4-track debut released on 14 May.

Warning: Alert your neighbors before you press
play and Empty Head starts torturing your speakers
with these four highly turbulent haymakers.

Here we go…

COSMIC RAVE – Supersonic prog-punk-rock-hammer with schizophrenic
guitars and a smashing powerhouse finale with delirious vocals…

MIRROR – A quiet/Loud/quiet metallic(a) trip fueled by towering primal
screams and psychedelic axe riffage. Terrifying passion in motion…

HUNTED FROM BELOW – Sonic madness, mind-crushing paranoia and
muscled tumult all rolled into one mad motherrocker of an electro-shock
wallop. Queens Of The Stone Age are just around the corner…

SUFFOCATED DREAMS – Heavy mood swings fervidness going forth and back,
again with hair-raising guitars, a stairway to heaven fragment, and a sizzling singer
about to go insane. The Mars Volta meet Kyuss at the dark side of the moon…

EMPTY HEAD: Facebook

Jigsaw Electricity And Sonic Insanity With Strike Force EMPTY HEAD And Their New Single ‘COMSIC RAVE’

Daily electricity to fuel your batteries…

10 April 2021

Who: Noise-rock gang out of Liege, Belgium

Pick: COSMIC RAVE – 2nd single from upcoming debut EP (14 May)

About: “A song full of imagery and twists that delves into abstract concepts such as reality and dreams. The lyrics are centered around the (mis)adventures of a protagonist who is exploring a parallel world and gradually losing his mind to the point of not being able to dissociate dream from reality. The title of the song ‘Cosmic Rave’ refers to the delirious parallel world in which the protagonist is evolving and slowly sinking into madness.»

Score: After their stunning debut single Hunted From Below the up and coming Belgian strike force Empty Head goes berserk again. Fired-up guitars cause a jigsaw electricity that could come straight from an Osees record. Feverish vocals go mental here and there. The drummer sounds like if he wants to beat all of his lockdown demons. And just before the heated finale sets in I hear Soundgarden‘s late great frontman Chris Cornell‘s covering Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven. Awesome, right? You betcha.

Get out of your straight jacket and pretend you’re in hell (maybe you really are)…

EMPTY HEAD: Facebook

Striking empty heads…

Schizophrenic Blitzkrieg Rock – Go Insane To EMPTY HEAD And Their Ace Debut Single ‘HUNTED FROM BELOW’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

27 February 2021

(an empty head?)

Who: New high-powered noisemakers from Liege, Belgium

Pick: HUNTED FROM BELOW – first single from upcoming debut EP, out in April.

Score: Lock The Stooges, MC5 and Queens Of The Stone Age up in a studio with a booze
bar and (il)legal substances of their choice, and they’ll come out, some time later, with
a schizophrenic blitzkrieg sledgehammer like this. Hunted From Below is sonic madness, mind-crushing paranoia and muscled tumult all rolled into one bad motherrocker of an electro-shock wallop. You can smell the scent of scorching punk frenzy. Nasty, filthy and vicious! Totally insane!


EMPTY HEAD: Facebook