Prog-Stoner-Rock-Frenzy With EMPTY HEAD And Their 4-Track Debut EP

1 June 2021

Who: Up and coming hit team from Liege, Belgium. They cultivate the contrasts
and hold both the visceral intensity of Seattle’s grunge and the bewitching fever
of California’s desert rock. The resulting blatant firepower is then used by singer
Simon Galloy as a support for his dark and intimate lyrics, which evoke topics such
as dreams and delusion, introspection, and the anxiety of the passage of time.

EP: Self-titled 4-track debut released on 14 May.

Warning: Alert your neighbors before you press
play and Empty Head starts torturing your speakers
with these four highly turbulent haymakers.

Here we go…

COSMIC RAVE – Supersonic prog-punk-rock-hammer with schizophrenic
guitars and a smashing powerhouse finale with delirious vocals…

MIRROR – A quiet/Loud/quiet metallic(a) trip fueled by towering primal
screams and psychedelic axe riffage. Terrifying passion in motion…

HUNTED FROM BELOW – Sonic madness, mind-crushing paranoia and
muscled tumult all rolled into one mad motherrocker of an electro-shock
wallop. Queens Of The Stone Age are just around the corner…

SUFFOCATED DREAMS – Heavy mood swings fervidness going forth and back,
again with hair-raising guitars, a stairway to heaven fragment, and a sizzling singer
about to go insane. The Mars Volta meet Kyuss at the dark side of the moon…

EMPTY HEAD: Facebook

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