Brigthon Popsters ZOONI Float Eight Miles High With New Single ‘THE DETAILS’


11 August 2020


Who: Brighton-based art-pop makers ls. Discovered by Mercury and Brit
award-winning producer Charlie Andrew (Alt J, London Gramma, Marika Hackman).


Score: This little ethereal pop symphony goes forth and back in ardency and
euphony. A beautifully orchestrated rainbow with a psychedelic touch floating
in the air on a cloud nine. Sensitive, pensive and hankering. Strumming guitar
sparks, longing vocals, and an overall phantasmagoric feel. Romantic intimacy.

Dream here…

Previous, hypnotic single

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Summertime Heatwave Blues – Red-Hot-Blooded Rockers BLUE STRAGGLERS Hit Hard With Two Uppercuts…

6 August 2020

Rowdy blues-rock desperadoes BLUE STRAGGLERS out of Sussex are gearing up to
quake the earth with their wall-crushing debut EP on 4th September. The extended
play captures the turbo trio at their muscular, melodic finest. Blue Stragglers laid down
five songs that are unequivocally up to the task of being played “during the sunset slot
at festivals”
as per the band’s stated aim.

The fierce three-piece let you taste their summertime heatwave blues with two unstoppable uppercuts, called SHE and LATE AT A FESTIVAL . Get ready for some
sauna-hot firework right here…

– SHE –

“A cheeky south London romp about the one who got away.” Wham bloody wham bang!
This red-hot-blooded haymaker triggers you to punch all those hypocrite politicians in
the face. A riff exploding blues hammer to test your lungs’ capacity. This is what we need to ventilate our isolation paranoia. Wall-crushing hullabaloo. A whole lotta steamy rock ‘n’ roll. Royal Blood with balls!


Razorblade melodiousness drenched in a pool of kamikaze guitars, going forth and black like a roller coaster on the run. Blur‘s Britpop flair pumped up with tons of illegal decibels. Don’t come late at a festival with Blue Stragglers on the bill or they will find you and make you beg for mercy. You have been warned!…


Sing Loud And Proud For A Reunited Tomorrow With JESSE ROPER And His Tremendous Get-Together ‘RIGHT NOW’ Anthem

5 August 2020

British Columbia singer-songwriter JESSE ROPER based
in Vitoria, Canada gears up for his next album HORIZONS.

Ahead of it comes steamy single RIGHT NOW. A social commentary about the division between the masses currently facing our world. The news is blown up with stories of right vs left, rich vs poor, and the division in the people which is becoming more apparent as the months go past under Trump’s presidency. Things don’t seem united down south.

Right Now is a loud and clear reality anthem, a scream and clap-along chant to ventilate all of your anger as well as your fear related to the messed-up world we live in. And as we all know the science-fiction-like coronavirus crisis couldn’t come at a worse time.

Is Doomsday around the corner? Do we see right Apocalypse now at the horizon? Maybe, unless we come together again, and we all finally understand that dissension, inequality, racism, sexism, and all other ongoing ugly social issues are not the answer to survive. The world may not fall apart like the Divided States Of America. Time to react and yell out loud. Time to pump your fists in the air and fight for your right to party hard for a reunited future. Jesse Roper just delivered the perfect get-together jackhammer to start a hopeful and massive celebration of life.

Sing loud and proud. Right here, right now…

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Running Up That Hill – KATELYN A. SIMPSON Entices With ‘ROBOTIC ROSE’ In The Wrong Era…

3 August 2020

KATELYN A. SIMPSON is a zealous singer-songwriter based in Austin, Texas. She brings memories to life through her intense alternative-heavy-indie rock sound. Described as a multi-instrument aficionado, her passion and emotion flow through her vocals and lyrics making an emotionally charged connection with her audience.

She has a new 4-track EP out called WRONG ERA with four sterling compositions performed with spirit, vitality and verve. Simpson‘s captivating voice is the driving force in the middle. Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite track is opener ROBOTIC ROSE. A dynamizing rocker resonating, to my ears, as some sort of rocking interpretation of vocal heroine Kate Bush‘s mega-hit ‘Running Up That Hill‘. Haunting, determined and punchy. Big score!

Here’s the eye-catching lyric clip…

Now you’re here get also impressed by this boisterous live rendition
of the EP’s second cut ‘SWEET REVENGE‘…

EP in full…


Funky Electro-Trance Thrills – Discover Toronto Band NEW FRIES And New Single ‘LILY’

30 July 2020

NEW FRIES are Toronto-based experimental legends and one of the best kept
secrets in the city. With their new album IS THE IDEA OF US they delve deeper
into their unconventional, ever-changing sound.

New single LILY is about “Lilydale, New York. A caged community inhabited almost
exclusively by mediums–those who communicate with the spirit world. It is a community
of liars and people with special spiritual gifts. People across North America travel here to connect with the deceased.”

This funky synth-stroke strikes you from the first spin. An oh-my-God jawdropping jam with an instant effect on your head’s movements. Ongoing motorik electro kicks cause trance-like thrills. Endless mind-boggling beats creep under your skin without asking. It’s impossible to ignore this sonic hypnotism putting a spell on you. Voodoo rhythms, indeed.

Let’s roll…

NEW FRIES: Facebook

IS THE IDEA OF US out 7th August via Telephone Explosion

Country Pop Splendor – Emotive Songstress GIULIA MILLANTA Moves With new Single ‘SUGAR HOME’

28 July 2020

Singer-songwriter GIULIA MILLANTA is a native-born Italian from
Florence who now resides in Austin, Texas. A creative and prolific
artist, she has released six solo albums so far, touring nationally
throughout the USA and internationally. She has been called smart,
pensive and cool, a female Tom Waits and a deeply evocative singer

Giulia’s 7th solo album TOMORROW IS A BIRD, out 16th October, is about
re-evaluating life, about endings and beginnings, failures and opportunities,
about changing direction, trusting that the wind will support your wings and
get you where you need to go.

Lead-single SUGAR HOME is a vocal heart and soul musing. A country-pop beauty.
A goosebumps experience with weeping lap steel melancholia and heart-rending resonance. Both mixed emotions and yearning hope for a new beginning are at
play here. Moving, stirring, and romantic with Millanta’s touching vox balancing
between 60s glamour voices Linda Ronstadt and Tammy Wynette and today’s
impressive ladies Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen. Wow!

We’ll fly so high…


(Barbara FG Photography)

It’s Good To Rock Out At Home With THE BOGART JONES BAND – Here’s ‘TAINTED YOUTH’

25 July 2020

Ladies and gentlemen, from Peoria, Illinois please welcome THE BOGART JONES BAND.
A steamy hot band of electrifying desperados born at a kitchen table of a 160-year-old house in the middle of nowhere, with an “I’ll show you Motherfucker” sort of attitude. Yeah!

They’ll soon will release the follow-up to their solid 2014 album 14th & Willow. The lead-single TAINTED YOUTH already saw the day of light some time ago. A reflective song about frontman Wes Simmons’ tumultuous childhood.

It’s a vintage wah-wah guitar loaded blues cracker with all the right ingredients you need to rock out safely, but madly at home. Sultry organs, Lynyrd Skynyrd spirit, electric-powered riffs, a rip-roaring waterfall of licks and hooks, an Americana touch of Tom Petty fire and raw and robust vocals. These devoted motherrockers definitely know what the good old spirit of blues-drenched rumble and thunder sounds like. Sweaty, spicy, and sassy.

Get yourself a six-pack, turn up the decibels and test your speaker’s resilience right here…

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Battering And Booming Beats – Here’s ULTRA SUNN With New Darkwave Slam ‘KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED’

23 July 2020

(photo: Kris Parenti)

From Brussels, Belgium here’s darkwave duo ULTRA SUNN
with their new twilight piece KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED.

Expect battering and booming beats, nightmarish sound textures, murky dynamics
and enigmatic vocals. Black is the color, black is the tone, black is the mindset.
Combine D.A.F.‘s industrial vibrations, Sisters Of Mercy‘s catchy gloom and doom hallucinations and Depeche Mode‘s pop noir melodies and what you get is a trip to
a tenebrous underground basement where Ultra Sunn‘s Sam Huge and Gaelle Souflet
are the DJ’s. Dance like it’s 1999 all over again.

Keep your ears open here…

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Not Another Name Not Another Face – Listen To ‘CRYBABY’ by SYDNEY EX

24 July 2020

SYDNEY EX is a singer/songwriter and poet living in New York. The arresting artist says about herself: “Just another name, another face. Sometimes I wear two faces. The strongest one keeps me alive.” Don’t believe everything you read, certainly not if idiot Trump is the author. Trust me, Sydney Ex looks electric, sounds electric, and writes electric.

Her latest single CRYBABY is inspired by narcissistic relationship’s, and a deep disgust for nationwide dictatorship. It’s a solid 24 Karat gold rocker banging out of your trembling speakers after a short German spoken-word intro. When the catching and cutting chorus kicks in temperature, intensity, and ardor all raise. And the charged finale will make you think of Guns N’ Roses’ guitar hero Slash. Flaming electricity is what you get. Sydney Ex is not just another name, not just another face, not just another singer/songwriter.

Find out why here…

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Groovy Break Up Vibes With GINA CUTILLO With And Her Newest Single ‘RUNAWAY’

23 July 2020

Billboard artist and acclaimed performer/songwriter GINA CUTILLO combines her roots in Manhattan Punk, Pop, Rock and Dance with a charismatic stage persona to be a one of a kind entertainer. With zero lyrical boundaries that go from sexual playfulness to the empowerment of women, gender choice and social political steadiness Gina writes and sings about it all. Gina also mentors up and coming recording artists and songwriters.

Her newest single RUNAWAY is a heartfelt disco stomper – obviously about a break up – with Cutillo‘s sensuous vox glowing upfront. The groovy vibe excites your imagination and your body movements. You have no excuse whatsoever not to get up and activate your hips in a sultry way. Yes, time to shake your booty right here, right now…

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