Too Good To Be Forgotten – DEAP VALLY And Their 2021 Album ‘MARRIAGE

Too good to be forgotten

19 January 203

Utterly cool female rock duo DEAP VALLY out of Los Angeles
released their 3rd album, named MARRIAGE in November 2021.
It was a top-10 LP of that year on Turn Up The Volume‘s list.

Deap Vally said: “Being in a band is like being in a marriage: sometimes it’s magical,
sometimes it’s unbearably challenging. To reinvigorate that marriage we’ve made
album three a genre-bending experiment with new collaborators and instrumentation
that push the limits of what has previously defined us. Marriage’ is our musical Rumspringa,
if you will. We’re breaking free of the rigid creative constraints within which we previously existed (two members, two instruments, two voices). Writing with the calibre of musicians
that we did on this record was an unforgettable experience, and we’re so happy to have
the result of our creative rebirth eternalised in ‘Marriage’.”

The album featured a number of collaborations including
songs with Peaches, KT Tunstall, and Warpaint‘s Jenny Lee.

Paradiso Club, Amsterdam – photo by Turn Up The Volume

Turn Up The Volume wrote: The message of Marriage is loud and clear: Lindsey
and Julie Edwards are here to stay. Their musical bond is tighter than ever. Looking
to the future they broadened their musical horizons impressively. Mind you, don’t expect
a free jazz record. Deap Vally are still about rocking and rolling while tackling their demons with an intimidating vocal bravado, but in a far more varied way than before.

I hear eruptive echoes of Death From Above (Perfuction / Billions / I’m The Master), The Black Keys (Where Do We Go / Better Run), and early Deap Vally with a full-sound injection (Tsunami / Magic Medicine). And with Give Me A Sign (bringing Sparklehorse to mind) and the soul-stirring beauty of Look Away the couple shows their softer sonic side.

After 10 years and 3 LPS (and one together
with The Flaming Lips) their matrimony is alive and kicking.

Singles/clips: Tsunami / Magic Medicine / Perfuction




Full album. on Spotify

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TURN UP THE VOLUME Scores 110.459 Views in 2022 – THANK YOU ALL!

I never thought it would come to this when I started TURN UP THE VOLUME BLOG
back in 2015, to kill some time now and then, about music, the second most important thing in my life after my family.

Over the years more and more daily followers/visitors, artists, PR agencies and record labels found their way to TURN UP THE VOLUME which motivated me to write more and more and, eventually, spending all of my free time on the blog. It helps of course when you’re a music junkie and gig addict yourself and the fact that I have professional publishing experience.

The fact that in 2022 TUTV scored more views again then in all the years before with 110.459 views is super-duper-tastic! THANK YOU ALL! That’s all I need to keep on
bloggin’ and rockin’ in the free world.

An overview of the number of views over the years.

2022: 110.459

2021: 106.579
2020: 100.071
2019:   66.869
2018:   51.489
2017:   43.911
2016:   27.236
2015:   11.544


41% from America
30% from the UK
8,50´% from Canada
3.60% from Germany
3.50% from France
3.30% from Australia
2.40% from Italy
2.30% from Ireland
2.25% from Belgium
3.15% rest of the world

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Take That Idiot! – Shout Out For GRETA THUNBERG

former kickboxer, infamous misogynist, and
far-right wanker Andrew Tate challenged Swedish environmental
activist Greta Thunberg with this message on Twitter:

“Hello I have 33 cars. My Bugatti has a W16 [eight-litre] quad turbo [engine].
My TWO Ferrari 812 Competizione have [6.5-litre] V12s. This is just the start.
Please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car
collection and their respective enormous emissions.

Thunberg’s reaction was just brilliant.

GRETA THUNBERG: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

Musicians Support The Striking British NHS Workers

18 December 2022

Always underrated and underpaid (not only in the UK), despite
the healing and humanitarian/talking therapy work and the unlikely
amount of labour during the Covid-19 period, NHS workers in the UK
are ignored by the unworldly Tories who spend their time with me, myself,
and I
rhetoric. They do not care! They force the  NHS to strike to get
attention for their unrewarded work.

Pat Cullen, the union’s general secretary: “Hundreds of thousands
of hard-working, decent people should not be cast aside as ‘unreasonable’
for expecting better for themselves, their families and their patients.

Claire Murdoch (NHS mental health director) Over a million people already
use NHS talking therapies every year, but we know we can help just by telling
them it’s there for them

Several British musicians, such as Weller, Primal Scream and Billy Bragg,
do care and expressed their support on their social media.

Paul Weller

Primal Scream

Billy Bragg

Songsmith JAI BEAN With Emotive Tribute To His Sick Friend – I THINK YOU’RE WONDERFUL (FOR NICOLE)

3 December 2022

Artist: JAI BEAM
Who: Singer-songwriter from NYC, born John Cannon


BEAN: “My close friend Nicole is dying of primary immunodeficiency disease and cancer and has up to five years to live. I just reconnected with her a little over a year ago and we have been chatting and meeting almost every day. She is such a strong person who takes on each day with such positivity and strength.

This tribute is a tender and emotive electro-pop tune, with warm 60s organ fragments, other synth dynamics and Beam‘s amiable voice. Dedicated to his friend Nicole, who suffers from her battle with cancer. Unfortunately, countless people are fighting against that awful disease, they’re all wonderful too.

Have a listen…

JAI BEAM: Facebook

THE KUT Is Going To Win The 2022 FIFA World Cup For All Surpressed Women

Listen up!

28 November 2022

British rawking ‘n rollin’ Amazon THE KUT released her electrifying
second album GRIT last July. It topped the Official UK Rock Albums Chart.

Now to tie in with the FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament she just shared a new single,
named FUN WHEN YOU’RE WINNING. A steadfast Joan Jett-esque rocker fueled by mad
as a hatter guitars, a hard-hitting rhythm section and resolute vocals.

We all should support The Kut and make her win the
World Cup for all suppressed women in the world.

The video features Diana Bartmann (drums) and
Daisy Pepper (bass), and is directed by Mike Gripz.

Let’s roll

THE KUT: Instagram – Facebook

Image on top: cover of the GRIT album.


Making noise about up-and-coming artists/bands

2 November 2022

Would you let your daughter go out with them? (photo by Broes Vanmullem)

Until last Saturday – when they crashed into my hometown of Ghent (Belgium) I never heard of Belgian turbine BARNO KOEVOET AND THE DUIJMSCHPIJKERS. Now my still vibrating ears can testify about these freaked-out misfits. The man in the middle Barno Koevoet (Barno Crowbar) is a manic motherfucker with 4 lungs. Just insane. He screams as if his tattoo body is pierced with sharp-cutting thumbtacks (Duijmschpijkers). No idea what demons they’re fighting, but I put my money on Barno and his deafening gang.

This is what shouting out is all about

Here’s an idea of their live frenzy
(First band on this video)

And on their brand new single they attack FAT SCUM.



(Live photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Post-Roe V. Wade Blast For Benefit Purposes – Here The New Poignant VIAL Single ‘EMPBRYO’ Here

New triking strokes

3 August 2022

Band: VIAL
Who: All female power-pop-punk Riot Grrls from Minneapolis
Works (so far): Grow Up (2019) and Loudmouth.

New single: EMBRYO

All proceeds of this new piece go to Gender Justice and Women’s Rights / Oxfam
and National Network Of Abortion Funds.

(Press photo via FB – Vial)

If Trump and his ass-licking apostles showed us one thing, it’s the widespread far-right viruses and the massive ultra-conservative presence in America. He gave them a voice
and a forum and they responded en masse by coming out of their caves and storming
the Capitol in the end. Trump made racism, sexism, and autocratic populism look acceptable for his true-blue red fans.

He also has his illegal hands (and judges) in the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn
Roe v. Wade
and turn the clock 50 years back for women in the land of the free and
the home of the brave
. And that’s what this new razor-sharp-cutting ripper is about.
Hands off a fundamental, human woman’s right. Very loud and very clear.

“Slide the rug out from under me
And take away my reproductive rights
I’m just an incubator
Yeah, a vessel to create unwanted human life
Yeah take back laws, why don’t you?
I’m sure you didn’t have to try
Doesn’t matter if you did, anyway
‘Cause living here still makes me wanna fucking die”

Buy ‘Embryo’ here…

VIAL: Facebook