Outspoken And Strong-Willed And In Your Face – Discover VAGINAS, WHAT ELSE?…

Thrilled by up and coming misfits

16 August 2019

VAGINAS, What Else? is a Belgian feminist trio with a lot to say, to scream and to yell about. They have their own crystal clear view of making expressive songs about the birds and the bees. They write stripped-down punky funky build up/break down crackers about sex, strippers and lollies, and they sound A-W-E-S-O-M-E. A bit like those late 70s bands such as Leeds’ Delta 5, Birmingham’s Au Pairs and the wonderful London punkettes The Slits. All manic rhythms, wayward intensity, raucous euphony and glorious explicit lyrics. Hell yeah!

These barbed wired ladies are about to unleash their first full length on 20 September.
Ahead of it get at taste of these exciting sonic vaginas with this blazing trio of cutting knockouts…




VAGINAS, what else?: Facebook

L.A. Based Singer/Songwriter TROI IRONS Advices With Her Amazing Voice… ‘HOLD ON TO YOUR HEART’…

9 August 2019


Who: A highly talented Los Angeles based DIY singer/songwriter
and multi-instrumentalist with an imposing vox

Track: HOLD ON TO YOUR HEART – new single –

Score: “Young or old, don’t lose heart at any moment because it’s not worth it” says
this impressive singer-songwriter, rightly so. And she emphasizes the thought with
this impassioned ballad. What a tremendous voice, what a marvelous euphony. Considering the troubled, egoistic times we live in I guess tenderheartedness
is overlooked and frequently ridiculed although we can all use a firm dose
of human touch. Get a piece of it right here…

TROI IRONS: Facebook

Emotive Troubadour BRICK BRISCOE Has A Long Story To Tell – Here’s His New Album ‘FROM LUCKY POINT TO PÈRE LACHAISE’…

9 August 2019

BRICK BRISCOE is a Petersburg, Indiana-based radio and television personality and a compelling singer/songwriter. His new album, entitled ‘FROM LUCKY POINT TO PÈRE LACHAISE’ is inspired and recorded after a life-changing battle with cancer and the life-affirming travels suggested by LP’s title. It makes me think of Ray Davies‘ two Americana albums because of the heart and soul touching stories and the varied reflections on humanity. Like Davies, Briscoe is a gripping storyteller too. An observative troubadour wrapping personal experiences into sensitive songs with a heartfelt touch.

Here’s the author himself about his new, probably most personal, longplayer…

“It feels good to finally have this album out there. It took more than a year to finish things up and that’s a long time for me. I normally pace around for a couple of weeks, call folks in and then vomit it all out in about a week. This time I was more considerate of the overall landscape. It took me back to a time before I became ill where I thought I had all the time in the world. The urgency now is to share the ideas and keep the conversation going.

The response, thus far, has been very rewarding. I was worried that the fans I’ve made over the last two records were going to wonder where I had gone. This record is more considerate of arrangement and melody and, in a lot of ways, I think I’ve found my voice again because I took such a considered approach. I’m happy to find out from the live shows we’ve done that I can tackle the material in any way I want, from original intent to quiet solo versions to turning them into straight up rock n’ roll. I’m lucky that I play with a live band who can be flexible enough to interact with an audience and figure out how to feed the dragon. Deep down I realize that I’m really a live artist at my best and getting to play in front of people is the true reward.

I live in a very rural atmosphere. Petersburg, Indiana has around 2500 inhabitants. The cost of living allows me to go out on a limb and make records and then travel to do live shows and make tv/film projects. I’ve lived in NYC, Los Angeles and Seattle and I never could feel the creative freedom living in those cities as I do in my hometown. It was always too financially daunting to pull it off in the big cities. But maybe I’m just a small town boy who really likes to immerse himself in the big towns and then come home and synthesize the two. That just dawned on me actually. Because, growing up, I always wanted to be somewhere else. I still do. I’m probably going to ask to sleep in your spare room sometime.”

Dim the lights, sit down, relax and lose yourself in this journey.
Here’s the album in its uninterrupted, continuous entity…

You can stream it here on Spotify too, if you like
to skip, play and save your favorite tracks…

BRICK BRISCOE: Facebook – Bandcamp

Electronic Act/Producer KA FU Shares Booming Single ‘EMPTY DAYS’ From His Debut Album…

7 August 2019

Artist: KA FU

Who: An experimental electronic producer “who originally comes from the previously closed military Russian city of Severodvinsk which, produced nuclear submarines on the banks of the White Sea. Instinctively seeking a dramatic change, Ka Fu sought out the ‘doesn’t really matter’ lifestyle of Milan, where he felt the inner power to communicate through music with his audience.”

Track: EMPTY DAYS – second single from his
debut LP ‘Encoding: Master’, out 9th August

Score: Although you’ll hear influences from Depeche Mode‘s moodiest moments and Orbital‘s atmospheric textures this booming trip can stand on his own electronic and dancing feet. Its rhythmic vibrations and bass loaded beats will activate every single
nerve in your itchy body while its underlying ambient foundation will stimulate your
mind’s fantasy. Riveting achievement. Catch the echoing resonance right here…

KA-FU: Facebook

Melbourne Artist LOUISE TERRA Sparkles On Her New Trance-Like Single ‘NATURE CALLING’…

4 August 2019


Who: Louise Terry is an Australian producer and songwriter. Singing in disco outfit Sugar Fed Leopards and one half of dark-pop duo Sawtooth, made Louise Terra a veteran of the Melbourne music scene. Solo she uses the computer as an instrument giving birth to an alternate world of synths, beats, and eerie refrains that seem to be plucked from the most unearthly corners of the natural world.

Track: NATURE CALLING – first new solo music in three years – the first step in her tetralogy of upcoming concept releases

Score: Listening, undisturbedly, on your own to ‘Nature Calling‘ you will feel like being transferred to a sonic universe where your mind can relax and absorb jpyfully the trance-like beats of this fanciful and imaginary journey, where your senses can find tranquility through the spellbinding effect of this ambient soundscape. Press here and drift away…


(Photo on top: design by Louise Irene / photography by Rachel Jessie-Rae and Iolanthe Lezziass)

Los Angeles Rockers MODERN EYES Steam On New Single ‘BURN THE WITCH’…

3 August 2019


Who: “Formed in 2018 at the precipice of the latest garage-rock resurrection, Modern Eyes is a Los Angeles-based band that combines elements of early 00’s alternative music and Britpop for a sound that reinvents the boundaries of a genre revival.”

Track: BURN THE WITCH – new single

Score: Here’s loud and clear proof that rock ‘n’ roll is not dead. Not if you play it with this driving energy, this fervent vitality and this rolling dynamism as this 4-headed turbo does. ‘Burn The Witch‘ rattles, flames and cuts as sharp as a brand new Swiss knife. Bingo! Here we go…

MODERN EYES: Facebook – Website

Boston’s Trash Electro Rock Duo BIG TIME KILL Hits Hard With New Apocalyptic EP ‘ANXIETY’…

1 Augustus 2019

After last year’s eruptive debut LP ‘Shock And Awe’ Boston’s electro rock duo BIG TIME KILL is back with a new EP, entitled ‘ANXIETY’. A tornado record with four trash techno steamrollers and one atmospheric, closing reflection. Thunder and lighting performances bringing high-tech noiseniks like Nine Inch Nails, Killing Joke, The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy to mind. Yes, that forceful, devilish, brutal and rebellious.

Most of us acknowledge the fucked-up times we experience today with dangerous, right-wing world leaders in charge whose only scary goal is to ‘divide and rule‘. It makes people, obviously, feel very anxious, confused and panicky. It also stimulates artists such as BIG TIME KILL to create a loud and clear soundtrack that fits this apocalyptic reality. Anyway, that’s the impact of ANXIETY on me. I guess many of you will share my point of view after hearing these doom and gloom discharges…


(photo: James Dattolo of A Curious Production)

London’s Melodious Rockers HONEY LUNG Detonate On New Single ‘NOTHING’…

31 July 2019

London’s robust rockers HONEY LUNG are back with new cut NOTHING, a track coined during a hazy writing session at frontman Jamie Batten’s house listening to psych icons
The Jesus and Mary Chain, and packed with an intense barrel of energy that’s come to be expected from the rising quartet.

The band revealed in a press statement: “Everything is coming into focus, we know what we are and where we are going. Nothing has been the closest we have come to creating the sound in our heads”.

NOTHING is heavily spiced, melodious electricity. Partly pushed by a wall-of-agitated-guitars sound, partly reflective when singer Batte pops up. And when everything comes together you’ll get an imposing resonance, both burning and euphonious. Capture the heat right here…

HONEY LUNG: Facebook

NOTHING out now – available via Apple Music  and streamable on Spotify

Texan Electro Duo MEMORY KEEPERS On A Coruscating Trip – Here’s New Single ‘DISTURBED PAIR’…

30 July 2019

(photo: Victoria Renard)


Who: A side project of Jared Boulanger and Amarah Ulghani from Austin, Texas band
The Sour Notes producing “guitar hooks cut through distorted samples and vocals, coasting on driving beats and bass synth lines. Audiophiliac homages to heroes past swirl alongside lighthearted wordplay and it’s darker undertones.”

Track: DISTURBED PAIR – new single

Score: From the resounding and booming intro on you’re invited to join this exciting duo on a coruscating trip through their electronic paradise, through their own sonic galaxy where you can lose yourself in their new bewitching journey. ‘Disturbed Pair‘ is a flashing modern-day disco soundscape with an overwhelming flamboyance that makes you forget reality for a while. Press here and lose yourself…


Exultant Duo JITENSHA Sparkles On New Single ‘UNDER CONTROL’…

29 July 2019

(photo by Richard Bastarache Films)

Montreal based duo JITENSHA will make an impact on your auditory senses with new sparkling single ‘UNDER CONTROL‘. A song about how one can overcome the nagging feeling of being misunderstood. A twinkling humdinger with a sticky beat, fizzy guitars
and exultant duet vocals. A blissed-out tune that will elevate your mood instantly.

“Oh, oh, don’t get emotional. You’ve got to ride it out.
You’ve got a long way to go. Relax, you’ve got it under control.

Sing along below…

JITENSHA: Facebook