Dance Till You Drop – THE NEW POLLUTION Shakes You Down With Debut EP

20 October 2020

Who: A band from New York/Worcester. This sparkling
trio combines groove, punk, psychedelic music, pop,
and atmospheric sounds.

Info: This extended play is the culmination of many shades of musical history from
the 1960s up until the present. New Pollution’s ambiguous blend of genre and styles
takes a front seat here, with tracks ranging from dance floor shakers to Glam rock snottiness. Lyrically, each track on the record explores some elements of modernism, group identity, and artistic frustration. With influences ranging from ESG to Herbie Hancock.

Key references: PiL / Gang Of Four / Talking World Music Heads / The Rapture /
A Certain Ratio / Wire / The Mekons and Sonic Youth

Expect: funky punky injections with clashing guitars, manic bass lines, organ-ic
electronics and critical vocals. Edged tunes for basement parties and illegal ramshackle discos. The restless sound of this science-fiction-like 2020. Dance till you drop is the key message as Armageddon is just around the corner.

Get up and shake down…


(Promo photo via a band’s member father. Thanks dad)

1 Billion Spotify Streams For OASIS Hit WONDERWALL

16 October 2020

Spotify announced that WONDERWALL, the mega hit that paved the way for OASIS
passed the insane number of 1 billion streams. Seems pretty surreal, if you ask me.

Maybe Noel Gallagher can afford it now to buy a pack of mouth masks with the royalties. Oh, I forgot, he’s too cool to wear them. Great musician but a silly dickhead of a rock star talking more and more bollocks as he grows older while Liam talks more sense than ever, these days. Weird evolution, right?

Anyway here’s that classic, turning 25 on 30th October…

OASIS: Facebook

Ghostly Syd Barrett Echoes – Discover The Puzzling Debut Single ‘BOTTLE IT UP’ By THE IRON DUKE

14 October 2020

THE IRON DUKE is the alter-ego of ex-White Ape singer Tommy Mack.

Breaking with the brash guitars and scabrous wit of his former band, The Iron
makes electro-orchestral pop ballads, mixing twitchy bedroom beats with lush, layered synths and production that nods to Joe Meek (the Freakbeat pioneer, who had
an influence on tons of sound-exploring artists like Eno and Pink Floyd) and the legendary Manchester wizard Martin Hannett (Joy Division, The Durutti Column, Psychedelic Furs, Magazine and more).

The Duke’s debut effort BOTTLE IT UP is a somber, reflective, twilight ballad that brings the solo wanderings of the late great Pink Floyd pioneer Syd Barrett instantly to (my) mind.
Weird and idiosyncratic, but also intriguing and puzzling and with some cool slide-guitar.

Tune in here…

THE IRON DUKE: Facebook / Label: Sotones Records

Save Them Immediately – Flabbergasting Pop With New Single ‘DELETE US FOREVER’ By AVA IN THE DARK

Big stunners that make Turn Up The Volume scream…

6 October 2020


Who: A Leeds Indie Pop band where angelic vocals meet experimental
guitar, punchy drums, shimmering synths and fuzzy bass lines.

Track: DELETE THEM FOREVER – new single

Score: Great pop music starts with a great tune. And that’s what ‘Delete Us Forever
is about. A swirling synth drive, a sickly sticky beat, a fab guitar solo and superlative
vocals. Superb singer Kiera Bickerstaff ‘s voice goes through the roof and then sky-high
to the moon when the flabbergasting chorus kicks in. One word: WOW! If your blood doesn’t boil here, fire your doctor, change your meds and come back.

Don’t delete this band. Save them right now, like them, love them, embrace them, share them with your friends. Listen to Ava In The Dark on repeat in your bedroom, in your car, in your favorite pub, just everywhere, and you’ll smile all day long.

Press play and jump up and down…


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Prog Rock Rap Pop Stroke By Irish Multi-Instrumentalist DAVID CHRISTY JONES Featuring Rapper BENZO

5 October 2020

(Photo credit: Laura Raye)

You like pop? You like prog rock? You like rap? You can get it all in one with new stroke IDIOCY by Irish multi-instrumentalist DAVID CHRISTY JONES with some hip-hop help
from young rapper BENZO. The second single from his upcoming solo debut.

It all starts with a catchy as hell pop melody with a funky rock groove. Midway it’s BenZo‘s turn to take pole position for some sharp-edges rhymes until a retro prog-rock guitar solo kidnaps the track for a roasting finale sounding like this sticky slam’s theme: the state of the modern world. And we all know by now that the state of our infected planet is quite rotten.

So let’s have some exuberant fun before we all turn insane.

Let’s roll

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Talking About Their Generation – Get On A High With SANDCASTLE JESUS And Their Newest Stroke ‘BOMBSHELLS’

2 October 2020


Who: Four young wolves from Essex, England

Track: BOMBSHELLS – newest single

Score: From the very tingling intro chords you instantly feel that a stupendous tune is coming your way. Oh yeah, game on, definitely. And what actually follows is an alive and kicking guitar pop ripsnorter that puts a big smile on your glowing face, activates your adrenalin’s production, triggers your body movements, and makes you just feel ecstatic.

And when the overwhelming finale kicks in its crystal clear that you will not put this generation down. One spin and you’ll want some more bombshells causing a new high. Talking about a 2020 top stroke!

Here’s why…

SANDCASTLE JESUS: Facebook – Spotify

One Of The Sensations Of 2020 – Discover Soul-Stirring And Electrotonic Power Duo BOA VS COBRA

1 October 2020

Who: A new indie Belgo-Canadian electro-pop-soul-rock duo with towering voice
Sandy Fee (vocals-lyrics-composition) and JP King (bass guitar-percussions-lyrics-composition)

This Brussels based duo met each other two years ago, built up a stunning sonic
chemistry, and hit the scene this year with 4 striking singles. All killers, no fillers.
Let’s have a closer look.

NEVER EVER EVER: When ‘Bad bad bad boy‘ bursts out of your speakers you know something really special is about to happen. Expect a fulminating rap eruption, a
smashing chorus, and pounding beats. This cracker will definitely end up in Turn
Up The Volume’
s top ten of 2020.

DEVIATE: A booming disco knockout, a deep pop-house hook, and a striking synth whopper that raises your body temperature on the spot and invites you to do a
seducing cobra dance. Don’t hesitate. Stand up and move!

BLACK SHEEP: A new wave hymn propelled by rhythm and blues verses. A Béyonce like
cry out! Funky, groovy, haunting, and full of angry passion and emotive disappointment. Again Fee‘s voice is the star in the middle. Again the fascinating sound is superb.

BRIGHT DAYS: The soul-stirring debut single showing immediately the high potential
of these two artists. Vocally, musically and lyrically. No songs about the birds and bees. Only songs about deep-rooted emotions, daily experiences, doubts, but still hope for
a better future.

All on Spotify too…

BOA VS COBRA: Facebook

Shoegazy Soul Reflections – Discover Brand New Jingle ‘WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE?’ By MADAME SO

25 September 2020

Last August Paris-born, London-based singer/songwriter MADAME SO spoiled
our ears with striking single You Say, a towering tune by a towering voice.

And here’s another, brand new tune called WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE?. A moody, melancholic and wondering reflection “on young hedonism“. This time her mightful
soul voice sounds moony and meditative, giving this catchy, shoe-gazy, guitar-riveting jingle a heartfelt think-about it feel.

Two things are crystal clear now, Madame So
explores different sonic directions with flair and
determination AND she’s here to stay.

Here’s why…

MADAME SO: Facebook

Conspiracy Theorist IAN BROWN Drops Awful Anti-Lockdown Stinker ‘LITTLE SEED BIG TREE’

24 September 2020

One of the best bands ever in my book: The Stone Roses. One of the coolest
frontmen in my book: Ian Brown. The latter has now changed, it reads now:
one of the greatest rock wankers ever: IAN BROWN.

Why? I never thought that a self-declared ‘man of the people’ would tell such
anti-social coronavirus bullshit showing he actually doesn’t give a flying fuck
about other people.

C’mon Brown read your own crap you posted online in recent days:

“IAN ‘wearing a mask in a pandemic is the correct and sensible thing to do! But what
pandemic? THE GREAT RESET the plandemic planned designed and executed to make us
digital slaves. “A survival rate of 99.9% and they are into our work life home life social life
school life love life garden, backyard your body your wife and kids bodies AND THATS OK?.
So I’m a Conspiracy Theorist HA! A term invented by the lame stream media to discredit
those who can smell and see through the government/media lies and propaganda.”

Is this what happens when you smoke weed all your life? Is this the rich rock star way
to promote your new terrible anti-lockdown song ‘LITTLE SEED BIG TREE‘? Or did you
lose your mind after counting the BIG MONEY you got after those ‘let’s get filthy rich on the
back of our hard-working fans
‘ reunion gigs? Have some real guts, Brownie, and tell your conspiracy bollocks to the family and friends who lost a beloved one because they got infected by people who don’t care about their fellow men and think Covid-19 is a joke.


IAN BROWN: Godlike Idiot