SUEDE Launches Impressive Video Clip For New Intense Single ‘LIFE IS GOLDEN’ From Upcoming LP…

Brand new sonic impulses

16 August 2018

Glam legends SUEDE have shared an impressive clip for new single LIFE IS GOLDEN.
It was shot in Pripyat, the Ukrainian town that was abandoned after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.

Director Mike Christie revealed the story behind the video: “It’s not about the tragedy of
the disaster that happened all those years ago, it’s about the unstoppable force of life that’s consumed the desolate landscape left behind by humans. It seemed wonderfully apt to set
the song to cracked concrete, all conquered by towering golden trees.”

Passionate, engrossing and cinematic.
Here’s the gripping video clip…

SUEDE: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

New album THE BLUE HOUR out 21 September – all info here.

THE KINKS Share Previously Unreleased 1968 Track – Here’s Sweet Little Pearl… ‘TIME SONG’

15 August 2018

The legendary popsmiths THE KINKS will release a remastered 50th anniversary of
their 6th, highly acclaimed album ‘THE KINKS ARE THE VILLAGE GREEN PRESERVATION SOCIETY’ on 26th October. Today the band shared a lyric video for delightful, previously unreleased track ‘TIME SONG‘ from those album sessions. It’s a melancholic little pearl. Capture its charm right here…

THE KINKS: Website – Facebook – All Albums

Info and pre-order facilities here

Vibrant Canadian Rocker JEEN Shares Another Track From New Album – Here’s Steamy Stomper ‘MEDICATE ME’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 August 2018

Canadian singer/songwriter JEEN is the first ever artist on Turn Up The Volume to have two of her tracks featured as PICK OF THE DAY in under only one month. Yes, she’s that good, folks. Twenty days ago we went euphoric about vital firecracker Any Moment. Now, here’s another new one from her upcoming album. Jeen said that the making of MEDICATE ME was “inspired by medical marijuana and also the fact that I’m pretty antisocial. This can be a challenge in the music industry when the whole point is to put yourself out there, so I guess it’s
a bit of an ode to introverts too.”

Medicate Me‘ roars, thunders, and booms big time. It’s a steamy glam rocker, a bang-up corker and a flashy ripper to go completely bananas to. Sounds like an inflammatory take on David Bowie‘s famous 1973 slam ‘The Je(e)an Genie‘. Powerful and imposing. Get your sonic medicine right here, right now…

JEEN: Facebook – Website –  Twitter

New album GIFT SHOP out 14 September

RICHARD ASHCROFT Launches Fifth Solo Album ‘NATURAL REBEL’ in October…

15 August 2018

RICHARD ASHCROFT , former singer/frontman of The Verve follows his excellent 2016 album These People with new – his fifth – solo longplayer, entitled NATURAL REBEL. It’ll feature 10 new songs all written by the man himself. The record is jointly produced by Ashcroft, Jon Kelly and Emre Ramazanoglu, who previously worked with Paul McCartney and Kate Bush respectively.

RA about his new music: “With experience comes knowledge and for me this is
my strongest set of songs to date. All my favourite sounds distilled into something
that will hopefully give my fans lasting pleasure. It is for them. Music is power.”

All My Dreams
Birds Fly
Surprised By The Joy
That’s How Strong
Born To Be Strangers
That’s When I Feel It
We All Bleed
A Man in Motion
Streets of Amsterdam
Money Money

Natural Rebel will be out 19 October. More info and pre-order facilities right here

RICHARD ASHCROFT Website – Facebook- Twitter 

Feminist Post-Hardcore Engine PETROL GIRLS Explodes On New Eruption ‘SISTER’…

Brand new sonic impulses

14 August 2018

After their vociferous 2016 debut LP Talk Of Violence English/Austrian feminist post-hardcore 4-piece PETROL SISTERS are about to release a new EP, entitled ‘The Future Is Dark‘. Ahead of its release here’s one of the tracks. SISTER is a rollercoaster blast about “the ties of sisterhood, and learning to trust again after being pitted against each other.” Partly reflective spoken-word, partly demonic yelling, this fire-spitting volcano-like eruption grabs you by the throat all along its turbulent way. A spectacular emo-discharge, a metallic punk meteorite that will cause goosebumps all over your body. Explode here…

“We always fucking grow from it/ We must not weaponise theory against each other / We must allow each other rage, and fear, and mistakes/ Sisterhood is the give as well as the take”


New EP THE FUTURE IS DARK out 14 September via Hassle Records – all info here

London’s BAHAMA BLEACH Produces Guitar Pop Sparks On New Single ‘ALL I NEED’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

14 August 2018

London’s vivifying trio BAHAMA BLEACH just released their new, third single. ALL I NEED is definitely their most exciting score so far. Expect an avalanche of razzle-dazzle guitar sparks that will activate all of your senses and all of your limbs. This is glittering pop firework, electric vitality, feel-good fuel. Catch the rollin’ riffs right here…

BAHAMA BLEACH: Facebook – Instagram

Bands That Matter! Here Are Five Reasons Why Belgium’s Intergalactic Electro Orchestra ‘RUMOURS’ Are Impressive…

A Belgian electro dance outfit featuring Hannah Vandenbussche, Stefanie Mannaerts, Jonas
Boermans and Pieter-Jan Cools
. Here are 5 reasons why this unit is so impressive & matters.

Their overwhelming Wall-Of-Towering-Electro-Beats-Booms-Drones-Sound is truly
spine-tingling, hypnotizing and symphonic. They resonate like a high-voltage, intergalactic orchestra having a trance-like party at the dark side of the moon. Here’s an idea of their sonic vision and vocal grandness…

Frontwoman Hannah‘s vox is one of a kind, blessed with a monumental range,
a vehement potency and a stupendous intensity. Her stage passion is just staggering.

The band released their debut longplayer MEGAMIX early this year. One of this year’s
best albums for Turn Up The Volume. Why? Here‘s why. Stream the darksome diamond…

Despite the overall gloomy timbre of their whole-hearted music they stay in touch with the real world and have a great sense of humour. Check here their hilarious ‘Pew Pew‘ clip…

Their live performances are stunning, every single time! But the most memorable show they played so far was their prestigious and triumphant album-release-party concert in the world famous St Bavo’s Cathedral in my hometown Ghent, Belgium on 14 March of this year. I’ve been to so many gigs in my life that I lost track of the exact number a long time ago. But what I do now is that RUMOURS played an unearthly and highly mystifying show in that massive holy building where the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb painting has its place for ages (actually since 1432). In short: it was nothing less than a unique experience…

Pic by Rumours

RUMOURS: Facebook – iTunes

TODAY’S YESTERDAY ALBUM – ‘Low-life’ – Third NEW ORDER Longplayer…

Remarkable albums from the past…

‘Low-life’ by NEW ORDER
Released: 13 May 1985 / NO’s third longplayer

ALL MUSIC review: “New Order’s third LP, Low-life, was, in every way, the artistic equal of
their breakout, 1983’s ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’. The point where the band’s fusion of rock
and electronics became seamless, it showed the band members having it every way they wanted: heavily sequenced and synthesized, but with bravura work from Bernard Sumner’s guitar and Peter Hook’s plaintive, melodic bass; filled with hummable pop songs, but still experimental as far as how the productions were achieved – But there was no mistaking that New Order had reached a peak, experimenting with their sound and their style, but keeping every moment wrapped in an unmistakable humanness.”

Score: 4.5/5 – Full review here

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: A 24-hour party album and with previous LP
Power, Corruption & Lies‘ the very core of New Order‘s work to my ears.

TOP TRACKS: Love Vigilantes / The Perfect Kiss / Sub-Culture




Album in full…

NEW ORDER: Website – Facebook – All Albums

NO’s heyday

15 May 1981 – AB venue, Brussels
My first NO gigalready that long?…