Leeds’ Ardent Rock Engine KATH & THE KICKS Steams On Their Newest Single ‘WALLS BETWEEN US’..

21 January 2020

Last July Leeds’ boosting rock ‘n’ roll engine KATH & THE PICKS caught my aural attention
with their vigorous and exotic sounding cracker ‘Let It Out’. Their newest single ‘WALLS BETWEEN US’ is even a more energetic eruption.

It’s a song about: “about a complete miscommunication, being lost in how to relate to those around you and feeling that the chance to do so is slipping away. The song disconnects you from the real world where things make sense, and the ‘other’ world where nothing is real. This
is a really strong power-house anthem for us, the structure is powerful and the progressions are clear. Quite the opposite of how the person in the song is feeling.”

Walls Between Us‘ is a dynamite stroke with Kath‘s persuasive and imposing vox right
in the middle of this kick-ass flare-up backed by a thunderous drum/bass turbine and
Kath‘s turbulent guitar play. Its stormy flow, its emotional intensity and its overall robust force will have an instant impact on your ears and your speakers.

Check out why right here…

KATH & THE KICKS: Facebook

ELEFANT Is Dead! Long Live ELEFANT! Here’s Their New Smashing Stomper ‘ULTRA PLUS ULTRA’…

21 January 2020

About a year after their eccentric debut album Konark Und Bonark Belgian metallic sludge noisemakers ELEFANT will launch their second longplayer called BEHAJUNG
on 24 January, this Friday. A press statement learns us that the new LP sounds like
it’s made by a new spirited, reborn band. Read the reincarnation story right there…

“The band intended to create a truly ugly, dissonant, senseless, distorted cacophony as the successor to ‘Konark und Bonark’. But instead all these beautiful, kind of normal, sometimes happy, sometimes sad songs came out. Life can be funny that way. Where previous releases focused on alienation, this ended up being about coming together. Saying yes to life (but still with an edge and a few loose screws) and thus ‘Bejahung’ was created’.”

Lead single Water Flowns Down, a mantra-like chant already revealed a new direction and brand new cut/clip ‘ULTRA PLUS ULTRA’ confirms that the former alien dressed and unorthodox foursome have taken another, more accessible, yet still a hair-raising sonic course. The new piece is an ongoing motorik-like stomper, a smashing sledgehammer
with a wall-of-bloodthirsty-guitars and scary synths. It is a motherfucking killer blast. ELEFANT is dead! Long live ELEFANT!.

Feel the full steam ahead electricity right here…

ELEFANT: Facebook

New album BEHAJUNG out 24 January – You can order the LP here

Discover The Captivating New Album ‘THE GOOD SOLDIER’ By Guitar Dream Pop Trio POSTCARDS From Beirut…

21 January 2020

Who: “Postcards is a dream pop trio formed in 2012 in Beirut, Lebanon. Their music is
defined by hushed vocals floating over expansive soundscapes that shift between harsh
noise and dreamy atmospheres.”

Album: The Good Soldier – the band’s second LP
Released: 3 January 2020
Sound: “The new album extends the range of their jangly dream-pop sound into slowcore,
post-punk and surf rock territory. Two-minute pop gems sit beside epic slow-burners. And Julia Sabra’s captivating wispy voice floats atop it all, guiding you through an immaculately-crafted sonic world of crashing guitars, melodic bass lines, slithering drums, buzzing synthesizers and ambient passages, co-courtesy of bandmates Marwan Tohme and Pascal Semerdjian.”

For fans of: Yo La Tengo, Slowdive, Françoise Hardy and Broadcast…

Here’s the album in full…


You can purchase THE GOOD SOLDIER via iTunes & Bandcamp  and stream via Spotify

Up And Coming Slacker Pop Queen LAURAN HIBBERD Scores Big Time With New Single ‘BANG BANG BANG’

New sonic impulses

20 January 2020

Branded as the new slacker pop queen LAURAN HIBBERD from the Isle Of Wight (UK) starts the New Year with a swirling steamroller called ‘BANG BANG BANG‘. A dazzling fireball, a speedy rocker spiced with a red-hot scream along chorus. Bingo Bingo Bingo!

The song is “my ode to the teenage girl. It’s built for the prom scene in ’10 Things I Hate About You’. It’s the cycle of going back to the same person even when you know you shouldn’t and I guess the fallout of all of that” says Hibberd about her new blistering stunner.

Catch her flaming drift right here…


The Best Band In The World PORRIDGE RADIO Shares New Single ‘SWEET’ From Upcoming Album…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

20 January 2020

(pic: Joshua Cohen)

Fast rising Brighton band PORRIDGE RADIO, led by charismatic singer-songwriter Dana Margolin, release their second album ‘EVERY BAD‘ on 13 March via Secretly Canadian. The famous former British journalist Everett True (real name: Jeremy Andrew Thackray) who wrote for two legendary UK magazines Melody Maker and NME and who played in various bands himself called Porridge Radio the best band in the world after seeing them play for only 40 seconds a couple of years ago.

I saw the group myself in Amsterdam in 2018 in a small club. I witnessed four young, nervous people who looked and sounded like lo-fi romantic indie punks. Hard and soft, anarchic and sweet, chaotic and intense, passionate and plainspoken with frontwoman Dana Margolin trying to connect with the audience. To be honest I didn’t get Everett True‘s statement, although I felt an intriguing attraction because of the band’s zestful sonority and charming enthusiasm. After their try and error DIY debut LP Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers of 2016 the foursome took time to prepare for their next step.

Based on the tracks they have already shared, new LP ‘EVERY BAD’ is definitely a whole other experience. Although Margolin says that the longplayer is about “figuring out how I want to exist in relation to others, and how to process my own feelings, how to be vulnerable, how to show people how I feel” you’ll hear a reborn band with a fuller and more vehement sound, with more confidence, with forceful panache and most important of all with killer songs.

Here’s the newest cut. ‘SWEET‘ is an overwhelming loudQUIETloud crackerjack with Margolin‘s repeating frequently ‘I’m charming, I’m sweet and she will loves me when she
meets me
‘. PORRIDGE RADIO will be big soon. FACT!


Here are the other three tracks the band already dropped…





New album EVERY BAD out 13 March. More info and details right here

BOB DYLAN Released One Of His Most Memorable Albums ‘BLOOD ON THE TRACKS’ 45 Years Ago Today…

Old and new albums to make your day

20 January 2020

Artist: Bob Dylan
Album: Blood On The Tracks

His fifteenth and one of his most memorable longplayers ever. One critic called it “the truest, most honest account of a love affair from tip to stern ever put down on magnetic tape” as several songs dealt with Dylan‘s divorce from his first wife Sara Lownds. In 2003, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked the LP on #16 on its list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.
Released: 20 January 1975 – 45 years ago today
Score: The LP topped the charts in the US, Canada, New Zealand
and several European countries. In the UK it peaked at #4

Here’s ‘Tangled In Blue‘ the only single from the LP…

Album in full…

BOB DYLAN: Facebook

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