SHARON VAN ETTEN Live And Full Of Passion On American TV Yesterday…

19 March 2019

American singer-songwriter SHARON VAN ETTEN released her fifth, highly acclaimed
and definitely best studio album REMIND ME OF TOMORROW last January. Yesterday
she appeared live on American’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Her amazing performance of ‘COMEBACK KID‘, one of the best tracks off the longplayer, was vividly passionate and full of ardent soulness. Watch her in action right here…

SHARON VAN ETTEN: Website – Facebook – Twitter

REMIND ME OF TOMORROW – out now – all info here

Toronto’s Foursome THE FAME Kicks Ass on New Single ‘CHERRY LIPSTICK’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 March 2019

After their euphoric debut single Wide Awake Toronto rockers THE FAME present their second corker, titled CHERRY LIPSTICK. Imagine Weezer turning into an inflammable glam rock act. Expect tons of hooky riffs, a battering drums/bass tandem, electrical guitar solo’s, a massive chorus and a hot lipstick topic. Big bang! Fat slam! Kick ass stuff! Here we go…

THE FAME: Facebook – Instagram – Website

You can also stream CHERRY LIPSTICK on Spotify

Happy 60 To TERRY HALL!…

19 March 2019

Terence Edward Hall better known as TERRY HALL was born in Coventry, England on
19 March 1959. Happy 60! He is most famous for being the frontman of ska legends
THE SPECIALS (who released new LP Encore last month) but he was also involved in several side-projects such as Fun Boy Three (1981-1983), The Colourfield (1984-1987),
he recorded two solo albums and collaborated with a series of musicians. Here are 3 big tracks to celebrate this special artist’s 60th birthday…

(with The Specials – 1981)

(with Fun Boy Three featuring Banarama – 1982)

(with The Colourfield – 1985)

TERRY HALL: Fanpage Facebook / THE SPECIALS: Facebook

(Photo on top: Getty / FB Specials)

HISTORY – 19 March 1971

19 March 2019

On 19 March 1971, forty-eight years ago today the late great rocker MARC BOLAN
(30 September 1947 – 16 September 1977) and his band T.REX scored their very first
number one hit single (of a total of four) on the UK singles chart with stone gold classic cracker HOT LOVE. C’mon, let’s start that fabulous glam groove…

T.REX: Biography – Facebook

Sound-Exploring Los Angeles Duo TANGIENTS Reinjects COCTEAU TWINS Banger ‘HAZEL’…

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18 March 2019

Los Angeles duo TANGIENTS is a “two-sided enigma, a dichotomy, a shadow and its’ reflection. Maybe they have something to prove. Maybe they can’t decide if they’re a modern day post-punk outfit or an early-80s-inspired shoegaze dreamscape weavers. Maybe it doesn’t matter, because it hits.”

Their brand new single is a cover of HAZEL, a stomping song by Scottish ethereal dream pop legends COCTEAU TWINS released as a B-side on their 1983 single ‘Peppermint Pig‘. The breathtaking performance of TANGIENTS inventive interpretation of this track is just astonishing. Massive tribal drums inject this reverberating banger with a gigantic beat from the get-go. When jigsaw guitars and singer Chelsea Ray‘s voodoo vox kick in Siouxsie and The Banshees pop up instantly in your aural imagination and when a sinistrous bass tries to take control in the final minute you’ll experience an imposing sonic finale. This is not a cover, it’s a ravishing recreation.

Inhale the energy right here…

TANGIENTS: Facebook – ‘Hazel’ on Apple Music

‘WHITE RIOT’ – Debut Single by THE CLASH Released 42 Years Ago Today…

Sonic knockouts from the past

18 March 2019

‘White Riot’ by THE CLASH

On 18 March 1977, forty-two years ago today, legendary gang THE CLASH released their debut single WHITE RIOT. An angry and timeless punk anthem. This dynamite outburst was inspired by riots in August 1976 in London’s Notting Hill Gate area involving Jamaican residents and the police after continuous tensions due to racist policing. Joe Strummer
and Paul Simonon were present that day and participated in the fights, sympathizing with the black locals’ cause. With ‘White Riot‘ the late, great Strummer wanted to encourage also white people who felt abused and oppressed by the government to come out and protest. ‘White Riot‘ only reached #38 at the time it came out but got his classic status over the following years. B-side: ‘1977’. Time to, scream out loud, folks…

White riot – I want to riot
White riot – a riot of my own
White riot – I want to riot
White riot – a riot of my own

THE CLASH: Facebook

Scottish Legends PRIMAL SCREAM Release Double Singles Compilation Album ‘MAXIMUM ROCK ‘N’ ROLL’

18 March 2019

On 24th May Scottish legends PRIMAL SCREAM – one of Turn Up The Volume‘s all time favorite bands – will release a 31 SINGLES compilation (2CDs/2LPS) entitled ‘MAXIMUM ROCK ‘N’ ROLL‘. Info and pre-order facilities here . Check the tracklist below…


1. Velocity Girl / 2. Gentle Tuesday / 3. Imperial / 4. Ivy Ivy Ivy / 5. Loaded / 6. Come Together / 7. Higher Than the Sun / 8. Don’t Fight It, Feel It / 9. Movin’ on Up / 10. Rocks / 11. Jailbird / 12. (I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind / 13. Kowalski / 14. Star / 15. Burning Wheel / 16. Swastika Eyes / 17. Kill All Hippies


1. Accelerator / 2. Miss Lucifer / 3. Autobahn 66 / 4. Some Velvet Morning / 5. Country Girl / 6. Dolls (Sweet Rock and Roll) / 7. Sometimes I Feel So Lonely / 8. Can’t Go Back /
9. Uptown (Weatherall mix) / 10. 2013 / 11. It’s Alright, It’s OK / 12. Goodbye Johnny /
13. Where the Light Gets In / 14. 100% or Nothing

Here’s one of the killer singles KOWALSKI‘ (1997)…

PRIMAL SCREAM: Website – Facebook – Discography

Quote Of The Day – Here’s THE WHO’s Hypocrite ROGER DALTREY…

(pic: FB Who)

Has-been billionaire rock star Roger Daltrey once sang about the problems of his generation but he doesn’t give a flying fuck about today’s young UK generation whose majority voted to remain in the EU, as he proved once more again with some crap quotes about Brexit. He used to be a great singer but he also was always a terribly narrow-minded person. He and his now entirely meaningless and money-greedy band The Who were also slammed recently – again – by fans for charging scandalous entrance prices to see them play. To return to the subject, Daltrey has no clue at all what the EU is even about. He’s just a sickly rich and old spoiled grumpy man who doesn’t care whatsoever about what the future British generation thinks and wants. Here’s some of his recent baloney…

You can read the full NME feature on Daltrey‘s nonsense here.

HISTORY – 18 March 1972

18 March 2019

Living legend NEIL YOUNG scored his only No 1 hit in the US with ‘HEART OF GOLD’ – probably his most famous song ever – 47 years ago today, on 18 March 1972. The wonderful track, with backup vocals by James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt was also part
of his masterpiece album Harvest. Here’s that diamond…

NEIL YOUNG: Facebook – Website