GRANT LEE BUFFALO – Gripping Debut Album ‘FUZZY’ Turns 25…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

21 February 2018

Album: FUZZY – debut LP
Released: 22 February 1993 – 25 years ago
All Music/Mark Deming wrote: “When Grant Lee Buffalo cut their debut album, 1993’s Fuzzy, they had a distinct advantage over most bands making their first trip to the studio — vocalist and guitarist Grant Lee Phillips, bassist Paul Kimble and drummer Joey Peters had already recorded two LPs together as members of the then-recently defunct Shiva Burlesque, and most of Fuzzy’s 11 songs dated back to SB’s latter days. This goes a long way towards explaining how Grant Lee Buffalo were able to make an album as confident and solidly crafted as Fuzzy, but it was even more significant that Phillips had a marvelous voice, wrote fine and evocative songs, and was fortunate enough to be working with sympathetic accompanists who had a good idea of how to tap into the mysterious melodic structures of his music. Fuzzy is deep and mysterious stuff, but also very beautiful and crafted with imagination and care, and it’s no wonder Grant Lee Buffalo became critic’s darlings shortly after this was released. No wonder Grant Lee Buffalo became critic’s darlings shortly after this was released.”
Michael Stipe said: “The best album of the year hands down.”
Turn Up The Volume!: magnificent Americana songwriting and Grant-Lee Philips‘ outstanding voice. All songs fueled by profound passion and vocal intensity.
A truly gripping, high-quality unity.
Three Top Tracks: Fuzzy / You Just Have To Be Crazy / Jupiter And Teardrop

* FUZZY – intoxicating splendor

* YOU JUST HAVE TO BE CRAZY – haunting and spellbinding

* JUPITER AND TEARDROP – (live version)

FUZZY in full

Back then…


TOWANDA – This Fuzzy Metallic Artillery From Canada Will Pulverize Your Head With New Detonation ‘ANOTHER BRIDGE BURNED’…

19 February 2018

“Eating people for breakfast, burning love to the ground since 2013…”

Metallic fuzz buzz trio TOWANDA (Montreal/Rhode Island) released their impressive
debut longplayer Plaything in 2016. A thunderous record filled with head-smacking
blows and lots of “avant-gruel-metallic-rock-noir” & “a steaming pile of raging estrogen.”

The rabid 3-piece return now with scorching lead-track ANOTHER BRIDGE BURNED
from upcoming 4-track EP titled ‘Freak Of Nurture‘. This new knockout slam is a slow-moving serpent getting nastier and rowdier with every wall-of-ominous-noise-second
until the apocalypse finally roars its ugly head. This bad-ass sockdolager will sneak into your unsuspected brain before you can say ‘Trump is a hopeless moron’ and mess up all dark corners of your poor head, and, trust me you’ll bloody love it. Here’s the glowing inferno, burn it now…

The EP will be out on 6 April via GIRLSVILLE, a pretty cool independent
label from Chicago. All info/pre-order facilities here on Bandcamp

TOWANDA: Facebook

Artwork ‘Freak Of Nurture EP

10 Questions For THUNDER ON THE LEFT – A Hammering Band That Cares About Our ‘NATIONAL INSECURITY’…

Discover up and coming artists in 10 questions


THUNDER ON THE LEFT is a heartfelt and hard hittin’ 3-piece dynamo out of the London desert producing deafening drones that will make your head spin 360°. Led by explosive frontwoman and passionate vox Carla the band develops a metallic and volcanic storm, fierce enough to blow big holes in our worldwide corrupted establishment. On brand new, barbed wire album NATIONAL INSECURITY you’ll hear crushing echoes, annex melodic vigor, of System Of A Down, Korn and RATM, both in vision and in sound. The LP is a mighty work of loud and clear protest against the eternal human rat race, against social abuse, against the Big Brother media, against impersonal gregariousness. We need committed bands like this. Pronounced artists who shout out, opinionated musicians who care. Thunder On The Left is a force to embrace. Let’s meet them, but start the acquaintance
first with the title track of the new record…

Welcome Carla (guitar, lead vocals), Arun (drums, vocals) and Adam (bass, vocals)
Let’s roll…

1 / When, how and why did the band form?
Carla: “In the mind’s eye of a visionary named fate, we don’t remember how, why,
when or where we met – fate brought us together.”
Arun:“And God said let it be so, and God said it was good!”
Adam: “In a long-forgotten Viking horde buried under centuries of history there lay a drum kit, a Telecaster, and an SG bass. We never questioned how it was they came to be there, or the vast coincidences involved in bringing us three together on that same cold, stormy night. Riffs do not question the fingers that play them, nor do we question the ancient magic that now binds us together.”

2/ What’s the story behind the band’s name?
Carla: “It’s from a book, of the same name, about disillusionment with society.
Listen to our music for a few bars of any song, and you’ll see why that fit.”

3/ When did you know “this is how want we to sound, this is what
we want to tell the world”?

Carla:: “We’d describe our music as the very well-behaved and fortunate looking child of three very overbearing parents.”
Arun: “I think we don’t ever truly know, it’s one of those things where we rehearse and it develops and changes just as we do as people, as we become better musicians. It develops alongside us, and when it comes out, that’s when we know. It’s never with pretence.”
Adam: “We’re writing the music we want to hear and between the three of us, there’s a lot of different influences entering into it. When we’re playing and we discover something great, we all feel it right away. It’s a physical reaction, like adrenalin.”

4/ What or who inspired the band to call the debut LP: ‘NATIONAL INSECURITY’?
TOTL:Carla wrote it as a reversal of the concept of national security. In the sense of how society is conditioned to live in a state of fear and paranoia from the media and feels anything but ‘secure.”

Artwork ‘National Insecurity‘…

5/ What’s your fav track on the album?
Carla: “Either ‘A Polite Fuck Off‘ or ‘Simply Eaten‘. APFO just sounds so good, and also perfectly mixes R n B (the bass-line for me in the verse) with heavy rock and an interesting sentiment (‘A Polite Fuck Off’ in this song meaning to cut someone out of your life without telling them as it’s pointless to try and sort out something they have engineered maliciously). ‘Simply Eaten‘ was finished at the studio, and I purposely left loads of the melody until then to work under a kind of weird positive pressure. I think it’s epic, brooding and very Post-Rock; it sounds huge. Also, how contemplative it is lyrically I think is a perfect way to end the album. It was written from a poem I wrote a long time ago.”
Arun: “‘A Polite Fuck Off’ is a special song to me, it completely encapsulates my influences in terms of drumming, and pushed me beyond my limits of what I thought I was capable of playing. In short, it just feels good to play the song. It’s groovy, it’s heavy, and the chorus groove always hangs back in a cool swing which you wouldn’t expect from such a heavy song. ‘Interlude‘ is another favourite of mine, a repetitive groove locked in with Adam is always a winner. I’d also agree with Carla with ‘Simply Eaten‘, I was close to tears when we were recording that song because the lyrics just hit home so hard at the time. I could go into detail with every song but those stand out immediately.”
Adam: “‘A Polite Fuck Off’ is so much fun to play… It’s full of energy and I love how it never stays the same for long, there’s always a change to throw you off your guard. ‘Survivor‘ is another favourite of mine. It’s all intensity from start to finish and I have a blast playing it live. ‘Simply Eaten‘ can’t go unmentioned of course, it was the last track on the album we recorded and when we finished playing it was an amazing feeling. That song creates its own atmosphere, and for those 6 minutes there’s no escaping it.”

4 Votes (Turn Up The Volume’s one included)
for ‘A Polite Fuck Off’…

6/ What movie would you pick to visualize ‘NATIONAL INSECURITY’ on
a big screen, in the back of the stage, when playing a show?

Carla: “Battle Royale or A Clockwork Orange.”
Arun: “Nirvana live at Reading, 1992.”
Adam: “12 Angry Men.”

7/ Why is it that mankind, after all these ages, isn’t still capable of
living together and tolerate each other?

Carla: “Religion. Politics. Divide and conquer. Power. Greed.”
Adam: “People who seek power can never understand those who do not.”
Arun: “Ego.”

8/ If the band was an animal, which one would it be?
TOTL: “A mosquito. People under-estimate how deadly they are
until it’s too late. They are deadly AF.”

Thunder On The Left: deadly band…

9/ If you could go back in time on which artist’s front door
would you knock and ask to have a selfie together?

TOTL: “No-one’s door, we hate selfies, and the artists
we love enough to time-travel back to see, would too.”

10/ Plans for 2018?
TOTL: “Taking over the world, Pinky.”

Thank you, guys, for this interview with TUTV!
May the road rise with.


Available on iTunes

THUNDER ON THE LEFT: Website – Facebook – Twitter

PICK OF THE DAY – London’s Rowdy 4-Piece STAGS Drops New ‘THIS LOVE’ Single…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 February 2018

Base: London, UK
Who: “This hefty 4-piece is making waves in the London circuit since 2012 and gained a solid reputation all over the UK with their unique brand of blues rock and incredible stage presence. They have performed alongside artists such as Therapy?, who handpicked them to support their UK tour in 2014.”
Pick: THIS LOVE – single from upcoming debut album
Score: Here’s a blazing combination of Black Crowes blues dynamism and early Led Zep ferociousness with towering guitars, a hammering rhythm section and heated vocals all over it. A fierce mid-tempo rock crackerjack with a healthy dose of passionate bombast and shots of pulverizing excitement. Test your speakers and your lungs’ intensity. Go…

STAGS: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – More on Bandcamp

Blues rock engine(Photo: Rob Blackham)

RADIOHEAD’s First Step To Awesomeness – Debut Album ‘PABLO HONEY’ Turns 25…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

20 February 2018

Album: PABLO HONEY – the band’s debut
Released: 22 February 1993 – 25 years ago…
Rolling Stone wrote: “Flashing a song called ‘Creep’ as a musical ID takes cheek, but then, everything about these Brits is unabashed. On their debut, the swagger affected by every
arch-Anglo since the Kinks is already in full effect. Three guitars (and bass) and a singer
whose narcissistic angst rivals Morrissey’s (‘I will not control myself!’) Thom Yorke screams on ‘Vegetable’ and on ‘Prove Yourself’ he mourns, ‘I’m better off dead’), these five Oxford lads come on extreme. What elevates them to fab charm is not only the feedback and strumming fury of their guitar work — and the dynamism of their whisper-to-a-scream song structures — which recall the Who by way of the early Jam, but the way their solid melodies and sing-along choruses resonate pop appeal. If they don’t implode from attitude overload, Radiohead warrant watching.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: their very first step to awesomeness,
geniusness and massiveness…
Three Top Tracks: How Do You? / Creep / Thinking About You

* HOW DO YOU? – Radiohead would never rock like this again – nasty and rowdy…

* CREEP – simply unavoidable, because it’s a 24 Karat Gold classic…

* THINKING ABOUT YOU – vulnerable and gripping…

PABLO HONEY in full…

RADIOHEAD: Website – Facebook –  Twitter Discography

25 years ago

New British Outlaws Generation! Here Come ‘CHUPA CABRA’ And ‘NO FRIENDZ’ To Split Your Ears…

Vibes that thrill us in a way we want to scream out loud…

20 February 2018


I screamed about these two British outlaws bands before and will continue to do so in the future. Why? I just love it when youngsters with the right DIY attitude and a middle finger for the establishment pick up a guitar, form a band and go apeshit while entertaining us with cracking uppercuts and deranged stories. Like these 2 punk gangs sharing Fat White Family‘s desperado spirit and The Fall‘s sonic chaos approach. On 2 March these rowdy cowboys will release a split LP (six songs each) via Trashmouth Records. All info on Bandcamp. But you can have already a loud and clear taster right here with split clips…

‘King Leech’

‘Ballad’ by NO FRIENDZ

CHUPA CABRA: Facebook / NO FRIENDZ: Facebook

Glam Rock Legends SUEDE Released Flamboyant Firecracker Single ‘ANIMAL NITRATE’ 25 Years Ago…

When timeless in sound and vision, it’s a …


20 February 2018

Twenty-five years ago – on 22 February 1993 – British glam rockers SUEDE released one of their best tracks ever (to my ears). ANIMAL NITRATE was/still is an awesome firecracker. Glowing and flashy. Anthemic and towering! A top stroke! According to Chris Jones, BBC’s music journalist at the time, the song (with its reference to the inhalant drug amyl nitrite), was “despite its punning title, a thrill-seeking slice of cynicism that perfectly summed up what
it was like to be young and chemically imbalanced in the nation’s capital at the time”

It was the third single from their stupendous, self-titled debut LP, and charted
at number seven on the UK Singles Chart. Here’s that fabulous beast…

Like his dad you know that he’s had
Animal nitrate in mind
Oh in your council home he jumped on your bones
now you’re taking it time after time

oh it turns you on, on, on, now he has gone
oh what turns you on, on, on, now your animal’s gone?

Well he said he’d show you his bed
and the delights of his chemical smile
so in your broken home he broke all of your bones
now you’re taking it time after time

oh it turns you on, on, on, now he has gone
oh what turns you on, on, on, now your animal’s gone?

what does it take to turn you on, on
now he has gone?
now you’re over 21?
now your animal’s gone?
animal, he was animal, an animal

SUEDE: Website – Facebook – Discography

25 years ago

Eponymous debut LP – 29 March 1993…

PICK OF THE DAY – Dutch Power Rockers ALTOBELLI In A Soundgarden Of Their Own With ‘TREES’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

20 February 2018

Base: Hulst, The Netherlands
Who: 5-piece unit travelling back in time to fuse heavy rockin’ genres such as
Britpop, noise-rock, grunge, nu-metal, and post-rock…
Track: TREES
Score: this track was written before Soundgarden‘s frontman Chris Cornell took his own life last year in May, but as I heard it for the first time after that fateful event I experience(d) this towering emo eruption as a tribute to that great, unfortunate artist. Although there’s some Metallica bombast in there I still think of Cornell‘s sonic power and impactful vox. That’s the beauty of music. It can generate countless, different associations depending on what one is feeling/thinking/observing at one specific moment in time. ‘Trees‘ does the job perfectly. A strong LOUD/Quiet/LOUD score and so is the accompanying clip. Roll it here…

ALTOBELLI: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

TREES is the opening track of new, versatile LP THE NEEDLE – all info here.