MELLOHONEY – Toronto’s Noise Tandem Generate Huge Hullabaloo On New Slam’ COWARD’

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2 December 2023

Who: A post-punk/garage-rock duo hailing from some noisy garage east of Toronto.
They say it takes two to tango, but how many does it take to create a wall of sound,
so explosive, and so dynamic it leaves you questioning where the rest of the band is?
It only takes two.

New single: COWARD

“Coward is our most aggressive and dynamic release to date. It kicks off a new era of Mellohoney that shows off our ability to write memorable hooks amongst the sonic chaos.
We felt a sense of frustration and disillusionment with the political system, particularly with specific politicians in our current government. This song was born out of a desire for change and accountability.”

Artwork – Credit: Lauren Gavaris

TUTV: You don’t need a whole garage rock orchestra to make a huge hair-rising noise.
The White Stripes, Royal Blood, The Black Keys
and other rackety tandems are proof that
it takes only two trouble seekers to crush your poor stereo and make your neighbors calling the police. Toronto’s Mellohoney also generate that 2-motor hullabaloo.

But, unlike the acts cited, they turn up the amps even more. Schizophrenic guitars, mammoth drumming and out-of-their-minds screaming combine for a nasty headbutt.
No mellowness, no sweet honey. Middle-finger to all ego-greedy politicians.

For all those about to rock, Mellohoney salute you.

5 BEST COVERS – November 2023

1. ‘Ventilator Blues’ by DEAP VALLY (Los Angeles)

(Cover ‘Marriage album)

Sad news came in a couple of weeks ago. L.A.’s blues rock tandem
Deap Vally Lindsay Troy andJulie Edwards – one of the most exciting
and dynamite acts, of the past 10 years call it a day.

But not without a big bang. They say farewell with an extensive North America tour.
They’ll release a new vinyl edition of their superb debut LP Sistrionix, out Spring 2024.

And they just shared their cooking cover of The StonesVentilator Blues
track from their 1972 masterpiece LP Exile On Main Street.

The song fits Deap Vally like a glove. The sultry beat, the mid-tempo
blues swagger, the steamy drive, the awesome vocals. Feels like it was
written for them.


2.’Personal Jesus’ by TREVOR HORN and IGGY POP

British famous singer-songwriter-producer Trevor Horn (now 74), who scored a No 1 UK hit in 1979 with his one-time project Buggles and their pop tune Video Killed The Radio Star (more than 323 million streams on Spotify) released an album of 11 covers yesterday. It’s called Echoes: Ancient & Modern. The record features several celebrities on vocals.

One of the covered songs is PERSONAL JESUS, the 24-Carat Depeche Mode classic
from 1990. Horn invited eternal punk IGGY POP to do the singing. An inch-perfect
decision. At the age of 76 he still sounds like he wants to be your dog. His performance here is bone-chilling.


3. ‘West End Girls’ by SLEAFORD MODS

British rap-punk duo SLEAFORD MODS released their
12th LP UK Grim last March, followed by an extensive
tour that will continue into 2024.

The mods will have a new limited-edition 7″ single out next month – pre-order info here – with all profits going to Shelter, an organization that helps people with housing issues and homelessness.

Here we go.


3. ‘Stand For Peace’ by NEIL YOUNG

For the occasion of this year’s Thanksgiving, the living legends shared his version
of Star Spangled Banner the American anthem , and named it Stand For Peace.

Feedback time in the free world.


5. ‘Purple Rain’ by DOLLY PARTON

Last week mega country star her 49th (!) LP. It’s called Rockstar.
Yep, Parton‘s first rock longplayer. It features mostly covers with big
name collaborations.

The supreme standout track is her cover of Purple Rain,
the 1984 blockbuster hit from late musical genius Prince.

A fantastic ode.


JO BELOW Offer Southern Rock From Finland – Hear Their New Riff-Loaded Single ‘BROKEN PROMISES’ Here

New striking strokes

2 December 2023

Who: Hard rock 4-piece from Finland.

First piece from their ’New Worlds’ EP, out next year.
A song about a love gone wrong.

TUTV: If Southern rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd were fronted by a female singer
they would have been called Jo Below. Broken Promises is infused with the genre’s
riff extravaganza, its muscular swagger, its solid percussion, a 60s Hammond organ fragment and its yearning passion. The final result is a classic rock ripper. Lots of horsepower.

Sweet Home Helsinki



JO BELOW: Instagram – Facebook

Amazing Artwork – ANNA CALVI Shares New Track ‘BLACK TUESDAY’ From Her PEAKY BLINDERS Score

2 December 2023

Impressive and eerie artwork for new track

British songstress ANNA CALVI composed the soundtrack for season 5
and season 6 of the BBC show Peakers Blinders. A crime drama series
set in Birmingham, UK.

It follows the exploits of the Peaky Blinders crime gang in the direct aftermath
of the First World War. The fictional gang is loosely based on a real urban youth
gang of the same name who were active in the city from the 1880s to the 1910s.

Calvi will release all 37 of the songs she wrote,
including a new one named BLACK TUESDAY.


FUTURE ISLANDS Move With New Endearing Beauty ‘THE FIGHT’ From Their Upcoming Album

New striking strokes

1 December 2023

(Photo Turn Up The Volume – live in Belgium)

Baltimore‘s synth pop act FUTURE ISLANDS canned album #7.
It’s titled People Who Aren’t There Anymore and lands on
26 January 2024.

Album artwork

Press info: Where they’ve pursued ever-higher energy anthems in the past, they’ve
turned inward this time, and unlocked a new level of ferocity, delivering some of their most inspiring and most heartbreaking tracks by doing the opposite: taking their time, making each breath, each syllable, each cymbal crash count. The result is a powerful, defining statement from a group of musicians that have made the best album of their career.

The band shared the 5th track off the LP.
THE FIGHT is an endearing beauty.
Lovesick melancholia.

The day I went away
From everything I chose
To everything I own
Was the day I lost
It wasn’t only you
Or the springing well of youth
But the certainty of love

All 5 singles together.

FUTURE ISLANDS: Instagram – Website

BUGEYE – British Party Addicts Back With Another Towering Disco Ball Banger ‘DANCING IN THE DARK’

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1 December 2023

Who: Female pop quartet from London blending cherry-liqueur lyrics, bubblegum-kneecap bass electrics, goth-heavy drum compactions & hi-rise guitar sculptures.


TUTV: Bugeye do again what they do best. Throwing a party with a towering
dance tune. And this disco ball banger is one of their best ever. Fact! Drum
and bass work together causing rhythmic dynamics, ablaze guitars pump up
the decibels and the girls’ vocals are going through the roof.

Euphoric excitement all over the place when the ecstatic chorus kicks in.

Their get-up-and-go vitally is contagious. Don’t forget to add this fiery firestarter
to your New Year’s Eve playlist. Zippy fun guaranteed. Put the champagne already
in the refrigerator, check your stereo and start practising your craziest moves.

Forget about Bruce Springsteen, dance in the dark with Bugeye.


BUGEYE: Facebook – Instagram