19 May 2019

The late Jeffrey Ross Hyman aka Joey Ramone was born on 19 May 1951 in Queens, New York. He would have turned 68 today. He was unquestionably my favorite Ramone. Some (wankers) just viewed him as a tall, long-haired nerd. I taught he was awesome, just being himself, no macho rock attitude (unlike Johnny and Dee Dee), great rose-colored shades, a natural voice, and most of all he talked and looked like a totally cool dude. Here are three big Joey moments to celebrate his birthday…

1. ‘Blitzkrieg Pop’ at the legendary London concert on 31 December 1977

2. ‘What A Wonderful World’ – fun cover, great Joey footage

3. December 2000 interview


40 Years Ago Today SUPERTRAMP Topped The US Albums Chart…

19 May 2019

This day 40 years ago, on 19 May 1979, British prog pop rockers SUPERTRAMP, co-founded by their two chief singer/songwriters Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies, topped the US Albums Chart with their sixth album BREAKFAST IN AMERICA. It was recorded a year before in Los Angeles, won two Grammy Awards and went quadruple platinum – more than 4 million copies sold – in America. It went to #3 in their native country and scored big time all over Europe.

Here are three of the highlights




Full BREAKFAST here…

SUPERTRAMP: Facebook – All Albums

THE RACONTEURS Launch Title Track From Upcoming Third LP – Here’s ‘HELP ME STRANGER’…

Brand new sonic impulses

18 May 2019

THE RACONTEURS, the side rock toy of Jack White and Brendan Benson announced
their new, third LP, entitled HELP US STRANGER already a couple of months ago
when they shared two cuts: Sun Driver and ‘Now That You’re Gone‘.

About a month ago they dropped another fresh one, a cover of a song by 60s pop folk singer/songwriter Donovan called Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)’‘ and now here’s the
title track. A bluesy, familiar sounding, groover that will activate your head’s up and
down movements and your feet’s tapping rhythm…


HELP ME STRANGER – album out 21st June

IAN DURY And His BLOCKHEADS Released 2nd Album ‘DO IT YOURSELF’ 40 Years Ago Today…

18 May 2019

Today 40 years ago, on 18 May 1979, the late great IAN DURY and his BLOCKHEADS orchestra released their second longplayer DO IT YOURSELF. The first time actually that his band was credited on the sleeve(s). Just like debut album New Boots and Panties!! this more dancey/vibey/lively/spicy/funky follow-up LP went Platinum in the UK.

ALL MUSIC wrote: “Do It Yourself is a record of mid tempo pub rock disco and remains one
of Dury’s very best records, since his lyrical facility throughout the album is simply amazing.”

Album in full…

IAN DURY: Facebook – Albums

The whole orchestra

Artists That Influenced The Sparkling Debut EP By Belgian Synth Pop Act TURQUOISE…

Making noise about up and coming artists

18 May 2019

A couple of weeks ago Turn Up The Volume got really charmed by the tantalizing, self-titled 4-track debut EP by Brussels-based synth-pop quartet TURQUOISE, led by the sensuous vox of Sarah Boom. Their sonic influences come from several decades and several artists, but the musical excellence and strength of this foursome lays in the seemingly simple, yet extremely difficult talent and inventiveness of writing alluring and fetching songs, creating infectious tunes that make hearts and souls glow, that put a smile on people’s faces.

Last Thursday I saw the band perform live for the first time. In my hometown Ghent they showed with flair that they’re not just a studio exploring project, but an ambitious team of musicians that aims to take their electronic musings to another vivid level than on record once they step up a podium. And they succeeded tremendously well with old, present and new work.

It triggered me afterward to listen to the fresh EP and the artists that influenced
its four cuts another couple of times and share my aural impressions right here…

The flourishing opener that will make your heartbeat jump for joy has the dancey dynamics of 80s British duo Erasure, a Sisters Of Mercy drumbeat and resonates
vocally like legendary French singer/actress Jane Birkin. Beatific score.

A reflective and starry-eyed, atmospheric Cocteau Twins soundscape colored
with blissful synths and glimmering guitar touches turning this sweet little pearl
into an uplifting happening.

Sparkling, yet some darkish twilight poppiness. Like early Slowdive moodiness fused
with illuminating The Cure guitar sequences and seductive vocals bringing 60s pin-up chanteuse Françoise Hardy to mind. Magnifique!.

A ravishing combination of vocal Vive La Fête sensuality and enthralling New Order
guitar electricity turning this multi-layered humdinger into my favorite piece. Top!

Picture this
Kinky Star, Ghent, 16 May…

Electr-o-fying waves

Amplified pop dynamics

Angelic voice


TURQUOISE: Facebook – Debut EP available on Bandcamp

(concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

THE FLAMING LIPS Released Their Magnum Fairy Tale Opus ‘THE SOFT BULLETIN’ 20 Years Ago Today…

17 May 2019

The eccentric Oklahoma rockers THE FLAMING LIPS released their magical and supreme longplayer THE SOFT BULLETIN today 20 years ago, on 17 May 1999. It was this unique, otherworldly, colorful, far-out, crazily inventive and kooky gang’s 9th LP.

ROLLING STONE wrote: “The eccentric Oklahoma outfit Flaming Lips serenely release another baffling, winning, neo-psychedelic recording. Densely textured, awkward but somehow melodic, The Soft Bulletin finds these pop oddballs with their poker-faced humor firmly intact… Their music isn’t, how you say, universally accessible, and the weirdness gets same-y, but no one
else has posited a parallel universe in which the Sixties and the Nineties exist simultaneously, allowing for a peculiarly convincing brand of monolithic robotic swirl.”
– Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: The Flaming Lips are The Wacky Wizards Of Oz Rock creating
a fairy tale universe with both elves and demons, with good ones and bad ones and other-worldly symphonies that transfer you to a never-never land full of rainbows on record and on stage. The most spectacular live band I ever witnessed.

NME had an recent interview with Wayne Coyne
the maestro of the stellar orchestra. Read it here.

THREE OF THE TOP TRACKS: The Gash / Race For The Prize / Waitin’ For A Superman




ALBUM in full…

THE FLAMING LIPS:  Website – Facebook – Discography

Illuminating Amsterdam – Nov 2018 (pic by TUTV!)…


20 Years Ago Today MOBY Released His Breakthrough Bestseller ‘PLAY’…

17 May 2019

Electro popsmith MOBY released his fifth album PLAY today 20 years ago, on 17 May 1999. He recorded it in his home studio in Manhattan, New York. It turned into a global triumph, artistically and commercially. It topped the UK albums chart for 7 weeks and reached the No 1 spot in six other countries while it peaked at a rather low #38 in the
US but sold steadily there for two years. I wasn’t a devoted Moby fan at all but this LP
was near perfect, with a series of fabulous synth pop & soul songs millions, young and
old, could relate to. Here are Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite highlights…





PLAY in full…

MOBY: Facebook – All Albums

Chill Out With Hungarian Electro Sensation BELAU On New Track/Clip ‘ESSENCE’ Featuring Sophie Barker…

Brand new sonic impulses

17 May 2019


Who: From Hungary… “one of the most promising electronica newcomers around the European music scene. In two years they had almost 200 live performances in 22 countries. Their 2016 debut full-length album The Odessey, won a Hungarian Grammy.”

Track: ESSENCE – new track featuring wonderful voice Sophie Barker

Score: ‘Essence’ is a delightfully chill out trip with a tranquilizing effect and a sedating impact on all of your senses. An electronic massage for your ears, your mind and your
soul. Sophie Barker‘s sensual vox fits the transcendent atmosphere perfectly. Sit back, close your eyes, relax and absorb the mellowing vibes…

BELAU: Facebook

Single out now