London’s MODERATE REBELS Announce Second Album And Share Lead Track ‘THE VALUE OF SHARES’…

20 November 2018

London’s variable and still mysterious outfit MODERATE REBELS (although the new press photos reveal 4 female members instead of 2) are about to release the follow-up album to their lo-fi pop debut The Sound Of Security. New longplayer SHARED VALUES will hit the streets on 30 November via Everyday Life Recordings.

SHARED VALUES out 30 November – pre-order facilities via iTunes

The self-proclaimed anti-music project says about the new record: “We went into the studio with a couple of songs to record an EP, and we ended up with an album-length EP. We like to just let things happen and for songs to mostly write themselves. It’s a case of mucking around and seeing what feels right and what doesn’t. We say it all the time, but it’s important to note – we don’t intend anything. We don’t feel like ‘artists’ with grand statements to make.”

Ahead of the fresh full lenght’s launch here’s, following earlier shared cuts I Love Today  , Beyond Hidden Words and Science & Faith, lead track THE VALUE OF SHARES. Another magnetizing mantra-like mind-ripper with fuzzy guitar flashes and ongoing vocal repetition of the main line ‘I Like You / You Like Me’. You bet I do. Catch their feverish drift here…  

MODERATE REBELS: Twitter – Instagram

(photo: Moderate Rebels press)

Birmingham’s Newcomers THE TABOO CLUB Impress With Tenebrous Reflection ‘BIBLE JOHN’…

New sonic impulses

19 November 2018


Who: A fresh quintet formed only this year in Birmingham, UK.
“The Taboo Club are entirely of their own, comprising of and expressing the values
of its individual members to create something heart-breakingly cathartic – a sound
that commands attention and welcomes intimacy.”


Score: Close your eyes and you’ll hear atrabilious echoes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds‘s profoundest moments and the Tindersticks gloomiest sentiments. Indeed, Bible John has that tenebrous timbre, that abstruse toughness that has the cutting strength to penetrate the dark side of confused souls. The combination of singer Rob Lilley‘s sonorous, crooning vox and the saturnine orchestration of this slow-moving melancholic contemplation works frighteningly perfect. Music to be played on a jukebox, late at night, in a shadowy bar at the edge of the town where all the lonely ones look for a bit of comfort. Feel it here…

TABOO CLUB: Facebook – Twitter

MY BLOODY VALENTINE Released Debut Album ‘ISN’T ANYTHING’ 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

19 November 2018


Album: ISN’T ANYTHING – the band’s debut longplayer

Released: 21 November 1988 – 30 years ago

ALL MUSIC‘s reflections: “Though it’s often seen as just a precursor to their magnum opus ‘Loveless’, in its own way My Bloody Valentine’s “Isn’t Anything” is nearly as groundbreaking as their 1991 masterpiece. Not only was it the most lucid, expansive articulation yet of the group’s sound, it virtually created the shoegazing scene and spawned legions of followers …The album’s tightly structured songs still bore traces of My Bloody Valentine’s previous incarnation as jangly indie popsters, but Kevin Shields and company crafted wide-ranging experiments within those confines… ‘Isn’t Anything’ captures My Bloody Valentine’s revolutionary style in its infancy and points the way to ‘Loveless’, but it’s far more than
just a dress rehearsal for the band’s moment of greatness.” –
Full review here – – Score: 4.5/5

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: Haunting melodies, compelling song structures,
mind-bending effects, controlled chaos and an overall striking aurality.

ALBUM in full…

MY BLOODY VALENTINE: Facebook – Discography

(photo: Camera Press)

INTERPOL – New York Cared Back In 2002…

Clips that have a lasting impact on Turn Up The Volume’s eyes and ears…

Spooky and mysterious
Awesome guitar lines
The subway is a porno
Obscure SF-like clip…

I had seven faces
Thought I knew which one to wear
I’m sick of spending these lonely nights
Training myself not to care
The subway is a porno
The pavements they are a mess
I know you’ve supported me for a long time
Somehow I’m not impressed
But New York cares (got to be some more change in my life) x 4
Subway she is a porno
And the pavements they are a mess
I know you’ve supported me for a long time
Somehow I’m not impressed
It’s up to me now turn on the bright lights
Oh, it’s up to me now turn on the bright lights
New York cares (got to be some more change in my life) x 4
It’s up to me now turn on the bright lights
(Got to be some more change in my life)
Oh, it’s up to me now turn on the bright lights
(Got to be some more change in my life)

From their 2002 TURN ON THE BRIGHT LIGHTS album – stream it here

PERFUME GENIUS Shares Brand New Afflictive Cry Of Despair ‘NOT FOR ME’…

New sonic impulses

19 November 2018

After reworking ‘Alan‘, the closing track of his 2017 album No Shape with streaming benefits going towards American immigrant rights organization Immigration Equality, Mike Seattle’s singer-songwriter Mike Hadreas aka PERFUME GENIUS has just launched new afflictive song called NOT FOR ME. An intimate, yet painfully captivating cry of despair caused by being unloved, by being ignored. “I’ve never known love or been shown love, you’ll see / Ballads are being sung, but not for me” he regrets deeply. Listen here…


Georgia’s Stirring Collective PYLON REENACTMENT SOCIETY Grooves On New Single ‘MESSENGER’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 November 2018


Who: Stirring collective out of Athens, Georgia that formed in 2014 with former
Pylon‘s near legendary frontwoman Vanessa Briscoe Hay right in the middle.

Pick: MESSENGER – brand new single

Score: This is an ongoing drum/bass pushed groove that gets your hungry ears’ attention from the get-go. When the jangling guitars kick in followed by frontwoman Vanessa Hay‘s vocal reflections on love and war the whole sonic picture comes together organically. And when this crackerjack’s intensity grows as the beat goes on it only gets funkier and zippier. Top cut. Enjoy the lively vibe right here…

You can pre-order the single and its B-side via Bandcamp

PRS: Facebook – Website


Sensitive moments for the laziest day of the week…

Last year Sheffield‘s outsiders collective THE MOONLANDINGZ led by Fat White Family frontman Lias Kaci Saoudi released their buzzing electro pop rock debut LP Interplanetary Class Classics. One of the most striking tracks on the record is the Nick Cave-like murder ballad THE STRANGLE OF ANNA featuring the wonderful Rebecca Lucy Taylor. Sit back, relax, pretend you’re Lou Reed, have yourself an egg and some lipstick to play with…

I made you listen to Sunday morning
You spread it out across the parquet flooring
Let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain till it’s pouring
Till the sun shines brown

I’m sick of sucking on
The smoke of the past
But you know my hands are ties
And stuck fast

The Strangle of Anna’s got me unwell
The Strangle of Anna’s got me unwell
The Strangle of Anna’s c’est la vie ma belle

You think you’re Lou Reed but you’re never trending
Hashtag my arsehole to your cliched ending
It’s all the same, all the same
It’s all the same that you’re sending
Can’t put a dead dog down

No longer smoking on
The smoke of the past
Now my hands are untied
At last


(pic by Turn Up The Volume! Amsterdam, 2017)