JANE’S ADDICTION – Third Album ‘STRAYS’ Is 15 – Released in 2003…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

22 July 2003


Album: STRAYS – third longplayer

Released: 22 July 2003 – 15 years ago

BBC Music review: “On Strays Jane’s Addiction really do sound like a band enjoying themselves again, doing whatever the hell they like, on their terms, and making some of the most exciting music around today. Normal service resumed then. Jane’s Addiction are most definitely back. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll run out and buy yourself a modern masterpiece right now.” Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘s favorite track: Just Because

JANE’S ADDICTION: Website – Facebook – Discography

Album in full…

JANE’S ADDICTION: Website – Facebook – Discography

Perry Farrell’s gang

Formidable! Fantastique! Fabuleux! Massive Party With VIVE LA FÊTE At Boomtown Festival in Belgium…

VIVE LA FÊTE – Boomtown Festival, Ghent, Belgium – 20 July 2018

If you’re looking to party like it’s 1999 all over again than Belgium‘s hot-blooded and experienced dance outfit VIVE LA FÊTE is the indisputable band to do the job the right way. Founders Danny Mommens and his wonderful wife Els Pynoo still know perfectly, after more than twenty years, how to transfer a desirous crowd to a sky-high level of exhilarated rapture. Pynoo sings, dances, pirouettes and seduces as if it was her final concert. Sensual, spellbinding and tremendously energetic, causing non-stop electrical elation among the exciting audience. Meanwhile, although the group’s musical language
is French, maestro Mommens directs his hypnotic-beats-loaded orchestra with ‘eins zwei drei vier’ shouts and produces himself electrifying guitar lines to pump up the dazzling decibels. Their smart set is a brisk mix of greatest hits and some new ones from their latest album ‘Destination Amour‘. Final result: 60 minutes of pure delirium, electronic
pop firework and sonic paradise. Formidable! Fantastique! Fabuleux! Here is a
booming idea of Vive La Fête‘s live power…

Yesterday’s visuals

Vendredri soir


Produit de Belgique


Grand prix bolide…

Keep dancing
Here’s new album

VIVE LA FÊTE: Website – Facebook – Discography

(concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

Techno Punks THE PRODIGY Return With Sweltering Smack ‘NEED SOME 1’…

Brand new sonic impulses

20 July 2018

British techno punk legends THE PRODIGY will release their seventh LP, titled ‘No Tourists‘ on 2 November. Ahead of it, the red-hot-blooded dance act just shared a clip for the first single ‘NEED SOME 1’. A razor-sharp firestarter, a storming steamroller, a sweltering smack, a burning whack! Catch the dynamite smack right here…

THE PRODIGY: Facebook – Website

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS Released Their Sixth Album ‘PHANTOM POWER’ 15 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

20 July 2018


PHANTOM POWER – sixth longplayer

: 21 July 2003 – 15 years ago

PITCHFORK wrote: “Six albums deep into their career, Super Furry Animals have
world-built an entire mythology of Welsh mysticism, Beach Boys homages, and Pete
Fowlers bubbly cartoons to such a point that slipping into Phantom Power comes as
a comfortable, pleasant exercise. If ‘Phantom Power’ sounds like a tame record to your
ears in comparison to the Furries past extroverted wackiness, dig between the mesas to
find the bones, blood, and booze.”
– Score: 9/10 – Full review here

The wayward Welsh daydreamers shone again…

Album in full…

SFA: Facebook – Discography

Welsh legends

Garage Blitzkrieg Rock Misfits THE GLÜCKS Ran Steamy Amok At Ghent Fest…

THE GLÜCKS – Ghent Fest, Belgium – 19 July 2018

What the fuck! Belgium‘s sweatiest, thrashiest and steamiest 2-motor garage rock engine nailed it again. Yes, folks, furious amok runners THE GLÜCKS played a smashing set yesterday at Ghent Fest. These two mind-twisting drums/guitar misfits turn into an unstoppable volcanic eruption the second they hit the stage. They scorch, whizz, roar, scream, rumble, twist, shout, yell, rebel, steam, blaze, boil, burn, electrify, steam, whirl, discharge, thunder, smash, rock, drumfire, trigger, resonate, blister, inflame and turn
a hungry crowd into a state of trippy ecstasy. They all did this and more once again, last night in my hometown. Heavy shit! Smoking stuff! Fierce noise! Red-hot blitzkrieg! Hot-blooded performance! Hail hail The Glücks! New video ‘Why Do I Love You?’ will give you
a cracking idea of their psychobilly power…

And here are some yesterday’s visuals

Hit! Hit! Hit!

Spitting fire

“My name is Tina too!… Tina Turner”

The one and only real Tina…

Mean machine

Go totally nuts on new
album RUN AMOK

THE GLÜCKS: Facebook –Twitter

(concert pics JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

Liverpool 4-Piece THE CHEAP THRILLS Goes Frantic On New Ripper ‘ACCIDENT PRONE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 July 2018

Band: THE CHEAP THRILLS (Liverpool, England)

Track: ACCIDENT PRONE – “Whether it’s breaking hearts or your ma’s
favourite tea cup this new song is for you”

Score: This is a roaring wall-of-tons-of-guitars-corker pushed by a throbbing rhythm section while dynamic vocals turn up the soaring intensity to a blistering emo-level.
Catch the glowing drive right here, right now…

THE CHEAP THRILLS: Facebook – Website


KEVIN MORBY – Boomtown Festival, Ghent, Belgium – 17 July 2018

Last Tuesday exquisite Texan singer-songwriter KEVIN MORBY landed with his excellent band in sunny Belgium to play the Boomtown Festival in Ghent. His delightful set of moony daydreams and upbeat country rock beauties enamoured a fully crowded square in the middle of this historic town. The title track of his newest album CITY MUSIC never sounded so appropriate and set the tone for a full hour of tempting and touching songs selected from his four albums…

Some visuals from the show

Shiny moments

Magical melodies

Heartwarming vox

Touching troubadour

Excellent band

KEVIN MORBY: Facebook – Website – Discography

CITY MUSIC in full…

(pics by Turn Up The Volume)

SWINE TAX Scores Big Time With Glorious New Single ‘NEVER ENDING’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 July 2018

Turn Up The Volume featured Newcastle upon Tyne‘s indie rockers SWINE TAX several
times before, so we’re in pole position to judge and announce that their new single
NEVER ENDING is, without a shadow of a doubt, their very best release (so far). It’s
about “a person, defiantly trying to hold back the tides of time and is determined to cling
onto a transitory pleasure, which in reality, will nevertheless fade from their memory and eventually disappear forever
” explains the band.

Sonically ‘Never Ending‘ is nothing less than an effervescent masterstroke. A multifaceted crackerjack that will activate your bloodstream’s flow every single second of its huge impact. This is intoxicating guitar pop at its very British best. High-spirited, perfervid,
totally electrical and injected with a monumental, hair-raising chorus with an anthemic resonance. Catch the imposing impressiveness right here…

SWINE TAX: Facebook –  Twitter

Available on iTunes