Falling Down And Standing Up – British Indie Youngsters INDECISIVE Go Through ‘THE MOTIONS’

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25 May 2022

(Credit: Jamie MacMillan)

Who: 4 youngsters from Milton Keynes, UK

New single: THE MOTIONS
Only their second one in 3 years (don’t become Radiohead, guys)

Turn Up The Volume: Echoes from melancholic dream-pop experts Belle & Sebastian, a jangly cadence, a surprising intermezzo with a 60s Hammond-sounding organ and fabby psychedelic guitar juice and downcast vocals. All that in one song about falling down and getting up again, but fearful of going through the emotions again. Familiar feelings for so many youngsters. On the other hand, sad songs can be catchy too.

Check out the feel…

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BLOC PARTY On American TV With Rushing Rendition Of Single ‘TRAPS’ From Their Brand New Album

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25 May 2022

London’s indie warriors BLOC PARTY conducted by Kele Okereke came up with their
6th LP – Alpha Games – a couple of weeks ago. It was received by the press with mixed emotions, which I agree with.

But with single TRAPS they unleash their devils as they used to do in their early days.

And they showed they live on the American The Late Show.

Kele on a roll…

Alpha Games

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OLIVER SLIM (The xx) Announces Solo Album And Shares Spine-Chilling Single ‘HIDEOUS’

New striking strokes

25 May 2022

Bassist/vocalist OLIVER SLIM of British alt synth/pop act The xx
has announced his debut solo LP named HIDEOUS BASTARD .
It will be out on 9th September.

New single: HIDEOUS

Slim: “I realised I’d been circling around one of the things that has probably caused me the most fear and shame. My HIV status. I’ve been living with HIV since I was 17 and it’s played with how I’ve felt towards myself, and how I’ve assumed others have felt towards me, from that age and into my adult life.

“So, quite impulsively, I wrote about it on a song called Hideous. I thought I could release it into the world and be done with it. After playing the song to my mum, being the protective and wise mum that she is, she gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever received. She suggested that I spend some time having conversations with people in my life first. Either people I hadn’t told yet, or people I had told but hadn’t wanted to talk much further on it. Since writing Hideous, I’ve spent the past two years having those conversations, which was difficult and uncomfortable to start with, but has allowed me to feel a lot freer and has only strengthened my relationship with myself and with the people in my life.”

This is spine-chilling…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Into Garage Force DIRK.

When Turn Up The Volume is excited…

All you hungry music junkies out there I recommend you to open your
ears for pumped-up Belgian misfits DIRK. I’ll give you 5 reasons why.

1. They’re garage rock fanatics with an unstoppable appetite for riff-schizophrenic rippers.

2. They fuck things up the way we like to fuck things up too.

3. Jimi Hendrix played guitar with his teeth. DIRK.’s frontman
can play guitar lying on his back with one leg in the air.

4. That same guy does the duck walk as well as Chuck Berry did it.

5.. DIRK. is a kids-friendly band.

Not convinced yet?
This will…

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Today Belgium, tomorrow the world.

(Pics by Turn Up The Volume – Rock Affligem Fest, 21 May 2022)

Toronto Amazon FAVVKES Expresses Break-Up Pain In Shout Out ‘WHAT YOU SAID’

New striking strokes

25 May 2022

Who: Toronto-based artist, guitar player and songwriter. She combines pop-punk guitars with her love of modern pop music to bring you an alternative style reminiscent of artists like Courtney Love and Paramore, while leading the way with charisma and fresh fashion like Gwen Stefani and Grimes.

Neww single: WHAT YOU SAID

“It’s about all the things that weigh you down when you put so much energy
into making it work when it doesn’t work anymore, and you have a hard time
accepting it.”

Turn Up The Volume: As long as people in a relationship break up, farewell and heartbreak songs will recur in pop/rock music. And yes, we know heartbreak songs are forever. Favvkes is another victim of human nature. Fortunately, she can rock it off with this cathartic cry-out expressing her distress and pain. Think Courtney Love freaking out or Avril Lavigne on a rampage. A sense of outrage is at play here leading to an unadulterated shout out.

I was waiting for your call just the other day
But I can’t tell you all the things I wanna say
Cause I know you’d fucking hate me
I guess it makes no difference anyway

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Waking Up With… Horrible News

Everyone’s a victim
Nobody’s hands are clean
There’s so very little left of wild Eden Earth
So near the jaws of our machines
We live in these electric scabs
These lesions once were lakes
No one knows how to shoulder the blame
Or learn from past mistakes
So who will come to save the day?
Mighty Mouse?
Bad dreams are good in the great plan