Brand new sonic impulses

16 February 2019

THE CLAYPOOL LENNON DELIRIUM is multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Sean Lennon and Primus bassist Les Claypool. The duo will release their second collaborative album, the
self-produced SOUTH OF REALITY next week. Last October they premiered its first
track, the – yes – Beatlesque Blood And Rockets. And here’s another new one, entitled AMETHYST REALM. An extended spacey bass-driven escapade bringing early Pink Floyd
to mind. Otherworldly, 60s psychedelic and eight miles high. Join the trippy journey here…


New album SOUTH OF REALITY out 22nd February

Irish Singer/Songwriter HOZIER Shares New Fervid Track ‘DINNER & DIATRIBES’ From Upcoming LP…

Brand new sonic impulses

15 February 2019

Irish singer/songwriter will release his second album ‘WASTELAND BABY!’ on 1st March. Ahead of it he shared a new track today, called ‘DINNER & DIATRIBES’. A wholehearted and vivid performance with sprightly vocals, bouncy guitar play, flamy horns, soulful backing harmonies, and a towering chorus. Big score! Here’s the audio clip…

HOZIER: Facebook

New longplayer WASTELAND, BABY! out 1st March – Pre-order facilities here

(pic on top: FB Hozier)

Berlin Based Foursome JANIS Tries To Cope With Profound Emotions On Debut Album ‘CLOSER THAN MY SKIN’…

15 February 2019

photo: Konstantin Korchuk

“From different parts of the world, Berlin attracts lonely and wounded hearts to let them
wander in the labyrinth of its streets. In this maze, as if by the will of a chance, the paths
of the four members of JANIS crossed, leading them from Spain, Israel, Cologne and Leipzig
into a basement studio in the north of the city. There in the scenery reminding a still from the movie Wings Of Desire the album ‘CLOSER THAN MY SKIN‘ was recorded and mixed. Through its six songs the album explore themes of mental instability, loss, love – desired but impossible
and alienation. Musically the album offers a journey through atmospheric, slightly psychedelic landscapes while incorporating such a different elements as soothing folk and violent bluesy post-punk. Despite the overall dark tone there is always a ray of hope, a bright spot that indicates that the songs do not mean to depress but rather help to cope with times of
personal crisis, be therapeutic and encouraging”

The above press statement of JANIS‘ debut record says enough, if not all. Here’s a band that explores existential emotions that have a stirring impact on heart and soul. Delicate experiences that influence humankind’s perception of its reality, of its being. Aurally this foursome balances between gloominess and melancholia. Between Thindersticks‘ darkish vulnerability (‘A Moment Of Weakness’), Einstürzende Neubauten‘s spellbinding neuroticism (‘In Limbo‘ / ‘Alexander‘) and Peter Murphy‘s gothic ardency (‘Like And Repost‘) with frontman Boris Kaplunovich‘s twilight vox and the overall shadowy melodiousness as an essential part of Janis‘ sonic identity. Dramatic, transfixing and haunting. Dim the lights, sit back, relax and discover the profound sensitivity for yourself, right here…

JANIS: Facebook

CLOSER THAN SKIN – out now – available via Bandcamp and iTunes

BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE Launches Gif Filled Video For New Track ‘BOYFRIENDS’…

Brand new sonic impulses

14 February 2019

A couple of weeks ago harmonious Canadian unity BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE shared the first track, the funky All I Want, from their upcoming EP ‘Let’s Try The After – Vol. 1‘, out tomorrow. To celebrate Valentine’s Day the band just launched a remarkable all-gif clip for another new one off the EP. BOYFRIENDS is a melancholic mixed emotions love rhapsody sounding both scintillating and reflective. Colorfully arranged, multi-layered orchestrations and great vocals. Listen/watch here…


LET’S TRY THE AFTER – VOL. 1 – EP out 15th February – Pre-order facilities here

DIY Punks THE MEDICINE DOLLS Detonate On New Razorblade-Sharp EP ‘A COMPULSION TO RUIN’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

14 February 2019

Cape Town‘s THE MEDICINE DOLLS are the kind of punk outsiders who do it their own
way no matter what. Anything that recalcitrant duo Greg Allan (Singer/Guitar) and Bex Nicholas (Vocals/Bass) have released so far has an authentic DIY stamp on it. Their messy, screamy and biting hullabaloo fits their way of life, their reality, their state of confusion.

With new 3-track EP ‘COMPULSION TO RUIN‘ the Bonnie & Clyde of basement garage
rock reaffirms their savage appetite for ramshackle sonic havoc. Opener ‘Covered In
is the hottest rip-roaring banger they ever produced. Combining raw rollicking rockabilly riffs with waggish bubblegum pop ooh-la-la’s before heading with forceful intrepidity towards a pungent droning finale is just awesome. The second cut ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance With You’ is a vintage 1-2-3-4 Dolls uppercut with Bex‘s sensuous vox rejecting a dance invitation. Closing track ‘A Conscript To Miss’ is a jagged eruption with snappy, alternating sneering and spitting, filthy organ sequences, and angry guitar hooks.

Time to get up and go berserk, all you maverick minds out there. Release the bats here…


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