Debut Album ‘PARACHUTES’ By COLDPLAY Released 20 Years Ago…

11 July 2020

Band: Coldplay
Album: Parachutes – debut LP
Released: 10 July 2000 – 20 years ago

Rolling Stone wrote: “Who will be the next Radiohead? Or the next Verve, or Travis? In England, the answer on everyone’s lips is Coldplay. On its debut album, Parachutes, this youthful quartet resembles each of the above bands. Coldplay make straight-ahead, melodic Brit pop that strives for significance with a capital s, even as it has a hard time shaking its influences — you can also hear the ethereal guitar chime of U2, a bit of Dave Matthews’ breathy folk implosion, even a misting of Roger Waters-era Pink Floyd. More than anyone, however, the ghost of Jeff Buckley lingers here, as the go-anywhere falsetto on songs like “Shiver” demonstrates. Parachutes ultimately rises above its influences to become a work of real transcendence: On songs like the unrepentantly romantic “Yellow,” the band creates a hypnotic slo-mo otherworld where spirit rules supreme. When frontman Chris Martin moans about “skin and bones/Turning to something beautiful,” he could very well be talking about his own band.”

Key phrase: “A gripping emo pop album as harbinger for global success.”

Stellar top track…

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I Know It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll But It’s… WEEKEND!

11/12 July 2020…

Five firecrackers from the past week to fuel your weekend…

A red-hot-blooded metal crackerjack with Biafra doing what he does best, spitting and sneering to ventilate his deep-rooted anger versus the hypocrite USA government.

Fuck Trump

2. ‘Playing Nero’MARK LANEGAN song remixed by IYEARA
Mark Lanegan joined forces with British electro trio IYEARA to remix his
2019 longplayer Somebody’s Knocking. The album will be out on 21 August.
Here’s haunting taster ‘Playing Nero’.

Press play…

3. ‘Shot A Satellite’ by ERASURE
Vince Clarke (ex-Depeche Mode and Yazoo) and singer Andy Bell dropped a second electro disco banger from their upcoming 18th album called The Neon, out next month.

Dance here…

4. ‘Criss Cross’ by THE ROLLING STONES
Previously unreleased track from the upcoming deluxe edition of 1973 longplayer
Goat Heads Soup
. A vintage riff crazy Stones knockout. Never too old to rock’ n’ roll.

Get yer ya-ya‘s here…

5. ‘Valentine’ by TRAVIS
An electrical groove that gets slowly but surely under your skin. Both captivating and moody. Travis still have catching power-pop excitement to offer. LP 10 SONGS out soon.

Tune in…

The City Of Garage Rock Angels – HONEYCHAIN With New Full-Length ‘POCKET FULL OF GOOD LUCK’

11 July 2020

Band: HONEYCHAIN (Los Angeles, CA)
Who: “The brainchild of charismatic front-woman Hillary Burton. What once
was a solo project for Hillary (playing every single instrument on their debut Futura),
turned into a full-fledged band three years ago. Burton’s compositions combine the
classic sophistication of the Shangri-La’s with the introspective jaggedness of
the Buzzcocks.”

Sound: “The sound of chaotic romance, in-your-face garage pop swagger, and
hypnotic heartbreak. With a sound soaked in bittersweet alternative rock and
sun drenched punky power pop

Album: POCKET OF GOOD LUCK – the band’s second LP
Released: 10 July 2020

Key phrase: ‘Ever fallen in love with a rock band you shouldn’t have fallen in love with?”

Keywords: The Stooges fronted by Lydia Lunch, raw riff power, black leather punk,
mixed emotions eruptions, punchy pop rippers, robust garage rockers, the Lakers
Key tracks:: Spaceman / Flee Los Angeles / Beautiful Now / Late Night Movie Show

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Wall-Of-Industrial-Symphony – BLACK NEEDLE NOISE With ‘She Talks To Angels’ Feat. ANJELA PICCARD

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 July 2020

Last month iconic producer JOHN FRYER a.k.a BLACK NEEDLE NOISE and industrial
hero PIG (Raymond Watts of KMFDM) joined forces for a battering collaboration,
entitled Seed Of Evil. An impressive high-tech darkwave hammer.

And he’s already back. This time teaming up with imposing voice ANJELA PICCARD
for a majestic cover of SHE TALKS TO ANGLES, a 1990 power ballad by legendary American rockers The Black Crowes led by impassioned voice Chris Robinson.

“Always been a big fan of the Black Crowes and it always feels good to pay homage to bands you like. We wanted to give it a totally different and cinematic feel to the song in our version. Anjela’s vocals are very heartfelt in her interpretation and delivery of the lyrics and being inspired by the cities of New Orleans and LA, the City of Angels,” says Fryer.

She Talks To Angels is the first taster of a new Black Needle Noise album called These
Mortal Covers
. The grand performance of this magical song is no less than awesome.
A huge wall-of-industrial-sound-symphony. Absolutely brilliant. As overwhelming as the Niagara Falls, as giant as the Titanic and as mysterious as the Archangel. No, I’m not on drugs, I just translate what I feel while the adrenalin storms thought my body. The king-sized vox of Anjela Piccard makes the sonic rhapsody complete while the sky-high chorus sends shivers down your spine. Big tune, big sound, big vox. Breathtaking!

Find out why here…

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Punchy Punk And Peppery Power Pop – New Second Full-Length ‘JUMP ROPE GAZERS’ By THE BETHS…

10 July 2020

Base: New-Zealand
Album: JUMP ROPE GAZERS – second LP
Released: 10 July 2020

Info:“Songwriter and lead vocalist Elizabeth Stokes worked on what would become The Beths’ second LP, Jump Rope Gazers, in between intense periods of touring. Like the group’s earlier music, the album tackles themes of anxiety and self-doubt with effervescent power pop choruses and rousing backup vocals, zeroing in on the communality and catharsis that can come from sharing stressful situations with some of your best friends. Stokes’s writing on Jump Rope Gazers grapples with the uneasy proposition of leaving everything and everyone you know behind on another continent, chasing your dreams while struggling to stay close with loved ones back home.” – Carpark Records

The Line Of Best Fit says: “Where their debut focused on the anxieties and self-doubts that overshadow everything else, Jump Rope Gazers searches for solace in community… They certainly haven’t forgotten how to write those big, excellent tunes filled with hooks and pithy observations… Not a single minute of Jump Rope Gazers is lacking in catchy melodies or that addictive energy.” Full review here. Score: 8.5/10

“If you’re at a certain age, all your friends scatter to the four winds,” singer/songwriter Elizabeth Stokes says. “We did the same thing. When you’re home, you miss everybody,
and when you’re away, you miss everybody. We were just missing people all the time.”

Key phrase: “Sometimes life is too hard to be
alone and sometimes life is too good to be alone.”

Keywords: Punchy punk, peppery power pop,
sassy slacker, reflective reveries, velvet vocals

Singles: I’m Not Getting Excited / Dying To Believe / Out Of Sight




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Photo by Mason Fairey

One Festival Track A Day Turns Summer Into Holiday – THE STRYPES At ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL 2014

Festival flashes to heal this summer’s ‘no festivals’ pain…

‘Blue Collar Jane’ by THE STRYPES

From their debut album Snapshot. released as single in 2012.
See them rockin’ out at Isle Of Wight Festival in 2014


And Turn Up The Volume! went nuts when he saw the young gunslingers
that same year in Amsterdam at the legendary Paradiso


Aiming at the sky…

Blue brothers in arms…

(concert pics Amsterdam by Turn Up The Volume!)