Fervent Danish Rockers DEERBORN Move With Stirring Single ‘CAN’T FIND MY WAY HOME’…

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29 March 2020

(photo: Katinka Bjerregaard)

It’s been four years since ardent Danish rockers DEERBORN released their highly praised debut album Crash And Burn. But in this unforgettable 2020 year the band return with a follow-up longplayer.

After sharing stormy lead single Where Demons Hide last month the caring quintet just dropped a brand new vivid piece. CAN’T FIND MY WAY HOME positions Deerborn‘s self-proclaimed genre definition ‘dark Americana‘ in a calm and thoughtful expression.

This heart-touching, amplified ballad causes goosebumps. This longing cry out makes
you silent while frontman Lasse Nørby‘s vox takes your breath away and will stir many
lost souls in these dramatic times. This meditation’s burning intenseness and confusing uncertainty fit the dark days we all experience right now. Its desperate sentiment feels painfully familiar at this very moment but mankind’s will to survive is cast-iron. I hope
you all find your way home and be safe.

Tune in right here…

Check also the brilliant lead single ‘Where Demons Hide’

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BAXTER DURY – The Romantic Crooner Is Back With Sixth Album ‘THE NIGHT CHANCHERS’…

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29 March 2020

Sultry love stories, nighttime bar observations, anxious breakdowns, destroying paranoia, sensual female backing vocals, melancholic strings and monotone vocals. Yes, ladies’ man crooner BAXTER DURY is back with his new, sixth album called ‘THE NIGHT CHANCHERS‘. Vintage Dury ballads, familiar trippy tunes and romantic tragedies is what you get. As usual solid songwriting with a restful effect. Comforting music for loners. Fix yourself a drink and enjoy.

The Guardian wrote: “Shunning big hooks and choruses, the indie raconteur turns his hand to immaculate character studies of life’s losers… Imagine Serge Gainsbourg as a London wide boy in a dirty suit, hanging around ropey bars rather than Parisian brasseries, and you’re almost there… His phrasemaking and delivery is immaculate: he plays with accents, albeit within a limited palette, and you listen to ‘The Night Chancers’ believing it to be a real world.” Full review here. Score: 4/5

Album in full…





THE CLASH – Steamy ‘CAREER OPPORTUNITIES’ Performance – Shea Stadium In New York 1982

Watch the last gang town in town, legendary punk force THE CLASH play a steamy version of CAREER OPPORTUNITIES , a standout firecracker from their classic debut LP at Shea Stadium Queens, New York City in 1982.

I hate the army and I hate the RAF
I don’t wanna go fighting in the tropical heat
I hate the civil service rules
I won’t open letter bombs for you
Career opportunities, the ones that never knock
Every job they offer you is to keep you out the dock
Career opportunities, the ones that never knock

The late great Joe Strummer doesn’t look bored at all in the USA…

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THE MYSTERY PLAN Massages You With New Vibrant Single ‘BALLAD OF JC QUINN’ From New Album

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28 March 2020


Who: Dream pop quintet from Charlotte, North Carolina formed in 2010 producing moody folk, post punk, sometimes electronic, sometimes cellos. Sort of sorry and glad together.

Track: BALLAD OF JC QUINN – new single from their upcoming fifth album Zsa Zsa
out next week, 3 April –  J.C. Quinn was an actor from NYC with many films and television credits, including ‘Barfly’, ‘the Abyss’, ‘Visionquest’ and countless others. The band’s main man Jason Herring was a friend of Quinn: “JC and I struck up a nice friendship. He was a fan of ours and would come to shows and stand right up front so we could see him. A very lovely man indeed. Sadly, JC died in Mexico while shooting a film a few years ago. I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to him, and we have finally done so with this song.”

Score: This graceful humdinger takes you instantly to fantasyland where you can lose yourself and ignore reality for a while. Exotic sounding bongos, warm organ touches, glimmering guitars, playful string fragments and moony vocals massage your mind
gently and the overall romantic orchestration is a soothing caress for your ears and
will make your eyes twinkle. Sit down, lit the candles and relish.

Here’s the vibe…


New album ZSA ZSA out 3 April via Ten Millimeter Omega Recordings.. More details here.

Believe The Hype! Post Punk Rockers THE WANTS Score Big Time With Bang-Up Debut Album ‘CONTAINER’

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28 March 2020


Who: “With the minimal instrumentation of post-punk as their framework, The Wants,
inject the hypnotic pulse of Detroit techno into the practice of pop songwriting. Led by
Velding-VanDam’s elusive duality of personas, which oscillate between earnestly romantic
and unsettlingly deadpan, The Wants naturally forge a dark alley off the beaten path into danceable dissonance. Velding-VanDam’s vulnerable lyrics sometimes foray into the sardonically biting, reflecting the complex cycle of self-reflection of the current generation.”


British music website NME wrote: “Comprised of two members of New York art-punks Bodega, Madison Velding-VanDam and bassist Heather Elle, and completed by drummer
Jason Gates, the confident self-produced debut from The Wants is riven with taut anxiety and
a sense of looming dread. Yet it’s also a collection of razor-sharp pop songs that gleam through the gloom. They mine the sinuous basslines and euphoric bleakness of post-punk outfits such as Gang Of Four similarly preoccupied with stripping away the lies of capitalist and consumerist culture) and the dancefloor nous of bands from their home city.”
Full review here. Score: 4/5

TUTV‘s impressions: Believe the hype. I have this stupendous record on repeat for about four days now while doing my own funky little dance moves. Your limbs will definitely get affected too when hearing this brilliant mix of Parquet Courts sharpness, Talking Heads funk, Gang Of Four electricity and A Certain Ratio weirdness. Two-thirds of The Wants are also members of NY’s superb punk misfits Bodega who made one of Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite albums of 2018 with Endless Scroll. This year, Container will undoubtedly be one of the most fascinating longplayers. Fact!

Press play here
and get impressed…




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Darkwave Act HALLOWS Dropped Brand New Single ‘THE CALL // RAVENOUS’…

New sonic impulses

28 March 2020

(photo by Daniel Kastner)


Who: “A darkwave/post-punk collaboration conceived in Minneapolis/St Paul in 2018, drifted to Seattle. The duo consisting of Dom R. (vocals, guitar, synth, drum programming) and Vanee D. (vocals, synth, bass) describes their music as layers of yearning sounds, bleeding into uplifting, sanguine beats, with an intimate message about modern day malaise told from an exposed, vulnerable lens.”

Track: THE CALL//RAVENOUS – brand new single – Dom R. said about the new cut “It
was the first song we composed as a band. We worked on this song for months, before we considered it complete. In essence, it’s about being on a dark journey, following this somber,
yet enthralling voice, you follow it to wherever it takes you. As you get lost in the night, it becomes home.”

Score: After their impressive debut single Subtle this haunting act nail it again with
their new nightmarish odyssey. A pitch black slo-mo trip into an overcast universe only they know the location of. Disturbing synths patterns, icy voices and shadowy vibrations infiltrate the dark side of your mind and open your doors of perception. Don’t fight it, it’s all worth it, I know I’ve been there.

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(photo on top: FB Hallows)

‘My Perfect Cousin’ By Irish Punks THE UNDERTONES – Released 40 Years Ago

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28 March 2020

Band: The Undertones 
Active: 1975-1983 / 1999-present
Single: My Perfect Cousin
B-side: Hard Luck Again  and
I Don’t Wanna See (You Again) 
Released: 28 March 1980 – 40 years ago
Score: The single peaked at #9
both in the UK and Ireland
Album: Hypnotised  – the band’s second LP

Here’s the original clip