‘HOUNDS OF LOVE’ By FUTUREHEADS – Released 15 Years Ago Today…

21 February 2020

Band: The Futureheads (2000–2013, 2018–present)
Single: Hounds Of Love
B-side: Man Made
Released: 21 February 2005 – 15 years ago today
AlbumSelf-titled debut LP  – released in 2004
Note 1: The song is a cover of Kate Bush’s title track
from her third album – released in 1985 – a song about
being afraid to fall in love, in the song this feeling is
compared to being chased by a pack of hounds
Note 2:When performing the song live the band
sometimes divided up the audience in two halves to sing
the a capella parts of the track which usually brought the
public into a state of euphoria (I experienced it myself once)
Score: The single peaked at #8 on the UK Singles Chart
and was NME’s track of the year

Here we go… Oh Oh Oh

Sing along live version (Glastonbury 2005)…

Kate Bush‘s original version…


OZZY OSBOURNE Featuring POST MALONE Rage Faster Than A Jet On Kamikaze Single ‘IT’S A RAID’…

New sonic impulses

20 February 2020

Despite he’s 70 metal icon OZZY OSBOURNE is not ready yet to retire. Tomorrow he releases his umpteenth solo album called ‘ORDINARY MAN’. He already shared three tracks before ‘Under The Graveyard‘, ‘Straight To Hell and the title track, a ballad, featuring, yes, Elton John. Here is track number four featuring rapper Post Malone.
They worked together before.

‘IT’S A RAID’ is a blitzkrieg punk fireball going faster than a jet. It’s like the pair are on a kamikaze mission with Ozzy screaming his lungs out and Post Malone also producing deafening decibels. Midway they slow down a bit to reload the batteries for a crushing
‘Fuck You All’ finale.

Check your speakers before pressing play…


‘Happiness In Magazines’ By GRAHAM COXON (2004)

Old and new albums to make your day

20 February 2020

Artist: Graham Coxon

Album: Happiness in Magazines

Released: 17 May 2004 – His fifth solo LP

ALL MUSIC review: “…what is a shock is that Coxon has the confidence and will
to not hide behind the noise and obscurist tendencies that made his previous solo
efforts a bit laborious. Here, his emotions are pushed to the surface and they are
married to catchy, memorable songs that are delivered in an immediate and
imaginative fashion.”
Full review here – Score: 4.5/5

TURN UP THE VOLUME!: The best rock album Blur never made.
Without Coxon, they would have become an arty-farty project
rather than Britpop icons they became.

TOP TRACKS: Spectacular / Freakin’ Out / Don’t Be A Stranger




Stream album here…

GRAHAM COXON: Facebook – All Albums

Mean Man Electro Act LEATHER PARTY Doesn’t Give A Shit About ‘YOUR BAND’…

New sonic impulses

20 February 2020


Who: “Leather Party was formed in a murky studio in deepest darkest Salford by
Vernon, previous leader of noiseniks ‘Brown Brogues’ and leather clad peacocks
‘Peace and Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali’. Born from a love of abrasive new
sounds and studio experimentation as un-googleable names, the band takes
heavy influences from such artists as Velvet Underground, Nine Inch Nails,
The Birthday Party and The Stooges.”

Track: YOUR BAND – it’s “about talking with and dealing with other musicians
who don’t care about anyone else’s project but their own
– lead single from
upcoming EP ‘Images Of Gianfranco’ – Leather Party is joined here by the
loudest bass in the world Cal Rogers and the owner of the loudest cymbals
in the world Asa Morley

Score: Leather Party only needs one minute and twelve seconds to make it crystal
clear that he doesn’t give a shit about musical narcissists who only have eyes and ears
for their own stuff. With a spooky and pitch-black bass beat and his scary voice, with
a vitriolic undertone, he rejects those ‘me, myself and I‘ egos. I don’t know which group
he’s actually targeting, but I can name a lot of them that I don’t care about and every
time I hear one I’ll play this toxic electro drone.

LEATHER PARTY: Facebook – Instagram

Arywork from upcoming new EP called IMAGES OF GIANFRANCO

PEARL JAM Share Animated Video Clip For Stormy Single ‘SUPERBLOOD WOLFMAN’

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


20 February 2020

It’s almost seven years since grunge icons PEARL JAM released their tenth LP Lighting Bolt. Finally, last week, the band announced a brand new album called ‘GIGATON’, out 27th March. More info here.

After the dynamic and funky lead single of the record, titled ‘Dance Of The Clairvoyants the band dropped a new piece titled ‘Superblood Wolfmoon‘ a few days ago. A stormy rocker with Eddie Vedder dominating again with his mighty and passionate vox. Today a cool animated video went online.

Watch here…

PEARL JAM: Facebook

(photo on top: FB Pearl Jam)

JAH WOBBLE Featuring MARK STEWART And Friends Tackle British Conservative Party With Critical Banger ‘A VERY BRITISH COUP’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

20 February 2020

When legendary post-punk misfits Jah Wobble, Mark Stewart, Keith Levene and Richard Dudanski come together you know there’s electricity in the air. Critical electricity. Hectic electricity. Confrontational electricity and barbed songs with a razor-sharp message.

With ‘A VERY BRITISH COUP‘ this unique collaboration tackles the British Conservative hypocrites and their misleading and demagogic campaign with which they pushed voters to leave the European Union.

Musically the track is an electrifying banger driven by Jah Wobble‘s striking bass
grooves and Dudanski‘s repetitive solid drum beat, intensified with Levene‘s metallic
guitar resonance and Stewart’s nightmarish and reproachful voice navigating all over it. The final result is a kick-ass uppercut with an angry middle finger for all those lying politicians who messed-up really badly.

Here’s the funky coup…

Who’s who?
Jah Wobble: original PiL bassist, mastermind of Invaders Of The Heart,
countless collaborations and initiator of this project
Mark Stewart: co-founder of Bristol’s punk-funk innovators The Pop Group,
Godfather of the Maffia and tons of collaborations
Keith Levene
: original PiL guitarist and several solo projects
Richard Dudanski: drummer, best known as a former member of PiL,
but played with several other bands too
Martin Youth Glover: : Produced the song, best known as
a member of Killing Joke but also a successful producer
The late great Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh
added loops to the proceedings

A limited edition four-song EP (including this track)
on CD is for sale now at Amazon.

I guess this novel by Chris Mullin
was an inspiration for this song.