Your New Favorite Saturday Night Fever Band – From Sheffield… INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP

INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP – Trefpunt, Ghent, Belgium – 20 April 2019

Adrian Anthony Flanagan and Dean Honer, the key figures behind Sheffield‘s electro oddity The Eccentric Research Counsil and also co-writers/producers of one of the best albums of 2017, Interplanetary Class Classics by kooky dance punk outfit The Moonlandingz with Fat White Family‘s Lias Saoudi screaming his head off, are back with some new flashing electro firework.

Last year Flanagan and Honer teamed up with sensual I Feel Love voice Leonore Wheatley to give birth to a new radiant synth project called INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP . Wheatley describes the new band as “Grace Slick on the raz with Donna Summer and the Pet Shop Boys, legging it over to Kraftwerk’s gaff for a quick synth-sesh before getting a cab round to All Saints gaff to sing at the telly til the sun comes up!”. For those who have no clue what this colorful clarification is all about let’s keep it simple: watch/hear this crackerjack…

Got it now? Yes indeed, this is 21st Century atomic Blondie disco injected with tons of that characteristic British sense of humor, that over-confident British islander’s flair, and that peculiar British waywardness you recognise from far away. Add some sonic influence of Sheffield‘s icons Pulp and The Human League and what you end up with at midnight is your new favorite Saturday Night Fever act. Check their debut LP (Spotify-link below) and all your sweaty wishes will be answered from the get-go.

Yesterday the band played the last gig of their first European concerts in my hometown Ghent in Belgium. Due to the fact that it was the first summer day of the year (meaning that everybody was drunk by noon) and mostly due to the fact that the gig was programmed way too early not many spectators showed up to dance their socks off. Whatever, it gave me much room to enjoy myself which I definitely did.

This was BIG FUN! Infectious disco ball humdingers with the volume turned up to create the desired live experience. Facetious dance moves by the gloriously cool girls in the middle who parodied famous little dances by 70s cheesy pop combo The Brotherhood Of Man and Brylcreem Grease tandem Travolta/Olivia Newton-John while lighting up the club with their big luminous kitsch finger-rings. Solid Gold British Disco Revue! Within six months, after these teachers have become a global international success, hundreds of (still drunk) people will claim they were there yesterday night.

Debut album in full right here…


The Brotherhood Of Woman

Saturday Night Fever

(pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

‘HINDU TIMES’ By OASIS – Released 21 April 2002

Knockouts from the past

21 April 2019


HINDU TIMES was the lead single of the Manchester legends underrated 2002 album Heathen Chemistry. A bona fide Oasis stormer with a confident rock ‘n’ roll attitude. The song was titled after Noel Gallagher saw the name on a T-shirt in a charity shop. It was their sixth No 1 hit in the UK. And it went like this…

I get up / When I’m down
I can’t swim
But my soul won’t drown
I do believe / I got flair
I got speed / And I walk on air

OASIS: Facebook

SEBADOH Drops Another Track From New LP – Here’s ‘RAGING RIVER’…

Brand new sonic impulses

20 April 2019

If you didn’t know yet, SEBADOH is back. The band founded in 1988 by bassist Lou Barlow (former Dinosaur Jr member), drummer Bob D’Amico and guitarist Jason Loewenstein. After
a string of varying LPs they split in 1999, then returned in 2013 with longplayer ‘Defend Yourself‘.

Today, almost 6 years later a new LP, entitled ACT SURPRISED, is about to hit the streets. The mood swing lead single Celebrate The Void was dropped last month and now here’s another new one. ‘RAGING RIVER‘ is a steamy outburst inspired by Loewenstein question: “Wouldn’t it be great if a big raging river came thru here and washed away all the assholes?”. Yeah, here comes the flood…

SEBADOH: Facebook

New album ACT SURPRISED out 24 May – pre-order facilities here

(photo on top: FB Sebadoh)

Do Believe The Hype! Last Night Dublin’s FONTAINES D.C. Played A Blistering Set In Belgium…

FONTAINES D.C. – 4AD Club, Diksmuide, Belgium – 19 April 2019

The much-lauded and hot-blooded young gang from Dublin, Ireland hit
Belgium to play a blistering gig. Here are 10 things you need to know…

1. Yesterday morning I read about these Irish rockers on music website NME: “You do need to see them ASAP” (full feature here.) As I am an obedient man I immediately went out and witnessed them in our historic World War I village of Diksmuide (but not for the first time, that was last year when they impressed Brussels).

2. This was a rescheduled gig. The band’s November 2018 concert here in this utterly cool 4AD club had to be canceled because singer Grian Chatten was sick. Despite their current, endless night-to-night tour they sacrificed a rare day off to return to Belgium last night and play. Respect!

3. The show started with a smashing rendition of my favorite Fontaines cracker ‘Hurricane Laughter’. Did you ever get that should I stay or should I go feeling after a band/artist began the set with your favorite track. I remember vaguely having had that experience before, but definitely not this time, not with this awesome squad.

4. Charismatic frontman Grian Chatten revealed in a recent interview that his parlando
way of singing was inspired by his uncles shouting at Christmas dinners and their drunk voices sounding commanding and authoritarian. That’s the way to get anybody’s attention. Cool family, Grian!

5. Another thing about Chatten. He’s actually the only member of the band who moves on stage. His non-stop manic steps from left to right and back compensates for his immobile teammates perfectly well. Makes me think suddenly of early Oasis gigs I saw. Nobody, not even Liam moved when performing. Anyway, Fontaines‘ live force strikes you like a sizzling missile, who cares if they move or not. Here’s an idea of their magnetic energy…

6. I bought this t-shirt. My wife said: “It looks like a piece of textile from the 50s.
My reply: “It’s reproduced authenticity from the past.” Yes, life is controlled by
perception… all the time.

7. Two members of the band took charge of selling the merch afterward. Can’t see that happen anymore in the near future as the group will play bigger venues along their way
to glorious fame.

8. D.C. = Dublin City

9. Striking set… list

10. Believe the hype. These young gunslingers rock like an unstoppable steamroller, on record and on stage, and their sociopolitical observations cut like a Swiss knife. Check it
all out on their brand new debut album, called DOGREL right here…

Picture this

The man in the middle

Fontaines fever

Irish firepower

From the top

Hail hail

(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

HISTORY – 20 April 1991 – STEVE MARRIOTT Dies…

20 April 2019

Today 28 years ago, on 20 April 1991 iconic British singer/songwriter/rocker STEVE MARRIOTT died in a fire at his home in Essex. He was only 44. Here are 3 big ones to remember this outstanding voice…

(with The Small Faces)


(with Humple Pie, along side Peter Frampton)



Portland Rockers MODEST MOUSE Unveal Punky Wallop ‘I’M STILL HERE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

19 April 2019

Veteran rockers MODEST MOUSE released, as many other artists did, something special for Record Store Day last week. The Portland band had a steamy rocker out on 7″ called Poison The Well. Today they unveiled B-side ‘I’M STILL HERE’. Also a punky wallop that invites you to do that old pogo dance. Jump up and down right here…

MODEST MOUSE: Facebook – Coming Tour Dates