MODERATE REBELS Release Debut Album ‘THE SOUND OF SECURITY’ – An Astonishing Work Of Magnetic Grimness…

When we can’t get enough of it…

‘The Sound Of Security’ by MODERATE REBELS

Wow! Double wow! Just before 2017 goes to sleep this really magnetizing album landed
on my hungry earphones a couple of hours ago and it’s still twisting my mind at this very moment. This most invigorating, clearly outspoken London four-piece MODERATE REBELSsent by God and playing music for the buzz of it – already caught my attention a few weeks ago with wayward single When The Cost Has No Value. A sharp attack on British foreign politics, a “deadpan roll-call of neologisms” about “a load of overheard pub conversations, squashed into one song”, wrapped in an intriguingly monotone jingle jangle melody with spoken words all over it. Their sonic simplicity stuck instantly as the band’s spellbinding approach towards songwriting reminded me immediately of the The Velvet Underground‘s mojo and addictive appeal. No special effects, no lame studio tricks, no arty farty stuff…

“We’re trying to create conditions where the songs could write themselves with minimum resistance, an automatic writing situation. The point was to remove ourselves, our beliefs
and our intentions as much as possible; to just let it happen. It’s never been about us, we
want to make music that aims at being more important than that.”

Mind you, THE SOUND OF SECURITY is far richer than the group modestly claim. From ongoing Krautrockin’ motorik grooves (God Sent Us / Liberate) to mesmerizing harmonies loaded psych pop pearls (I’m Feeling The Deep State / Rename Rebrand) and some gloomy instrumental electricity in between (like VU drone ‘Fana’ and the piano driven ‘Wei Wu Wei‘). Lyrically, overall, the color is grim, the color is 2017, the color is NOW. But Moderate Rebels turn our doom-laden reality into a highly bewitching experience. Wow! Double wow! Time to listen again as new discoveries pop up with every spin. Here we go…

MODERATE REBELS: Twitter – LP also avalaible on ‘Everyday Life Recordings’

Your new favorite rebels…

BEACH RIOT – New Splintering Track Roars And Thunders Like A Hurricane..

Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


7 December 2017

Who: Four young noisemakers drenched in fuzz
Roots: Brighton/London (UK)
Score: Beach Riot‘s new steamy grunge blow is a really nasty and mean sledgehammer.
It roars and thunders like a sonic tornado. and it feels like the twister is just around the corner. Heavy-laden, ruthless and unstoppable. Sounds like a perfect challenge to explore your ears’ noise limit. There’s only one way to find out. C’mon, let’s dive into the eye of the storm…

BEACH RIOT: Facebook – Twitter

THE BEACHES – All Grrrl Canadian Punk Rock Squad Doing It For The ‘MONEY’…

Swirling live performances…

6 December 2017

Who: “named after the area of Toronto (Canada) where they live, are good girls gone great. Proud teen pioneers of the new wave of fem-rock, their sassy, saw-toothed alt-rock songs recall The Strokes, Elastica, The White Stripes, Metric and The Runaways and writhe, snarl and spit the kind of romantic defiance, youth rebellion and peer solidarity that makes these females such a formidable force for rock”…
Track: MONEY
Where: Sugar Beach Sessions for
102.1 The Edge in Toronto, Canada
When: 13 September 2017
What: this powerful and dashing rock squad sounds and looks like the sonic punk children of Joan Jett and Billie Joe Amstrong. Hefty, vociferous and outspoken. “We do what we want when we’re out” is what they’re about. Another shaking all grrrl kick-ass sensation…

THE BEACHES: Website – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

MONEY is on their debut LP ‘THE LATE SHOW’ – here on Apple Music / iTunes

THE VERVE Released Their Spaced Out 4-Track Debut E.P. 25 Years Ago…

When timeless in sound and vision it’s a…


Record: 5-track debut E.P.
Released: 7 December 1992 – 25 years ago…
NME wrote: “one of the few bands who still believe that the space between your ears is infinite, that nothing is impossible, that it’s all within our reach…they soar…This is no easy ride but it’s a hell of an adventure, a risk well worth taking…”
Notes: the E.P. features songs that never appeared on a studio LP. The EP’s 2 singles – ‘Gravity Grave’ and ‘She’s a Superstar‘ – reappeared on the compilation album This Is Music: The Singles 1992 – 1998. The record’s cover was taken in Ashcroft‘s flat in Wigan.
Score: the striking and spacey start of a tumultuous ride for a spectacular anthems band
fronted by charismatic singer/songwriter and – then – eccentric Richard Ashcroft.

Here’s top stroke ‘She’s A Superstar’

The E.P. in full

THE VERVE: Facebook – Biography – Discography

Northern souls

Badass Turbine THE DARTS ‘Gonna Make You Love’ With Pysch-O-Colored Clip….

Clips that will impress your eyes and your ears…


6 December 2017

All-female garage turbine THE DARTS launched a new clip for GONNA MAKE YOU LOVE.
A psychotomimetic serpent of a track that creeps slowly but surely towards your innocent heart in order to inject it with its savage love. Don’t even try to resist these overpowering mind fucker. Sit down, relax, be cool and put on your fancy polarized sunglasses to enjoy this flashing hullabaloo trip. B-b-b-baby, you just ain’t seen n-n-nothin’ yet

THE DARTS: Facebook – Bandcamp – Twitter

From their debut album Me.Ow – stream/purchase here on Bandcamp

Yes, you can leave your sunglasses on to read
my interview with a cool DARTS cat right here.

10 Fabulous Longplayers Turning 40 in 2018!…

1978: An effervescent year to dive into!
Here’s my selection – 10 superb ones!

1/ ‘All Mod Cons’ by THE JAM
NME wrote: “Not only several light years ahead of anything they’ve done before but also the album that’s going to catapult ‘The Jam’ right into the front rank of international rock and roll.”
Released: 3 November 1978 – their outstanding 3rd LP
Listen here

2/ ‘Darkness On The Edge Of Town’ by BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
Rolling Stone wrote: “It poses once more the question that rock & roll’s epiphanic moments always raise: Do you believe in magic? And once again, the answer is yes. Absolutely.”
Released: 2 June 1978 – passionate 4th longplayer
Listen here

3/ ‘This Year’s Model’ by ELVIS COSTELLO
All Music wrote: “The songs on This Year’s Model are typically catchy and help the vicious sentiments sink into your skin, but the most remarkable thing about the album is the sound. Costello and the Attractions never rocked this hard, or this vengefully, ever again.
Released: 17 March 1978 – sparkling second LP
Listen here

4/ ‘Another Music in a Different Kitchen’ by THE BUZZCOCKS
All Music wrote: “The big secret is Shelley’s worship of Krautrock’s obsessive focus on
repetition and rhythm, which transforms what would be “simply” basic punk songs into
at-times monstrous epics.”

Released: 10 March 1978 – their thunderous debut LP
Listen here

5/ ‘The Modern Dance’ by PERE UBU
All Music wrote: “The Modern Dance is the signature sound of the avant-garage:
art rock, punk rock, and garage rock mixing together joyously and fearlessly.”

Released: January 1978 – fascinating debut album
Listen here

6/ ‘Real Life’ by MAGAZINE
Melody Maker wrote: “No one that has the slightest interest in the present
and future of rock ‘n’ roll should rest until they’ve heard Real Life”

Released: June 1978 – their gloomy debut LP
Listen here

7/ ‘More Songs About Buildings And Food’ by TALKING HEADS
Rolling Stone wrote: “The eclecticism of ‘More Songs about Buildings and Food’, its witty distillations of disco and reggae rhythms, its reconciliation of ‘art’ and punk rock is masterful, The music represents a triumph over diversity.”
Released: 7 July 1978 – their funky second album
Listen here

8/ ‘Germ Free Adolescents’ by X-RAY SPEX
All Music wrote: “Poly Styrene’s frantic claustrophobia permeates the record. It’s full of kick-out-the-jams rockers, with a few up-tempo thrashers and surprisingly atmospheric pieces with
a raw, wailing saxophone.”

Released: 10 November 1978 – smashing debut
Listen here

Melody Maker wrote: “Strong, abrasive, visceral and constantly inventive,
with a thrust that makes the spaces equal partners to the notes

Released: 13 November 1978 – black pitch debut longplayer
Listen here

10/ ‘Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!’ by DEVO
Rolling Stone wrote: “It’s a brittle, small masterpiece of Seventies pop irony, but its shriveling, ice-cold absurdism might not define the Seventies as much as jump the gun on the Eighties.”
Released: 28 August 1978 – mental debut LP
Listen here

THE BIG PINK Turn NEW ORDER’s ‘BLUE MONDAY’ Into A Compelling Slow-Mo Soundscape…

‘Blue Monday’ by THE BIG PINK
Original by NEW ORDER

Photo: Victoria Stevens

London’s electro-rockers THE BIG PINK, led by multi-instrumentalist/singer Robbie Furze, recorded a fascinating version of NEW ORDER‘s signature anthem BLUE MONDAY. Much slower, much darker and gloomier than the original. The somber soundscape is driven by a dense drum/bass groove, injected with menacing guitars and crystal clear vocals on top. Blue becomes black. A highly intriguing slow-mo performance! Dim the lights, here we go…

After their splendid debut album A Brief History Of Love (2009) and
successor Future This (2012) the band has a third album in the pipeline.

THE BIG PINK: Facebook – Twitter