Bristol Newcomers PXPRS Shoot A Hole In The Ozone Layer With Steamy Debut Slam ‘COUP DE GRÂCE’

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6 August 2020

Prepare your greedy ears for a supersonic missile by Bristol fury PXRS, short
for … part x part r section. Their smoking hot heatwave debut single shoots
a big hole in the ozone layer.

Oh yes, COUP DE GRÂCE explodes from the thunderous get-go. From there on
its full steam ahead without looking back. Chainsaw guitars, supersonic speed,
rip-roaring wall-of-punk-punch sound, and edged vocals by singer Nikki Thomas .

It’s is a kinda voodoo spell cast on idiots. A rock n roll howl of rage and despair, kicking
against the pricks of disloyalty, duplicity, dilettantism, amateur hedonism and blatant
treachery, all the while refreshingly unencumbered by politeness. They know who they
says Nikki.

Watch out for PXRS, all you hypocrites out there. They will hunt you and cause scalds
in your ears with their savage sonic vibrancy and razor-sharp rage. Smashing band, smashing debut, smashing swagger.

Alert your neighbours before you press play…

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LABEL: Komplex Recordings

THE CHILLS Reissue Two Of Their Early 90s Longplayers – ‘SUBMARINE BELLS’ And ‘SOFT BOMB’

6 August 2020

(photo Turn Up The Volume!)

On 6th November New Zealand’s indie heroes THE CHILLS, led by singer/songwriter
and musical maestro Martin Phillipps reissue two remastered editions of early 90s longplayers. Their second LP SUBMARINE BELLS from 1990 and their third one SOFT BOMB from 1992. More info here and order facilities here.

AllMusic wrote back then about Submarine Bells: “On a major label for the first time, Phillipps crafted a lovely record indeed, a mere thirty-six minutes and not a second wasted… One high point after another, never losing the sense of elegance and drive that characterizes
the band’s work… The title track, with serene orchestration filling out the grand arrangement,
is a note-perfect way to conclude such a fantastic release.”

AllMusic about Soft Bomb: “Going through yet another line-up revamp, Phillipps is the only one remaining from the Submarine Bells performers and he remaines dead center as always… Phillipps’ smart way with words hasn’t changed at all… with a few awkward stabs at proto-adult album alternative airplay… high points include the lovely “Halo Fading,” and the slightly bluesy, ominous late-night vibe of “Entertainer.””

You can stream the original recordings tight here…



THE CHILLS: Facebook

Debut Single ‘WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT IT’ By SMALL FACES Released 55 Years Ago…

Top singles from the past…

6 August 2020

Band: Small Faces  (London)
Active: 1965–1969 / 1975–1978
Single: Whatcha Gonna Do About It
B-side: What’s A Matter Baby

Released: 6 August 1965 – 55 years ago today
Score: #14 in the UK –  legend goes that their
manager Don Arden admitted he spend £12,000 on chart
fixing to ensure the band’s debut song would be a hit

C’mon, Steve



Summertime Heatwave Blues – Red-Hot-Blooded Rockers BLUE STRAGGLERS Hit Hard With Two Uppercuts…

6 August 2020

Rowdy blues-rock desperadoes BLUE STRAGGLERS out of Sussex are gearing up to
quake the earth with their wall-crushing debut EP on 4th September. The extended
play captures the turbo trio at their muscular, melodic finest. Blue Stragglers laid down
five songs that are unequivocally up to the task of being played “during the sunset slot
at festivals”
as per the band’s stated aim.

The fierce three-piece let you taste their summertime heatwave blues with two unstoppable uppercuts, called SHE and LATE AT A FESTIVAL . Get ready for some
sauna-hot firework right here…

– SHE –

“A cheeky south London romp about the one who got away.” Wham bloody wham bang!
This red-hot-blooded haymaker triggers you to punch all those hypocrite politicians in
the face. A riff exploding blues hammer to test your lungs’ capacity. This is what we need to ventilate our isolation paranoia. Wall-crushing hullabaloo. A whole lotta steamy rock ‘n’ roll. Royal Blood with balls!


Razorblade melodiousness drenched in a pool of kamikaze guitars, going forth and black like a roller coaster on the run. Blur‘s Britpop flair pumped up with tons of illegal decibels. Don’t come late at a festival with Blue Stragglers on the bill or they will find you and make you beg for mercy. You have been warned!…


Saturday Dark Wave Fever Night With IYEARA And MARK LANEGAN – Here’s ‘SHE LOVED YOU’

New sonic impulses…

6 August 2020

MARK LANEGAN, one of the most productive artists in rock, released his highly praised 11th longplayer Somebody’s Knocking last year. The man loves to collaborate with other musicians to explore other directions and to experiment with new sonic ideas.

This time he joined forces with British dark-wave electro trio IYEARA to remix that great album. The longplayer arrives, retitled as ANOTHER KNOCK AT THE DOOR on 21 August. Our ears already got impressed with the first shared track ‘Playing Nere‘ early July and here’s a second cut, a soul-stirring stomper.

SHE LOVED YOU moves like a ritual voodoo-like disco dance. Atmospheric, bewitching,
and totally magnetizing. Pitchy synth beats for the twilight hours. Dusky electro shadows to start and end Saturday dark wave fever nights with.

Get up and move…

In case you missed Playing Nero, press play here…

You can pre-order the remixes album here

IYEARA: Facebook / MARK LANEGAN: Twitter

Listen To Previously Unreleased Sweet TOM PETTY Track ‘THERE GOES ANGELA (DREAM AWAY)’

New sonic impulses…

5 August 2020

An expanded edition of the late great TOM PETTY‘s debut album WILDFLOWERS
will see the day of light in the near future. It was Petty himself who talked, shortly
before his death about a special reissue as he recorded several songs that didn’t
make it onto the LP.

Petty‘s estate already shared a demo version of the LP’s magnificent single ‘You
Don’t Know How It Feels
‘ last June. And just now a previously unheard track arrived,
the sweet love ballad ‘THERE GOES ANGELA (DREAM AWAY)’.

Enjoy here…

In case you missed it, here’s the demo version of You Don’t Know How It Feels

TOM PETTY: Facebook

‘Doc At The Radar Station’ By CAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND THE MAGIC BAND Came Out 40 Years Ago Today

5 August 2020

Artist: Captain Beefheart
(15 January 1941 – 17 December 2010)
Album: Doc At The Radar Station – 11th LP
Released: 5 August 1980 – 40 years ago
Note: Beefheart painted the album’s artwork

“I’d never just want to do what everybody else did.
I’d be contributing to the sameness of everything.”

–  Beefheart

Rolling Stone wrote: “Don Van Vliet, a.k.a. Captain Beefheart, thunders through the rock & roll jungle like some mythological beast, a fantasy creature with the body of a burly monster and the head of a vaporous poet. Like its creator, Beefheart’s current album, Doc at the Radar Station, comes charging at you in much the same way: the artist and his art go on a cultural rampage, ripping and tearing at dense, lush undergrowths of melody while hurling imprecations of the airiest, most elliptical wit. The result is music of such heat, strength and passion that many listeners will get trampled or will simply choose to avoid the jungle of Beefheart’s music altogether and camp out in a safer, calmer thicket: e.g., the musical equivalent of driving through a controlled “habitat” where toothless lions loll on the hood of your car, gumming the windshield wipers. Beefheart, by contrast, has always bitten too hard for most people. He insists on joining together what popular music has put asunder: Delta blues and free jazz, atonal freakouts and sweet lyricism, primordial yawps and delicate joking. The Magic Band, Beefheart’s tribe of sardonically dexterous musicians, follow their leader with unswerving faith. They cultivate and tend the jungle for the sole purpose of having their Captain rumble and cavort across it. Full review here.

The Captain live in Paris 1980
7 songs with 3 from this longplayer…
Best Batch Yet / Dirty Blue Gene / Flavor But Living

Full album…


Sing Loud And Proud For A Reunited Tomorrow With JESSE ROPER And His Tremendous Get-Together ‘RIGHT NOW’ Anthem

5 August 2020

British Columbia singer-songwriter JESSE ROPER based
in Vitoria, Canada gears up for his next album HORIZONS.

Ahead of it comes steamy single RIGHT NOW. A social commentary about the division between the masses currently facing our world. The news is blown up with stories of right vs left, rich vs poor, and the division in the people which is becoming more apparent as the months go past under Trump’s presidency. Things don’t seem united down south.

Right Now is a loud and clear reality anthem, a scream and clap-along chant to ventilate all of your anger as well as your fear related to the messed-up world we live in. And as we all know the science-fiction-like coronavirus crisis couldn’t come at a worse time.

Is Doomsday around the corner? Do we see right Apocalypse now at the horizon? Maybe, unless we come together again, and we all finally understand that dissension, inequality, racism, sexism, and all other ongoing ugly social issues are not the answer to survive. The world may not fall apart like the Divided States Of America. Time to react and yell out loud. Time to pump your fists in the air and fight for your right to party hard for a reunited future. Jesse Roper just delivered the perfect get-together jackhammer to start a hopeful and massive celebration of life.

Sing loud and proud. Right here, right now…

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