Ska-Punk-Rock Steamrollers THE INTERRUPTERS Rush Forward ‘IN THE WILD’

12 August 2022

Who: (In)famous ska-punk rockers from Los Angeles, formed in 2011.
So far they manufactured 4 albums (including the new one).

New album: IN THE WILD
Order info here

Kerrang! says: “Brought crashing back to basics by the pandemic, the downtime gave singer Aimee Interrupter the space she needed to confront her difficult past – subjects she’d hinted at via upbeat fight songs like Title Holder, but never truly explored… What makes The Interrupters so special, and their formula so darn difficult to replicate, is that while Aimee’s lyrics are unflinching and painful, the music that accompanies them is bouncy and bright, a rallying call for togetherness – a unified spirit that simply says ‘we’ll get through it together”. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Probably the hottest pârty LP of the summer.
The Interrupters turn swinging 2-tone ska, classic rock, pithy punk, and
bouncy reggae into moshpit-destinated hammer blows. Herculean guitars,
king-sized tunes, chant-like choruses, and singer Aimee steaming up the
vivacious vibrancy time and time again. Holy cow.

Singles/clips: In The Mirror / Raised By Wolves / As We Live




Stream/buy the full album via Bandcamp

THE INTERRUPTERS: Website – Instagram

Waking Up… Watching The SHINS

Works faster than caffeine

Celebrated Albuquerque indie rockers THE SHINS hit the scene in 1996.
They made 5 LPs (so far) with Heartworms as the most recent one (2017).

They are on tour now to celebrate the 21st anniversary of their blockbuster debut
album Oh, Inverted World but took a bit of time off to play on the telly in the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show yesterday, where they played the LP’s opener CARING IS CREEPY
(more than 54 million streams on Spotify).

Let’s roll…

THE SHINS: Bio – Discography – Instagram

JOAN OF ARKANSAS Have Big With New Kooky Video Clip For Their Steamroller ‘ERASE ME’

11 August 2022

Who: Sludge pop band from Phoenix, Arizona. Their songs cover the gamut of topics but are often driven deep into what it’s like to be piece a of desert trash blowing through gentrified downtown phoenix landscapes, just tryin’ to survive.

From their brand new, hit-and-run
EP ¡Distortionista! (listen/buy below).

“”Erase Me” is a perfect lil capsule of some of our favorite things to do/talk about in our
songs. Musically It’s manic, it’s intentionally distorted and buzzy and fuzzy as hell, the
drummer sounds like he’s on 18 cups of coffee but isn’t coordinated enough to play a convincing punk beat. Gang vocals and a 50-dollar fuzz pedal that is dialed to melting.
Lyrically, It’s about that sneaky suspicion that you will never outgrow your awkward phase,
that you are the ugly duckling that never turned into a swan. Just an Ugly Ass Duck. We are older, we remember when self-doubt was cool.”

Turn Up The Volume: Ridiculous catchy with a head-spinning cadence,
an electrical rush, and elated vocals As short as a Ramones song. For some
reason, I think this could be Pavement if they would write a pop tune as
silver-toned as this one. Sounds like kick-ass fun, right? You betcha

The video clip is pretty kooky too, showing shots from a very old
musical/dance movie (I guess) and, yes; the birth of a punk baby
chicken somewhere in there.

Roll the tape

Wait, folks, here is more havoc.
Check/buy their new EP !DISTORTIONISTA!
here on Bandcamp…


One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer Into A Holiday – Today: KINGS OF LEON

11 August 2022

Two days ago I saw the American desperadoes of KINGS OF LEON playing live again since their early days when they produced 4 rad rock albums (between 2003 and 2008), followed by 4 big-market-aimed albums (although some ace singles on it) between 2010 and 2021.

They performed at Lokerse Fest in Belgium. And? Their light show was
better than the choice of the setlist with too many songs, for my liking,
from the last 4 albums.

Here’s one of my favored KOL crackers… they didn’t play.

Black Thumbnail (2007)

KOL: Facebook

Photos by Turn Up The Volume

10 GEMS From Non-Stop Groove Machine THE DANDY WARHOLS

Turn Up The Volume selects 10 gems of favorite artists/bands

11 August 2022

Who doesn’t like making all sorts of (play)lists?

I do. Best of lists, end-of-the-year lists, golden oldies lists,
only family lists, guilty pleasure song lists, summer lists,
brand new song lists. Okay, stop, I think I made my point.


The non-stop groove machine with an instant hip-shaking impact.
The Portland band canned 11 LPs so far. Bring on a new one, dandys.

TOP 3 (with videos)




Full TOP 10 (Spotify)

THE DANDY WARHOLS: Website – Bio – Discography

(photo by Turn Up The Volume – Sint-Niklaas, Belgium – 2016)

Oops… WEEZER Cancelled

Fab veteran rockers WEEZER had a residency planned in Broadway Theatre
in September. Just now came the news that the 5 shows are canceled due to
poor ticket sales. I’m sure the band didn’t see that coming.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo issued this statement.

“I just learned that our Broadway shows have been canceled (due to low ticket sales and unbelievably high expenses.) I’m very sorry to be telling you this now after we’ve already invested so much time, thought, and emotion. Extra apologies to those of you who cleared
your schedules and made travel plans to be with us. Thanks to @Broadway Producer for all your hard work and great ideas. I loved where we were going and I hope we can find a way
to resurrect our vision.”

Their fans: Say It Ain’t So

Maybe, instead, they can enjoy their hashpipe again.

WEEZER: Instagram


Daily electricity to load your batteries

11 Augustus 2022

Who: Italian alt-pop band led by
brother ad sister Giacomo and
Maddalena Oberti

New single: HATE ME
5th shared track (hear the other 4 below) from
their new, upcoming album Lighters and Lovers.

Turn Up The Volume: Wow! So far this Italian trio made their way
to Turn Up The Volume‘s ears with scintillating synth-pop sparks. But
here with Hate Me they swirl stupendously.

Turned-on guitars and Oberti‘s quick-fire vocals – on the cracking
chorus he goes as fast as a rapper – inflame this straightforward
standout. From bankrobber to bankrocker.


The other 4 cuts.

THE BANKROBBER: Twitter – Instagram