Amazing Artwork – Visual For New ALICE GLASS Single

Great music artwork

23 September 2022

New single artwork

Who: Canadian singer/songwriter who was electro
act Chrystal Castles‘ voice for 8 years. She left in
2014 to start her solo trip.

Debut album: PREY///IV
Released: 18 February 2022

Album artwork

Alice Glass just released a stand-off single called LIPS APART
again accompanied by a scary but highly eye-catching visual
in line with the album’s artwork.

Hear it here…

ALICE GLASS: Facebook – Instagram

PETER GABRIEL Released His 7th Longplayer ‘UP’ 20 Years Ago Today

Back in time

23 September 2022

Artist: PETER GABRIEL (72 of age)
Active: Since 1967. For 7 years as the frontman
of prog rockers Genesis, and solo afterward.

Anniversary album: UP
Released: 23 September 2002 – 20 years ago today

AllMusic: “Up’ sounds like an album that was ten years in the making,
revealing not just its pleasures but its intent very, very slowly. This is not
an accessible record, nor is it easy to warm up to, which means that many
may dismiss it upon a single listen or two, never giving it the time it demands
in order to be understood … those serious fans who want to spend time with
this will find that it does pay back many rewards
.” Score: 3/5.

TUTV: Experimental, exploring, inventive, self-willed and no big easy-going
hits on it. The fans and press didn’t know what to think about it. Nevertheless
a bold and intriguing record. So much better than the first perception.

Singles/clips: Growing Up / The Barry Williams Show



Stream full album on Spotify

PETER GABRIEL: Bio – Discography

Saturday Day Night Fever With EDITORS And Their Seventh Album ‘EBM’

Standout longpplayers

23 September 2022

Who: Beloved British electro-pop-rock combo
Active: Since 2002 / 7 studio LPs (new one incl.)

(Credit Press Editors)

Released: 23 September 2022 – order info here

CLASH MAG says: “Editors are no strangers when it comes to risk taking and genre bending and their seventh album ‘EBM’ is the true personification of this ethos. However, this might be Editors’ most leftfield and experimental body of work to date. ‘EBM’ is full of stadium-ready anthems and is a riveting, celebratory and bold musical odyssey that is both glorious and
gritty in equal measure. Ambitious, theatrical and utterly brilliant.”
Score: 8/10.

TUTV: Saturday night fever the Editors way with lots of shadow dancing.
E(lectronic) B(ody) M(usic) is what this new LP is about with a series of
towering tunes and dazzling synth orchestrations.

Singles/clips: Vibe / Kiss / Karma Climb / Heart Attack

– VIBE –

– KISS –



Stream the full album on Spotify

EDITORS: All ALbums – Website – Instagram

Waking Up On A Friday… With HAPPY MONDAYS

Works faster than caffeine

23 September 2022

Madchester’s 24-hour party heroes HAPPY MONDAYS released their 4th longplayer
Yes Please! 30 years ago. Talking Heads‘ couple Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth took care of the production, but not without some infamous, but not surprising Mondays incidents.

The press didn’t like what they heard. But hey, who cares about them, not me.
This record is criminally underrated according to my ears and my hips.

Anyway, it’s Friday, the run-up to a festive weekend (for me, in any case).
Nothing better than getting up with some happy funk.

Here comes the LP’s single
Stinkin Thinkin

The full album

HAPPY MONDAYS: Facebook – Instagram


22 ¨September 2022

No, STEPHEN CURRY is not a singer, not a musician,
not anything that has to do with music.

He’s one of the all-time great basketball players in the NBA ,
the greatest basket competition on the planet. Last June he won
his 4th championship in 6 years with one of the greatest basketball
teams ever. They beat the Boston Celtics in the finals.

Why is he on this music blog, I hear you ask.

I’m an NBA fanatic, a Warriors fanatic
and a Steph Curry fanatic. That’s why.

Here’s the ball wizard and 3-pont champion.

GSW: Website

10 Gems (Not The Obvious Ones) By The Uncomparable 80-Year Old Singer-Songwriter Icon BOB DYLAN

Turn Up The Volume picks 10 gems of favorite artists/bands

22 Septyember 2022

It’s simple. BOB DYLAN is my all-time favorite songsmith. His genial songwriting
skills, his compelling storytelling, his supreme rhymes, his singular phrasing, his waywardness in many ways, and his (non)approach to the press. It all makes him
one of the unquestionable giants in rock history.

Last May Robert Zimmerman turned 80. But it doesn’t stop him from touring.
And, yes, he’s coming to Belgium again, on 15 October in Brussels.
Can’t wait to see the master again.

I have no clue whatsoever, how many songs Dylan wrote (so far).
What I do know is that a couple of 100 are on my best-of-Dylan-list.
Yes, hard to pick only 10. But I did.

Top 3 with videos.
Top 10 together on Spotify.

Stellar video clip – 1989



All 10 GEMS together.

BOB DYLAN: Bio – Discography