Canadian Blues Gang GLACIAL ERRATIC Know It’s Only Rock ‘n LOL But They Like It

Standout longplayers

6 February 2023

Who: Canadian banjo-funk-rock jam band AND a comedy collective hailing from Georgian Bay. They deliver a party on-stage and have been described as ‘extremely entertaining, with tight, funky, intriguing melodies and laugh out loud lyrics.’ Fronted by a stand-up comedian and backed by a band of life-long jammers – Glacial Erratic gets people up and dancing quick and then hits them with clever, relatable, hilarious lyrics.

New album: Rock ‘n LOL

TUTV: ZZ TOP is still alive and kicking. They operate now under the name of
Glacial Erratic
and still play smoking blues. Loud and clear with rattling riffs,
hot-tempered hooks, and loaded licks. They write far-reaching stories about
the 7 days of the week, about French absurdité, #MeToo, about tall basketball
players, and other nonsensical observations.

If you’re tired of our messed-up reality – almost all of us, I guess – than these stand-up comedy rockers are the ideal companions to ignore all the BS for a booze-filled while.
They know it’s only Rock ‘n LOL, but they like it. So should you.

Right here.
Right now.


Happy 78 To Reggae Icon BOB MARLEY

6 February 2023

Robert Nesta Marley was born 78 years
ago today in Nine Miles, Jamacia.

Happy B. to the eternal late legend who introduced reggae,
with great success, to the masses. His supreme songwriting,
his Jah devotion, and his gospel gathering-like concerts made
him a global superstar.

To celebrate the rastaman’s birthday
Turn Up The Volume picked one of his
Marley favorites.

Buffalo Soldier

BOB MARLEY: Bio – Discography – Website

British Guitar Pop Sensation WET LEG Win 3 Grammys

6 February 2023

The album’s artwork

Well, sometimes the Grammy Awards pick great non-corporte artists.
Yesterday night Isle of Wight‘s guitar pop sensation WET LEG won no less
than 3 Grammys. For Best Alternative Album (their 2022 self-titled debut), for
Best Alternative Music Performance
with the LP’s super-duper single Chaise
and for Best New Artist.

The other nominees in the category Alternative Album were Arcade Fire’s ‘WE’,
Big Thief’s ‘Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You’, Björk’s ‘Fossora’,
Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ ‘Cool It Down’


CHAISE LONGUE (fantastic live version)


WET LEG: Facebook – Instagram

(Last Summer in Belgium – photo by Turn Up The Volume)

S O R O R – Brussels’ Indies Are Back With New Funky Footstomper ‘COPY OF YOU’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

6 February 2023

Band: S O R O R

Who: Avid Brussels 4-piece, featuring 2 female vocalists, claiming
to produce “indie bathroom rock and atmospheric confessions”. A band
with a great sense of humor and some intriguing musical directions

New single: COPY OF YOU
From their new upcoming album.
Details to follow.

© Olivier Donnet

TUTV: This funky mid-tempo footstomper sticks right away with
its poignant vocals, its gloriously trippy guitar riff, and its bursting
chorus. You can really feel this stunner’s growing annoyance, sneaking
anxiously towards a rowdy climax. A solid slam dunk.

And the accompanying video is utterly cool.
Black and white, dark shades, and a let’s
rock ‘n’ roll attitude. Sexy!

Get your copy here.

S O R O R: Facebook – Instagram

Waking Up With New Funky PETER GABRIEL Single ‘THE COURT’

Works faster than caffeine

6 February 2022

The single’s artwork

PETER GABRIEL will launch new, 9th, solo album, baptized
i/o following his previous one Scratch My Back from 2013,
on 23 February.

Following lead single Panopticum, the former Genesis frontman
just shared a second cut of the longplayer. It’s called THE COURT .

Press photo GB – FB

Peter Gabriel: “I had this idea for ‘the court will rise’ chorus, so it became a free-form, impressionistic lyric that connected to justice, but there’s a sense of urgency there,” said the former Genesis singer about the track. A lot of life is a struggle between order and chaos and in some senses the justice or legal system is something that we impose to try and bring some element of order to the chaos. That’s often abused, it’s often unfair and discriminatory but at the same time it’s probably an essential part of a civilised society. But we do need to think sometimes about how that is actually realised and employed.”

Funky stuff.

TOUR 2023
All dates here.

PETER GABRIEL: Facebook – Instagram

Soulful Sunday With JEFF TWEEDY Covering Legendary Folk Rebel WOODY GUTHRIE

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

5 February 2023

WILCO‘ mastermind JEFF TWEEDY shared a cover of UNION MAID.
A 1940 song by the late, sharp-teethed folk rebel WOODY GUTHRIE
(July 14, 1912 – October 3, 1967).

It’s on the soundtrack of new drama movie
When You Finish Saving The World.

Tune in.

Original version.

WOODY GUTHRIE: Bio – Discography

(Image on top: Cover of Tweedy’s compilation album ‘Warm’)

After 43 Years BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Fanzine BACKSTREETS Call It A Day As THE BOSS Only Plays For The Rich

announced that after 43 years it will cease publication.

“It’s a “three-part predicament: [Springsteen] concerts that we can hardly
afford; that many of our readers cannot afford; and that a good portion of
our readership has lost interest in as a result.” Basically, “hardcore fans in the
Backstreets community” can no longer afford to see their hero live, thanks to
Springsteen opting into Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing model for his 2023 tour.”

Full statement HERE.

And it’s not only The Boss‘ concerts prices that go through the roof.
Check entrance prices for Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cure, Nick Cave,
Bob Dylan, Billie Eilish, Madonna
, U2, The Stones, Béyonce, Neil Young
and so on. Rich artists only play for the rich. Rock ‘n’ roll! NOT!

Born to be rich.
Playing for the rich.

YOUNG FATHERS – New Soul-Funk-Drunk Album ‘HEAVY HEAVY’ Is The 1st Contender For Best Album Of 2023

Standout longplayers

5 February 2023

Who: Blood-tingling Scottish dance-funk-punk trio that made a grand entrance
on the music scene when they won the 2014 Mercury Prize (an annual music
prize awarded for the best album released in the United Kingdom) with their
debut album Dead.

New album: HEAVY HEAVY – their 4th LP
Released: 3 February 2023. Order info here.

(Press photo YF – FB)

Info: Written and recorded over the course of three years, the longest time taken
on a Young Fathers album, Heavy Heavy is a tour de force from the Edinburgh trio.
An overarching theme of being human can be felt throughout the ten-track album, exploring the feelings of euphoria and rush of emotion experienced at the end of a struggle, a sense of fulfillment as a result of the toil and hard graft that life throws at everyone. An unashamedly soulful and heartfelt album, where the drums set the
scene throughout to transport the listener to a place of celebration and awakening.

NME: “The versatile Edinburgh trio continue their strong run of form with a passionate,
soulful and often mesmerising work. Anthemic, boundary-breaking pop.”
Score: 5/5.

TUTV: This is one of those remarkable records (one every 3 months or so) that
arouses from start to finish, with the cliché no fillers, all killers all over it. You hear
its sonic brilliance, you feel its dauntless vocality, you know it’s a magnum opus.

Heavy Heavy is an undisputable first-class work where vitalizing soul, ecstatic pop melodiousness and self-willed hip-hop come together in an organic, inventive way.
Funk-drunk virtuosity.

And throughout this diamond of a longplayer a modern-day gospel choir causes
an emotive euphoria that grows on you with every spin. Final verdict: this is the
1st contender for best LP of 2023. Fact!

Singles (so far): I Saw / Tell Somebody / Geronimo

– I SAW –
Stunning stomper

Majestic chant

Trip-hop lullaby

Full album stream.

YOUNG FATHERS: Facebook – Instagram