Electronic Trio ‘ONSET’ With Gloomy Clip For Opening Track Of Their Darksome Debut EP…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

16 March 2018

ONSET is an electronic trio out of my hometown Ghent, Belgium. A couple of weeks ago they released their fascinating self-titled 4-track debut EP. Four moony electro-scapes
with opener FAILURE as standout stroke. Imagine swaying smoothly, forth and back,
to your favorite nightmare. The sticky beats, the wayward rhythm, the synths dynamic
and the highly intriguing vocals will inspire you to shadow-dance in the twilight hours. Haunting, trippy and spellbinding. A sonic massage for body and soul. Dim the lights, here’s the gloomy clip…

Don’t stop dancing yet, here’s
the dark expedition in full…

ONSET: Facebook – Instagram

Stairway to hell

ELVIS COSTELLO Released Masterpiece ‘THIS YEAR’S MODEL’ 40 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

15 March 2018


ALBUM: THIS YEAR’S MODEL – his second LP – first with The Attractions

RELEASED: 17 March 1978 – 40 years ago

ROLLING STONE wrote: “Listening to Costello is like walking down a dark, empty street and hearing another set of heels. His music doesn’t make you dance, it makes you jump. It doesn’t matter that he’s stalking his obsessions and not you, because nobody ought to be this sure of his obsessions… ‘This Year’s Model’, his second album in less than a year, is Costello’s attempt to make certain those wounds stay open. ‘This Year’s Model’ has the triumph of an adrenalin kick: “The Beat” or “Pump It Up” are not titles chosen randomly. There’s bravado in the way his’ machine-gun mouth sprays out each image, but like all obsessives, he has to get the details right, connect them through the sheer force of his will. So he’s reeling and running, shooting from the hip but taking careful aim. He’s ready to challenge all comers, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the rock & roll industry (“Radio, Radio”) or the National Front (“Night Rally”). “Don’t you know I’m an animal,” he sings on “Hand in Hand.” But later, in “Lipstick Vogue,” he amends that: “Sometimes I almost feel just like a human being.” Taken together, these are the words of a brutally honest optimist.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: Virtuoso singer-songwriter and living legend Elvis Costello proved with his first two albums in under a year,’My Aim Is True‘ and this turbulent magnum opus that he intended to go a long way, a really long way paved with countless king-sized achievements…

THREE HIGHLIGHTS: Pump It Up / (I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea / This Year’s Girl

* PUMP IT UP – wham bloody bam…

* (I DON’T WANT TO GO TO) CHELSEA – funky punch…

*THIS YEAR’S GIRL – 1978 live rendition…

Full album

ELVIS COSTELLO: Website – Facebook – Discography

Back then

MERCYFOX – Groovy Misfits From Denmark Dance Around A ‘NAKED CROSS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

16 March 2018

WHO: “A dance-punk duo from Copenhagen, Denmark. Christoffer Hein and Dragut Lugalzagosi met in the summer of 2016 to make noisy pop hits within a genre they also call ‘pop trash’. Pop garbage, a mutated detour from the vast array of radio-friendly and harmless music we all know so well and are fed with daily.”
PICK: NAKED CROSS – “an almost painfully optimistic and hopefully inspiring track. To remind the listener that she or he is awesome, that freedom and a fantastic riot is just around the corner and everything is possible.” explains the band…

SCORE: here’s a brassy electro stomper. A dashing mid-tempo drone with a solid, repetitive beat and booming synths. A glamorous and mind-boggling groove with
a relaxing effect. Sounds like Depeche Mode finally have some fun. Find out here why…

Break through your skin
and be my bug
go for a swim
in your own blood
I believe in your body
and your highs
girl, shine like a demon
and arise
naked cross, naked cross
hanging on a fully dressed man
don’t turn your head
don’t look away
bleed from your eyes
no you can’t be tamed
I believe in your body…
naked cross, naked cross…
we can’t let each other in
we can’t let each other out
we sober up
and wait

MERCYFOX: Facebook – Instagram

Happy 75 To Living Soul ‘N’ Funk Legend SLY STONE!…

15 March 2018

Sylvester Stewart aka Sly Stone was born 15 March 1943 in Denton, Texas, US. Today
the legendary and influential musician, songwriter, producer and most of all the swinging frontman of Sly And The Family Stone celebrates his 75th birthday. Along with other icons such as James Brown and Parliament-Funkadelic, they were pioneers of late 1960s
and early ’70s funk. To celebrate here are three Family classics…




SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE: Biography – Discography

The soul ‘n’ funk family

Starry-Eyed Electro Disciples ‘RUMOURS’ Shine Gloriously In Massive Church In Ghent…

RUMOURS – St. Jacob’s Church, Ghent, Belgium – 14 March 2018

RUMOURS is an up and coming 2-girls/2-boys electro force out of Belgium taking a giant step on their sonic journey with their first full length record. They describe their music as “pitch dark Shaman-hop and obscure cold with a frisking rustle, veiled by an oppressively dark sample-web.” If you never heard of them capture their gloomy fever right here…

It was last week that their highly atmospheric debut album, titled rightly MEGAMIX, saw the light of day. A magnificent and magnetizing work of transcendent soundscapes. And last night the quartet staged their LP release show in one of Ghent‘s massive churches…

And on the 7th day God created St. Jacob’s Church for RUMOURS’ album release show

A most fitting choice for their monumental sound, ranging from grand symphonies to mighty bass-loaded-synths drones. From twilight vibrations to battering reverberations. From heaven to hell and back, with frontgirl Hannah‘s angelic and lively voice as the band’s most impressive instrument. What an elevating and soul-catching vox! Hallelujah! I guess you already know by now that this wasn’t a regular concert. Not at all, it was a spiritual happening, in sound as well as in vision. What about the quality of the sound in such a gigantic space I hear you ask? Perfect, just perfect. The sound-mixer(s) did a supernatural job in this grand, holy building. Add the dazzling display of a tremendously matching light spectacle and what the audience experienced was a unique event that satisfied all of their senses. A mystical trip in many ways. God bless Rumours!…

Angelic sensation

We saw the light…

Here’s MEGAMIX in full…

RUMOURS: Facebook

Available on iTunes

(concert pics: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

COURTNEY BARNETT With Face-Changing Clip In Space For Brand New Track ‘NEED A LITTLE TIME’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


15 March 2018

After ‘Nameless, Faceless’ utterly cool singer/songwriter/storyteller/feminist COURTNEY BARNETT just shared the 2nd new track from her forthcoming album, titled ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel‘. New track ‘NEED A LITTLE TIME’ starts with a classic mid-tempo Barnett blues swagger song heading its way, slowly but surely, towards a stunning, electrical guitar finale! Ace score! The accompanying will transfer you right into space…

COURTNEY BARNETT: Website – Facebook – Twitter

New LP TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL Out 18 May – all info & pre-order facilities here.

Two X’s! One Big Sound! Brighton’s ARXX Debute With Glowing EP ‘DAUGTHERS OF DAUGTHERS’…

Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

15 March 2018

HOME: Brighton, UK
WHO: ‘Hannah and Clara are a garage rock gal pal duo. This is
what they do when they’re not in the kitchen. Two Women. Two X’s.
One Big sound.’

INFLUENCES: “Haim, Deap Vally, Joan Jett, Kate Nash,
Dolly Parton, Adele, Cher, P!nk, Tracey Emin.”

SCORE: This loud and clear female garage rock tandem hits bull’s-eye with their explosive 6-track debut EP. Hannah and Clara rock fiercely and roll frantically with an overall raw sonic swagger, a blues injected bravado, an ardent catchiness and clear-cut vocals. DIY hullabaloo with a troubled heart, a red-hot soul and a striking flamboyance. Staggering stuff! Six killers, no fillers. Convince your hungry ears right here, right now…

ARXX: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

Lively daughters