HAWK Launches Remarkable Video Clip For Newest Track ‘KEEPS ME OUT’…

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31 March 2018

Band: HAWK

Who: “Grunge-filled indie via London, Ireland, and Berlin. With activism at its core, HAWK combines an abrasive edge with celestial vocals, to create a driving, expansive sound. The band has been compared to Warpaint and The Cranberries with hints of Slow Dive and Radiohead…”

Track/Clip: KEEPS ME OUT

Score: here’s a mysterious slo-mo shoegaze drone, fascinating and dazzling in sound
and vision with frontwoman Julie Hawk‘s other-worldly voice as the most impressive instrument of this up and coming London trio. Hawk‘s vox and the song’s transcendent impetus is a perfect match turning ‘Keeps Me Out’ into a puzzling soundscape that has an impact on the dark side of your mind. Here’s the remarkable clip directed by James Byrne. “Explore the effects of stop-motion in this glitter-infused video…

HAWK: Website – Facebook – Twitter

THE KILLS – Filthy Blues Garage Debut LP ‘KEEP ON YOUR MEAN SIDE’ Turns 15…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

30 March 2018



RELEASED: 1 April 2003 – 15 years ago…

Pitchfork wrote: “The Kills won’t need to fish for complimentary comparisons, suckers are jumping out of the water. I’ll be damned if vocalist ‘VV’ (nee ‘Alison Mosshart’) doesn’t have a picture of ‘PJ Harvey’ at her bedside, and the same goes double for instrumentalist ‘Hotel’ (Londoner Jamie Hince) re: Neil Hagerty. These influences aren’t as disparate as they seem:
while ‘Harvey’ and the ‘Royal Trux’ worked on different sides of the fidelity line, they were both attempting expansive, ambitious modern updates of the blues. ‘The Kills’ aim is just about the opposite, despite the stylistic similarities, they’re trying to return the pillaged form to its simpler roots. If they should break through to the mainstream, ‘The Kills’ probably deserve it more than most. Their poses are balanced with enough genuine emotion to approach the sum of their influences; they play with more style and flair than almost any band in a scene where the former is usually all that matters. Still, it’s a bitter reality: they’d never be getting this kind of attention if it weren’t for the ‘White Stri– fuck!”

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: When this raw, basic rock ‘n’ blues powerhouse came out it sounded like nothing else around at the time. Hince‘s roaring riffs, red-hot riffs and bang-up licks along Mosshart‘s primal screams, sensual howling, and sexy healing just felt spot on. Thrashy nasty and kick-ass bluesy. I became a fan instantly. I still am.

* FRIED MY LITTLE BRAINS Hell bloody hell yeah!

* KISSY KISSY Sultry, spicy and sticky

* FUCK THE PEOPLE Smoking live version (Paris, 2011)

Album in full (original track list: #1-#12)

THE KILLS: Website – Facebook – Discography

Here’s TURN UP THE VOLUME’s Knockout Team For March 2018!…

Killer tracks on repeat this past month

ELEVEN KNOCKOUTS I played on repeat in MARCH!
An explosive cocktail of mighty rippers & heated grooves
activating all my senses and itchy limbs this past month!
TURN UP THE VOLUME! Here’s the March knockout team!

1/ ‘Human For’ by SUNFLOWER BEAN (Brooklyn, New York)
Perfect pop pearl from staggering new, second full length…
Album: ‘Twentytwo In Blue’ – stream here

2/ ‘Isolation’ by TUBELIGHT (Belgium)
Thrashy garage killer track from thrashy garage killer LP…
Album: ‘Expert By Virtue, Thereof’ – stream here

3/ ‘Mermaids’ by MADONNATRON (London, UK)
Get yourself ready for a groovy voodoo trance!…

4/ ‘Lucky You’
by DRANG (London, UK)
An irresistible, glamorous firework bolide with a dazzling chorus…

Single available here on Bandcamp

5/ ‘All That I Need’ by THE ASSIST (Walsall, West Midlands, England)
Stirring crackerjack to scream along on the top of your lungs…

6/ ‘Higher’ by LEISURE TANK (London, UK)
Fetching, irresistible and wayward jingle jangle spur…

7/ ‘War Paint’ by FRANKIE SIMONE (Portland, Oregon, US)
Simone’s explicit voice & her sensual explosiveness will make your body shake…
LOVE/WARRIOR = debut EP out 1 June – all info here

8/ ‘Connected By Love’ by JACK WHITE (Detroit, US)
Blues passion at its very Jack White‘s best…
Album: ‘Boarding House Reach’ – stream here

9/ ‘Wayne’ by RICH GIRLS (New York, NY, US)
Rich Girls’ sound is timelessly human. It has heart and it has soul…
Album: ‘Black City’ – out April via Tricyle Records

10/ ‘We Almost Failed, Brian (Epilogue II) by CUBS REFRAIN (Toronto, Canada)
Towering electro dynamics, overwhelming duet vocals and a sky-high melody…
Album: ‘Tell Me You Love Me‘ – out April

11/ ‘You & I’ by RUMOURS (Belgium)
Electronic twilight vibration colored with a divine voice…
Album: Debut LP ‘Megamix’ – out now – available on iTunes

See/hear you next month, music junkies


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30 March 2018


Home: Montreal, Canada

Who: ” A band – formed by Guy Lafleur – having spent the better part of the last six years making high-energy, power-pop mayhem for crowds across the continent. Brand new single, “Left Right To One,” gives a glimpse into the longstanding, rock ‘n roll partnership between bassist Jeanette Dowling and Lafleur himself.”


Score: Here’s some cracking rock ‘n’ bloody roll. No nonsense, no arty farty shit, no
silly special effects. No, none of this crap. Dany Lay is about producing resistless riff
rumble that will activate your lazy ass and make you go berserk. He’s about highly
catchy electricity and head-spinning turbulence à la guitar legend Dave Edmunds.
Open your windows and doors and start a party in the street with your neighbours…

DANY LAY AND THE LOOKS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

LEFT RIGHT TO ONE available right here on Bandcamp

YOU WANT FOX – This Glowing Two-Headed Female Turbine Does Not Like Liars…

Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

29 March 2018


Who: “‘You Want Fox’ is a shot of adrenaline to the UK music scene. Hailing from Nottingham and comprising of Natalie (bass/vocals) and Colette (Drums/vocals) they formed in early 2015. The energetic duo creates a Rock music sound that is heavily influenced by pop hooks. The girls are driven by catchy melodies and clever harmonies.”

Track: LIAR LIAR – Second single from upcoming, sophomore album ‘Reverse The Curse

Score: This kick-ass two-piece knows tremendously well how to rock and how to roll. They produce an exciting kind of powerful stoner pop vibe that impacts all of your senses right away. ‘Liar Liar‘ is cutting, gripping and injected with sharp hooks, booming drums, glowing harmonies and a sticky chorus . This is what swirling sonic sensuality is all about. 1-2-3-4! Press the button and go gaga…

YOU WANT FOX: Facebook –  Twitter

New album REVERSE THE CURSE out 27 April

BELLY Shares Another Alluring Track From Upcoming Album – Here’s Electrifying ‘STARS ALIGN’ Stroke…

29 March 2018

After sharing Shiny One, the groovy first single of upcoming comeback album last February, 90s delightful guitar pop quartet BELLY, led by mesmerizing vox Tanya Donelly, just dropped another new vibrant track. STARS ALIGN is an electrical humdinger that sticks instantly. Energizing, arousing and starry-eyed and when Donnelly reassures us
that ‘It’s all gonna be alright‘ you’ll see better times popping up on the horizon. Here’s
the audio clip…

New album DOVE out 4 May 2018 – all info right here

BELLY: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Legendary Popsmiths PULP Released Their Bold And Darkish Longplayer ‘THIS IS HARDCORE’ 20 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

29 March 2018


ALBUM: THIS IS HARDCORE – the band’s sixth album

RELEASED: 30 March 1998 – 20 Years Ago…

ALL MUSIC (Stephen Thomas Erlewine) wrote: “This is the sound of someone losing the plot/you’re gonna like it, but not a lot.” So says Jarvis Cocker on “The Fear,” the opening track
on ‘This Is Hardcore’, the ambitious follow-up to Pulp’s breakthrough Different Class. Cocker doesn’t quite lose the plot here, but the ominous, claustrophobic “The Fear” makes it clear
that this is a different band, one that no longer has anthems like “Common People” in mind.
The shift in direction shouldn’t come as a surprise – Pulp was always an arty band – but even the catchiest numbers are shrouded in darkness. This album is haunted by disappointments and fear, by the realization that what you dreamed of may not be what you really wanted.
The title track is the centerpiece of the LP, and the best moments follow its tone. Instead of delivering an entirely bleak album, Pulp raise the curtain somewhat on the last three songs,
but the attempts at redemption, “Sylvia,” “Glory Days,” “The Day After the Revolution” – don’t
feel as natural as everything that precedes them. It’s enough to keep the album from being a masterpiece, but it’s hardly enough to prevent it from being an artistic triumph.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: This bold, blackish, bewitching and multi-layered
tour de force proved that Pulp was far more than a pop tunes machine. This highly intriguing and at times enigmatic LP was/is a hard score…

THREE HIGHLIGHTS: The Fear / Glory Days / A Little Soul

THE FEAR – ‘A horror soundtrack from a stagnant waterbed‘…

GLORY DAYS – close family to ‘Common People‘ – top cut…

A LITTLE SOUL – tenebrous beauty…

Album in full…
PULP: Facebook – Discography

(His and Hers LP shot)