Towering Toronto Turbo Trio MONOWHALES Wants ‘ALL OR NOTHING’

New sonic impulses…

31 August 2020

Toronto indie rockers MONOWHALES hit the scene last year with a big bang when their booming single RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)” broke the record for the highest-charting song by an unsigned band when it peaked at #2 on the Mediabase Canada Alternative Rock Chart in early 2020.

New single ALL OR NOTHING is even a bigger bang. A mid-tempo jackhammer fueled
by a wall-of-gigantic synths, fervent echoing vocals, wham-bloody-bam drums and a massive chorus. Imagine Chrvches and Crystal Castles turning the decibels up together.

It’s an ecstatic anthem to risk taking and believing in the power of your own will. Expect
a giant tune, a giant sound and an overall giant power-stroke! Open your windows and doors, so the whole neighborhood can go gaga to this towering turbo trio.

Right here, right now…

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The Last Track Of Summer Live – Never Mind The SEX PISTOLS Bollocks…

31 August 2020

For most people the last day of August is also the last day of summer, the last day of holidays. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Turn Up The Volume starts his holidays in the sun today at the hot French Riviera. Yeeeahhh! Much sun, much drinks, much delicious food. Prepare yourselves for the last summer live track of 2020.

C’mon you Rotten American…


French holidays in the sun for Turn Up The Volume!


31 August 2020

Bristol punks IDLES release their third grand slam album ULTRA MOON on 25th September. To keep us happy in the meantime they invaded the legendary Abbey Road studios in London to have some noisy fun. One of the session’s recordings is a crushing cover of The Beatles’ only punk song HELTER SKELTER (actually written and sung by pretty boy Paul McCartney).

Idles kicked the song in the ass, punched it against
the wall and trashed it the way they like it.


IDLES: Facebook

NEIL YOUNG – His Magnum Opus ‘AFTER THE GOLD RUSH’ Is 50 Today

31 August 2020

Artist: Neil Young
Album: After The Gold Rush – his third LP
Released: 31 August 1970 – 50 years ago today

AllMusic wrote: “After the Gold Rush was recorded with the aid of Nils Lofgren, a 17-year-old unknown whose piano was a major instrument… Much of After the Gold Rush consisted of country-folk love songs, which consolidated the audience Young had earned through his tours and recordings with CSNY; its dark yet hopeful tone matched the tenor of the times in 1970, making it one of the definitive singer/songwriter albums, and it has remained among Young’s major achievements.” Score: 5/5.

Singles: Only Love Can Break Your Heart / When You Dance, I Can Really Love



Full album…

NEIL YOUNG: All Albums

Rock Against Racism Drops – New LP ‘A Gateaway To A Lifetime Of Disappointment’ By DAVID NEWTON & THEE MIGHTY ANGELS

31 August 2020

Artist: David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels
Who: Wolverhampton UK born David Newton was the guitarist and songwriter behind
C86 popsters & NME front-cover stars turned US alternative/college radio chart-toppers The Mighty Lemon Drops. David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels continues on from the earlier elements of The Mighty Lemon Drops sound, with a modern contemporary take
on the melodic uplifting side of the 80’s post-punk sound.

Album: A Gateway To A Lifetime Of Disappointment
Released: 14 August 2020

The author: “In my downtime during the pandemic, I realized that I had
lots of half-finished songs. I was finally able to put all the pieces together.”

Keywords: Rock against racism / Back to the future / 10 mighty pop drops that
will change your life / From Happy Head to Disappointment / Glowing guitar firework /
From the Jackson Five to the Mekons / Blank generation / Action, time, vision / Stone
gold indie gems / C2020

Key tracks: All

Stream/buy LP here…

146 Rollicking Seconds – Dope Single ‘LAST DAY IN L.A.’ By HEALTHY JUNKIES

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

31 August 2020

Band: HEALTHY JUNKIES (Paris/Greater London)

Who: A band that is everything that epitomizes the indie punk spirit – driven, authentic, and capable of causing a riot at any moment. They prepare to release seminal album ‘Forever On The Road‘ which mashes up psychedelic rock, punk, grunge and goth. They have toured relentlessly since their formation in 2011, until the global lockdown of 2020, they came into this record still firmly locked in the groove.

Track: LAST DAY IN L.A. – An explosive psych-punk anthem capturing the strange magnetic pull of the city of angels.

Keywords: D.I.Y / Hungry / Dope jackhammer / Charismatic glam queen Nina Courson / Sickly sticky steamroller / 146 rollicking seconds / Punk angels of L.A. / Ballroom blitz steamroller / Lockdown paranoia / Formule 1 bolide / Hollywood razzmatazz / Supersonic buzz / Spine-tingling guitar electricity / Booming drums / Band on the run / Burning finale


Oh… you want to know how they look and move?
Here we go with a bang-up track called ALL TALK
from their previous album Delirious Dream

And you wanna know more about these junks. Read their interview with ALTPRESS

New album FOREVER ON THE ROAD out on 25th September via Banana Castle

Heart And Soul In Vocal Motion – ‘WHOLE NEW MESS’ By ANGEL OLSEN

Music fro the laziest day of the week…

30 August 2020

Artist: Angel Olsen (Asheville, North Carolina, US)
Album: Whole New Mess
Info: The record features nine songs, stripped to the
bone, from her magnificent 2019 album All Mirrors and
two new songs, title track ‘Whole New Mess‘and sensitive
reverie ‘Waving, Smiling’.

Released: 30 August 2020

NME verdict: “Most of these songs appeared in maximalist form on last year’s acclaimed ‘All Mirrors’, but stripped-back versions reveal their true power… Most artists keep their demos to themselves, pulling them out of a dusty box in the attic only when someone at the label suggests they bolt them onto a flashy anniversary release or if the Record Store Day goodie box is looking a bit empty… If ‘All Mirrors’ took you to a lavish, creaky ballroom, then ‘Whole New Mess’ tucks you away in the cupboard under the stairs, the door slammed tightly shut. Olsen had always planned to release the original recordings of the ‘All Mirrors’ songs, but wanted the bolder, louder versions to come to her fans first. “I thought it would be more interesting to see something explosive, and then take a look back to where it started to do it the other way around,” she’s explained of her plans to flip the order in which the albums came out.
Score: 4/5.

Angel Olsen: “I’m trying to embrace this part of myself that’s unpolished.”

Enjoy this vocal beauty


Nothing Else Matters – Here’s New Hefty Single ‘ATROPHY’ By Metallic Rockers DIAMIR

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

30 August 2020

Irish metallic rockers DIAMIR blend various genres under the same roof. Heavy,
melodic, progressive-leaning music with clean vocals and contrasting dynamics.

Last April Turn Up The Volume featured their debut single Behind The Façade.
A red-hot-blooded steamroller taking you on a rough ride from the kick-off.

And here’s the follow-up. ATROPHY is a slow-burning, ruthless, hard-hearted balled,
going forth and back like a painful succession of mood swings. The absorbing-wall-of-titanic orchestration is as monumental as the impressive Belfast Cathedral and the lyrics are as pitch-black as bloody hell. The execution, musically and vocally, feels as if nothing else matters to the band. High-voltage is the keyword.

Agonizing anxiety and Brobdingnagian tonality.
An overwhelming piece of perplexing power.

Enter Diamir

While you’re here make sure you check their debut single ‘Behind The Façade’

DIAMIR: Facebook