Nothing Else Matters – Here’s New Hefty Single ‘ATROPHY’ By Metallic Rockers DIAMIR

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30 August 2020

Irish metallic rockers DIAMIR blend various genres under the same roof. Heavy,
melodic, progressive-leaning music with clean vocals and contrasting dynamics.

Last April Turn Up The Volume featured their debut single Behind The Façade.
A red-hot-blooded steamroller taking you on a rough ride from the kick-off.

And here’s the follow-up. ATROPHY is a slow-burning, ruthless, hard-hearted balled,
going forth and back like a painful succession of mood swings. The absorbing-wall-of-titanic orchestration is as monumental as the impressive Belfast Cathedral and the lyrics are as pitch-black as bloody hell. The execution, musically and vocally, feels as if nothing else matters to the band. High-voltage is the keyword.

Agonizing anxiety and Brobdingnagian tonality.
An overwhelming piece of perplexing power.

Enter Diamir

While you’re here make sure you check their debut single ‘Behind The Façade’

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