Want It Loud And Proud? Here’s Sturdy Irish Turbo DIAMIR With Debut Single ‘BEHIND THE FACADE’

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26 April 2020

Band: Diamir

Who: A rock band with a progressive edge from Northern Ireland, UK. Formed in mid-late 2018, Diamir was the culmination of more than a decade’s worth of sporadic behind-the-scenes writing/composing from guitarist and keyboardist John Wilson. They are known for delivering powerful, engaging and spine-tingling live performances,

Track:  Behind The Façade – debut single – a heavy, energetic and riff packed modern throwback to the Rockabilly style of the 1950s, replete with bluesy guitar and organ solos.
The track features multi-layered vocal harmonies reminiscent of early Queen record

Score: Here’s a red-hot-blooded steamroller, a merciless sledgehammer taking you
on a rough ride from the kick-off while the sirens bellow. This pulverizing blow catapults you to the hard-rocking side of the late sixties/early seventies with blistering Deep Purple organs, devilish Black Sabbath riffage and delirious vocals. This high-powered offensive is totally perfect to test your speakers’ resilience with. I suppose you caught my robustious drift by now. Yes, this is not a cheesy tune you can hum while being in the shower, rather
a wall-crashing eruption to help you to crush all your lockdown demons. Loud and proud!

Bang your head here…

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(image on top: artwork via artist)

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