When Handclaps Take Over – Robust Rockers DIAMIR Strip Debut Single ‘BEHIND THE FACADE’ To The Bone…

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


16 May 2020

Last month robust Irish rockers DIAMIR released their smoking-hot debut single
Behind The Façade’. Turn Up The Volume went wild and wrote “Here’s a red-hot-
blooded steamroller, a merciless sledgehammer taking you on a rough ride from the
kick-off while the sirens bellow. Loud and proud”.

Today the band shared a lockdown clip with the band stripping Behind The Façade
to the bone in an avid acoustic version. At first, it feels a bit strange to hear a quiet,
slower version of a burning blockbuster, but after a couple of spins, the sticky vibe
hits your aural antenna.

Passionate vocals, emotion-charged guitar, playful piano, perky beat, bouncy bass, and fitting harmonies. But it’s those rhythmic handclaps that keep ringing in your ears. Just love it! A bit weird to say but without those isolation days we probably wouldn’t have enjoyed this surprising and overall striking performance.

Sing along, hum along, whistle along, clap along…

DIAMIR: Facebook

Want It Loud And Proud? Here’s Sturdy Irish Turbo DIAMIR With Debut Single ‘BEHIND THE FACADE’

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…

26 April 2020

Band: Diamir

Who: A rock band with a progressive edge from Northern Ireland, UK. Formed in mid-late 2018, Diamir was the culmination of more than a decade’s worth of sporadic behind-the-scenes writing/composing from guitarist and keyboardist John Wilson. They are known for delivering powerful, engaging and spine-tingling live performances,

Track:  Behind The Façade – debut single – a heavy, energetic and riff packed modern throwback to the Rockabilly style of the 1950s, replete with bluesy guitar and organ solos.
The track features multi-layered vocal harmonies reminiscent of early Queen record

Score: Here’s a red-hot-blooded steamroller, a merciless sledgehammer taking you
on a rough ride from the kick-off while the sirens bellow. This pulverizing blow catapults you to the hard-rocking side of the late sixties/early seventies with blistering Deep Purple organs, devilish Black Sabbath riffage and delirious vocals. This high-powered offensive is totally perfect to test your speakers’ resilience with. I suppose you caught my robustious drift by now. Yes, this is not a cheesy tune you can hum while being in the shower, rather
a wall-crashing eruption to help you to crush all your lockdown demons. Loud and proud!

Bang your head here…

DIAMIR: Facebook

(image on top: artwork via artist)