When Handclaps Take Over – Robust Rockers DIAMIR Strip Debut Single ‘BEHIND THE FACADE’ To The Bone…

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16 May 2020

Last month robust Irish rockers DIAMIR released their smoking-hot debut single
Behind The Façade’. Turn Up The Volume went wild and wrote “Here’s a red-hot-
blooded steamroller, a merciless sledgehammer taking you on a rough ride from the
kick-off while the sirens bellow. Loud and proud”.

Today the band shared a lockdown clip with the band stripping Behind The Façade
to the bone in an avid acoustic version. At first, it feels a bit strange to hear a quiet,
slower version of a burning blockbuster, but after a couple of spins, the sticky vibe
hits your aural antenna.

Passionate vocals, emotion-charged guitar, playful piano, perky beat, bouncy bass, and fitting harmonies. But it’s those rhythmic handclaps that keep ringing in your ears. Just love it! A bit weird to say but without those isolation days we probably wouldn’t have enjoyed this surprising and overall striking performance.

Sing along, hum along, whistle along, clap along…

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