146 Rollicking Seconds – Dope Single ‘LAST DAY IN L.A.’ By HEALTHY JUNKIES

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31 August 2020

Band: HEALTHY JUNKIES (Paris/Greater London)

Who: A band that is everything that epitomizes the indie punk spirit – driven, authentic, and capable of causing a riot at any moment. They prepare to release seminal album ‘Forever On The Road‘ which mashes up psychedelic rock, punk, grunge and goth. They have toured relentlessly since their formation in 2011, until the global lockdown of 2020, they came into this record still firmly locked in the groove.

Track: LAST DAY IN L.A. – An explosive psych-punk anthem capturing the strange magnetic pull of the city of angels.

Keywords: D.I.Y / Hungry / Dope jackhammer / Charismatic glam queen Nina Courson / Sickly sticky steamroller / 146 rollicking seconds / Punk angels of L.A. / Ballroom blitz steamroller / Lockdown paranoia / Formule 1 bolide / Hollywood razzmatazz / Supersonic buzz / Spine-tingling guitar electricity / Booming drums / Band on the run / Burning finale


Oh… you want to know how they look and move?
Here we go with a bang-up track called ALL TALK
from their previous album Delirious Dream

And you wanna know more about these junks. Read their interview with ALTPRESS

New album FOREVER ON THE ROAD out on 25th September via Banana Castle

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