20 January 2021

It’s OVER and OUT for the worst USA president ever. Why? Because he was
a 24/7 Twitter bully, a totally incompetent me myself and I narcist, a deadly
Covid-19 denier, a megalomaniac, a professional liar, an autocratic, and a
big fan of white supremacy. Hard job, if you ask me.

Fortunately, the majority of the people of the Divided States Of America
had enough of this maniacal and dangerous patriot. More than enough!

To celebrate this ecstatic day let’s ask Green Day to turn up the heat
once more with AMERICAN IDIOT.

Bye, bye

Big BANG Synths And Rock-Rap-Pop-Rapture With New Single By Japanese Artist HARU NEMURI (春 ねむり),

19 January 2021

The past 4 your years Japanese all-round artist HARU NEMURI (春 ねむり) caused acclaimed waves with 3 notable mini-albums (you can stream them on Spotify).

To start 2021 she has a new single out called BANG.

Nemuri explained what inspired the new song: “I cried a little in the bath when Donald
Trump won the US presidential election four years ago. The social persona of Donald Trump really understood the behavior to show his stuff completely in this society where the ideals of the capitalism and the individualism are unnerved and they has been bogged down, and he
has succeeded in letting a lot of people be under the impression that it’s the strength and the identity of a strong person to take both discriminatory and anti-foreign attitudes by repeating them. It was a great sadness for me that there’re many people who couldn’t help supporting such the sham strength.
” Read her full statement on her website.

Bang is a witty and skyscraping electro stormer with Nemuri rapping and ranting, groovin’ and movin’, rockin’ and rollin’. Get ready for a huge wall of synths, a razor-sharp-tongued tsunami of words and a thunder and lighting chorus. Dance yourself dizzy!

Big bang indeed!

Get excited here…

HARU NEMURI (春 ねむり): Facebook

The XX Factor – Belgian Trio PEENOISE Mystifies With New Single ‘AGAIN’

11 January 2021

Who: A Belgian trio producing contrast between minimal synths
and experimental guitars that cuts through spatial arrangements
creating a vulnerable yet deep and captivating sound.

Track: AGAIN – new single

About: “‘Again’ is reminiscent of Nietzsche’s idea of the eternal return.
Lyrically this song is about the repetition of history where no one seems
to remember which path to take, so we have to do the same descent and
climb over and over again. reasonably negative image of humanity, but
the text ends positively.

Score: Makes me think of the minimalist tone of 70s Welsh post-punk
band Young Marble Giants and the electronic shadows of London‘s the
. Enigmatic, mystifying, and other-worldly. But also bizarrely catchy and
instantly appealing with its growing, orchestral vibrancy. Trust me, you’ll
play this again and again.

Again they will climb
out of the depth again
Our brains will grow and cling
and we’ll do our thing again

While you’re here check also their
2020 full length debut Forevergem
Pretty special…

PEENOISE: Facebook

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!! 100.071 Views For TURN UP THE VOLUME In 2020

Wow Wow!
Wow Wow Wow!

Turn Up The Volume‘s blog scored a total of 100.071 views,
in 2020, coming from 67 different countries around the globe!

Absolutely cool! Thank all of you who checked in, in the past
12 science-fiction-like months. And I hope you’ll be back in 2021!
I WILL! It’s only rock ‘n’ roll but

Just for fun: the top 5 of the countries
where the views came from…

USA: 35.694
UK: 24.307
Belgium: 10.307
Canada: 3. 534
France: 2.549

Last: Iraq, Maldives, Cameroon, Fiji, Comoros
and many more other exotic places with
1 view (who are you? contact me!)

Bring on the champagne
and turn up the volume…

A Sexy Kiss And A Sultry Trick With Brand New Single ‘THOUGHT I KNEW YOU’ By SPiN…

11 December 2020

Steamy Philadelphia quartet SPiN have a brand new red-hot jackhammer out called
THOUGHT I KNEW YOU. A break-up-blast, groovin’ and movin’ to a hellish beat.

Imagine metal-glam legends Kiss and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame stars Cheap Trick
having a kick-ass jam while watching 1960’s sexy and sultry horror film Peeping Tom.

I Thought I Knew You pumps up your stream of adrenalin when the bang-your-head chorus kicks in. It’s an offer you can’t refuse. Hop ‘n’ pop around like a stoned monkey,
it’ll help you to fight your lockdown blues. C’mon get out of your lazy bed, look the Devil
in the eyes and start a fire.

Please to meet you, hope you guess my name…

SPiN: Facebook

Alive And Kicking Emotions – ‘FLUORESCENT BLACK’ By Rocking Duo MECHANICAL

3 December 2020

MECHANICAL is a rowdy two-man band from Croatia, formed in 2019. They’re all about alternative, psychedelic, and progressive rock combined with philosophy.

And they walk it like they talked it. Their super-duper debut single FLUORESCENT BLACK
is a cast-iron rocker fueled by layers of thunder and lighting guitars, massive drum beats and highly emotional vocals. Combine Soundgarden‘s dramatic impact and Royal Blood‘s high-tempered robustness and you know what to expect.

Fluorescent black shining bliss
Scope of the colors that I’ve seen
Making the present far more real
Far more vivid and more clear

And my heart that now is keen
Vision now starts to fade
Now I want more to feel
Once again, I want to
I want to play

Play it loud


(photos received via the band)

Stone Jam Rockers HAULT Test Your Speakers With Smoking BROTHER EP

27 November 2020

HAULT hailing from the underground rock scene in Wellington, New Zealand and taking inspiration from the biggest names in rock like Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Tool, Kings X mix metal, heavy rock and psychedelic influences into a pummeling sound.

Imagine Queens Of The Stone Age having a sonic fight with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden as the referee. Lots of decibels, indeed, as you can hear on their smoking Brother EP with four red-hot-blooded ass-kicking knockouts. Four riff-crazy jackhammers with a bang-on beat and dynamite vocals. Test your speakers, pump up the volume. Hell bloody hell yeah…

Video for track 2 Set You Free

HAULT: Facebook

Sturm Und Drang Punks BOOJI BOYS Drop New Slash & Trash Slam ‘SEX GENIUS’

26 November 2020

After the chaotic havoc of 2019 LP Tube Reducer Canadian outcasts
BOOIJ BOYS – named after a Devo character – returned to their smelly
punk basement to record a new nasty slam, titled SEX GENIUS.

It’s on a new compilation called Seaside Sickness,
a 7″ EP that features different punk bands from
the East Coast of Canada.

Sex Genius is a speedy slice of trash and slash punk. Thunder and lighting tumult
to scare your neighbors with. I have no bloody idea whatsoever of the identity of
the Sex Genius, let alone that I have any idea of what they actually yell about, but
it’s the perfect sturm und drang sledgehammer to crush that evil corona virus.

Here we go…

Label: Drunken Sailor Records