Australian Singer/Songwriter GORDI Releases New Track ‘THE COST’ With Proceeds Going Toward The Australian Bushfire Relief…

13 January 2020

Australian singer/songwriter GORDI (born: Sophie Payten) who released her impressive debut album Reservoir in 2017 just dropped a brand new song ‘THE COST’. A fragile, mixed emotions ballad with all proceeds from the track going toward the NSW Rural
Fire Service
relief for the bushfires that are ravaging her country right now. You can download the song (pay what you want) and donate via Bandcamp.

Here’s the lyrics video…

GORDI: Facebook

New Psych Electro Pop Duo FETES Advises You To Spend ‘TIME IN THE SUN’…

7 January 2020


Who: A new psych/pop/electronica project by Port Macquarie singer-songwriter
Cristian Campano and Brisbane producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Hardy

Song: TIME IN THE SUN – newest single – Campano explains what the track is about ‘It seems in this world right now people are getting taken down by mental health problems. This song is about pushing through the hard times and treating yourself with love and kindness to get back to a positive mental state.’

Score: This highly stimulating tune could perfectly work as your new wake-up call song to get up in the morning with. From the get-go, starting with an ongoing synth key beat, this whirling electro earworm will boost your mood and make you jump out of bed with a firm dose of lust for life. It’s inspirative force and it’s utterly feel good panache causes a sunlit experience you can not and you will not resist.

Get happy right here…

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Belgian Indie Rock Trio VVYNN Returns With Two New Impassioned Singles…

16 December 2019

Belgian indie rock trio VVYNN (read : win) made a strong impression with their first
two EPs, ‘Crumble’ in 2017 and ‘Lux’ released last year. Turn Up The Volume said back
then: “This is a threesome of gifted youngsters producing amplified guitar pop with a healthy dose of rousing adrenalin, balancing between Kristin Hersh‘s ardent Throwing Muses and
Tanya Donelly’s starry-eyed Belly, but less polished.”

The thrilling three-piece is finally back with two new impassioned and most captivating singles at the same time showing the band’s great leap forward. Sonically they moved towards PJ Harvey territory. You can feel her electric intensity, her wayward view on pop and rock music and her astonishing voice here in Vvynn‘s new work tremendously well.

Both new striking crackerjacks are remarkable for their compelling, high-powered, and
dynamic structure dragging you slowly but surely into its frenetic guitar-dominated vehemence and soul-stirring tenseness fueled by a robust drums/bass tandem, while frontwoman Angie‘s vocals send shivers down your spine. Welcome back VVYNN!

Listen here to the two new singles…



VVYNN: Facebook

Australian Shoegaze Trio FRAGILE ANIMALS Enthralls With New Single ‘WAITING’…

8 December 2019

(photo: Jeff Andersen Jnr).

After two notable EPs Australian dreamy shoegaze trio FRAGILE ANIMALS released
their new single ‘WAITING‘ a few weeks ago. A melodious and enthralling guitar pop
tune with an electrifying touch midway and Victoria Jenkins‘ near whispering voice adding
a sensuous vibe to the mixed emotions song. Scintillating sonority with a sparkly effect.

Tune in and enjoy right here…


Welsh Singer Songwriter COURTEOUS THIEF Moves With New Sensitive Ballad ‘MOUNTAINS AND SEA’…

4 December 2019

North Welsh folk singer/songwriter COURTEOUS THIEF aka Gary Roberts has been around for a while. He released two albums and several singles so far. He has also been a regular on the live circuit, supporting bands and artists such as Turin Brakes, Chris Helm, Catfish And The Bottlemen, Mark Morris (The Bluetones) and Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets) as well as festival appearances with performances at some of the UK’s top venues and festivals.

This Friday he’ll release his new single ‘MOUNTAINS AND SEA’. A sensitive ballad for cold winter evenings. A sonic companion for silent moments. A vocal magnificence to get lost in. Who needs worn Christmas carols when you have this wonderful, touching humdinger.

Capture the beauty right here…


London’s Harmonious Popsters FIRE IN HER EYES Release Second Single ‘ALADDIN’S CAVE’…

1 December 2019


Who: “An all-girl, three-piece band from London who make catchy, psychedelic
music influenced by pop, rock, folk and soul. Sisters Daniella and Natasha grew
up with lifelong friend Gabrielle, writing songs together from a young age, which
founded their special musical chemistry.”

Track: ADDELIN’S CAVE – only the band’s second single

Score: Here’s a mid-tempo fairytale-like pop tune with starry-eyed harmonies
and an overall melodious and soothing orchestration, with a short surprising
sitar sequence. In time this trio will definitely evolve further in the right direction,
given their songwriting and vocal skills.

Catch their vibe right here…

FIRE IN HER EYES: Facebook – Instagram

Australian Power Pop Outfit HIGH TROPICS Enthralls With Fiery Single ‘CHANGES’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

29 November 2019

THE HIGH TROPICS is an Australian indie band centered around singer/songwriter
Josh Stewart. After ardent single ‘Feel The Same’ earlier this year the band now shared new piece ‘CHANGES‘. A fiery, highly passionate mid-tempo humdinger with Stewart‘s towering vocals lifting the song to a fervent level that causes goosebumps. Top cut!

Feel the zealous fervor here…



Swedish Outfit GREAT HARE Dropped New Electrical Single ‘WEIGHTLESS STARDUST’…

26 November 2019

After their sensitive September single ‘Love Is Around’, Swedish indie guitar pop outfit GREAT HARE is back with a new one called ‘WEIGHTLESS STARDUST‘. A reflective song “about the inevitable ups and downs in life and that it can be hard to appreciate what you already have and instead restlessly searching for new things and experiences. We take better care of what is really important, before we turn into stardust again.”

From the get-go ‘Weightless Stardust‘ grooves like Great Hare never grooved before. Driven by an addictive, ongoing beat and layers of jangly guitars with meditative vocals all over it this is their rockiest piece ever and its overall captivating vibe reminds me of the late great Mark Linkous‘ band Sparklehorse. Yes, that good!

Capture the élan vital right here…

GREAT HARE: Facebook

You Want It Dirty And Loud? Here’s Rock Turbo SUICIDE GENERATION With Single ‘PRISONER OF LOVE’…

24 November 2019


Who: “Ever since Suicide Generation exploded in London like a dirty bomb blast in 2016,
they have morphed into various incarnations to quickly become an eagerly devoured proposition in the capital’s hi-energy rock ‘n’ roll scene with their chaotic and explosive
shows, their attack, and intent as unpredictable as their sound.”

Track: PRISONER OF LOVE – newest single

Score: These black leather desperadoes sound as if Johnny Thunders played with
The Stooges and Iggy Pop was the Ramones‘ frontman. Their raw racket is a stormy
avalanche of deranged riffs and a non-stop percussion artillery. Feel the heat here…


Synth Pop At Its Catchy Best – Here’s GEOWULF With The Title Track Of New Album ‘MY RESIGNATION’…

22 October 2019

Australian synth pop globbetrotters duo Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin aka GEOWULF have both individually lived between Berlin, London & Gothenburg for the last six years. They started writing music together in 2016, released their debut LP Great Big Blue two years ago and will launch their second full length titled ‘MY RESIGNATION‘ next Friday. More info here.

A couple of weeks ago the duo shared the title track, a song about “resigning from old habits and relationships. Creating space for new things and learning to let go”. Here’s a recently recorded live rendition of this irresistibly catchy ditty. Despite its moody touch, you’ll hum/sing/whistle this highly fetching tune instantly without hesitation whenever or wherever you’ll hear it.

Capture the seductive vibe here…

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