The Soundtrack For The Coming Apocalypse Party By VELVET KILLS & FRIENDS

New sonic impulses…

6 April 2021

Featuring Harris Iveson And Su Eko from Lissabon, Portugal

Who: A modern and urban endeavour, speaking directly to today’s society – with
all its anxieties, addictions, destructiveness as well as exhilaration. You’ll find in their driving beats raw emotion, and a terrific darkness. The sound is complex, almost
abstract – a combination of cinematic textures, gritty guitars, and potent vocals.​


Info: Last year the duo released an impressive 6-track record titled Bodhi Labyrinth
with this key message: “Awakening the labyrinth of our minds to be freed from hate, greed
and ego this album brings us to the reality of our actual society.”
. Now Velvet Kills shared a
re-imagined version of the original EP with a choice selection of carefully crafted remixes by some of their friends.

Score: Imagine Sisters Of Mercy going techno on Bitch Face, British DJ Goldie joining the party with a jungle vibe injection of Cash And Move, another mix of Bitch Face doing your head in with doomed bass drones and Noise, a speedy pitch-dark wave banger, making your head spin like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Get the sonic picture? If this is what will blast out of the devil’s speakers on Doomsday you hope that the Apocalypse party is coming
very soon.

Open the gates of hell here…

Bitch Face – original version/clip…

The striking artwork (below) of Labyrinth Re-imagined. Stream/buy the EP here.


‘SPEAK THE SAME’ By SYNS – A Radiant Light At The End Of The Synth-Pop Tunnel

1 April 2021

Artist: SYNS
Who: A Belgium-based solo artist and filmmaker who
build, after his post-punk-bass period, a synthesizer
laboratory. He started an audiovisual project, where
music and filmmaking find each other perfectly well.

Track: SYNS – new single

Score: Syns charms with a tranquilizing electro-pop earworm
where the New Romantics‘ sound of the 80s (Visage, Soft Cell,
ABC), Roxy Music‘s dance side and today’s synth sparks flow
together seamlessly with starry vocals floating all over it.
Enticing and dreamy.

With Syns there’s a radiant light at the end of the synth-pop tunnel
as you can experience right here in an illuminating video clip…

SYNS: Facebook

Riot VENUS GRRRLS Power With ‘GOTH GIRL’ Ripper

28 March 2021

Band: VENUS GRRRLS – newest single
Who: All girl rock band from Leeds, UK promoting the participation, acknowledgment, and respect of women in the music industry. Aiming to bring fortitude and activism through hard hitting alternative rock music, the quintet use electronic and astrological sounds to amplify their sonic signature.

(photo by Milly Hewitt).


About: The song “begins painting a picture of two friends hanging out, who eventually
realise their struggles for their choice of clothes and makeup… It made us also thinking
about how fickle society is, and how it’s always ready to point the finger at something new.
Goth Girl clings to all of these notions, and most definitely is an ode to our younger selves.”

Score: This 21st Century Bikini Kill team generates an overwhelming energy that immediately drags you into its furious development. And I’m sure this raging ripper
could trigger early Sioux Sioux memories of the moment she decided to become a
Goth Queen. She inspired and still inspires young girls all around the globe to do
what they wanna do and be who they wanna be.

Venus Grrrls also have that irreversible determination, that don’t -mess-with-me attitude,
that sassy swagger and a phenomenal vocal force to make you hear loud and clear who and what they wanted to be. Riot girl power all the way.

But I wanna be a goth girl,
and I was never popular
I’m satan’s sister on the ground
I wanna be a, I wanna be a,
I wanna be a goth girl

Feel the heat here…

Also on Spotify


Whirlwind Single ‘PAUSE PLAY’ By Hamburg Rockers In Crime HAWEL / McPHAIL

26 March 2021

Who: Two experienced Hamburg musicians, Frehn Hawel (vocals, guitar)
and Rick McPhail (drums, vocals) sharing their love of indie rock for the
first time together.

Track: PAUSE PLAY – lead-single from their upcoming debut LP
Transmissions From The Upper Room – out on 21st May via
La Pochette Surprise Records.

Score: Thumping druams, rattling guitars, reckless pace and peppy vocals.
This is what happens when roaring rockabilly gets punked-up. This sizzling
earworm will get your lazy lockdown ass out of your lazy lockdown couch
and invite you to make your move. Rawk ‘n’ roll is here to stay. You betcha!

Here comes the whirlwind…

HAWEL / McPHAIL: Facebook

Combative Noise Frustrations – RADIO SILENCE Scores With Debut EP ‘ISOLATION’

25 March 2021

Who: Indie team from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK who
impresses with rambling and energetic psychedelic rock.

EP: ISOLATION – the band’s debut.
About: Exploring themes of modern living, such as alienation
in the face of technology and the pressure imposed by the rapidly
growing debt collection industry.

Score: First things first. The artwork of this EP is drop-dead cool. Now about
the music. These hungry gunslingers combine the angry in-your-face frustration
of early punk (Crank Bugs/Isolation), the I want more curiosity of new-wave (Heads
Will Roll
) and the turbulent dynamism of noise rock (Isolation). No rest for the wicked. Blustery guitars all over the place, manic drum hits, and combative Richard Hell vocals. 2021 is the new Orwellian 1984. And Radio Silence don’t like it all.

Alert your closest neighbours
first before you press play…



21 March 2021

Who: Glaswegian psychedelic outlaws
that have paved their own path through
the Scottish music scene since 2015.

To celebrate the fact that the band signed recently with
US Indie label Mint 400 Records this 5-track EP is re-released.

Score: If you sound like desperados, dress like desperados and look like
desperados then you’re definitely desperado band Black Cat Revue. This
quadruple hit team produces riff-roaring racket with the rollicking boom
of 60s garage gunslingers The Sonics. Add some Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees
electricity and you know it’s rattle and roll time. Get up, stand up, clear your
living room and fight for your right to shake your lockdown demons off.

Stream/buy your go bonkers soundtrack…


GRAMMY AWARDS – Corporate Party For The Rich

15 March 2021

Yesterday it was (private) party time again for a corporate cast of millionaires awarded
for making-loads-of-money-oriented albums that make record bosses millionaires who
in turn make their stars millionaires with an addictive mass of royalties. This year the
event reflected ever more than before that all involved give no flying fuck about all the indie artists who will just vanish because of the devastating pandemic. The Grammy Awards are what real life is about: the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

Chaotic Music For Chaotic Minds In Chaotic Times – HANNYA WHITE Does It With Her New EP ‘NO PREVIEW’

9 March 2021

Who: Musician/modern art painter and video maker,
based in London creating an unusual combination of
the playful and the dystopian.

Work: 3-track EP called NO PREVIEW

Score: 4 love songs for people who want to explore the dark side of their
mind by watching David Lynch movies. I’m sure Hannya White is one of them.
The way she infiltrates your worried thoughts with electro-scapes boggles
your psyche. It’s a perplexing experience. Expect the unexpected.

This is chaotic music by a chaotic artist for chaotic people in these chaotic times.
Exactly what you need before you start thinking that you’re insane. Totally David
. In the end, it all makes sense.

Open your mind and see what happens…

White visuals…


What Can I Say? Get Reddy For A Welsh Turbo Going Supersonic On New Smack ‘CLICHE’

5 March 2021

Who: a RED DEAD ROCK N ROLL turbo from Wales with a couple of Europeans


Score: Be reddy! There’s a new gang of rock ‘n’ roll stereotypes in town, and they will torture your poor speakers with their new red-hot-supersonic cannonball. A speedy in-your-face killer that triggers your mosh-pit hunger. Breakneck pace, deranged screaming and smoking guitars. Sounds familiar? So bloody what! This is the best riff-roaring cliché
I heard this year. Hell yeah.

Be reddy for this royal feature…


Goddammit – Here’s ‘GOD’S HATE’ By GOD’S HATE From New Album ‘GOD’S HATE’


4 March 2021

Band: GOD’S HATE (Los Angeles)
Who: Ferocious hardcore hit team
fronted by pro wrestler Brody King
(advice: don’t mess with this guy).

New album: GOD’S HATE
Out: 12 March 2021 via
Closed Casket Activities,

Title track: GOD’S HATE
Sound: Rage Against The Machine sound like cute pussies
compared to this riot-hardcore-gun gang. The tumultuous
turmoil starts with gunshots (of course), followed by a series
of bone-crushing drones and King‘s hellish out-of-this-world
vocal cords roaring like it’s Apocalypse time. Aaarrrggghh!

“Life is hard—be harder.”

Alert your neighbors
before you press play…

GOD’S HATE: Bandcamp