8 April 2020

Band: THE SUNCHARMS (Shefflied, UK)

Who: Band formed in 1990 the band supported indie-pop legends such as The Brilliant Corners, St Christopher, The Orchids and The Television Personalities plus gigs with emerging shoegaze bands such as Cranes, Catherine Wheel and Curve.”

Track: MONSTER CLUB – latest single

Score: If this was the sixties this moody love ballad would be on a Wurlitzer jukebox in a downtown bar where lonely hearts have a drink and dream about the one and only true companion. It’s a hopeful reverie many of us experienced sometime, somewhere. Relax, sit down, dim the lights and let your thoughts drift away…

It’s Saturday night, that doorway looms
leading to the darkness under the streets
A room painted black, lost souls they collide as one.

Chill in my heart, you’ll suck me dry – I’ll do the same to you – there’ll be stories to tell
I’m feeling immortal, I’m feeling immortal again.

You told me to embrace the dark – will you take me with you?
I hope you will – I’ll wrap you in a cape and take you to the Monster Club, The Monster Club…

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Swirling Dance Knockout ‘DIFFERENT KIDS’ by British Trio POST ROME

7 April 2020


Who: A band made up of three members that were born and raised in Sunderland. They spent their life growing up with each other from preschool up until secondary school. Starting a band was something they wanted to take seriously and make a name for themselves in the place they love which is Sunderland.

Track: DIFFERENT KIDS – new single – A song about “A lot of memories and life lessons when growing up. The lyrics within the track represents attitude of being honest and open to each other within the band, which also expresses that although we make mistakes it is only because of the learning process to becoming adults.”

Score: This is a vivid disco stomper. A sickly sticky dance knockout. A glamorous groove with a swirling beat and a vibrant drive. A dance floor earworm that will boost your mood in these obscure isolation days. Stay home, stay safe and pirouette yourself dizzy.

Shake your booty right here…

POST ROME: Facebook

Available via iTunes

WHERE WE SLEEP Impresses With Mesmerizing 5-Track EP ‘EXPERIMENTS IN THE DARK’

5 April 2020

BETH RETTIG, the arresting frontwoman of former British synth act Blindness started
her solo project WHERE WE SLEEP last summer with three ambient tracks (VeinsCrawl and The First One). And last May she released her impressive 5-track debut EP, titled ‘EXPERIMENTS IN THE DARK‘ featuring members of The Fall, Echobelly and Curve. Five hypnotic electro grooves, five profound contemplations, five touchy sentiments. High-quality stuff with Rettig’s sensual voice causing goosebumps.

In an interview with Turn Up The Volume Beth spoke about how hard it is for an indie artist to record music: “It’s really hard for independent musicians to release music. I’m not
sure everyone realises how much goes into getting one song sounding right. It’s so expensive
to get songs recorded, mixed, mastered, promoted etc. and I don’t expect to make any of that cost back from whatever I’m releasing. So at one point, it did occur to me to just release singles to make it a little easier and spread out the costs a bit. But I still like having a body of work of some kind. And, at some point, I’d like to get the EP out as a physical release and that’s obviously, easier than releasing several singles.”

Not the corporate acts need your support in these scary days, it’s artists like Beth Rettig who deserve your backing because this EP is a just great piece of work and we want her back with new music as soon as possible.

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Songstress ALLEGRA KRIEGER Bewitches With Wonderful Ballad ‘THE PUSH AND PULL’

1 April 2020

(photo by Elizabeth Maney)


Who: Allegra Krieger is a Brooklyn based songwriter & composer. With emotive lyricism weaving through explorative harmony, her songs are at once cathartic and compelling. Her first full length LP will be released later this year.

TrackTHE PUSH AND THE PULL – the song “is a reflection on each person’s capacity to experience great emotional heights and depths.”

Score: This is unquestionably a wow song. A bewitching and emotive pearl. Allegra
‘s amazing voice captures your aural attention instantly, balancing beautifully between Sharon Van Etten and Laura Marling. Yes, that enchanting. It’s engrossing candlelight music, vulnerable and wonderful, sensitive and appealing, and makes you long for her debut album.

Here’s the audio clip…

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Tremendous Voice VAEDA BLACK Has New Song Out – Here’s Her Murder Ballad ‘DRUNKEN TEARS’…

29 March 2020

Young compelling singer/songwriter and exquisite voice VAEDA BLACK
has a new track out called ‘DRUNKEN TEARS’.

“It’s one the first songs I wrote when I was learning how to play the piano about 4 years ago.
It is a story song, about luring someone into a bar, getting completely trashed, and fantasizing about murdering them. I’ve always viewed this piece like a siren song. I’m saying things that are terrifying but they’re delivered inside a simple and alluring melody”
says the gloriously gifted New York based artist.

Drunken Tears is a ghostly reverie, a sinister nightdream embedded in a seductive musical arrangement with subtle instrumentation and catching melodiousness. It wouldn’t be out of place on Nick Cave‘s Murder Ballads album from 1996. Black‘s tremendous vox would actually be a great match with Cave‘s doom and gloom tonality. Yes, impressive indeed.

Fantasize along right here…


Firm Rockers TOKYO TABOO Impress With Unplugged ‘WHISKEY’ Version…

27 March 2020

Last October vigorous London rockers TOKYO TABOO released their blazing single WHISKEY. An explosive jackhammer, a rip-roaring stunner, an enormous slam that
feeds your hungry ears the way you actually love it the most.

Today the dynamite duo unleashed a hair-raising unplugged version. The vocal tour de force of flamboyant and utterly charismatic frontwoman Dolly Daggerz will send shivers down your spine. Her voice’s capacity is just breathtaking and capable of pulverizing your poor speakers. What a vehement performance. What a volcanic outpouring.

Catch the power here…

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Here’s the original recording/clip…


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Bewichting Welsh Duo HMS MORRIS Drops New Radiant Love Ballad ‘POETRY’

26 March 2020

Turn Up The Volume featured this thrilling Welsh duo before. Why? Because they produce dreamy synth art-pop with an enticing resonance, magical vocals by singer Heledd Watkin and an overall mysterious and enigmatic touch, balancing between Scottish ethereal wave act Cocteau Twins and dream-pop outfit The Sundays.

Here’s their brand new single POETRY. A fervid song about the affecting consequences of obsessive love. A schmaltzy and radiant ballad that grows in emotion, magnetism and orchestration along its wondrous progression. HSM Morris painted another marvelous sonic rainbow. Just beautiful. A relief in these difficult times.

Enjoy here…

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Hellacious Rockers EMPTY FRIEND Kick Ass With Title Track From New EP – Here’s ‘FALTER’…

21 March 2020


Who: London-based hard rock band Empty Friend formed in 2015, taking their
name from an album track by L.A. alt-rockers Failure. The band mixes driving guitar
riffs and wailing vocals, drawing on elements of hard rock, grunge, stoner with a hint
of metal to deliver a battery of heavy, yet melodic tune

TrackFALTER – the title track from new EP

Score: Expect colossal percussion, crushing guitars, charged vocals, and a massive
chorus. Imagine Soundgarden teaming up with Black Sabbath for a deafening jam producing a horsepower sound muscular enough to kick the ass out of that vicious coronavirus. Yes, this a wall-breaking jackhammer, a concrete blast, a pulverizing
wallop. Move your furniture and smash your nasty demons.

I know you want more.
No problemo. Here’s the
EP in full…

EMPTY FRIEND: Facebook  

BANDCAMP Supports Indie Artists Today – Here Are 10 Ace Records To Purchase…

20 March 2020

Today Bandcamp supports musicians everywhere by waiving its revenue share and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much-needed money directly into the artists’ pockets. Hail hail Bandcamp!

Turn Up The Volume selected 10 standout records you should definitely consider to
buy. Awesome album that will boost your adrenalin in these troubled times.

Here we go…

‘Black City‘ by RICH GIRLS
Music for the midnight hours.
Companion for moony moments.

‘Bejahung’ by ELEFANT
A synthtastic motherrocker. A schizophrenic
adventure. A crazed mindfucker.

‘A Life Extinct’ by CROSS WIRES
Blistering post punk that tackles
the grim times we experience with
a biting potency.

My War Is Your War‘ by DEUX FURIEUSES
A beseeching and vociferous call-up
for solidarity, unity, universal respect.

‘Ghost’ by FALLING MAN
Manic anxiety. Haunting stories.
Red-hot riffs. Top stuff!

‘Experiments In The Dark‘ EP by WHERE WE SLEEP
Mesmerizing electro grooves,
Fascinating and emotive.

‘Run Amok‘ by THE GLÜCKS
Devilish garage havoc.
Smoking hullabaloo.

‘I Like You But Not Like That’ by THE DARTS
Sultry, steamy, snappy, savage,
sensual, sweltering,sizzling.

‘Zum Kotzen‘ by PINK ROOM
Twenty minutes of madness
Clamorous vomit. Punk rage.

Electro ‘drone n roll’and
atmospheric soundscapes.

Bandcamp: Website

Manchester Three-Piece CALVA LOUISE Scores With Titantic Single ‘CAMINO’…

19 March 2020

(photo by Chris Driver)

CALVA LOUISE is an ass-kicking heavy rock trio from Manchester led by charismatic frontwoman Jess. After last year’s excellent album Rhinoceros they have a new EP
in the pipeline. And here’s lead single CAMINO. An astounding slam dunk! Why?

Because this powerhouse outburst makes me jump up and down and makes my adrenalin’s flow go nuts. Why I hear you ask? Because this blood-curdling tune is

I guess you caught my drift by now.

Bring on the noise…

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CALVA LOUISE: Facebook – Website