Chaotic Music For Chaotic Minds In Chaotic Times – HANNYA WHITE Does It With Her New EP ‘NO PREVIEW’

9 March 2021

Who: Musician/modern art painter and video maker,
based in London creating an unusual combination of
the playful and the dystopian.

Work: 3-track EP called NO PREVIEW

Score: 4 love songs for people who want to explore the dark side of their
mind by watching David Lynch movies. I’m sure Hannya White is one of them.
The way she infiltrates your worried thoughts with electro-scapes boggles
your psyche. It’s a perplexing experience. Expect the unexpected.

This is chaotic music by a chaotic artist for chaotic people in these chaotic times.
Exactly what you need before you start thinking that you’re insane. Totally David
. In the end, it all makes sense.

Open your mind and see what happens…

White visuals…


What Can I Say? Get Reddy For A Welsh Turbo Going Supersonic On New Smack ‘CLICHE’

5 March 2021

Who: a RED DEAD ROCK N ROLL turbo from Wales with a couple of Europeans


Score: Be reddy! There’s a new gang of rock ‘n’ roll stereotypes in town, and they will torture your poor speakers with their new red-hot-supersonic cannonball. A speedy in-your-face killer that triggers your mosh-pit hunger. Breakneck pace, deranged screaming and smoking guitars. Sounds familiar? So bloody what! This is the best riff-roaring cliché
I heard this year. Hell yeah.

Be reddy for this royal feature…


Goddammit – Here’s ‘GOD’S HATE’ By GOD’S HATE From New Album ‘GOD’S HATE’


4 March 2021

Band: GOD’S HATE (Los Angeles)
Who: Ferocious hardcore hit team
fronted by pro wrestler Brody King
(advice: don’t mess with this guy).

New album: GOD’S HATE
Out: 12 March 2021 via
Closed Casket Activities,

Title track: GOD’S HATE
Sound: Rage Against The Machine sound like cute pussies
compared to this riot-hardcore-gun gang. The tumultuous
turmoil starts with gunshots (of course), followed by a series
of bone-crushing drones and King‘s hellish out-of-this-world
vocal cords roaring like it’s Apocalypse time. Aaarrrggghh!

“Life is hard—be harder.”

Alert your neighbors
before you press play…

GOD’S HATE: Bandcamp

Mystifying Pop-Noir Sexiness – Hear Spine-Chilling Single ‘YOUNG HELL’ By GLAARE

28 February 2021

Band: GLAARE (California, US)
Who: Brandon (Ancestors, Buried at Sea, Black Mare, Soft Kill) and Rachael, an experienced vocalist and Rex (Black Math Horseman, Animato) and Marisa (Wax Idols, Bizou) on guitar, bass, synth, percussion, and backing vocals respectively.

Single: YOUNG HELL – lead-single from
upcoming second LP ‘Your Hellbound Heart‘,
out April 30 via Weyrd Son Records.

Score: This feels like a spine-chilling exploration of the dark side
of the human psyche. A slowly moving and fascinating pop-noir
groove with The Cure-like guitars, an enigmatic flow and Rachael‘s
voice scarily similar to the gripping vocality of impressive singer-
songwriter Angel Olsen.

Racheal sounds, looks, moves, stares, and stirs like a femme
fatale who knows what hell is like. Don’t mess with her.

Here’s why

GLAARE: Facebook

YOUR HELLBOUND HEART – out 30 April via Weyrd Son Records

Scream-Along Punk Uppercuts On New EP ‘COME SEE ME/NOT THE ONLY ONE’ EP By Turbo THE CHISEL

23 February 2021

Don’t believe all the blah-blah-blah Punk Is Dead nonsense that started when the Sex Pistols exploded back in ’78 while on tour in the Divided States of America. As long as the world fucks things up, bands will be formed in pubs with one mission: fucking things up even better.

London indie label LA VIDA ES UN MUS is the
noisy home of many of we fuck up better misfits.

One gang of them is called THE CHISEL featuring out-of-their-heads motherrockers
from different British cities. Whatever. Who cares. Important is that these ferocious gunslingers fabricated an A.W.E.S.O.M.E 3-track EP called COME SEE ME / NOT THE
. Three Molotov cocktails to test your lungs’ capacity. Three supersonic cannonballs to destroy your neighbor’s speakers with. Three nasty uppercuts to strike Boris Johnson with, on repeat. Big fun, right? You betcha. Going nuts time! Fucktatsic!

Stream/buy the whole shebang here..


Turbulent Rock & Blues Flurries With Brand New 4-Track EP ‘WORD OF MOUTH’ By GARDENBACK

22 February 2021

Who: Turbulent trio band from Oldham, North of Manchester.

Four lusty rippers, here they come, one by one…

The title track is a firework cracker of a jam. Like if the Jon Spencer Blues Band
teamed up with Detroit‘s legendary noise devils MC5 for a smoking hot session.

Also a decibel-challenging blues-rock jackhammer pushed by steamed-up energy and fired-up passion. Raw bass, insane drum hits, riff-roaring guitar frenzy and hellish vocals.

A fat slo-mo groove looking for trouble along its nasty route. Moving like a cynical serpent on a vicious mission while a psycho-tic guitar sounds like if it wants to strangle somebody.

Deranged, funky Talking Heads vibes and early Public Image echoes with Jah Wobble on bass, Keith Levine on guitar and Rotten-esque vocals. Get my drift? Yes, this is my favorite.

EP also on Spotify



A Shot Of Pop Adrenaline – New Single ‘OXYGEN’ By SEASIDE HEIGHTS

19 February 2021

Band: SEASIDE HEIGHTS (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Who: Swedish Pop/Rock with big melodies and straight
forward vocals. And they smell of fresh air and clean underwear.

(Photo: David Möller)

Single: OXYGEN – brand new single.

Score: Turn Up The Volume featured these sparkling Swedish pop designers before.
Their easy-listening, feel-good tunes ring like sweet little symphonies in your happy ears. New upbeat cracker Oxygen also causes rhapsodic titillations. You can sing along, hum along, whistle along while pirouetting yourself dizzy to the mood-boosting vibrations.
Fresh air to forget your lockdown blues for a while.

A shot of pop adrenaline. Top stroke.

Right here, right now…

Also on Spotify


Funky Guitar Pop Groove – THRILLHOUSE Score With New Cut ‘FLAWED DESIGN’

17 February 2021

Who: A duo making generic indie garbage

Track: FLAWN DESIGN – brand new single

Score: Imagine Talking Heads fronted by Beck and with Nile ‘Le freak’ Rodgers
on guitar, you know instantly that tremendously sticky funk thrills are in the air.
Exactly what happens with Flawed Design. A ridiculously catching stomper getting
under your skin faster than you can say ‘burning down the house’. Ace bass, brisk beat, glossy guitar touches and happy-go-lucky harmonies. If this exhilarating tune doesn’t trigger all of your muscles and nerves you need to change your meds, NOW!

Shake your booty…

Also on Spotify


Up And Coming Brit Rock Sensation TASH Steams Ahead On Third Single ‘CRYBABY’

9 February 2021

Band: TASH
Who: Up and coming rock sensation
out of London/Brighton

Track: CRYBABY – third single

Score: When you can combine electrical fuzz and buzz puissance, steam ahead frenzy and arousing punk ‘n’ roll ebullience in a way that the listener’s hungry ears start to wobble you know that thunder and lightning are in the air. And when a natural-born frontwoman with eye-and-ear catching bravado and a sharp-edged voice operates in the middle you know something really revving up is at work. Don’t be a crybaby, just rock your ass off.

Right here, right now…

TASH: Facebook

Prog Rock Psych Jam – Aussie Outfit THE LAZY EYES Lost Their Brains

3 February 2021

Who: A psych-rock four-piece
based in Sydney, Australia

Past work: 5-track debut EP1
Coming soon: The band’s sophomore EP

Single: WHERE’S MY BRAIN??? – “The song is loosely about losing
your mind over something and wanting to have a tantrum, but really
it’s just a jam.”

Score: This ongoing prog-rock-psych jam resonates like coming
from one of the countless, head-spinning LPs of their mind-boggling
countrymen King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. Once started they never
look back. This extended guitar-riff-extravaganza hallucination, annex
helium voices, is exactly what you need to reactivate your sedated
lockdown brain. Time to shake all your worries off.

Right here, right now…