ALREADY DEAD – New Acoustic Single ‘LANDLORD’ Is A Bone-Chilling Cry Out

Loud and clear songs

6 October 2023

Photo Credit: Brian Ferrazzani

Who: Hefty punk rock trio
from Boston, Massachusetts led
by singer-songwriter Dan Cummings

Cummings: “I guess you could say ‘Landlord’ is all about a feeling. The feeling of just getting
by in life, with the looming knowledge that you’re one bad month, or even week, from falling behind. I’ve certainly lived with this before. Bills are paid, life is stable, but you still know that if you take any type of hit – financial, personal, whatever – it could still fall like a deck of cards. But you keep pushing, and keep those lights on.”

TUTV: No wall-of-Already-Dead-dynamite electricity this time. Cummings picked up his acoustic guitar and wrote this bone-chilling cry out about living on the edge of drowning
or surviving.

Imagine British leftist/political activist and terrific veteran songsmith Billy Bragg
raising his voice or equally politically driven folk legend Woody Guthrie killing fascists
again with his wooden guitar. Landlord‘s profound emotions go from hope to despair
and back, and Cummings‘ anxious vocals send shivers down your spine.

All-out top performance.




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