TURN UP THE VOLUME’s JUKEBOX 2023 – 10 New Tracks Added Every Week

In order to not miss a beat Turn Up The Volume scans the musical
horizon daily (doing it for years now, actually) to stay in touch with
all new things sonically great and shares the results on a weekly

Check the 10 new rad cuts just
added to this rad 2023 playlist.



Press photo

Frank Carter and his Rattlesnakes are warming up for their new album,
their fifth, baptized Dark Rainbow (out January 2024) with this stunning

Man Of The Hour is a gorgeous surprise. Sonically and vocally, we meet
the softer side of post-hardcore punk and tattoo artist Carter with this
pure power ballad. Superb. Sing it loud.


2. ‘Heart In The Hole’ by THE MURDER CAPITAL (UK)

(Photo by TUTV – Pukkelpop fest Belgium 2022)

Following their 2nd, masterly album Gigi’s Recovery which
came out last January The Murder Capital just dropped this
brand new single.

A melodramatic piece that confirms the Irishmen’s huge arresting potential again,
and again we get an absorbing vocal performance by frontman James McGovern.

Press play.


3. ‘Illuminated’ by SIZ (France)

Crédit: eddiefzone

These French noisemakers unleashed their 2d LP, titled Blind
two days ago. An overall smoking-hot top album. Stream it here

For stupendous mid-tempo towering single Illuminated – think Ty Segall
turning up the decibels – they have this zombie-themed video out now.
Halloween is just around the corner.

Get scared.


4. ‘Violence’ by EMPTY HEAD (Belgium)

Two years after the release of their charged self-titled debut EP Empty Head are back with
a brand new follow-up EP named Tales Of A Modern Man. A 5-track one anchored by the overarching theme of the Modern Man and bristling with a wiry tension.

Opener Violence sets the tone with its hammering beats, its inflammable guitar
galavanism and frontman Simon Galloy‘s sky-scraping vocals.

Top stroke.


5. ‘Peace’ by AUTOMAN (London, UK)

Photo by Lily Doidge

These 4 young gunslingers release their debut EP,
titled ‘Vegetables’, on October 20.

But first this Peace taster.

Freddie Brown (songwriter): “‘Peace’ channels that feeling of when your brain is so loud
that you can’t sleep; in the middle of the night, your thoughts are at their worst, and that acute sense of paranoia can quickly spiral out of control. I wrote it in the middle of the night, thinking I was copying Morning Bell by Radiohead. I got hooked on this two chord sequence, addicted to the way they don’t quite solve each other – just the right amount of uncomfortable.”

Peace funks and punks forth and back driven by a foot-stompin’
groove and creeps under your skin without asking permission.

Check in.


6. ‘A Tsar Is Torn’ by LOOKING GLASS WAR (Boston, MA)

This Boston team just launched their new, cracking 4-track EP,
named Where Neon Meets The Rain. Stream it here

Feverish highlight ‘A Tsar Is Torn’, is about the type of leaders who rise
to power in our present day. It’s acerbic and nervous edge, vocally and
sonically, holds your attention throughout. High-voltage stuff.

Fuck Trump.


7. ‘From This Distance’ by GUEST DIRECTORS (Seattle, WA)

These impassioned Seattle rockers released their notable psychedelia infused
debut album Interference Patterns only a week ago. Stream it here.

One of the clear-cut highlights is opener From The Distance.
Multi-guitar-layered shoegaze nirvana.



8. ‘Hold Me Tight’ by WALL OF FIRE (Brussels, Belgium)

This ambitious Brussels trio dropped their noteworthy multi-faceted
debut album, called Defying Heights, last month. Stream it here.

The album’s fervid single Hold Me Tight is an amplified,
soulful and bluesy cry-out driven by profound emotions.



9. ‘Embarrassing’ by BRITTA RACI (Los Angeles)

Photo by Jarius Fabian

Songtress Raci about the song: “I really just want ‘embarrassing’ to come across as
a raw-emotion break up song—nobody talks about how embarrassing it is to have to
tell your friend group that your significant other and you broke up.

Crystal clear voice.
Mixed emotions.
Effervescent tunefulness.

Tune in.


10. ‘Sweet Sounds Of Heaven’ by THE ROLLING STONES (UK)

Sweet Sounds Of Heaven is the 2nd single from their new upcoming LP, is an instant classic mixing the Stones‘ characteristic way of writing impassioned blues-rock ballads and mixing it with sky-scraping gospel delirium (think ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’).

Next to Mick Jagger‘s astonishing vocal effort comes
Lady Gaga with a wonderstruck vocal tour de force.

Listen up.


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