HIGH FIVE – 5 New Big Ones For The Weekend

5 new big ones to stay on track in the weekend

Weekend 4-6 November 2022

(Press photo via C & The R)

Scottish post-hardcore punk and tattoo artist FRANK CARTER
and his RATTLESNAKES had their 4th longplayer Sticky out last

Two weeks ago they nailed it big time with a brand-new nasty
haymaker called The Drugs featuring Carter‘s buddy Jamie T.

And here’s another new fireball named PARASITE.

Carter: “‘Parasite’ was conceived on a particularly brutal trip to the seaside
where both Dean and I were in a difficult time in our lives and feeling low

Scream it out, guys…


Who: Maximalist rockers
from Dublin, Ireland


“It’s a vignette of self sabotage, an anthem of small failure. It’s about a doomed relationship that carries on regardless — a narrator banging on the glass trying
to warn the song’s inhabitants. Each melody and hook competes for space over
an ever expanding wall of guitars, bass and their signature double drums. In just
over three minutes, “Summer Assault” sees THUMPER boil their trademark noise
wall into an earworm of a pop song.”

Expect a concrete wall-of-schizophrenic-guitar sound, enough twists and turns
to make your head spin uncontrollably and a gigantic chorus spiced with flustered

Yes, a stunning stonker.

Also streaming on other platforms here

THUMPER: Facebook – Instagram

New Jersey’s Veteran indie rockers YO LA TENGO (already in action since 1984)
have a new album in the pipeline, their 16th. It’s named Stupid World p, planned
to land in February 2023.

First taster FALLOUT is pure YLT. Jangly guitars rotating on and on and Ira Kaplan
signing his story all over the hurried flow. Another familiar psych jam from masters
of the genre.

Let’s roll

YO LA TENGO: Facebook – Instagram

Pithy rock girl meets pithy rock boy for a pithy pop-to-rock cry-out called I’M A MESS.

It goes like this…

YUNGBLUD: Facebook



Who: Manchester-based troubadour Christopher Eatough who returned in 2017, having spent several years away from the music scene, emerged from his struggle with mental health with a raft of new material and a renewed sense of romantic fatalism. Determined to find a like-minded, ragtag collective of musicians to help bring the songs to life, Eatough brought friends and musicians from across the Northwest together. So far the collective canned/released 2 albums: Old Songs For The New Celibacy (2017) and Book Of Want (2021).


“The track bursts with Tragicomics’ swaggering, earthy take on folk-rock. Their diverse influences – ranging from pop, folk and rock to tin pan alley, prog and Americana – shine brightly as off-kilter rock guitar is combined effortlessly with Eatough’s charismatic vocals,
the soaring soundscapes of violin, gritty bass lines and relentless drum beat.”

Put on your blue suede punk-rock shoes, you’ll need them to dance, jump,
pogo, and pirouette when this super-duper corker hits your ears. Romantic
or not it’s going apeshit time for everyone who wants to let steam off for
4 minutes.

the firecracker here…

TRAGICOMICS: Facebook – Instagram


Works faster than caffeine

2 November 2022

(Press photo via C & The R)

Scottish post-hardcore punk and tattoo artist FRANK CARTER
and his RATTLESNAKES had their 4th longplayer Sticky out last year
(Carter also released 3 albums with his first band Gallows and 1 under
the moniker of Pure Love)

Two weeks ago they nailed it big time with a brand new nasty
haymaker called THE DRUGS featuring Carter‘s buddy Jamie T

And here’s another fireball named PARASITE.

Carter: “‘Parasite’ was conceived on a particularly brutal trip to the seaside
where both Dean and I were in a difficult time in our lives and feeling low

Scream it out, guys…



A stream of rattling rippers, jagged jams, and magnific musings

All 20 on Spotify

Track by Track

Blood-tingling Scottish dance-funk-punk trio YOUNG FATHERS
have their new, 5th LP, called Heavy Heavy out on 3 February 2023.

Sickly sticking stunner I SAW. is the first taster.
I added this spicy scream-along earworm to
my best-tracks-of-2022 list.


YOUNG FATHERS: Facebook – Instagram

Finally back on track. James Murphy and his musical vehicle LCD SOUNDSYSTEM
are part of the soundtrack of the movie White Noise based on the 1985 novel by
American author Don DeLillo.

LCD Soundsytem still sounds like LC Soundsystem. New track NEW BODY RHUMBA
has that familiar hypnotic and groovy speed-up rhythm propelled by a steady bass riff, guitars popping up now and then and Murphy singing with his characteristic, nervous voice.

Catch the catchy vibes.

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Members of Trashmouth Records, Fat White Family (frontman Lias Saoudi)
& Paranoid London finding themselves climbing out of a hole together at a disco
after hours.


Put up your make-up and shake
your booty to the techno beat.

DECIUS: Facebook

Last month dark-Goth-wave artist Raymond Watts aka PIG
unleashed his gloom and doom album The Merciless Light

Hammering brainbreaker THE DARK ROOM is one
of the many highlights on Turn Up The Volume‘s album
of the month.

Let’s roll…

PIG: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

Who: 2 seasoned female musicians from the London music scene.
They mix their love for metal music with their passion for dark and
haunting sonic soundscapes and visuals.

Single: SAV@GE

Want some references: Ho99o9, Skunk Anansie, Nova Twins. Fucking cool, right?
You betcha. Sav@ge is a badass piece, a metal beast. Hell bloody hell yeah!

GLYTSH: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Ponderous post-punk three-piece from the UK.

I heard and watched this British post-hardcore bulldozer play
in Antwerp, Belgium recently. They blew my mind and turned
me into an instant fan. What a find.

Here’s why…

T.B.G.F.C: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

(photo by Niklas Hawkesworth)

Who: Formed by five friends from Svendborg, Denmark in 2011. Since then, the sextet has been refining their unique take on psych rock, music for the inner journey, carried forward by melody, groove and soundscapes exploding in grand crescendos.

Third shared track from the upcoming new
album – their 3rd – Memory Terrain, landing
on 4 November.

Expect a hypnotic and magnetic psych jam moving
hauntingly, propelled by a groovy bass riff, sinister
synth layers, weeping guitars and emotive vocals.

Grand score!

RED LAMA: Facebook – Instagram

(Credit: Luci Lux, Chiara-Meattelli & Dominic Lee)

Who: The art-rock collective of Rhode Island musician Daniel Darrow,
from 80s post-punk group Johanna’s House Of Glamour. working
constantly with other notable artists

New album – the 4th – Beautiful Broken World is a 15-track
undertaking that involves a number of experienced musicians.
It arrives on 18 November. Pre-order info here

The first single, named OUTLAW EMPIRE grooves and moves with Massive Attack‘s
trip-hop swagger, spacey reverberance, and a mesmeric, ongoing dub rotation. If you were/are a Pop Group fan you’ll recognize Maffia Godfather Mark Stewart‘s voice from
the first note.

It’s a beautiful swing-and-sway activator
for a broken world, as we know it.

Stream/buy here.

THE PULL OF AUTUMN/RBM Records: Facebook

(Press photo via C & The R)

Scottish post-hardcore punk and tattoo artist FRANK CARTER
and his RATTLESNAKES had their 4th longplayer Sticky out last year
(Carter also released 3 albums with his first band Gallows and 1 under
the moniker of Pure Love)

For new single THE DRUGS Carter invited his friend Jamie T to the studio.

An anti-drugs slam.
A nasty rant. Holy cow.



Who: British musician, visual artist, filmmaker
and avant-funk enchanter based in Berlin.

Debut single: SALE feat. LeBron Aggressive

TUTV: This funky hip-hop uplift does what great hip-hop vibes do. Having
a prompt impact on your hips’ movements that in turn activate your whole
body’s spryness. Think of rap hero Roots Manuva‘s flamboyant flow.

SALE is for sale, go get it.


HANG LINTON: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Female pop quartet from London blending cherry-liqueur lyrics, bubblegum-kneecap bass electrics, goth-heavy drum compactions & hi-rise guitar sculptures.

“A song that explores the highs and lows and stories of life in the city. From feeling like you’re winning in life, to turning a corner to tensions and violence, to dating app cringeworthy dating experiences and the death of David Bowie. It is a playful song that highlights our fickle nature and our scrolling boredom obsession.”

Time flies. It’s already 2 years since these 4 colorful Amazons had their swinging
dance-punk debut LP Ready Steady Bang out. But the wait is over with this new
firecracker. It’s sexy bugglegum pop, it’s groovy electro-funk, it’s effervescent fun.


BUGEYE: Facebook – Instagram

Who: Robust rockers from
Merthyr Tydfil, Wales


“The song captures the frustrations of people across the globe as we all try to make
sense of our new emerging world following the pandemic and the economic mayhem
it has created.”

This Welsh turbo bring their celebrated countrymen Stereophonics to mind here, but
with three guitarists, a John Bonham drummer and a red-hot-blooded vocalist who’s alarming voice fits the confusing times we live in. Wowzers!

“Don’t call the doctor he won’t save you tonight”

PAISLEY PARC: Facebook – Instagram

(Press photo via YYYs)

Who: Pop/rock trio from New York
fronted by the gorgeous Karen O
Active: Since 20000 / 6th LP (new one incl.)

Their new album Cool It Down – first in 9 years – is out now.
The title is taken from the Velvet Underground song of the same name
from their 1970 LP Loaded.

YYYs burn again…

YYYs: Facebook

(Photo by Rose Dekker)

Who: A psych collective started by Jim Biggs (vocals, guitar) twenty years ago
in Seattle Washington. The band had more than 30 members over the years.

They just released a new full length, baptized Washed In The Sound
Of Black Nite Crash
, the band’s fifth. A must hear psychedelic journey.

Opener THE TAKE sets the tone for the full remarkable longplayer.
Influences by masters of the genre such as jangly hero Anton Newcombe
and his Brianjones Town Massacre gang, The Black Angels, and Heart
are all around.

Top stuff!


KAT KOAN is a Berlin-based artist with a passion for expressing intense emotions through music and visuals. With her Belgian musical partner Raymond Rose she canned her second album Coccoon and released it on 7 October.

A sonically versatile and compelling record with Koan speaking and singing
her mind and her heart out. Think Garbage‘s charismatic lady Shirly Manson.

One of my fav tracks is this moody pearl titled STAY
featuring Freddie Dickson and her band The Lost Souls.

KAT KOAN: Website – Instagram – Linktree

Who: Indie rock trio from Belgium, signed by renowned manager
Stephen Budd (Gang Of Four, Heaven 17, The Magic Numbers)

From their new self-titled debut EP.

The jangly guitars and the glossy resonance of R.E.M. and Teenage Fanclub are obvious,
but my ears also detect the slacker rock mood of Dinosaur Jr. ‘Say What It Means’ is an
ideal post-summer musing for grey Autumn days for confused and vulnerable souls.


CMON CMON: Facebook

(Photo by Jeremy McGuire)

Who: A Florida-based folk punk band.


Mike Llerena (vocalist/songwriter) “This song is our love letter to The Fest, a punk rock festival held in Gainesville every year during Halloween weekend. I’ve attended, volunteered, and/or played at Fest almost every year for the past decade and I’ve made a lot of great friendships and memories because of it.”

Melancholia on Halloween? Why not? When it sounds moony, warm
and romantic as Christmas In October does I’m all ears. So should you.

MIKE & THE NERVE: Facebook – Instagram

No retirement for 80-year-old JOHN CALE.

The Welsh icon will release his 17th solo longplayer, titled Mercy
on 20 January 2023 via Double Six/Domino.

Single NIGHT CRAWLING was written with David Bowie in mind when
both had fun in New York City in the 70s. It’s a synth-trippy and chilling

Watch/listen here.

JOHN CALE: Facebook

Who: Spacey shoegazers from Italy. Their work is loaded with stringed
and electronic sounds laid down through a multilayering approach that
has more in common with Indian traditional music and Techno,

New piece from the trio’s upcoming third album,
named Space Trips For The Masses.

If I tell you that my ears here echoes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre
and The Black Angels on Drowning you know that you’ll enter a dark space
with enigmatic, psychedelic encounters.

Roll the tape and get puzzled…


Who: Started as a Belgian duo – Stef Heeren and Kwinten Mordijck – born out of the mutual love for analog and modular electronic machinery. They explore and express hallucinatory freethinking visions to contemporary living. Iraqi artist Saif Al-Qaissy recently joined the duo, making a trio now.


A spectacular ambient jam from their spectacular debut album The Shedding Of Skin.
An intriguing and fascinating piece featuring Iraqi, Brussels-based artist Saif Al-Qaissy
adding Eastern vibes.

Press play here…

USE KNIFE: Facebook


Works faster than caffeine

19 October 2022

(Press photo via C & The R)

Scottish post-hardcore punk and tattoo artist FRANK CARTER
and his RATTLESNAKES had their 4th longplayer Sticky out last year
(Carter also released 3 albums with his first band Gallows and 1 under
the moniker of Pure Love)

They’re back now together with Carter‘s friend Jamie T
with an anti-drugs song. A nasty rant. Holy cow.

Carter: “‘The Drugs’ was written after a few long conversations with
some beautiful friends of mine who had been struggling with addiction.
Life is a difficult journey, it’s easier with good friends around.”

Frank about Jamie T: “Jamie has been my friend since we bumped into
each other backstage at a gig in Austin, Texas. Gallows had just finished
playing a set, I had been punched in the face and he walked in and I just
smiled a bloody smile and we’ve been friends ever since.”

Their message is loud and clear.

You don’t take the drugs
The drugs take you
Tear your life apart
Until there’s nothing left to lose
They smash apart your mind
And they steal your love
The drugs take you
You don’t ever take the drug

Tour Dates Europe


FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES – A Stream Of Hot-Tempered Blasts On New Album ‘STICKY’

17 October 2021

Band: FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES (Hertfordshire, England)
Who: Tattoo punk artist Frank Carter who started to scream with Gallows
(2005-2011), then continued with Pure Love (2011-2014) and rattles
on since 2015 with his Rattlesnakes

New album: STICKY – 4th LP
Released: 15 October 2021
Order info: here

NME says: “A great record borne of hard times. Where the band’s previous
albums explored mental health and toxic masculinity, this one is a pressure
release: loose and spontaneous… This kind of bug-eyed bish-bash-bosh is
exactly what we need from Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes right now.
Great records inevitably come out of shit times, and this is one of them.

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: After 15 years Frank Carter has become an expert
when it comes to fabricate punked-up and scream-along headbangers to
ignite messy moshpits. Sticky is a stream of hot-tempered blasts that stick
instantly. Carter‘s forceful full-throated voice is the slam-bang engine
dynamizing all 10 cry-outs on this powerhouse longplayer. Touchdown!

Singles/clips: Go Get A Tattoo / My Town

(Feat. Lynks)

(Feat. Idles’ loudmouth Joe Talbot)

Full album…


THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 40

Every week Turn Up The Volume picks 7 new
firecrackers that burned his ears the past 7 days


Razzle dazzle punk and tattoo artist Frank Carter unleashes his 4th LP
Sticky next week. Ahead of it, we can taste this new crashing cannonball
feat. loudmouth Cassyette.

Sometimes I wonder when Frank Carter‘s lungs will collapse. At times his vocal powerfulness is off the charts causing the impression that an explosion is in the
air. And when Cassyette joins the scream contest the decibels go up to an illegal
level. Holy smoke!

Here we go…


2. ‘Pink Lunettes’ by POND (Australia)

Yesterday these psych-rockers from down under released their 9th longplayer called, yes, 9. A surprising mix of bangers to fill dance floors with and reflective ballads. My standout favorite is Pink Lunettes. A kick-ass jackhammer that does your head in, the way you like it.

Here‘s why…


3. ‘This Blue Mob’ by SHAM FAMILY (Canada)

Fresh band, fresh blood. With their sharp-cutting debut single, they target the never-ending police ferocity/racism as we, unfortunately, know. It’s still a worldwide disease.

“It’s about the aggression and brutality towards people, predominantly BIPOC and
marginalized individuals, alongside the disregard of matters that call for REAL assistance.
We will stand with this message until real change is made in policing
says the band.

This Blue Mob is a turbulent whirlwind storming, with no brakes, towards the
abrupt finish. Blustery guitars, quick-fire pace, and robotic vocals. Touchdown!

Feel the anger here…


4. ‘In The Padlocked Night’ by COLD EXPECTATIONS (Boston, MA)

Songwriter Steve Prygoda describes what inspired the song: “Love locks, they call
‘em. You see them on fences, overpasses, bridges. In Paris, Amsterdam, or in your own
city. Padlocks encoded with secret messages from lovers, for viewing by strangers. They symbolize love, however transient or permanent.”

This tremendously rushing earworm made me smile instantly, so does the universal
story of expressing your romantic state of mind via a sort of all you need is love graffiti.
And when you embed these fervent feelings in an irresistible, adrenaline-driven stunner,
you want to go out in the street and scream your amorous heart out.

Do it here…



5.’Run Run Run’ by KURT VILE (USA)

Two weeks ago album I’ll Be Your Mirror: A Tribute to the Velvet Underground
and Nico
came our way, with a cast of big names honoring the iconic band and more
specific their debut masterpiece LP of 1967.

Although – in general – tribute albums are a tricky affair (certainly when you want to honor one of the most iconic bands in rock history), they’re several notable performances on this one. Like here with Kurt Vile doing a great job with one of the key tracks of VU’s classic.


6. ‘Mass Produce Your Revolution’ by FERAL VICES (Louisville, KY)

This rumbling rock tandem release a 5 song EP titled ‘With Offerings‘ on December 3rd.

About this EP’s taster: “The song is about how we give these massive platforms to people
who really don’t actually know all that much of what they’re talking about. The second part of the song is about how these ultra-rich business people or specifically celebrities are throwing their pocket change into something just for the press and getting even more money out of it than they put in and it all becomes this vicious cycle that we all participate in

‘Mass Produce Your Revolution reflects loud and clear what we can expect next.
The pithy pair balances somewhere in between The Black Keys and Royal Blood.
Boisterous, determinant, and with uncurbed force. Bingo!

Turn up the heat…


7. ‘Gotta Light‘ by MILD HORSES (London)

Ongoing Krautrock jam spinning around in your head before you’re aware of it.
Magnetic, hypnotic and energetic. Closing piece from new album Ignorance To Enlightenment And Back Again.

The trip
starts here…

Turn Up The Volume’s 20 KNOCKOUT TRACKS Of The Month – AUGUST 2021

Turn Up The Volume‘s 20 Knockout Tracks for August 2021!
A stream of rattling rippers, jagged jams and romantic reveries.

All together on Spotify…

Knockout by knockout…

‘Before You Gotta Go’ by COURTNEY BARNETT (Australia)

An infectious ditty, bouncing in your head before it ends. If this, simply irresistible, tune doesn’t do anything for  you, you gotta go to your shrink. From Barnett’s new, upcoming album Takes Time, Take Time, out 12th November.

as hell…


‘Hot Summer’ by PRINCE (US)

Summer is only over when it’s over. Still time to move and groove to this disco
stomper from the recently released lost Prince album Welcome To America.

Make your move here, ladies and gents…


‘Go Get A Tattoo’ by FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES feat. Lynks

Why don’t we all get a tattoo, suggests Frank. I think he’s right, it’s
the only way to really go nuts to this bangtastic jackhammer. From
the band’s 4th longplayer called Sticky, arriving in October.

Smash your TV…


‘Security’ by AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS (Australia)

“I’m not looking for trouble, I’m looking for love / Let me in your hard heart Let me in your pub” sings Amyl over and over again with fervency and tons of gusto, while flamed-up guitars go mental. A blast from new album Comfort To Me, out 10th September.

Hit hit hit, Amyl…


‘Aire & Calder’ by ULTRASOUND (UK)

These passionate British glam-prog rockers unleash a deluxe edition of their
1999 double debut LP Everything Picture on 24 September. More info here.

Here’s a new video clip for one of the album’s highlights ‘Aire And Calder‘…


‘Soap And Cigarettes‘ by Nun habit (London)

A queer five-piece from London who play fun, fuzzy garage rock. Their songs are a mishmash of influences all pulled together by a love of loud noises, pop tunes, and
having a good time. ‘Soap And Cigarettes‘ is a stand-out knockout from their brand
new album Hedge Fun.

Trust me, you can’t resist this vibrant vibe…


‘You And Me’ by THE RUDDY RUCKUS (Canada)

This ardent 4-piece flames with force on this new riff-roaring ripper. They operate somewhere between Green Day and Weezer, with peppery panache, gusty guitars,
vivid vocals, and a cracking chorus.

Scream along…


‘What’s Wrong With People?’ by PESCH (Belgium)

Darkwave electricity from Belgium. Haunting and ominous. You can smell Doomsday waiting around the corner. It’s 2021, folks, we need to fix our problems now. This sickly sticky roller coaster is a call to arms.

What’s wrong
with all of us..


‘Highway To Hell’ by TOM MORELLO feat. Eddie Vedder and Bruce Springsteen

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello launches his new album titled
The Atlas Underground Fire on 15 October. He invited several friends, like
Springsteen and Vedder for a bombastic version of AC/DC’s classic headbanger.



‘Queen Of Swords’ by TYPHOID ROSIE (Brooklyn, US)

The speedy and steamy title track is one of the fired-up highlights of the new album of this punked-up Brooklyn squad. A zigzagging collection of amplified belters to start and end post-lockdown parties with. More info here.

your ass off here…


‘Money Song’ by ROYAL CASTLES (Canada)

Wham bam, bloody bam! From the kick-off Money Song booms, bangs and batters. Hefty guitars blare in between and raise your blood pressure on the spot. And when the blissful chorus pops up it’s time to leave your cocoon and let your body do its thing. Don’t wait to boost your stream of adrenalin.

Act now, dance now, party now.


‘And Tomorrow’ by LORE CITY (Portland, US)

A stunning and shadowy top piece from this duo’s equally stunning
album Participation Mystique. And Tomorrow sounds cinematic,
atmospheric and spacey. Join Lore City on their journey.

today and tomorrow too…


‘No Regrets’ by SHE/BEAST (Sweden)

Wurlitzer jukeboxes were invented for these 60s inspired humdingers, so they could be played in dark bars downtown were broken hearts gather at midnight. One more thing:
do not mess with SHE/BEAST, she’s not in the mood for fucking assholes and psychos.
And she’s absofuckinglutly right.



‘Popstar’s Daughters’ by SHAUN RYDER (Manchester, UK)

The Happy Mondays frontman’s brand new solo album
Visits From Future Technology is hip-shaking proof
that he still can fill dance floors.

Here’s the trippy and poppy single…


‘All Nations’ by NADINE GAGNE and The Star Nation Collective (British Columbia)

This resonates as a bright sonic light at the end of our troubled world tunnel. Only with togetherness, friendship, mutual respect, equality, harmony and tolerance, humankind can have hope for the future. This tremendously catching chant reflects all that. It’s a joyful, anthem that should be played on radios all over the planet.

“We are all stars, all stars come on now. Rise, rise and shine, gotta stay proud!”

Let’s get together…


‘Heart Like Chernobyl’ by SOFT CELL (UK)

The song’s title is the gloom and doom harbinger for
a scary, realistic vision of how we live on the edge.

Tainted love…

Lead-single from new album *Happiness Not Included,
out in the Spring of 2022.


‘See The Light’ by SHAUNA SEETEENAK (Iqaluit, Canada)

We need songs like these in the restless times we live in. Songs of hope, songs of consolation, songs of inspiration. Shauna wants humankind to fight to see the light
(at the end of the tunnel) again. Her thoughts are embedded in a starry-eyed and
instantly enthralling groove that hops from dreamy pop to hip-swaying rap and back.

See the light here…


‘Nowhere’ by THE BLACK FEVER (Toronto)

Nowhere sounds like a desperation song, but one that has a deeply felt effect on your psyche, on your state-of-2021-mind. This spellbound jam is driven by melancholic guitar lines, reminding me of Interpol‘s electrically-charged drive. Affecting and soul-stirring fever.

Check it out…


‘Skin’ by BASEMENT REVOLVER (Hamilton, Canada)

An inspiring reverie for the countless girls/women and boys/men worldwide, struggling with the looks of their body when it doesn’t correspond with society’s everlasting sexist perception of how a body should look like, as we all know. Skin is an instantly heartfelt
slo-mo musing, turning after a distorted guitar intro, into a vocal and musical pearl, with touching piano play. I’m sure The Sundays‘s Harriet Wheeler would love it.

Open your ears and eyes here…


‘You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son’ by PORRIDGE RADIO (Brighton, UK)

Porridge Radio‘s leading Amazon Dana Margolin is a fan of Canadian rockers Wolf Parade. Here’s her  terrifically gripping rendition of the band’s 2005 composition.

Just beautiful…

See/hear you next month, music junkies…

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 32

What happened this past week…

Turn Up The Volume‘s selection of
7 firecrackers from the past 7 days.

This week’s Magnificent Seven on Spotify

1. ‘Not Alone But Not With You’ by ARXX (Brighton, UK)
Rollicking-riff-rocker from start to finish. These two frisky Brighton amazons know
how to make your head spin 360°. Touchdown. Just added it to my end-of-the-year list.

2. ‘Horse Latitudes’ by VOKA GENTLE (Wigan, UK)
Identity crisis? Play this punked-up, sickly sticky steamroller on repeat. I’m
sure it will help to find your way, and it’s so much cheaper than therapy.

3. ‘Before You Gotta Go’ by COURTNEY BARNETT (Australia)
An impossible-to-resist earworm from her new, upcoming album.
Things Take Time, Take Time, out 12th November

4. ‘Future Stuff’ by JONFIN (Chicago, US)
Imagine the Lemonheads getting under your skin with a jiving
jingle jangle vibe like this. Yes, pretty ear-pleasing stuff. Score!

Frank advises everybody to smash their TV and get a tattoo. Sounds like big fun. This bangtastic jackhammer is part of his upcoming longplayer Sticky. Out on 15 October.

6. ‘No Regrets’ by SHE/BEAST (Malmö, Sweden)
For smooth romantic tunes like these, Wurlitzer jukeboxes were invented so
these humdingers could be played in shadowy bars downtown at midnight.

7. ‘Harmonizer’ by TY SEGALL (Los Angeles)
Fuzzing and buzzing title track from the album that fell out of
the blue sonic sky without a warning. That’s Ty Segall for you, folks.

See/hear you next week, music junkies


Daily electricity to load your batteries

13 August 2021

Band: FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES (Hertfordshire, England)
Who: Tattoo punk artist Frank Carter who started to scream with Gallows
(2005-2011), then continued with Pure Love (2011-2014) and rattles
on since 2015 with his Rattlesnakes

New album: STICKY – 4th LP
Out: 15 October 2021
Order info: here

New single: GO GET A TATTOO feat. LYNKS
Second taster after lead-single/title track Sticky

It’s Friday the 13th, so why don’t we all get a tattoo, suggests
Frank. I think he’s totally right, it’s the only way to really go nuts
to this bangtastic jackhammer. Capice?

Smash your TV and get one…


New album STICKY out 15th October 2021