Soulful Sunday With Welsh Dreamers DESERT LIFE And Their New Bittersweet Ballad ‘SPHERE’

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

1 October 2023

Who: Hailing from the serene landscapes of West Wales, Desert Life – the brainchild of singer-songwriter Chris Swales – emerges as a captivating voice in the realm of Alt-folk music. Drawing inspiration from a childhood enriched by the cultural tapestries of Saudi Arabia and the melodic allure of Counting Crows‘ album, Desert Life‘s sonic expedition began to unfurl its wings in 2018.

New single: SPHERE

​Swales: “Sphere is a delve into anxiety, and how the night can trigger increased fear and worry. It was written during the pandemic when I witnessed how some friends struggled with their mental health. The song is an observation about others, it also captured my own memory of when I have been in a similar situation. People may relate if they’ve ever lay in bed worrying about things.”

TUTV: Sphere is a bittersweet meditation about angst and mental health issues and the related worries. Despite the mind-disturbing theme, the song has a heartwarming feel. The melancholic melodiousness and gripping vocality of this graceful ballad stand out and affect instantly. Enchanting.



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