Rainbow Daydream – New Single ‘SCHOOL GIRL’ By Canadian Artist AKEEM OH

Relaxing musings for the laziest day of the week…

18 October 2020

(photo: via artist – press promo)

AKEEM OH is a Canadian singer/songwriter
and producer based in Ottawa ON.

She new sensitive single SCHOOL GIRL is about a close friend.

“I absolutely love the creative process, and I was determined to get it to sound
the way it sounded in my head. Playing every single instrument on this track,
‘School Girl’ feels very me. The young woman in the song goes through some of
the things I was going through while creating it. Sometimes you have to let the
song be what it is
” says OH.

It’s one of those sweet starry-eyed musings that transfer you and your dreams
to la-la land where a bright, colorful rainbow makes you forget the worrying reality
for a while. Whistle along, hum along, sing along. Feel good, feel free, feel happy.

“When it’s not enough, she magnifies.”


AKEEM OH: Facebook

Americana Gem From The Netherlands – ‘IT’S NEVER EASY’ By CLASSIC WATER

Relaxing musings for the laziest day of the week…

11 October 2020

CLASSIC WATER is a fresh indie act out of The Netherlands although they
sound like if they are from that legendary American music town Nashville.

Only last month they hit the scene with their irresistible, scintillating debut single
Living Likeness and now with the release of second single It’s Never Easy you
realize that this band will come up with something marked when their debut LP
will see the day of light in February 2021.

It’s Never Easy
is narrated by someone trying very hard to stay in control of things,
but slowly and steadily cracks start to appear in the façade

It’s a captivating, meditative gem, centered around a rollin’ guitar riff and sparkling
piano touches. The song moves and grooves all the way until the gospel-like handclap finale. Tom Gerritsen‘s Americana voice has that glowing timbre that made Ryan Adams and the late great Gram Parsons so emotionally special. Classic Water is about classic
high-quality songwriting. Great tune, bewitching sound, and alluring vocals.

Wake up early every morning just to get some peace of mind
Savor what remains of the images from the night
It’s never easy to continue
It’s always easier to say goodbye
It’s never easy to know what to
It’s always easier to say goodbye


(photo: Harold van de kamp)


Relaxing vibes for the laziest day of the week…

4 October 2020

The ups and downs in SINEAD O’CONNOR‘s life marked her mind
and soul but the grand voice of the Irish star still shines and stirs.

And she’s back with her awe-inspiring interpretation of TROUBLE OF THE WORLD.
A traditional song made famous by exalted gospel singer Mahalia Jackson.

100% of revenue from the digital sales will be going to Black Lives Matter charities,
a cause close to Sinead‘s heart and the raison d’être of the song’s release. You can
buy it on Bandcamp

Here’re the goosebumps performance…

The gripping a cappella version…


Charge Your Batteries With Feel-Good Single ‘SUNDAY FINE’ By RADIO ROMANCE

Relaxing vibes for the laziest day of the week…

27 September 2020

Nashville’s RADIO ROMANCE is a Country Music Group out of Nashville, TN. The band formed in 2017 and spoil your ears with upbeat, harmonic, and hook-friendly songs influenced by acts like Alabama , Eric Church , and Jason Aldean.

Their brand-new uplifting song SUNDAY FINE comes just in time. 2020 is a memorable year, but for the wrong reasons. That vicious coronavirus turned our way of life into a science-fiction-like movie. Lockdown, isolation, moth masks and about 1 million victims worldwide.

I agree with Radio Romance when they say that “you have to recharge your batteries first before you can tackle the world or help someone else out. So, sit down, watch the wind blow by, and start feeling Sunday Fine.” Give your confused state of mind a break with this feel-good, rainbow-colored song, with its fetching hope for the future harmonies and its electric Eric Clapton like solo booster. Time to relax and reflect, time to look forward

So like the sun droppin’, my whicker chair rockin’0
Watching the wind blow by, getting lost in her angel eyes
Feeling Sunday Fine

Enjoy here…


Feel Good Drive – Canadian Artist ERIC BOLTON Shines On ‘GENESIS (LET THERE BE LOVE)’

Music fro the laziest day of the week…

20 September 2020

ERIC BOLTON is a singer/songwriter from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. His latest single
GENESIS (LET THERE BE LOVE) is a fitting match for this Soulful Sunday episode.

Bolton has a stirring, affecting and heart-warming voice and his new glowing piece
touches your heart and soul. A welcome comfort in these bizarre corona times.

Sit down, relax and enjoy this sweet pearl…


Heartbreaking Masterwork – ‘FALL TO PIECES’ By TRICKY About His Tragic Loss

Music fro the laziest day of the week…

13 August 2020

Artist: TRICKY (Bristol)
Released: 4 September 2020

Info: A spine-tingling reflection of inconsolable pain, heartbreaking sadness and deep
grief following the tragic death of his 24-year-old daughter Mazy Mina Topley-Bird who
took her own life last year after struggling with severe depression, only 24 years old.

Tricky wrote and recorded the LP in his Berlin apartment with (mostly) Polish artist Marta Złakowska as vocalist. She played with Tricky one night a few years ago in Krakow when Tricky found himself without a female singer. The promoter said he knew a local bartender who could do the job. Since then Złakowska tours constantly with the ex-Massive Attack musician.

“It feels like I’m in a world that doesn’t exist, knowing nothing will ever be the same
again. No words or text can really explain — my soul feels empty.”

The Standard (English newspaper): A compelling window into an artist’s grief. It’s a grief that blackens the mood of Fall To Pieces, an album of short tracks that often end abruptly, emerging and disappearing like bursts of half-awake anxiety during a night of restless sleep. The lyrics are, for the most part, terse snatches of an inner monologue, open to interpretation, but on occasion wincingly plain: “What a f***ing game/I hate this f***ing pain,” he whispers over an austere piano loop on Hate This Pain. It’s a dour listen but it’s compelling, a window into the mind of an artist trying to work through something incomprehensible.” Score: 4/5

Listen here…



Reveries for the laziest day of the week

6 September 2020

Artist: Bright Eyes (Conor Oberst)
Album: Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was – tenth LP
Released: 21 August 2020

Pitchfork verdict: “Conor Oberst and company have not lost their taste for grandiosity
on their first album in nearly a decade, setting familiar woes against a dazzling collage of sounds… Down in the Weeds, recorded before the global pandemic, suits the daily desolation of lockdown. It also makes me regret that Oberst can’t perform these songs live, where young fans and old could form bonds as lasting with them as with Bright Eyes’ past staples… Running over the same old ground, Bright Eyes have found the same old fears. Wish they were here.”

Full review: here.

Keyline: “I hope our music makes people feel less alone.” Conor Oberst

Singles: Persona Non Grata / Forced Convalescence / One And Done




Full album…


Heart And Soul In Vocal Motion – ‘WHOLE NEW MESS’ By ANGEL OLSEN

Music fro the laziest day of the week…

30 August 2020

Artist: Angel Olsen (Asheville, North Carolina, US)
Album: Whole New Mess
Info: The record features nine songs, stripped to the
bone, from her magnificent 2019 album All Mirrors and
two new songs, title track ‘Whole New Mess‘and sensitive
reverie ‘Waving, Smiling’.

Released: 30 August 2020

NME verdict: “Most of these songs appeared in maximalist form on last year’s acclaimed ‘All Mirrors’, but stripped-back versions reveal their true power… Most artists keep their demos to themselves, pulling them out of a dusty box in the attic only when someone at the label suggests they bolt them onto a flashy anniversary release or if the Record Store Day goodie box is looking a bit empty… If ‘All Mirrors’ took you to a lavish, creaky ballroom, then ‘Whole New Mess’ tucks you away in the cupboard under the stairs, the door slammed tightly shut. Olsen had always planned to release the original recordings of the ‘All Mirrors’ songs, but wanted the bolder, louder versions to come to her fans first. “I thought it would be more interesting to see something explosive, and then take a look back to where it started to do it the other way around,” she’s explained of her plans to flip the order in which the albums came out.
Score: 4/5.

Angel Olsen: “I’m trying to embrace this part of myself that’s unpolished.”

Enjoy this vocal beauty


Sensitive Starry-Eyed Magic – Here’s Amazing Voice ASHLEY RAY With Her Majestic Ballad ‘JUST A HOUSE’

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

23 August 2020

ASHLEY RAY is an alluring country-folk-Americana artist from the all-time legendary music town of Nashville. She released her notable album Pauline a few weeks ago. A marvelous work of high-quality songwriting. Riveting, enchanting, and an overall vocal exploit. Once you heard Ray‘s heart-rending voice you are gloriously charmed.

One of the longplayer’s highlights is JUST A HOUSE.
A goosebumps ballad that moves your heart and soul.
Tender and tantalizing with a sensitive Linda Ronstadt
touch. Starry-eyed magic.

These 4 walls are runnin’ out o’ days /Can’t be what it was
Even if you stay / It’s another lonely winter
If ya never leave / Can’t take it up to heaven
Mama, can’t you see / That it’s just a house
It’s just a house

Enjoy here…

Also on Spotify

ASHLEY RAY: Facebook

Stream PAULINE here

NEIL YOUNG Is Lookin’ For A New Leader For AMERICA

Gripping reveries for the laziest day of the week

16 August 2020

Living legend NEIL YOUNG shared a new acoustic version of his 2006 song
Lookin’ For A Leader now called LOOKIN’ FOR A LEADER 2020. A wake-up
call to all Americans to vote for a new White House leader next November as
ignorant bully Trump split America right down the middle turning his country
into the Divided States Of America.

America is beautiful
but she has an ugly side
We’re lookin’ for a leader
in this country far and wide

Fuck Trump…