Reflective Musing From Denver Colorado – Here’s PORLOLO With New Single ‘AIN’T NO USE’

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2 May 2021

Band: PORLOLO (Denver, Colorado)
Who: The musical project of Erin Roberts,
started in 2002 with guitarist Tom Mohr.

New single: AIN’T NO USE
About: “A story about how hard it is to align our own needs in cadence with
those close to us. About how sometimes we want something so much or for so
long that it becomes our narrative, even if that want doesn’t fit with how we’ve
changed. And about how our desire to win can lead us to some pretty weird

Score: This bittersweet pop symphony has a sepia-colored radiation. It’s
a sensible soul-search translated musically into a heart-rending ballad with
a moody country feel that legends such as Joni Mitchell and Emmylou Harris
mastered wonderfully, but also today’s touching voices Sharon Van Etten and
Angel Olsen come to mind. A mixed emotions composition that endears.

I marked you down as a lightweight
You knocked me out the first round
I still haven’t learned one single thing
About how… To keep you around


PORLOLO: Facebook

Electro Soul – THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS Drop Brand New Surprising Single ‘THE DARKNESS THAT YOU FEAR’

Reveries for the laziest day of the week…

25 April 2021

Techno junks THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS revealed a brand
new track called THE DARKNESS THAT YOU FEAR.

“‘The Darkness That You Fear is a hopeful piece of music. When we found the
combination of the different voices worked set to the flow of the music it made
us feel optimistic, like it was something we wanted to share.”
says Tom Rowlands.

It’s a soulful and dreamy vibration with vocal samples (Caroline Ellis and John
Ellison), combining trippy Motown pop and dance floor bliss. Surprisingly moody.

Move here…


British Songsmith SAM BROOKES Covers Late Legend JOHN MARTYN

Reveries for the laziest day of the week…

11 April 2021

(credit: Sarah Cresswell)

Artist: SAM BROOKES (Bristol, UK)

A song from the late great singer/songwriter
John Martyn‘s 1975 album Sunday’s Child

It’s the first track of Sam Brookes’ forthcoming EP of acoustic covers
set for release in Autumn 2021. Brookes‘ version is a heart-warming
ode to a folk & blues legend who released no less than 23 albums
in his lifetime. Brookes’ melancholic voice resonates like it’s a twin
brother of Martyn‘s gripping vox. A pearl of a song. A pearl of a cover.

Enjoy here…

The original


Blue Beauty – Enjoy ‘BAD DAY’ By Chicago Songstress LOU HENEISE

Gripping reveries for the laziest day of the week…

28 March 2021

Discover heartrending singer-songwriter LOU HENEISE, an American singer-songwriter with roots in the city of Chicago, the rolling farmland of the Midwest, and the Bible Belt of the South.

Her debut EP Trial & Erroras introspective and earnest as it is catchy, capturing the American heartbeat – arrives April 9th. Lead-single BAD DAY foretells that something special is coming. It’s a musing and touchy Americana daydream with Heneise‘s glowing voice drawing all the aural attention, although her galvanizing guitar play is pretty persuasive too. This is a sweet little pearl with an unwinding effect. A blue beauty.

Enjoy here…

Also on Spotify



Reveries for the laziest day of the week…

7 February 2021

Friends Bill Callahan and Will Oldham – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – have been
pretty active the past months with covering songs from selected songwriters
like Johnnie Frierson, Air Supply, and Michael Burton among others.

And here’s another melancholic pearl. This time an emotive ballad by the late
great Leonard Cohen. They picked The Night Of Santiago, which came out
in 2019, three years after he passed away when his son Adam released it first
under the title Thanks For The Dance.

The Night Of Santiago is a song based on a brief affair, which Cohen adapted from
a Federico García Lorca poem. Oldham & Callahan invited avant-rock guitar wizard
and former Squirrel Bait/Gastr Del Sol member David Grubbs for this one.

Here come the crooners…

The Cohen original

A Walk In The David Lynch Dark – Here’s BEAUTY IN CHAOS ft. CINTHYA HUSSEY

Reveries for the laziest day of the week…

31 January 2021

You love soul music with a shadowy edge? Well, I got
something that will satisfy your hungry desire.

Former sister of mercy on a mission legend Wayne Hussey and his gorgeous
Brazilian wife and spellbinding voice Cinthya Hussey teamed up with iconic
producer Tim Palmer (David Bowie, The Mission, U2, The Cure) and Beauty In
ringleader/guitarist Michael Ciravolo for a walk in the dark called

The bewitching performance and glamorous video clip (shot in Sao Paulo) wouldn’t
be out of place on David Lynch‘s 2001 mindfucker movie Mulholland Drive.

Here’s why…


The Delicate Balance Of All Things is the fourth single from the
brill ‘Out Of Chaos Comes…’ album. You can stream/buy it here.

Made To Love Magic – Dublin Singer/Songwriter A. SMYTH Enchants With New Single ‘WHEN IT CALLS’

Reveries for the laziest day of the week…

24th January 2021

A. SMITH is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Dublin. He mixes the bucolic dreaminess of Nick Drake with the folk-rock of Elliott Smith, with driven verses and
hooky choruses. He releases his debut LP Last Animals on 19th February.

But first new single WHEN IT CALLS. A melancholic pearl about “trying to
use life experience to help the ones you love through difficult periods .”

This is starry-eyed music for the twilight hours. Meditative, brooding, and making
you hum along from start to finish. Midway, a weeping Neil Young guitar fragment electrifies the mood briefly before Smyth‘s voice takes over again with its calming
timbre. All you need to let your thoughts float around your head.

Made to love magic.

I feel the river in your heart
I know the thunder cos I feel it too

A. SMYTH: Facebook

Debut LP LAST ANIMALS out 19th February. More info here.

(photo via Hannah Gould PR)

Where Are You Now?

Reveries for the laziest day of the week…

10 January 2021

As long as there’s sun
As long as there’s sun
As long as there’s rain
As long as there’s rain
As long as there’s fire
As long as there’s fire

As long as there’s me
As long as there’s you



Reveries for the laziest day of the week…

3 January 2021

Noel Gallagher once said that the legendary Australian band of brothers, the Bee Gees – with Barry, Maurice, and Andy Gibb – is on his list of the best 10 groups in history. I’m not saying the very same, but when you listen to their canon before their voices got affected by helium it’s crystal clear that da brudders were the champs of melancholic pop balladry.

Barry is the only surviving Gibb and still tirelessly active. Next week he’ll release ‘Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1‘. An album of his beloved old songs reimagined as duets with country and Americana stars. On New Year’s Day the first collaboration went online. Here’s Barry and Dolly Parton with the 1968 Bee Gees hit WORDS

The original

BARRY GIBB: Facebook

Out 8th January


Reveries for the laziest day of the week

27 December 2020

Who: An Australian songwriter. She lives in Nashville, TN with the British
cult musician Robin Hitchcock. A gifted singer inspired by Sandy Denny,
Marianne Faithfull
and a plethora of dead poets.

Album: BLONDE ON THE TRACKS – debut LP honoring legend Bob Dylan.
(Blonde on Blonde / Blood on the Tracks)
Released: 18 August 2020

Emma Swift: “The album was born out of crisis and made with care, tenderness and hope.
If I am being completely honest, the making of the record was enough for me. But to have people enjoy it and talk about it really is a heart combusting experience.”

Turn Up The Volume: My all-time favorite singer-songwriter Bob Dylan had a vision. On
his eternal wander, without a home, vagabonding like a rolling stone, he heard a singing angel, blowin’ in the wind. He wondered how his tangled up in blue songs would resonate if her nightingale voice would embrace them. The gorgeous angel accepted the challenge and impressed the famous tramp with her beatific and crystal timbre. He turned around and continued his never-ending tour on the rough and rowdy route with a big smile on his face as the mysterious angel made him feel forever young.

Enjoy angel Emma

EMMA SWIFT: Facebook