British Sonic Dreamers WORRY PARTY Float Away On New Single ‘TRAVELLER’

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

15 March 2020


Who: “Beautiful, indie electronic music, with roots in the North East of England, Worry Party take influence from Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Four Tet, Modest Mouse and ARCA. Originally the bedroom project of Steven Chell, now a four-piece. Beautiful landscape photos of the North-East will accompany the EP.”

Track: TRAVELLER – lead single from upcoming EP ‘Souvenirs’, out 20th March – “a song that ponders whether or not repeating cycles of behaviour are destructive, or whether they simply reinforce our fundamental nature and should, therefore, be regarded as one of the
few genuine guideposts on this journey.”

Score: This is truly riveting! ‘Traveller’ will make you silent and dream away. Its sensitive, atmospheric and ambient tone has a tranquilizing and touching effect and transfers you
to la-la land. The whispering voice of frontman/songwriter Steven Chell‘s increases the transcendental impact of this introspective trip. Close your eyes and drift away…



Reveries for the laziest day of the week

8 March 2020

Pulp’s flamboyant frontman JARVIS COCKER is back, solo, under the name of ‘JARVIS IS…’. His new track ‘HOUSE MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG’ is a melancholic reflection, with a soft electronic disco vibe. Cocker looks back, hits the dance floor again, but he seems not
happy at all as nothing has changed since the early days.

Check out why here…


Wondrous Sisters Voices CAARDIA About Today’s False Reality On Brooding Single ‘THE DEEP END’…

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

1 March 2020

CAARDIA is the Canadian duo of singers/songwriters sisters Celia and
Annie Siriopoulos. Two young artists blessed with a wondrous voice
as you can discover on the title track of their debut EP The Deep End’.

A song “about the dangers of living life through a screen and the dependency
people have on cell phones in society today and the false reality they create
for themselves.”

Musically it’s a marvelous humdinger, a vocal highlight, a remarkable and
delicate beauty with the sisters’ angelic voices as the sparky stars of this
delightfully and colorfully orchestrated ballad. An alluring goosebumps
symphony that creates a state of nirvana and makes you silent.

The accompanying video clip is “is a visual experience
symbolizing how lost and vulnerable people become.

Listen/watch right here…

CAARDIA: Facebook

WAXAHATCHEE Shares New Folky Track From Upcoming Album – Here’s ‘LILACS’…

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

23 February 2020

WAXAHATCHEE aka KATIE CRUTCHFIELD releases her fifth album, titled ‘SAINT CLOUD‘ on 27 March. After sharing lead-single Fire’ last month here’s another new one. Although ‘LILACS‘ isn’t an optimistic song as it’s about “backsliding into old behaviors that don’t serve you and sort of letting your worst self get the best of you” it sounds uplifting and light-hearted. A bit folky and country balancing between Dolly Parton and Lucinda Williams.

Enjoy here…


Belgian Dream Pop Act AND THEN CAME FALL Released Brand New Mixed Emotions Single ‘SHOULD WE’…

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

16 February 2020

(photo: Joke Hendrix)

In 2018 Belgian daydreamers AND THEN CAME FALL, with key members Annelies
Tanghe en Sam Pieter Janssens
their affecting and gentle self-titled debut album.

Now they returned with a new single from their upcoming second longplayer, out
later in the year. ‘SHOULD WE’ is about what we all need. “What would we do without
love? And what if love slips between our fingers, no matter how much we try to hold them?
What do we do when we feel the hope disappears like a ghost leaves the house.”

This delicate musing is an intimate and vulnerable beauty dealing with doubtful sentiments. Mixed emotions about love are the key theme. Musically it’s a starry-eyed, melodious ballad with a melancholic and romantic resonance. Tender guitar lines, a warm synth sequence, delightfully arranged and Annelies Tanghe‘s seductive voice reminding me of the moodiest moments of Sharon Van Etten and St.Vincent. Music for the twilight hours.

Capture the breakable sensitivity here…


Singer/Songwriter JOSEPH SANT Moves With Heartfelt Single ‘OSPREY’…

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

9 February 2020

JOSEPH SANT is a singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn hailing from Seattle, WA. He’s
an artist who connects intimate to larger social currents, prophesying love against the backdrop of doom. He composes with lush, mountainous textures, angular shapes,
the noise of braking train cars, and the encroaching sea.

He will release his second EP ‘Before Calamity‘ on 14th February. The songs weren’t originally meant to be about loss, but after a collaborator on the tracks lost his life to unexpected illness during the recording process, it did turn into a sort of memorial.

Here’s the lead single of the EP called ‘OSPREY’. A heartfelt ballad that touches heart
and soul. A serene musing with melancholic country echoes. A cathartic beauty that
will make you silent and think of the late great Jeff Buckley. Poetry in motion.

Listen here…


New EP ‘BEFORE CALAMITY‘ out 14th February

SARAH MARY CHADWICK Shares Video For Gripping Highlight ‘‘WHEN WILL DEATH COME’ From Her New Album…

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

2 February 2020

The wonderful Melbourne based singer/songwriter SARAH MARY CHADWICK released a week ago her new, sixth album Please Daddy, an emotive and gripping LP with Chadwick‘s voice as the appealing and soul-stirring star of the record. She just shared a video for one of the highlights, the opening track ‘WHEN WILL DEATH COME’.

Listen/watch right here…

Here’s the goosebumps LP in full…

photo on top by Xixi Cao

Here’s L.A.’s Dream Pop Duo HIGHLAND KITES And Their New Sorrowful Ballad ‘A THOUSAND REASONS’…

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

19 January 2020

Turn Up The Volume featured Los Angeles made/Nashville bound duo HIGHLAND KITES before, the brainchild of splendid singer-songwriter Marissa Lamar, who teamed up
with drummer, Neil Briggs a few years ago. They’ve already released four EPs (check
them on Bandcamp). And now the pair is back with a somber, heartbreaking love song.

‘A THOUSAND REASONS’ is a sorrowful and honest ballad about a doomed relationship Lamar had with an ex-lover. “We both know this was meant to turn into nothing / we both know we were meant to be free / me from, me from you and you from me”

Wonderful voice Marissa Lamar unveiled the overall sentiment behind this new tune: “You don’t have to dwell in crappy emotions, but pretending they don’t exist doesn’t make them go away. Life is life and it has ALL emotions, and we can experience every single one of them in any given day, and that’s ok. I have never been able to “just not care” about people or things and I don’t want to feel numb, because turning all this emotion into art is one of my greatest joys in life.”

Here’s the painful reverie…


Here’s KIM GORDON With Enigmatic Love Song ‘EARTHQUAKE’…

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

15 December 2019

Former Sonic Youth icon KIM GORDON made one of the best and most intriguing
albums of the year with her debut solo LP No Home Record. One of the top tracks
is love ballad ‘EARTHQUAKE‘ which Gordon dedicates to a mysterious lover. She
sounds enigmatic, obsessed and utterly cool. Definitely not your average love song.

This song is for you
If I could cry and shake for you
I’d lay awake for you

Here’s the voyeuristic video clip…

KIM GORDON; Facebook