Melodramatic Voice ZOLA JESUS Covers ‘CHANGES’ BLACK SABBATH – A Spine-Tingling Performance

Gripping reveries for the laziest day of the week

9 August 2020

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of both the self-titled Black Sabbath
debut LP and second longplayer Paranoid, Sacred Bones Records released
‘What Is This That Stands Before Me?‘ last May. A compilation of Sabbath
covers recorded by artists from across their roster, with The Soft Moon, Thou,
Uniform, Hilary Woods,
and more.

One of the most remarkable efforts is by melodramatic and
theatrical artist ZOLA JESUS. Her spine-tingling voice makes
your hair stand up in the back of your neck. Jaw-dropping
tour de force.

Listen here…


Here’s the original

ZOLA JESUS: Facebook

Jaw-Dropping Voice! Hear ‘LOS ANGELES’ By Arresting Songstress ANNABEL LEE

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

2 August 2020

(Photo: Chris Camargo)

ANNABEL LEE is a “force of f***ing nature” who makes pop music with a grunge disposition. Born and raised in North Dighton, Massachusetts, Annabel – born Sarah Borrello – s a hot blooded singer-songwriter summons the intellectual grit of artists like Fiona Apple and Alanis Morrisette, paired with the unorthodox and commanding energy of a punk band playing in a dingy basement.”

She shared a gripping live take of LOS ANGELES, the dangerously glam city of the angels.

Lee about the making of: “The morning I wrote this song I woke up crying. I sat in my bed
with my guitar, hungover- it was raining- a peculiar occurrence here in LA, but something that always stirred up old emotions for me. I wrote the song in about 10 minutes. The most literal thing I’d ever written. It’s the story of how I coped- or didn’t cope- how I used people, destroyed my health, and self-medicated to forget it all. A romantic time. Releasing personal work feels very strange in this climate, but it’s the best small gift I can offer.”

Los Angeles is a jaw-dropping vocal tour de force.
Stripped to the bone tristesse. Dramatic, high-octane
and breath-taking like a female Nick Cave. That tense!

You’re wasting me, Los Angeles
And I can’t go home

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Now that you’re here watch this dazzling footage of
Annabel Lee‘s recent and truly amazing Drive In Concert
performing the Sex Pistols’ raging punk blast Problems
and other electrical stuff…


When The Lady Sings The Blues – Here’s RIVER RIPLEY With Melancholic Beauty ‘HAZE’

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

27 July 2020

RIVER RIPLEY is a singer/songwriter from
Ventura, California
blessed with an alluring voice.

Her bluesy musing ‘HAZE’ is a grief-stricken ballad. Introspective, heavyhearted and sorrowful with a melancholic timbre and a touch of Chris Isaak guitar romanticism.
Music for the midnight hours, music for lonely moments, music for broken hearts
and hurt souls.

Dim the lights and enjoy here…


Grace-ful Starsailor – Here’s British Singer Songwriter SAM BROOKES With New Single ‘EKARMA’

Relaxing reveries for the laziest day of the week

19 July 2020

British compelling singer/songwriter SAM BROOKES releases
his first new music since heavyhearted 2014 album Kairos.

He announced the release of new longplayer Black Feathers
on 23rd October via Go Slowly Records.

Ahead comes first single EKARMA. The appealing reverie “explores the inner
strength found in periods of isolation weaved with dark but ultimately soothing
memories of the ocean. Ekarma was inspired by a frightening childhood experience
which saw Brookes nearly swept out to sea whilst swimming on a family holiday, too
far from the shore to call for help.

“I had this overwhelming feeling of fear that almost crippled me but I realised it was
up to me to get myself back to shore. This memory often revisits me as an adult when
I feel that I’m ‘too far from the shore’.”
explained Brookes.

Ekarma is a sensitive and emotive humdinger. Not only Brookes’ voice but also his frightening swim accident as a youngster brings Jeff Buckley to mind who drowned in 1997. It’s a spine-chilling heart and soul song that makes you silent and puzzles your mindset.

Listen here…

Also on Spotify

SAM BROOKES: Website  

(photo on top: Sarah Cresswell)

Beach Girls Harmonies – New Single ‘PEOPLE OF THE SUN’ By FIRE IN HER EYES

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

12 July 2020

London psych/folk trio FIRE IN HER EYES entered the music scene
last year with two notable singles Presenting  and Aladdin’s Cave.

And here’s third new mediation ‘PEOPLE OF THE SUN’.

“A song that calls to those who seek a deeper understanding of life.
A conscious awakening to the beauty that surrounds us” says the band.

It’s a vocal tour de force sounding like if the Californian harmony legends The Beach
came together again for an a cappella performance. Emotive, tender, and quixotic.
The romantic, positive feel (and the single’s artwork too) brings the romantic 60s hippie sentiments to mind. FIRE IN HER EYES share a hopeful message. Truly important in
these bizarre times we live in.

Enjoy the beach girls here…

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photo by Mona Cordes

DAVID GILMOUR Shares New Single ‘YES, I HAVE GHOSTS’ With Vocals By Daughter ROMANY

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

After five years of silence, since his 2015 album Rattle That Rock,
DAVID GILMOUR shared a new track called YES, I HAVE GHOSTS.

The song is inspired by the audiobook version of his wife and author
Polly Samson’s A Theatre Of Dreams.

Gilmour said in a press statement: “Polly’s vivid and poetic writing, coupled with her very natural narration voice, made joining forces to produce the audio version of ‘A Theatre for Dreamers’ a fantastic and fulfilling experience. The audiobook format has so much untapped potential, and I am surprised more musicians have not creatively collaborated with authors, narrators and audiobook producers in this way before. The two worlds seem to seamlessly
link, and music can really help to bring audiobooks to life in unexpected new ways.”

Yes, I Have Ghosts also features vocals and harp by their daughter Romany.

Enjoy the graceful ballad here…


Bittersweet Symphony – Here Are British Rockers REGENT With Brand New Single ‘TIME TO LOOSE THE BLUES’

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

28 June 2020

Brit-rock trio REGENT from Southampton dropped their third single of 2020. Hallmarked with the swagger and sonics of 90s flag bearers like Ocean Colour Scene, Oasis and The Verve, TIME TO LOOSE swiftly follows I Told You So and Again.

Frontman Ben Rooke says “the song is about love, devastation,
heart break, and coming back no matter what life throws at you

Time To Loose The Blues has all the touching characteristics of a vintage, intimate Noel Gallagher ballad. Epic, captivating, and soul-stirring. A heart-to-heart meditation to cry
your heart out to, a downcast tearjerker making you feel better afterward. It could be the sonic, comforting friend you’re looking for in these days of isolation blues. A bittersweet symphony, indeed. Sit down, relax, close your eyes and let your thoughts float away…

REGENT: Facebook

Graceful And Beatific – Listen To ‘OPERATE’ By Irish Trio HAVVK Ft. Participant

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

21 June 2020

Last year Irish/British indie pop/rock and politically outspoken trio HAVVK
impressed with their highly striking album Cause & Effect.

The band decided to start up collaborations with other Irish artists to interpret songs
of Cause & Effect. The first reworked piece is Operate featuring Participant. It’s an aural pleasure to hear how a frisky synth pop jingle becomes a graceful and beatific ballad. Dreamy, ruminative and starry-eyed. Lovely!

Listen here and watch the elegant self-made clip…

Also on Spotify

HAVVK: Facebook

Heartwarming – PERFUME GENIUS Charmes With ‘ON THE FLOOR’…

Vibes for the laziest day of the week

14 June 2020

A month ago Mike Hadreas aka PERFUME GENIUS released his much-acclaimed fifth album Set My Heart on Fire Immediately. Another compassionate piece of work with ON THE FLOOR as one of the highlights. A bouncy and heartwarming soul-pop humdinger described by NME as Hadreas’ take on the joyous pop of Cyndi Lauper.

Here we go…

Album in full…


Heart And Soul Touching Gem – Listen To ‘It’s Raining On The Wrong Side Of The Window’ By GLASS PEAKS

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

7 June 2020

British indie alt-pop trio GLASS PEAKS released their brand new 7-track EP, entitled
IT’S RAINING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE WINDOW with the stellar title song
as my favorite track.

Expect heart-rending melancholia at its very best causing goosebumps from the
first spin. Its heart and soul touching Nick Cave like moodiness makes you silent. A
riveting and breathtaking ballad. A stirring tearjerker that sends shivers down your
spine. And weeping Interpol guitar lines add an afflicting passionateness to this grief-stricken gem. Dim the lights and let your thoughts float away…

Here’s the delicate and
excellent EP in full


EP available on iTunes