Danish Singer-Songwriter DENNI IAN Moves With His New Ballad ‘(Salt King) 0>1’

New striking strokes

8 March 2023

Who: Danish poet and songwriter. His music has been compared to
the brutal beauty of early Nick Cave, the delicate intimacy of the late
Elliott Smith, and the rich melancholy of Matt Berninger of The National.

New single: (Salt King) 0>1

”It’s an expressionistic statement, one heavy with heartbreak
and loss, yet it feels intimate in its delirium.”.

TUTV: Dim the lights, light a candle, close your eyes, and let the music and
‘s heavyhearted spoken-word reflections pour in. Imagine a smoky bar with
some lost souls staring into emptiness with no happy future to dream about and
a crooner emphasizing their sad state of mind with his bluesy piano play and this downcast midnight-hour ballad.

Listen here.

DENNI IAN: Instagram

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