Brooklyn Based Psych Trio MOONWALKS With Jangly Jam ‘HEAVY TEARS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

8 March 2023

Photo by Julia Khoroshilov

Band: MOONWALKS (Detroit via Brooklyn)
Who: Psychedelic outfit gearing up
for their new LP.


The band’s third studio album. A departure from the band’s
DIY psych-rock roots to a more mature and polished sound.
Out May 26 via Fuzz Club.

Moonwalks: “’Western Mystery Tradition’ was conceived in the winter of 2019 amidst a polar vortex in Detroit. At the time and in between touring, we lived together in a house on the west side that lacked a working stove and had no power in half of the building. The band – trapped indoors due to temperatures in the negatives and massive amounts of snow – drew inspiration from our isolated state amidst a bleak Michigan winter.”

First single: HEAVY TEARS

TUTV: The jangly psychedelia of The Velvet Underground‘s early days pops up
in my mind, but also the haunting groovin’ of Texan’s rockers The Black Angels
and the magnetic sonority of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. I guess you get the
sonic picture with that info. Bring on the album.

Press play.

MOONWALKS: Facebook – Instagram

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