London’s Experimental BLACK MIDI Drops New Perplexing Track ‘CROW’S PERCH’…

Brand new sonic impulses

26 March 2019

Only 5 days ago Turn Up The Volume! named London’s young foursome BLACK MIDI the first real sensation of 2019 (read here why) and they’re already back again with new track CROW’S PERCH. Another experimental build up/break down sound exploit that grabs your sonic attention from the nervously funky start to the crazed and clamorous finish. They create a kind of neurotic tension that is both perplexing and absorbing. ‘Crows Perch‘ is a sort of jazzy post-punk outpouring with singer Geordie Greep‘s menacing vocals giving you the creeps. Challenging and confounding. Here’s the accompanying razzle-dazzle clip…

BLACK MIDI: Facebook

FILTHY FRIENDS Drop Another Crushing Cut From Upcoming Album – Here’s ‘NOVEMBER MAN’…

Brand new sonic impulses

25 March 2019

(photo: John Clark)

Sharp striking supergroup FILTHY FRIENDS formed two years ago by R.E.M.‘s Peter Buck
and Sleater-Kinney‘s Corin Tucker will release the follow-up to their raw 2017 debut longplayer Invitation in May. After the energy outburst of their lead single Last Chance County last month the band drops another red-hot-blooded rocker. NOVEMBER MAN is clearly about that idiot in The White House. “Long skinny tie/ And hair of gold/ You made the deal/ Our future soldTucker sings while fearless guitars rage like a buzz saw around her ready to bring down any border wall. Catch the feverish flare-up right here…


Swedish Rockers DELAGOON Thunder On Brand New Nasty Cracker ‘TIME’…

Brand new sonic impulses

23 March 2019


Who: Fervent 4-headed squad with Stockholm’s best looking haircuts. They’re
“The” Swedish boy band on crack with an indie soul but without the ugly paisley shirts.

Track: TIME

Score: After a couple of singles and their firm 2017 EP New Sensation these Swedish rockers just launched new red-hot single TIME. A nasty ripper fueled by a firework of dueling guitars and propelled by a slashing rhythm section while minatory vocals roll
all over it. Wiry stroke! Boisterous electricity! Catch their hectic drift right here…

DELAGOON: Facebook –  Spotify

Scottish Rockers IDLEWILD Present Another Cut From New LP – Here’s The Vibrant ‘SAME THINGS TWICE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

22 March 2019

Scottish indie rockers IDLEWILD have been around for quite some time now.
They will release their eight album, entitled INTERVIEW MUSIC next April.
After launching melodic pop rainbow single ‘Dream Variations’ last month
the band now present new cut SAME THINGS TWICE. A booming corker with
a banging chorus. It’s hooky, edgy and flashy. Catch the robust dynamic here…

IDLEWILD: Facebook

FAT WHITE FAMILY Shares Bloody Track From New Album – Here’s ‘TASTES GOOD WITH THE MONEY’…

Brand new sonic impulses

21 March 2019

Early January South-London‘s most notorious misfits FAT WHITE FAMILY dropped lead single FEET from their upcoming, third, album. A karma-like chant with a ghostly and magnetic vibe. A totally different beast compared to their The Fall influenced post-punk mayhem of the early days, although their controversial appetite for shock treatment is
still intact. Oh yeah, the gang just shared another cut from the new LP. ‘TASTES GOOD WITH THE MONEY’ is their ode to good old rich West-London. The song is a contagious, groovy, sing-along humdinger featuring a sequence with their amigo Baxter Dury. The clip is directed by electro-dance artist Róisín Murphy and is a freaky, deranged, horror-ific and totally bloody parody. C’mon let’s join the mess right here…


New album SERFS UP! out 19 April – pre-order facilities here

THE DREAM SYNDICATE Shares Another Track From New LP – Here’s ‘PUT SOME MILES ON’…

Brand new sonic impulses

20 March 2019

(Photo by Linda Pitmon)

Los Angeles THE DREAM SYNDICATE release their first album since 2012. THESE TIMES
is out next May. Frontman Steve Wynn says about the lyrical content of the new record: “There is no avoiding the existential panic of a world that’s hurtling somewhere quickly, evolving, and shifting course by the hour,” he says. “It seems like a lie to not address or reflect the things that we can’t stop thinking about — the whole world’s watching indeed. The lyrics are just a mirror of the dread, panic, mania, speculation, melancholy and ultimately shrugging abandonment that just might follow. It’s just all about where we are.”

After last month’s groovy lead single Black Light the band now shared another new cut. ‘PUT SOME MILES ON’ relates to being on the road, the passing of time and listening with appreciation to the influential jazz trumpeter, Miles Davis. It’s a highly catching steamroller getting under your skin from the get-go. Join the swirling trip right here…

DREAM SYNDICATE: Facebook – Tour Dates

THESE TIMES – out 5 May via ANTI-

Los Angeles Noise Rockers INDIAN SUMMR Release Brand New Heated EP ‘YOU NEVER SAY WHAT I WANNA HEAR’…

Brand new sonic impulses

16 March 2019

Los Angeles‘ frantic hot rod INDIAN SUMMR has just released their new 3-track EP, titled ‘YOU NEVER SAY WHAT I WANNA HEAR‘. What you get are three full-blooded ripsnorters driven by a merciless rhythm section and electrified by merciless guitar riffs with ferocious vocals, sharp as a jagged knife, all over it. If Nirvana would have been a hair-raising garage punk band they would have sounded exactly fired-up like this mind-blowing three-piece. Discover the rousing hullabaloo right here…


Guitar/Synth Pop Duo RUBBER VELVET Drops Desirous Single ‘MINE TO OWN’…

Brand new sonic impulses

15 March 2019

After releasing their notable debut EP Rest In Vain last summer and their second EP
Little Wild early this year fresh Welsh duo RUBBER VELVET now dropped a new single. MINE TO OWN is a delicate, slow-mo pop reverie with glittering guitars, ambient synths and desirous vocals reminding me both of the moodiest moments of American electro duo MGMT and English veteran daydreamers Slowdive. Melodic, gripping and longing.

Tune in here…

RUBBER VELVET: Facebook – Instagram – ‘Mine To Own’ on iTunes

PORLOLO’s Frontwoman ERIN ROBERTS Shares Her Decisive ‘I QUIT’ Mantra…

Brand new sonic impulses

14 March 2019

Denver’s singer/songwriter ERIN ROBERTS and her artistic vehicle PORTOLO just
dropped new track ‘I QUIT‘. Unhappy with her full-time career, Roberts quit her job in January and headed into the studio to record the song with her musical collaborators

“Singing this song puts power back in my hands when the going gets rough. I’ve used it as a mantra to sing repeatedly to myself when faced with tough situations. Dehumanizing bosses, turgid gatekeepers, class ceilings, blind eyes. Sometimes when there’s nothing nice left to say, you can just say ‘I QUIT’…” says Roberts.

I Quit‘ is a sparkling, retro guitar led earworm that sticks instantly. Whether you sing
along, hum along or whistle along to Robert‘s mantra-like confession it will give you that mind-confident and soul-warming feeling of having changed the course of your life in the right direction. Still doubting? Catch the sonic inspiration right here…

PORLORO: Facebook – Instagram