THE DAMNED Back In Punk Town With New Nightmare ‘THE INVISIBLE MAN’

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6 February 2023

THE DAMNED are one of those
70s British punk outfits that have
no expiration date.

They’ll rumble and roll until their last breath.

They just announced album #12. It’s called
Darkadelic and lands on 28th April.
Pre-order info here.

With first taster THE INVISIBLE MAN it’s back to their horror-ific
graveyard days. Nightmare punk rock at its Damned best.

Wicked stuff.
Wicked video.

THE DAMNED: Facebook – Instagram

BUCK GOOTER – American Synth-Punk Act Turns Your Psyche Upside Down With New Heavy Hammerhead

New striking strokes

4 February 2023

Who: Synth-punk duo – Terry Turtle and Billy Brett – from Virginia, that hit the scene in 2008. They played hundreds of gigs and released 10+ records, until the unfortunate death of Turtle in 2019. Brett fulfilled his final wish by keeping on making/playing music as he asked for.

New album: GHOST BRAIN
Release: 4 April 2023 – more info here.

“As the album title implies, the musings of Terry’s “Ghost Brain” are present throughout the entire album, just as his guitar and chain mail mask stand as a forever haunting tribute on Buck Gooter’s stage. He can be heard through voice samples (ranging from shit talking to the last voicemail message Terry ever left on Billy’s phone) and drones…even an improv MicroKorg jam.”

Lead single/video: BURNING GLASS

Billy Brett: “It’s a rocker about modern life. Life spent staring at burning glass. It gets hellish sometimes. Clutching a piece of glass with fire underneath it, stroking, and staring. Us humans get ourselves into some wild predicaments. Wishing it would all turn back into sand.”

TUTV: Don’t look at your phone when Billy Brett is around or he’ll get in your face with this merciless Götterdämmerung hammerhead. Mind you, he’ll do it anyway. Trust me, you’ll like it. Oh my, it feels great when battering blasts like this turn your psyche upside down and make your boring state of mind explode in just 200 seconds. So more exciting than our daily reality. Burning Glass should be the ineffaceable ringtone on every smartphone around the globe. Now!

Go bonkers.

Check this Bandcamp interview with Billy Brett
about Buck Gooter and the late Terry Turtle here.


New striking strokes

3 February 2023

Toronto-based songstress SAM CASEY had a couple of soulful singles out
last year – New Company and Good Fight – and a magnificent goosebumps
cover of Etta James’ heartbreaking classic I’d Rather Go Blind and now she
dives into 2023 with a whole different piece.

Casey about new single I’M FUCKING SAM “It talks about the pressures of any young
adult who has recently left their safety net. It’s about dating the wrong guy, choosing the
wrong friends, and learning about yourself through these negative experiences. It illustrates
the experience of being wanted/adored for what you can do for someone rather than who
you really are. It also discusses the vices that we may fall back on when discovering these
ugly realities for the first time.”

It’s a sharp-tongued and guitar-tingling hip-pop tune. “I Never been so happy with
myself / I know who I am”
she sings, after past mistakes when it came to boyfriends
and companions, and she damn sounds confident. She’s done with wrong decisions.
She’s fucking SAM. Deal with it!

The accompanying video is directed by Agata Waclawska.


SAM CASEY: Facebook – Instagram

Shake Your Booty To Darkwavers MONTA And Their Sexy Dance Groove ‘EVERYBODY’S BABY’

New striking strokes

28 January 2023

Who: A post-punk electronic collective from
Kansas City that ventures into dark synthpop
and psychedelia.


TUTV: I dare you to try not to move all of your limbs to this irresistible,
shadowy synth groove. You just can’t resist this sickly sticky dancefloor
knockout. It’s funky, it’s vibey and it’s sexy, spiced with Mikal Shapiro‘s
sensual vocality and some glistening guitar lines.

Addictive earworms like this make you smile and speeds up
your adrenalin flow while you shake your booty. Touchdown!



MONTA: Facebook

Los Angeles’ Electro-Punk Whirlwind SEXTILE With New Capricious Roller Coaster ‘CRASSY MEL’

New striking strokes

28 January 2023

Who: Electro-punk act from Los Angeles, led by
key members Brady Keehn and Melissa Scaduto.

So far they fabricated/released 2 albums:
A Thousand Hands (2015) and Albeit Living (2017)
and one EP (2018).

New single: CRASSY MEL

It follows the two new songs – Modern Weekend
and Contortion – that the duo shared last year.

Crassy Mel is a weird beast of a jackhammer. It detonates like an electronic
whirlwind, spiced with hyperkentic bongos, and pushed by Scaduto‘s sneering
vocals. But soon the track derails as if synth-wizard Aphex Twin sneaked into
the studio for some head-twisting sequences before glowing synths fade out
slowly. A 3.28-minute roller coaster, ladies and gents.

Tune in.


SEXTILE: Facebook – Instagram

Portland’s Gothwave Duo PRINCESS UGLY Mystify With Psychedelic Mindtwister ‘AN INDIVIDUAL SOUL’

New striking strokes

25 January 2023

Who: The duo of J. Christopher-Rome (lyrics/vocals) and Christopher Moncrieffe (music/instruments) from Portland, Oregon. They mix post-punk, early 80’s goth,
shoegaze, and new wave into their own brand of sound.


TUTV: This is a multi-layered serpent of a track. After a short shock intro,
psychobilly guitars take over and riff and roll all the way through, surrounded
by glowing synths waves.

Add Christopher-Rome’s creepy whispering and you’ll feel transported
somewhere into a twilight zone where Goths party. Princess Ugly’s ominous
mind mystifies and the enigmatic she-devil in the video is a misleading magnet.

Save your soul, surrender.

Things get dark
Still going down
It needs to be fed
It came before
As an individual soul
As an individual soul

Delusion, delusion, delusions
We choose to pass by
We choose to pass by

Buy here.

PRINCESS UGLY: Facebook – Instagram

Belgian Heroes dEUS Share Moody Reverie ‘1989’ From First Album In 10 Years

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24 January 2023

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Belgian heroes dEUS – the best Belgian band ever, on record and on stage – rock
their tails off since 1991 and drop their 8th longplayer baptized HOW TO REPLACE IT
on 17th February 2023. Their first in 10 years. Pre-order info here.

Last November our ears got active for the first single, titled
Must Have Been New. A bluesy mid-tempo power-pop ballad.

Today second taster, named 1989 went online. An even softier piece.
Seems like singer-songwriter Tom Barman has a melancholic phase.

Lit a candle.

TOUR 2023

dEUS: Linktree

New York Bedroom Artist WOLF MANHATTAN Shares Video For His Retro Pop Ditty ‘SOMETIMES’

24 January 2023

Who: The alter-ego of musician, composer, producer and post-punk
electronic wizard João Vieira. A bedroom producer who, in a non-specific
time, lives alone above a local shop in New York City. Surrounded by his
uncle’s record collection, a 4-track and a guitar from the 50s that belonged
to a well-known artist, he finds that the only way to ease his loneliness is to
listen to The Velvet Underground, Daniel Johnston, Jonathan Richman, Adam
and The Shangri-Las.

Manhattan released his noteworthy, catchy tunes-filled
debut album (buy/stream below via Bandcamp) last year.

The album’s impressive artwork

One of the highlights, titled SOMETIMES is representative for the longplayer.
A feel-good retro pop ditty, a lazy hum/whistle/sing-along earworm to dream
away to.

The song is now visualized in this new video clip.

Stream/buy the debut album here.


AMERICAN NIGHTMARE Sounds Like A 56-Second American Nightmare

New striking strokes

Who: One of the most important and influential hardcore/punk bands of the last two decades. The band’s volatile mix of traditional American hardcore, dark aesthetics, and singer Wesley Eisold’s emotional lyrical prose set a new creative standard for the worldwide hardcore community.

New EP: Dedicated To The Next World
A 4-track one, out 2 June. Pre-order info here .

First track: SELF CHECK-OUT

Drummer Alex Garcia-Rivera
recorded it straight to two-inch tape.

Self Check-Out is an outrageous outburst sounding like
a 56-second American nightmare. Fast and furious, with
loudmouth Wesley Eisold yelling his ass off in one raging

Sick sledgehammer!

“And the bridges burn!
And the money burns!
And the Bibles burn!
And we never learn!”

Scream along.

AN: Facebook

ALSION GOLDFRAPP Makes Dancefloor Addicts Happy With Her First Solo Single ‘DIGGING DEEPER’

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22 January 2023

British synth duo Goldfrapp, Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory ,
fabricated 7 LPs since they started dancing in 1999.

Both were involved in several other projects and now Alison goes
officially solo with her debut single Digging Deeper, produced by
German electro wizard Claptone.

Alison: ” I’m effortlessly gliding through air, on a gloriously
hot breezy night arriving at a blissed-out dancefloor on
the island of my dreams.”

Dig deep here.

ALISON GOLDFRAPP: Facebook – Instagram