Creepy Experience – New KURT COBAIN Song Not Written By The Late Icon

18 April 2021

A new song by the late great Nirvana frontman KURT COBAIN?
Not written by him? Yep, and it feels otherworldly and creepy.

The song titled DROWNED IN THE SUN was written with AI (Artificial Intelligence)
software. But also new songs by the late Amy Winehouse and other deceased artists
(all at the age of 27) were made that way.

Toronto organisation Over The Bridge is the initiator of the project – focusing on the importance of mental health support – and created a compilation of new songs in the
style of musicians who died at the age of 27 like Cobain who passed away 27 years ago, early April. What about the legality? Royalties? His widow Courtney Love and daughter Frances? And the fans? Many of them reacted furiously on social media.

The big question: where will it all end?

And the weirdest thing is that it’s a top song.

Listen here…


New sonic impulses…

17 April 2021

Dance-pop-and-soul star MOBY releases REPRISE. An album of orchestral reimaginings
of a selection of songs he wrote in the past inspired by a classical performance of his music that took place in 2018.

After sharing Porcelain with My Morning Jacket‘s Jim James signing, comes a magical
version of his 2013 song The Lonely Night with two splendiferous crooners on vocals, Kris Kristofferson Mark Lanegan. Goosebumps all the way.

Listen here…

MOBY: Facebook

riot pop ‘girl in red’ warns a ‘stupid bitch’

16 april 2021

ardent norwegian popster marie ulven, better known as girl in red i MAKE
SOngs and im not a band 😉 world in red
  – unleashes her debut album  if i could
make it go quiet
out 30 april. order info here .

but first a don’t mess with me rant called you stupid bitch.

as she explains in a statement: “there’s this line from this movie i love, The Perks of Being a Wallflower that goes ‘we accept the love we think we deserve.’ it’s a very heartbreaking line, but it’s really what I was experiencing in this situation, where i was always there for this person who would get their heart broken, and i would just come running. that person would never see me as anything else than just a friend. the core essence of this track is like, I’m obviously here for you, and i want to be with you, but you keep messing around with other people, and you keep getting broken. it’s this really direct, straightforward track.”

watch out for this bitch in red, she’ll go mental when she
doesn’t get what she wants. well, that’s what I sense here.

what about you?

girl in red: Facebook

debut album if i could
make it go quiet
out out 30 april

Crazy-Psyched-Up Rockers TEKE:TEKE Razzle-Dazzle With Their New Mad Single ‘BARBARA’

New sonic impulses…

16 April 2021

(credit: Andy Jon)


Who: A Montreal-based psych-rock gang, playing Japanese
instruments, flute, and trombone alongside raging guitars and
a pulsing rhythm section. They create a sound reminiscent of
1960’s and 70’s era psychedelic Japanese soundtracks, with
a frenetic, modern twist.

Track: BARBARA – (third) single from their debut album,
out 7 May via Kill Rock Stars. Pre-order info here.

About: Rhythm guitarist Hidetaka Yoneyama explains: “I was randomly
mistaken for an old lady by this stranger on the street who came up to me
screaming Barbara? Barbara?! It’s you?! Barbara?! Maya [the band’s vocalist]
then had the idea of taking the story to another level by turning it into this
psychedelic tale of ‘Yokai’ (‘ghost’ or ‘spirit’) that escapes a house and goes
on doing all sorts of pranks on people, that spirit being Barbara.”

Score: This is madness! Madness! Madness! Yes, this is a mad as hatter
roller coaster you can’t jump off once you’re seated. Every second you
feel as if you’re going to crash. I repeat: Madness, Madness, Madness.

Front-loudmouth Maya screams her lungs dizzy while a crazy-psyched-up
orchestra creates a chaotic, sonic storm the way your ears like it any day
until suddenly, a sort of funky fanfare enters and hitch-hikes this rattling
ripper. I repeat: Madness, Madness, Madness. Watch out there’s a ghost
in your house.

Scream, yell, screech along…

TEKE:TEKE = Facebook

Debut album SHIRUSHI out 7 May via Kill Rock Stars

Cool Beatnik Songstress LIZ PHAIR Shares New Track ‘SPANISH DOORS’

15 April 2021

Chicago raised Amazon LIZ PHAIR drops new album
SOBERISH next June. Her first new music in 11 years.
Order info here.

After singles Good Side and Hey Lou she makes
us happy again with new cut SPANISH DOORS.

A song “about the fracturing of a beautiful life, when everything
you counted on is suddenly thrown up for grabs,”
says Phair.

Despite the troubling story, the tune has a vivid feel…

LIZ PHAIR: Facebook

Chameleon Duo FIELD MUSIC Rolls On New Track ‘DO ME A FAVOUR’ From Upcoming LP

New sonic impulses…

15 APRIL 2021

Early this year British brotherly indie mavericks FIELD MUSIC from
Sunderland – who started their journey back in 2004 – announced
their 8th longplayer, titled FLAT WHITE MOON.

Out next week, 23 April.

We got three tasters so far (all together on Spotify below):
‘Orion From The Street, ‘No Pressure’ and ‘Not When You’re In Love.

And we can shake and swing to another track.

David Brewis about DO ME A FAVOUR: “I wanted to write something that
was really simple and direct — something which didn’t require any interpretation,
and that in itself is probably a bit unusual for us. I wrote it thinking about my daughter
who was deep into her terrible twos at the time but I hope it works as an all-purpose
song of love and obligation, whenever you feel that you’re doing all the work to hold
things together and you just need a tiny bit of help.”

Field Music show their chameleon skills again. They can switch easily from one
vibe to an entirely different one in an eye blink. This time they come up with this straightforward rocker that gets under your skin from the get-go. No special effects,
just movin’ and groovin’. Yeah!

Let’s roll

All four shared
tracks together…


Flat White Moon – out 23 April via Memphis Industries

MICK JAGGER & DAVE GROHL Get Satisfaction With Covid-19 Inspired Corker ‘EAZY SLEAZY’

14 April 2021

Two living mega rock legends, from different generations,
sir MICK JAGGER and DAVE GROHL teamed up to rock
like fired-up teenagers who’re looking for satisfaction

Jagger about their Covid-19 inspired corker EAZY SLEAZY. “I’m sure
an atmosphere of isolation or semi-isolation has changed what’s being
created in this period. I’m sure it subtly affected a lot of people’s subject
material and the way they write music.”

Start them up, folks…

Dream Pop From Moscow – MASHMELLOW Dropped Their New Starry-Eyed EP ‘POLE POLE’

New sonic impulses…

11 April 2021


Who: A Moscow-based dream-pop duo.
Masha Shurygina (vocals) and Egor Berdnikov
were both born in Russia’s Far East and met
in 2018. They share a mutual love of early
90’s dream-pop.

EP: POLE POLE – a 6-track record

Score: Mashmellow invite you from the first track on, into their
mixed-emotions universe of 90s pop and shoegaze dreams. They
also invited The Sundays (Small Spark / Upside Down) and Mazzy
(We Own The Night / Trust) to join their romantic walk under
the sparkling stars. This 6-track EP has all elements to make you
sit down, to make you feel relaxed, to make your eyes close and
press play. Enjoy the starry-eyed vibes here…


(band photo via FB-page Mashmellow)

ALAN VEGA’s Lost Album ‘MUTATOR’ Out In Two Weeks – Here’s Another Freaky Taster ‘FILTHY

In 1995/1996 ALAN VEGA, half of synth-punk pioneers Suicide
and his wife Liz Lamere, recorded an album called MUTATOR.
But it never saw the day of light. Then, back in 2019 Lamere and
close Vega friend Jared Artaud discovered the original tapes and
decided to mix the songs into a proper LP.

The lost album will be released
by Sacred Bones Records
on 23 April. Order info here.

After Fist and Nike Soldier
we get a third taster called FILTHY.

His widow Lamere about the track: “The anthemic zombie
atmosphere challenges the listener to find the underlying message
of hope that is always within Vega’s words and sound.”

Press play here for the freaky slo-mo groove…

ALAN VEGA: Facebook

LOU BARLOW Finally Home – New LP In May And Hear Lead-Single ‘OVER YOU’

New sonic impulses…

(Photo credit: Adelle Barlow)

Lou Barlow was/is very productive these past years.

A new Sebadoh
album Act Surprised (2019), six years after the previous LP.
And recently he returned to Dinosaur Jr., the band he co-founded
in 1984. Their new LP Sweep It Into Space sees the day of light
on 23rd April.

But his songwriting hunger isn’t satisfied yet.
A solo album called Reason To Live lands on 28 May.
Pre-order info here.

“This album is me really opening up, and the album follows that through
its many different themes. Some of my other work could be almost claustrophobic
in its insistence on being all tied together but there’s space for people to live inside
these songs. People have this vision of me as this heartbroken, depressed guy, but
this record feels so true to who I am, to this rich life I now have full of people I love.
The songs culminated over the last five years to show that music has returned to its
central comforting role in my life. Now I’m home.”
says Barlow.

Lead-single OVER YOU is a short ode to the golden state California
were he lived for 17 years, including 6 years with his beloved wife.

A sweet nostalgic daydream.
Enjoy here..

LOU BARLOW: Facebook

Artwork new album REASON TO LIVE – out 28 May