22 January 2021

Faith No More frontman Mike Patton teamed up again, after almost 8 years, in the studio with Mr. Bungle’s Trevor Dunn, the Jesus Lizard’s Duane Denison, and John Stanier of Helmet and Battles. Under the name TOMAHAWK they love to produce tons of illegal decibels.

A new album, titled Tonic Immobility will be unleashed on 26 March.

“Tonic Immobility could just be something in the air we’re feeling. It’s been a rough year between the pandemic and everything else. A lot of people feel somewhat powerless and stuck as they’re not able to make a move without second-guessing themselves or worrying about the outcomes. For as much as the record possibly reflects that, it’s also an escape from the realities of the world. We’re not wallowing in negativity or getting political.” says the band in a statement.

Here comes lead-single Business Casual.

A fierce hammer blow. “A mocking look at the life of work in America.”


TOMAHAWK: Facebook

TONIC IMMOBILITY out 26 March – via Ipeac recordings

Smooth Strings Groove – WEEZER Shares New Single ‘ALL MY FAVORITE SONGS’

21 January 2021

L.A. rockers WEEZER have two albums waiting in the pipeline to be unleashed.

OK HUMAN arrives on 29th January and VAN WEEZER on 7th May. Originally the latter was the first to leave the gates (and 3 tracks off it already hit the internet) but the band had second thoughts and OK Human gets the honor to go first.

Lead-single ALL MY FAVORITE SONGS, criticizing the time we spend on our phones and social media, is a poppy, smooth and instantly ear-catching groove with a layers-of-strings chorus and the lines “All my favorite songs are slow and sad / All my favorite people make me mad, so mad.”

Let’s roll

WEEZER: Facebook

OK HUMAN out 29th January

SHEER MAG – Philadelphia Rockers Share New Track ‘CRUSHED VELVET’

New sonic impulses…

17 January 2021

Philadelphia squad SHEER MAG, led by tense roarer Tina Halladay, hit the scene
with a big punk-rock bang 7 years ago. So far they came up with two cooking LPs.
A Distant Call
(2019) and Need To Feel Your Love (2017).

Their first 2021 music is a new classic-guitar-rock stroke called CRUSHED VELVET
for upcoming movie – out on Hulu tomorrow – The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise.

Go for it, Tina

SHEER MAG: Facebook

Brooklyn Rockers THE HOLD STEADY Dropped Ace Single ‘HEAVY COVENANT’

16 January 2021

Brooklyn rockers THE HOLD STEADY prepare
themselves for a new album, out next month,
with a new ace single.

HEAVY COVENANT is an organ-driven snorter
getting more intense along its feet-and-head tapping
way, while steamy horns heat up the feverish chorus.


With the wine glass on the microwave
The ashtray in the kitchenette
I could tell that it was difficult
Sleeper city with the underplay
You can get it almost anywhere
If you know the perfect words to say


New album OPEN DOOR POLICY out 19th February . All info right here.

We Don’t Talk Anymore – ISHANI Reflects On What A ‘PERFECT LIFE’ We Think We Have

15 January 2021

Since 2018 London based artist ISHANI has dropping music that each successively
rained her raw heartfelt vocals and atmospheric, future thinking beats on us.

And she has another new piece out called PERFECT LIFE.

The song is, in her words, is “a story about our collective social media experience and our relationships with our own phones. Whether we want to or not, we are constantly seeing other people’s lives, fantasising about what their world is like, and wasting our own time constantly scrolling, not living, just imagining other people’s lives.”

Ishani has the gift to get your aural attention with her warm Sade like voice embedded
in chill-out, soulful grooves with a jazzy touch à la Amy Winehouse. Both mellow and shadowy, relaxing and reflecting. With Perfect Life she warns for the (a)social media danger of isolation, rightly so.

‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’

ISHANI: Facebook

PERFECT LIFE also on Spotify

ISHANI: Facebook

(Promo photo on top received via Lost In The Manor Pr)

Grim Times Indeed – FOO FIGHTERS Drop Another New Piece ‘WAITING ON A WAR

15 January 2021

FOO FIGHTERS unleash their 10th LP titled MEDICINE AT MIDNIGHT on 5 February.

The group dropped, so far, two cuts. Shame Shame and No Son Of Mine (clips below).

And here’s another taster, a vintage FF anthemic power ballad with a high-powered
climax called WAITING ON A WAR .

“My daugter asked me: ‘Dad, are we going to war’? It reminded me of how I felt when I was
her age, and I just thought: ‘What a fucking drag! How depressing is it that childhood could be robbed of that beauty and innocence by this dark feeling of dread? So that’s what ‘Waiting On
A War’ is about.”
says Grohl.

Do it, Dave

Previous two singles…




Indie Mavericks FIELD MUSIC Share Sparkling Single From New LP

14 January 2021

Indie mavericks FIELD MUSIC from Sunderland, UK started their musical
journey back in 2004 and scored seven longplayers so far. And number
eight is coming sometime this year.

Ahead of it comes sparkling lead-single ORION FROM THE STREET.

“I wrote it in a daze. It’s full of accidental quotes and allusions — the first couple of lines I overheard in a Cary Grant documentary but they sum up the whole song — how intense impressions of love, hate, grief and guilt can be an almost hallucinatory experience” says
the band’s David Brewis.

Orion From The Street spins on and on, with fizzing synths and a steadfast bass beat triggering one of your feet’s up and down movement. Add floating, harmonious vocals
and you have a chirpy pop doozy to wake up to in the morning.

Boost your mood here…

Also on Spotify


MOGWAI Launch Another Track/Clip From New LP – ‘RICHIE SACRAMENTO’

13 January 2021

Experimental Scottish post-punks MOGWAI catapult their new album
As The Loves Continues your way on 19th February 2021, exactly 25
years after the release of the group’s first single, Tuner / Lower.

We already heard lead-single Dry Fantasy (check below). And here’s another
piece called Ritchie Sacramento. A shoe-gazy dream pop rainbow. Lovely!

Listen/watch here…

Lead-single Dry Fantasy

MOGWAI: Facebook

A worldwide live performance will premiere the new LP on 13 February at 8pm GMT