Los Angeles Noise Rockers INDIAN SUMMR Release Brand New Heated EP ‘YOU NEVER SAY WHAT I WANNA HEAR’…

Brand new sonic impulses

16 March 2019

Los Angeles‘ frantic hot rod INDIAN SUMMR has just released their new 3-track EP, titled ‘YOU NEVER SAY WHAT I WANNA HEAR‘. What you get are three full-blooded ripsnorters driven by a merciless rhythm section and electrified by merciless guitar riffs with ferocious vocals, sharp as a jagged knife, all over it. If Nirvana would have been a hair-raising garage punk band they would have sounded exactly fired-up like this mind-blowing three-piece. Discover the rousing hullabaloo right here…


Guitar/Synth Pop Duo RUBBER VELVET Drops Desirous Single ‘MINE TO OWN’…

Brand new sonic impulses

15 March 2019

After releasing their notable debut EP Rest In Vain last summer and their second EP
Little Wild early this year fresh Welsh duo RUBBER VELVET now dropped a new single. MINE TO OWN is a delicate, slow-mo pop reverie with glittering guitars, ambient synths and desirous vocals reminding me both of the moodiest moments of American electro duo MGMT and English veteran daydreamers Slowdive. Melodic, gripping and longing.

Tune in here…

RUBBER VELVET: Facebook – Instagram – ‘Mine To Own’ on iTunes

ARCADE FIRE Family Shares Their Cheesy Disney Dumbo Movie Version ‘BABY MINE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

11 March 2019

At the end of this month, Walt Disney Productions will release a new Tim Burton-directed version movie of that cute little elephant Dumbo. In the original 1941 animation movie BABY MINE a song written by Frank Churchill and Ned Washington, is sung by the mother
of Dumbo as a lullaby to her baby. This time the song is performed by, yes, ARCADE FIRE.

Frontman Win Butler revealed details about their contribution: “My mom plays the harp on the track, my brother the theremin, my wife sings and plays drums, and our son even plays the triangle, as well as the rest of our ‘family’ in Arcade Fire. I will forever relate to the song thinking about the people I hold so dear that are so precious to me.” So I guess Elton John is fired as the in-house Disney composer and the once so great Canadian band replaced him. I truly don’t see the point, except for the fact that they want some cheap publicity and hope to gain a new fan audience. Here’s Arcade Fire‘s totally cheesy 2019 Dumbo song…


THE BLACK KEYS Are Back! Here’s New Groovy Cracker ‘LO/HI’…

Brand new sonic impulses

7 March 2019

(Photo: Alysse Gafkjen)

Blues brothers in crime Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney , aka THE BLACK KEYS,
are back after a hiatus of five years, making music individually with several side
projects in between. They are rumored to play the 50th anniversary Woodstock
this summer. So far no news about an upcoming new album, just this
brand new track ‘LO/HI‘. A vintage Keys blues rocker. A clangorous groover with
thumping drums, sultry guitar riffage and gospel-like backing vocals. Wham bam!

Feel the heat right here…


AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS Will Blow You Off Your Socks With Hot-Blooded Ripper… ‘MONSOON ROCK’

Brand new sonic impulses

7 March 2019

After two nasty EPs Giddy Up (2016) and Big Attraction (2017) Melbourne’s hot gang AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS are gearing up to conquer the whole wide world with their debut LP on 24 May. In the meantime let’s go totally gaga to their smashing, title track, single MONSOON ROCK. A sweaty, raw, rip-roaring sledgehammer. An anarchic wallop that will blow you off your socks, folks. Frontwoman Amy Taylor‘s flaming rapping rock ardency is all over the place while deranged guitars and a blasting bass/drums turbo pump up the electricity to an insane level. ROCK ‘N’ ROLL IS NOT DEAD! Here’s why…


The band will tour the UK and Europe in April (all dates here) and for the lucky ones (like me in Brussels on 8 April) who will see them in action here’s a taster of their live power…

FONTAINES D.C. Release Another Cut From Debut LP – Here’s Melancholic Beauty ‘ROY’S TUNE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

7 March 2019

So far Irish steaming rockers FONTAINES D.C. made our stream of adrenalin go
apeshit with punkish dynamite on record and on stage. But here’s the first ‘slow’
one, actually a moving semi-ballad, a sad & touching story, a surprisingly tender humdinger called ROY’S TUNE. It’s the third track the band shared from their
long-awaited upcoming debut LP DROGEL. Listen/watch right here..

FONTAINES D.C.: Facebook –Twitter  

Debut album DROGEL out 12 April – all details here

THE NATIONAL Shares First Track From Forthcoming Album – Here’s ‘YOU HAD YOUR SOUL WITH YOU’…

Brand new sonic impulses

5 March 2019

Cincinnati’s moody rockers THE NATIONAL launch their new, eight, album ‘I AM EASY TO FIND‘ on 17th May. The band just shared the first taster. ‘YOU HAD YOUR SOUL WITH YOU‘ has that characteristic The National feel. Touching and melancholic. Here’s the audio clip…

THE NATIONAL: Facebook – All Albums

New album I AM EASY TO FIND out 17th May via 4AD

(photo on top: FB The National)

Australian Foursome BODY TYPE Vivifies With Amplified Pop Cracker ‘STINGRAY’…

Brand new sonic impulses

5 March 2019

(photo: Nick Mckk)

After last year’s self-titled ardent debut EP vivid Aussies BODY TYPE will release
their follow-up EP2 on 3 May via Partisan Records. Ahead of it here’s lead single ‘STINGRAY‘. A song “observing my friends being stuck in relationship ruts and trying to
shake them out of it, reminding them of their power to sting and swim away gracefully.

It’s an amplified pop cracker electrified with ebullient guitars, fervid vocals and
a razzle-dazzle chorus. A bustling score!

The band told Ladygunn about the accompanying video’s story: “Last year, there was
a news story about Freckle. A saucy gal stingray at Sydney Aquarium who had given birth despite having had no male contact for 9 years. I saw parallels between her story and the
theme of the song itself. Freckle is an inspiration for everyone in dead-end relationships so
we decided she should be the star of this video.“

Listen/watch right here…

BODY TYPE: Facebook

BABYBIRD Shares Profound Track/Clip ‘IN PLACE OF LOVE ‘ From Upcoming Compilation Album…

Brand new sonic impulses

25 February 2019

Stephen Jones aka BABYBIRD was so much more than his huge 1996 hit You’re So Gorgeous (of which most of the buyers hadn’t a clue what the song was really about) suggested. Becoming a pop star was not his prime artistic goal. He operated in a twilight world of his own behind closed doors, writing compelling, darksome and soul-stirring songs that weren’t, besides that one exception, conceived with massive commercial success in mind. Therefore Jones‘ music was too profound and emotionally too complex and too real. If you never heard of Babybird check this two emotive top albums and you’ll understand what I mean: Ugly Beautiful  (1996) and There’s Something Going On (1998).

Today BABYBIRD announced a new compilation titled HAPPY STUPID NOTHING,
out next Friday, 1st March, with a series of tracks from the period 2015-2018. Along
with this announcement he shared one of the album’s stirring musings. The 2017
ballad ‘IN PLACE OF LOVE‘ is a gripping goosebumps performance. Only vox and
piano. A spine-tingling achievement. Listen/watch here…

BABYBIRD: Facebook

HAPPY STUPID NOTHING out 1st March. All info and pre-order facilities right here

(photo on top: FB Babybird)

JOHNNY MARR Goes Disco To Ignore The Imminent Apocalypse – Here’s New Track ‘ARMATOPIA’…

Brand new sonic impulses

22 February 2019

JOHNNY MARR‘s productivity is unstoppable. After releasing Call the Comet, his best
solo album so far last June, followed some months later by new spiky track Jeopardy
the Manchester legend just dropped another new one. Marr feels that the Apocalypse
is just around the corner and proposes to get-together and have fun in order to forget about the imminent collapse of our troubled planet. Great idea! Here’s the soundtrack
to escape the fatal downfall. ARMATOPIA is a dance floor disco filler to get up to and
fight for our right to party one more time. Shake your booty, folks…