British Electrical Trio GAFFA TAPE SANDY Feels ‘SO DRY’…

Brand new sonic impulses

23 June 2019

(Photo credit: Bridie Florence)


Who: “Three piece garage rock band from Bury St Edmunds, spewing out glorified noise for your amusement only!”

Track: SO DRY – the band says about their new cut: “We don’t really like arguing as a whole, but expressing yourself is very important, so we like to think of this song as us raising our voices anonymously at the people who make us mad as hell”.

Score: This is a near hysterical outburst full of red-blooded exasperation and psychic perseverance that hammers throughout its full soul-stirring ebullition. Press the button,
oil your vocal cords  and catch the heated fever right here…



Please Welcome From A Doomed Galaxy Of His Own The One Man Madness Band …’DOM GOODCHILD THE VOID STARER’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 June 2019


From Leicester, UK here’s one man madness band called DOM GOODCHILD THE VOID STARER “whose music is a visceral and dark monologue soundtracked with slowly building guitar feedback and drum machine. He’s a black metal fan but musically his sound is more post-punk or a touch of doom-rock (in a lo-fi way), perhaps for fans of Sleaford Mods or post-punk poet John Cooper Clark for his angry and honest stream of consciousness… and his music is used as a laxative for Capybara’s that have constipation.”

I suppose we know after this quite crystal clear press description that either this artist is a psychic patient who spends most of his time in a strait jacket or he’s taking us for a wacko ride, or both. Let’s find out on his newest track ‘IN BED WITH HUMANITY‘ right here…


CHELSEA WOLFE Seduces Strangely With Her New Moony Track ‘THE MOTHER ROAD’…

Brand new sonic impulses

18 June 2019

(photo: Nona Limmen / artwork for new album by John Crawford)

After her 2017 LP ‘His Spun‘ the first music from gloomy troubadour CHELSEA WOLFE
was an Roky Ericskon cover to pay tribute to the psychedelic rocker who recently passed away. And today, the Los Angeles artist announced new album, called ‘Birth Of Violence‘. And here’s the first cut.

THE MOTHER ROAD’ is a spellbinding musing with strong lines like: “I do not have a child, but I’m old enough to know some pain” and “And I’m hell bent on loving you/ Women know what it is to endure.”

Check the full reflection right here…


Tantalizing Trio SHYBITS Causes Cheers With Catchy Clanging ‘COLOURS’…

Brand new sonic impulses

17 June 2019



Who: An international trio that produces “a fuzzy, feel-good sound
reminiscent of post punk and 90s garage rock”

Score:  To my catchy melody orientated ears this band lives somewhere in the hottest
part of California instead of their actual home base Berlin, where they fabricate sizzling tunes with clanging jingle jangle guitars, joyful vocals and a speedy flow that turns you giddy. They sound like a sort of 21st century shoegazing Beach Boys And One Girl trio making fun with bikes and roller skates instead of surf boards. See and hear why right here…

SHYBITS: Facebook

SLEATER-KINNEY Share Another Track From New LP – ‘THE FUTURE IS HERE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

14 June 2019

Riot grrrl legends SLEATER-KINNEY will release a new album, entitled THE CENTER WON’T HOLD pretty soon. More info here. Last month they already shared firm lead single Hurry On Home. And here’s another new cut. THE FUTURE IS HERE is a pretty poppy humdinger reflecting the sonic impact of producer St. Vincent. Listen here…


British Bold Punks LIFE Share Belter From New LP – Here’s ‘HOLLOW THING’…

Brand new sonic impulses

13 June 2019

British punks LIFE out of Hull, who just finished a tour with IDLES will launch their second LP ‘A Picture Of Good Health‘ on 20 September. They look really smartly dressed for the occasion, sharing a new track off the LP titled ‘HOLLOW LIFE‘. ‘It’s about tackling isolation and fixing yourself. It’s about letting go of something in your life, something that’s passed and moving on and overcoming hurt, taking the hits but getting through it.’ reveals frontman Mez Green about the song.

Catch the lively energy here…

LIFE: Facebook

THE RACONTEURS Share Another Explosive Cut From New LP – Here’s ‘BORED AND RAZED’…

Brand new sonic impulses

10 June 2019

On 21st of June THE RACONTEURS, the Jack White/Brendan Benson led band, drop their, third LP, titled HELP US STRANGER. So far, already four tracks saw the day of light. Sun Driver, ‘Now That You’re Gone‘, the Donovan cover Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) and
the title track. And here’s another cut. ‘BORED AND RAZED’ is an explosive corker that will undoubtedly awake your neighborhood after only one spin. Catch the firing power right here, folks…


HELP ME STRANGER – album out 21st June

One-Man Indonesian Act GROW RICH Launched New EP… ‘FRANTIC SEMANTIC’

Brand new sonic impulses

9 June 2019

Abdur Rahim Latada aka Oyi aka GROW RICH is a DIY indie musician out of Indonesia.
A one-man act producing layers of noise equal to a fully equipped team of cacophonous misfits. He just released his brand new EP, titled ‘FRANTIC SEMANTIC‘. The electrifying influences are obvious: from Sonic Youth to My Bloody Valentine and many infamous guitar hooked motherrockers in between. The EP contains 4 tracks but you can actually listen to it as one long blusterous roller coaster swinging forth and back. Catch the heat here…

GROW RICH: Facebook