24 October 2020

Dance experts HOT CHIP scored another hit with
last year’s album A Bath Full Of Ecstasy.

This troubled year they dropped Late Night Tales and a remix of
that LP. It featured a cover of the Velvet Underground’s Candy Says.

And if that wasn’t enough they teamed up now with Jarvis Pulp Cocker
for a brand new single titled STRAIGHT TO THE MORNING.

“This is is a disco anthem about going out, for a time
when people really can’t, and it features our friend Jarvis
Cocker urging us to go “straight through until the break of
says the band.

Get out of your lazy couch and activate your legs

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SARAH MARY CHADWICK Announces New Album And Reveals Commanding Single ‘EVERY LOSER NEEDS A MOTHER’

New sonic impulses

23 October 2020

Captivating singer-songwriter –SARAH MARY CHADWICK, New Zealand-born and Melbourne-based made a strong impression with her Please Daddy earlier this year
and a new longlayer titled Me & Ennui Are Friends, Baby, her 7th, is already planned
for a February 2021 release via Rice Is Nice Records.

The label informs: Comprised entirely of minimal solo piano arrangements, Ennui is despondently clear-eyed and smirkingly self-deprecating, completing a trilogy of records that started with ‘The Queen Who Stole The Sky’ and her only outing to date featuring a
full band, ‘Please Daddy’.

Lead-single EVERY LOSER NEEDS A MOTHER is a characteristic, intense meditation. Straight from the heart and soul with her commanding voice making you silent and
listen in wonderment. Enthralling and absorbing. Another triumph.


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New album ME & ENNUI ARE FRIENDS, BABY out 5th February

You Can Find Romance With Rolling Debut EP By Toronto Squad BIKE CLUB

New sonic impulses

22 October 2020

(press photo via promo agency Auteur Research)

Band: BIKE CLUB (Toronto, Canada)
Who: The project started as an effort for principal songwriter Eric Warner
to record less abrasive records than his previous projects. The EP finds him
backed by members of The Elwins who collaborated with him to flesh out
the song ideas and structures and bring them to life.

EP: FIND ROMANCE – 5 tracks
Released: 16 October 2020

Info: Already recorded in 2017, but mixed and mastered in 2020.
The EP takes inspiration from late 70s power pop and early 90s East
Coast Canadian indie rock to craft a heart on the sleeve record.

Key references: The Drums, Weezer, Thee Oh Sees, Allah-Las, Black Lips

Turn Up The Volume: Sparkly cocktail of garage beats from the 70s,
amplified pop from the 80s, and geek rock resonance from the 90s
served with today’s guitar glow gaiety from Toronto. Three words:
galvanizing, electrical, and kicky.

Find some romance here…

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Eric Warner‘s amigos The Elwins in Belgium a couple of years ago.
(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Lust For Life – Post Punk Misfits P.E. Want To Be Your DOG And BOYFRIEND

New sonic impulses

22 October 2020

P.E is the band that emerged from the ashes of New York’s post punk band
Pill who joined forces with members from Eaters. Last March they released
their first, notable, full-length work called Person.

Now they follow that effort with a double A-side single. Two covers,
one by the Ramones and one by Iggy and his Stooges

“We started working on cover songs in preparation for the tour dates to support
our debut LP Person. ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ was the first one. ‘I Wanna Be Your
Boyfriend’ is the first fruit of our remote recording labor, the perfect foil, and flip-
side of desire to ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’. We dedicate these songs to all those looking
for a special cutie(s) in the midst of a global pandemic; we hope you find some
said the band in a press statement.

Here’s their erotic take on I WANNA BE YOUR DOG.
It’s a sexy and saxy slo-mo version. Creepy and doggish,
sultry and Halloween-ish sounding like sonic foreplay.
Lust for life is the message.

Stream/buy single here…

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The Pill days (pic by Turn Up The Volume! Ghent, Belgium, 2019)

Californian Power Rock Supergroup FUZZ Drop New Buzzing Track ‘MIRROR’ From Upcoming LP

New sonic impulses

20 October 2020

If you put TY Segall on drums, the Meatbodies’ Chad Ubovich on bass, and multi-
instrumentalist Charles Moothart on guitar, together in a recording studio expect
some powerful firework as the trio already accomplished on their first two albums
Fuzz (2013) and II (2005).

They continue their thunderous way with third LP called, eh, III, out this Friday.

To get us in the right mood Fuzz just dropped the third single MIRROR.
A full steam ahead riff cannonball.

Bang, bang, here we go…

FUZZ: Info

(Photo on top: artwork new album III – out 23 October 2020)

Swedish Punks Hit Again -Here’s ‘AIN’T NICE’ By VIAGRA BOYS

New sonic impulses

18 October 2020

(photo by Turn Up The Volume! Belgium 2019)

Last March, out of the blue, Swedish punk combo VIAGRA BOYS
dropped an EP called Common Sense.

Another EP is now waiting in the pipeline, but first some words
from the tattooed frontman telling what the new songs are inspired by.

“I’m not good at talking about politics, but everything is political when it comes down to it. I’d rather write a song about being defeated, which usually comes from a real place and says a lot. We wrote these songs at a time when I had been in a long-term relationship, taking drugs every day, and being an asshole. I didn’t really realize what an asshole I was until it was too late, and a lot of the record has to do with coming to terms with the fact that I’d set the wrong goals for myself.” Sebastian Murphy

The first song from that upcoming EP is AIN’T NICE.
It’s a steamy stonker delivered with a pretty cool clip…


ELVIS COSTELLO – Another Intriguing Piece Of His New Upcoming Album

New sonic impulses

17 October 2020

Declan Patrick MacManusew, better known as ELVIS COSTELLO
launches his 31th (!) album Hey Clockface on 30th October.

The transcendent songsmith already dropped four
tracks off the LP, and here’s cut number five.

NEWSPAPER PANE tackles the misleading, sensationalist media
with a waterfall of words over a repetitive hypnotic rhythm with
horns snippets in the back. Another intriguing piece. With all songs
that we heard so far it looks like the new LP will be a winner.

Freedom to dream
Freedom to wonder…


GUIDED BY VOICES Are Unstoppable – Here’s Lead Single ‘MR. CHILD’ From Their Third LP Of The Year

New sonic impulses

16 October 2020

Veteran rockers GUIDED BY VOICES from Dayton, Ohio became extremely productive
in this unforgettable year. Suddenly artists got a lot of time off as their tours were canceled because of that nasty coronavirus and it turned GBV into an unstoppable
music machine.

On 11th December the band will release their third (!) longplayer of 2020.
After Surrender Your Poppy Field and Mirror Aztec new one STYLES
will complete the hat-trick.

Here’s lead single MR. CHILD. A familiar sounding GBV rocker about
a sort of Peter Pan character who refuses to grow older.

Tune in


A Spectacular Return With Two Spine-Tingling Singles – Here’s CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH

New sonic impulses

15 October 2020

Alec Ounsworth and his moniker CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH is back with two truly spine-tingling singles from new, upcoming album, New Fragility, out 29th January 2021.

The two fresh tracks HESITATING NATION and THOUSAND OAKS are, lyrically, about
the ugly signs of these times, and sonically a pair of hauntingly guitar-driven ripsnorters with Ounsworth‘s otherworldly voice all over it. A truly spectacular return!

“These songs are politically motivated, which is unusual for me” says Ounsworth who felt compelled to tackle politics, and what’s happening in the US indicating how serious he believes the situation to be.

Tune in



(photo by TUTV!)

Take The Money And Run With Adidas – NEW ORDER Remixed Their Newest Single ‘BE A REBEL’

New sonic impulses

15 October 2020

It seems like the good old NEW ORDER are taking care of their pension. Last month they unleashed their first new track in five years with vintage NO synth stomper BE A REBEL and announced their collaboration with sportswear giant Adidas for a clothing range.

Recently they remixed the single to feature in a promo for
the band’s team-up with Adidas. Be a rebel? I don’t think so.
Take the money and run? Absolutely.

Bleep beep bleep beep…

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Oops. Sorry.