Soulful Sunday With Stirring Songstress JUNEBUG And Her New Musing ‘HURT A FLY’

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

28 May 2023

Photo by Monika Levčenkovaitė

JUNEBUG is the artistic moniker of Brooklyn-based songstress Carolyn Fahrner.

Her music, as a singer-songwriter, is characterized by its light and introspective nature, making it easy to listen to. It is refreshingly honest and straightforward, yet it possesses
a soothing quality that is truly comforting.

So far she released one EP, titled Turncoat. It came out in 2021.

A new EP is canned and will be released later in the year.

Ahead of it comes its single HURT A FLY.

Junebug: “‘Hurt A Fly’ is the feeling of anticipatory anxiety, like something catastrophic might happen, and you’re just bracing yourself for the worst. At first, the song was about the sadistic wish of wanting someone to live up to the pain you believe they could cause you. However, I soon realized that living in constant fear of how others might hurt you is a damage to yourself. None of us are incapable of causing harm, we are all capable of hurting others, and even more so capable of inflicting unwanted harm upon ourselves unknowingly. The culmination of all of these various strands of thoughts lead to the creation of ‘Hurt A Fly.”

Hurt A Fly is a bluesy and somber ballad with the soul-stirring voice of Junebug shining upfront. Her vocals lift this smooth guitar-groovin’ musing to a starry-eyed dream level
far away from toxic environments. Heartrending effort.

Tune in.

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