Soulful Sunday With Songstress ANNIE CAPPS And Her New Album ‘HOW CAN I SAY THIS’

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

19 February 2023

Who: Singer-songwriter based in Chelsea, Michigan. Best known for a long performing career with my partner in life and music, Rod Capps. Together they released 8 studio recordings of mostly original material.


An all-women supported project spanning the U.S. and into Canada. The album came
to life with contributions from over 40 artists whose exceptional talents culminated into
a sonically lush, emotionally charged production,

Annie:The songs that started bubbling up found me excavating in the way back times
of my life. They represent a reckoning of sorts, a closer look into painful memories that
didn’t feel safe to explore. These songs showed up right when they were supposed to and
I couldn’t be more proud of the way they’ve come to life, thanks to an extraordinary
community of nearly 40 women who joined me on this journey.”

Check all collaborators here.

TUTV: Expect a mesmeric mix of country, folk, pop, and introspective balladry.
Gripping musings, candlelight romanticism and tenderhearted tunes, with Annie
‘ starry-eyed voice as the most emotive instrument in the spotlight of the
overall melancholic sonoroity. References? Somewhere between Dolly Parton‘s
touching sentimentality and Big Thief‘s poetic splendor. Universal emotions of
love and sadness. Human stories, mixed emotions.

Dim the light, sit down, relax and enjoy.

Stream/buy here.

Video for highlight track The Silent

ANNIE CAPPS: Facebook – Website

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