THE ROLLING STONES Came On With Their Flop Debut Single This Day In 1963

Singles from the past

7 June 2022

The tireless STONES – celebrating their 60th birthday as a band
with a tour right now – had their first 7″ out this day in 1963.

COME ON was written and recorded by rock pioneer Chuck Berry in 1961.

The Stones‘ version was a commercial flop in the UK as well as in the US.
But you know what happened afterward.

C’mon guys, don’t worry, be happy, you’ll have a stream of hits later…

Chuck Berry original…


THE ROLLING STONES Released Double Masterpiece Album ‘EXILE ON MAIN STREET’ 50 Years Ago

Back in time

13 May 2022

On 12 May 1972, 50 years ago, the imperishable midnight ramblers THE ROLLING STONES released their major double album EXILE ON MAIN STREET. It was the band’s 10th studio longplayer. Since it came out it appeared on countless best ever albums lists.

AllMusic wrote: “It’s the kind of record that’s gripping on the very first listen, but each subsequent listen reveals something new. Few other albums, let alone double albums, have been so rich and masterful as Exile on Main St., and it stands not only as one of the Stones’
best records, but sets a remarkably high standard for all of hard rock.”
Score: 5/5.

Three of the many highlights…




Stream full album…

THE ROLLING STONES: Facebook – All Albums

THE ROLLING STONES – Double Live Album Of 1977 Gigs In MOCAMBO CLUB In TORONTO Comes Next Week

Coming up

7 May 2022

The imperishable Rolling Stones celebrate their 60th birthday as a band this
year. Unreal, really, unreal. Many things will happen to mark this milestone. Like
this ready-to-release live album.

Back in 1977 Jagger & co played two secret gigs in Canada.

I never understood the term secret. Something that always confused me. How
can a gig be secret when there are people in the venue? No secret for the audience present, otherwise they wouldn’t have been there. Right?

Whatever. The registration of the best moments of the two club gigs at the legendary Mocambo Club (300 cap.) in Toronto in 1977 lands next week, on 13 May.

Ahead of it these two tasters.



Of course, not long after the two concerts, a bootleg saw the light (the darkness) of the day (the night). It contained only a part of the set and was recorded by their soundman Eddie Kramer with the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio. So it wasn’t that illegal and probably done with The Stones permission. Could it be that these recordings are used for the upcoming, official release? We’ll see/hear next week.

Below the front and back cover of the bootleg.

The rawk ‘n’ roll oldtimers celebrate the band’s
60th birthday with shows in Europe/UK


Waking Up With… With THE STONES On A Cool Roll Back In 1971

Works faster than caffeine

This enrapturing live version of Dead Flowers from their
classic 1971 LP Sticky Fingers, was filmed in the legendary
Marquee Club in London the same year.

The Glimmer Twins upfront, Charlie Watts being Mister Cool,
Bill Wyman
as usual in the back, but Mick Taylor steals the
show with his magical guitar play.

It’s only rock ‘n’ roll…

See you in Brussels, imperishable motherrockers…

It’s Only Toronto 1977 But THE STONES Liked It

25 March 2022

In March of 1977 — a year after their reggae-inspired LP Black And
and a year before Some Girls – rock icons The Rolling Stones
played two secret shows at the El Mocambo club in Toronto in front
of 300 people.

The Stones were named the Cockroaches for this special occasion.

A few recorded songs featured on the 1977 in-concert LP Love You Live.

A new double LP titled El Mocambo 1977 is planned
for release on 13th May. Pre-order info here.

Keith Richards: “We’re up on stage at the El Mocambo
and we never felt better. I mean, we sounded great.”

We get two tasters to satisfy us.



The Rolling Stones: Website

THE ROLLING STONES Only Play Rock ‘N’ Roll For The Rich And They Like It

14 March 2022

The imperishable rock phenomenons THE ROLLING STONES
will tour again this year to celebrate their 60th birthday as a band.
They just announced the Europe/UK dates. One of the shows is in
Brussels, Belgium (my home country).

Watch the decadent entrance prices. From 149 euro (125 £ / 163 USD)
to 489 EURO euro (411 £ / 536 USD). If you’re a youngster who wants to
see the legends you need to rob a bank first. I didn’t know that the price
of wheelchairs for old rockers is that expensive. Anyway, The Stones play
only rock ‘n’ roll for the rich and they like it.

Bloody money sharks